Statement About The International Rationality Evolution.

As with everyone here in Texas, I was horrified upon seeing the pictures of the bodies piled up beside a food bank. I know it’s true, saw it on the dark web. We agonize, look for answers, fall into despair. But somehow I sensed a subliminal message that permeated the scene. Something remote, yet right there. A message from those who have no grave. No grave? NO GRAVE! Then it came to me.

Listening to alternative radio, I began to put things together. It wasn’t easy. Alternative media is crowded out, as we know, by the New World Order that tries constantly to shut down the truth. The men in black are all around us. But, you must ask why? What is the driving idea behind greatly involved rationality?

I know from the Georgia Guidestones that the accepted theory is that we are over populated, and in short order there will be no possibility of feeding the masses, populated with non-productive “useless eaters,” and we must reduce that number. But how?

I accept that there is no pandemic. This was just the initial step to lock us down, and isolate us from society. All the so-called deaths are only flu deaths, or now that we all have pandemic fatigue, spousal abuse.

We all know that we’ve been covered by aluminum from the chemtrails for decades. This has set up the neuro-transmitters in our brains for the next step, to connect us all to the 5G network, and proceed to the final stage.

The aluminum 5G connection will not activate without a catalyst. That’s why the New World Order developed the COVID myth. It naturally followed that a world wide population, believing a flu was an incurable plague, would clamor for a cure, or moreover, a vaccine!

At that point the circle was complete, but I was still wondering why diminish the population like that? Wouldn’t attrition do the trick? But, the dead were talking to me. In this crises there are restrictions on funerals. No attendees, or very few, all six feet from the deceased loved one. No large gatherings of the grieving at the grave site, indeed, in some places the grave is actually a trench, or, as in Texas, piled up beside a food bank!

A food bank! Then, it came to me. The FOOD BANK! Following the Georgia Guidestones, after the elimination of most of the world’s population, there will still be millions to feed. And due to the effects of the pandemic on the economy there will be able bodied citizens who still need to be fed until The New World Order can stitch their cashless society together.

How wood they do this? In a world with no work, and no money? What can you give survivors, locked down, and beginning to starve? Since anyone left would now be a part of the Zombie Matrix, the G5 consortium would handle riots, with the induction of apathy into the cerebral cortex, but even then, if not fed, they will simply all die and The New World Order would have to pick all the crops themselves.

It was still eluding me. The New World Order, The Georgia Guidestones, the bodies, COVID, and vaccines. As I drove down Main Street on the part that has the fast food establishments, I stopped at a red light. Scanning the signs for something to pick up on the way home, one sign spoke to me. It became as if scales fell from my eyes as I read, “Coming Soon! New Jalapeño Baby Fingers!”

How would I tell the world what I’d discovered? The New World Order was around every corner. I was full of aluminum, a virtual tracker of my own self. Then it hit me! If you are reading this take the first letter of each word in the title, and the truth will set you free!

The Butcher Shop

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