What Is Your Calling?

2 Peter 1:10
Therefore, Brothers (and Sisters), be ALL the more diligent to make your “CALLING” and election sure, for if you practice these qualities you will NEVER fall.

Would you believe that there are actually hundreds of thousands of Christians that have never found their “CALLING” that has been ASSIGNED to them by God? Just think how many POTENTIAL Pastors, Missionaries, Evangelist, Choir Directors, Worship Leaders, Prayer Warriors, Greeters…and hundreds of other positions divinely designed to Glorify God’s Kingdom that were planned for someone’s Life…but unfortunately, these positions were never fulfilled because the voice of God was either ignored…or, through all of the chatter this World spews…His voice was never heard.

So what is your CALLING? I promise that you have had one planned especially for YOU…by God Himself…it’s just that YOU’VE never found the BOLDNESS to react on the whisper you’ve heard clearly from the Mighty God of Heaven…saying, “Go into ALL the World and SHARE the Good News of Jesus.”

Have a BLESSED Tuesday!!!

One thought on “What Is Your Calling?

  1. Everyone has God Callings.
    Your first one is being a son or daughter. 2nd is be a sibling, don’t have to be blood/relative.
    3rd, go to Church, Baptized and accept God.
    4th, make friends.
    5th, be educated.
    6th one is to be chores that your parents gave you; God says to have a Job. One of the jobs is a High Calling is joining the Military.
    7th, be a Missionary, follow and share God.
    8th, be a spouse. Husband or Wife is an important call!
    9th, a father/mother is liked to the other callings all together.
    10th . . . Go through the Pearly Gates you can accept Christ, which a very, very important Calling!!!


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