by Tom Adkins

The 2020 election fraud is obvious, massive with huge footprints. There is a gargantuan pile of evidence: Sworn affidavits, massive vote dumps, 300% voting participation, and even dozens of actual videos.

But why did Democrats go through such spectacular lengths to cheat? Are they so put off by President Trump’s personality that they are chewing at the chain and frothing at the mouth to the point they felt compelled to commit the greatest election fraud in world history?

No… It’s far worse.
For a long list of Democrats and Deep State operatives, this is actually a matter of life and death. Actually…freedom and prison.

From 2015-2019, the FBI, CIA, Obama administration and the Clinton organization conspired to bring us the fake Russia hoax. To carry that lie off? A lot of very important people broke a lot of laws.

After a few years of the bumbling Jeff sessions, the Trump Justice Dept was pulling apart the cobwebs of corruption. But under a feeble Joe Biden Presidency? The conspirators could end every investigation immediately. The guilty would go free.

So the cheating machine was set up. Using Covid 19 issue as cover, the mail-in ballots had been manipulated to swing the election.

But a strange thing happened. On Nov 3, as the number were racking up? President Trump wasn’t merely on his way to a second term. By midnight? Trump was further ahead than the fraud could cover.
Democrats panicked. All the big Democrat stars were facing a date in court. They were guilty. And they knew it. Thus? Cheat or jail.
Suddenly, in a few specific states? The counting illegally stopped.

Overnight, massive truckloads of ballots suddenly appeared, almost all favoring Biden. They came primarily from black-dominated urban districts, where any attempt to question validity would bring immediate cries of “Racism!” And perhaps a few well-placed riots.

By morning? Voila! Truckloads of obviously fraudulent ballots materialized for Biden to win these states. Obvious? Yes. Detectable? Yes. Provable? Yes.

But for a long list of guilty Democrats- And their longer list of billionaire supporters in Big Tech and wall Street? Worth the risk. Because for Comey, Strzok, Page, Obama, Clinton, Biden, McCabe, the Mueller team, and other conspirators, the alternative is a cold jail cell for many years.

This isn’t simply a matter of a stolen Presidential race. It’s a matter of a guilty operatives skating off into the sunset, unscathed by laws designed to restrain traitors.

And more important? Restrain their future spawn.

And that is why Democrats spared nothing in the greatest election fraud in world history.

Because they are guilty.


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