As The Lone Star Falls From The Texas Sky

by Brother Theo (With introduction by The Butcher)

The Butcher Shop began as a filing cabinet. Ted and I had been writing for over forty years together. As we moved away from Big Chief tablets to iPhones we thought it advantageous to store our stuff on line. We chose WordPress because it was simple and free. As time went by, to our amazement, people began to read the articles. There was no thought of fame or fortune, copyrights or syntax, just a collection of ideas. In the early days we called ourselves Clevenger & Witt. In time we dominated The Tea Party Press. With the advent of other writers coming on board, we called ourselves The Butcher Shop. Usually no author’s names were used. Just The Butcher Shop. They began to call us a blog. People write a blog when they can’t attract mainstream publishing, and we weren’t after fame so we never argued. Without boring you we grew. What you are about to read is what we do. The Butcher Shop takes all comers. Now we are taking on Uvaldé. May God rest those nineteen little angels, and may He damn those who were complicit. If they can’t run with the big dogs, better just stay on the porch. This article is how we see it.

Bill the Butcher


As a native born Texan, and a scion of a family that has known Texas as home for generations, I have always felt that It was a little part of me, and that I was always a little part of Texas. It felt special to be a Texan; the deeds done at Goliad and the Alamo were a part of my history, and I always conducted myself a little more proudly because of that. When I traveled anywhere in the world, people recognized my home , and I was always treated a little more specially because of it. When I went to school, not only were we required to take U.S. civics, but in order to graduate, a student was required to take a year of Texas civics, and know the Texas constitution as well as that of the U.S., and few of us minded; that’s because we were proud to be Texans.

I didn’t worry about Texas, because Texas was watched over by the Lone Star, a symbol of generations of men and women who put their lives and faith in an unshakeable independence that was based on strength of character and purpose. If you were a Texan, you stood tall for Texas, and to be truthful, America was better for it as well. Where do you think they made all those boots that folks pulled themselves up by the straps of, Normal Illinois? Sorry Delaware, you didn’t make the cut.

But the Lone Star has sunk low in the sky folks, and it looks to come crashing down soon. A Fella has to know deep down, that when that happens, they will never hoist that bright light of freedom and independence into the sky again, and Texas will just be another cheap brothel, selling bad whisky and diseased whores. Even when Dubya brought an army of crooked lawyers to town and ran his shell game, respectable Texans just looked aside, and rose above it, knowing that a guy from Maine would eventually leave. When the man from Niggerhead moved in, things got a little dicey, but we knew that his ultimate ambitions lay in the nation’s capitol, not ours, so we didn’t pay him much mind, and he left us pretty much alone. Through those fourteen years, the capitol remained accessible to ordinary citizens, meaning that a guy who sold cars, or a school teacher could still get a word in edgewise, and Texans were not made to bear much that was going to crush Texans specifically. The great Lone Star still shone brightly.

At first, it looked like Texas was going to have a native son in the catbird seat, after fourteen years of politicians whose gaze was fixed on Washington. The Governor was born in Wichita Falls, and raised in Duncanville, making him a legit Texan. After graduating from The University of Texas and then Vanderbilt, surely a signal that he had aspirations beyond the law. Abbott was a Texas Supreme Court judge, and the our attorney General for sixteen years; a fact that makes his response to the events at Uvalde incomprehensible. It’s also hard to understand why a law and order kind of guy would harbor an Attorney General Like Ken Paxton, who has been under federal indictment the entire time he has been our A.G.. The only thing clear in the Uvalde tragedy, is that there is a massive cover up from the Governor and the A.G. down; beyond that nothing is clear. There are lots of theories, but who can know? Heck, even the Uvalde county Attorney General shrugged her shoulders when asked what her investigation turned up, and she said that she isn’t investigating anything. Why not?  Well, because the governor and Ken Paxton told her not to. Looks like we got us another Warren Report here guys, and it’ll likely have reports of a grassy knoll and UFO’s in it. Don’t you want to know why police went into that school and got their own kids out, while ordinary parents were threatened with tasing and arrests? One thing any rational adult knows is, that if you can’t answer questions like that in a few days at most, the answer is going to be a lie. 

There are people betting on Beto to win the Governor’s seat in ’22. And they will be disappointed. If you are betting on Ken Paxton to lose, you will suffer similarly; why? Well because Texas has been practicing nullification and election subversion since Moses had a foreskin. As one of our writers recently wrote in an article about his recent attempt to participate in the electoral process, there are a few new faces running this next election, and regardless of your past experience, they ain’t interested in your ideas. So, if you’re a Texan these days, cherish your memories of our beloved Lone Star, and try not to get hit by it as it falls from the sky.


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