How Great Thou Art

Luke 1:37
“For NOTHING will be IMPOSSIBLE with God.”

Do you feel as though there are things that are happening across this dark World that are impossible to fix? You’ve found yourself watching fuel prices soaring…groceries sky rocketing in cost…government more concern for other Nations borders rather than our own…lawlessness becoming the norm…and really a plethora of other things that have infiltrated the hearts of the lost…corrupting common sense “THINKING…causing a pandemic of a moral decline spurred on by liberal College professors, power hungry Politicians, school boards…the list is long and wide.

Through all of this…we are now living in an exciting time within the Prophetic calendar of things to come. Soon…and very SOON…these impossible situations will become POSSIBILITIES as the Mighty God of Heaven showers His Marvelous LIGHT of JUSTICE upon those that have plotted diabolical schemes within the darkness…deceiving and manipulating the many. The most awesome God on High will bring HOPE to the HOPELESS…and JOY to the JOYLESS.

Have a BLESSED Sunday!!!

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