Plain Ol’ Cracker

Viewing Amy Charron in the light of Total Assholery

I find it amazing that Amy Charron believes that she can say anything she wants about anyone from the Pope to El Chappo, yet if someone utters her first name it is a Federal crime deserving of a life sentence without parole and the confines of the nether regions for eternity thereafter. I am uncomfortable with the idea of Amy being so influential with the government and the almighty so therefore I will site her name, dimensions and ideas here for posterity.

Amy fancies herself as a beautiful, desirable woman who’s appeal is so great that Uber drivers simply cannot control themselves while she is in the back seat. She has claimed that I was madly infatuated with her. I wish to state for the record that if Amy Charron and I were trapped on a desert island, in twenty years she would be frustrated, and I would be a jack-off idiot.

Amy is an overweight, slovenly woman with menstrual blood trickling down to her food bank shoes. Any man who could receive an erection over that I would NOT want to be in the county jail with. I will admit that ten years ago when she inundated me with “Star Wars” pictures of herself she was beguiling. However, when she climbed down from the UHaul Truck in my driveway it was reminiscent of the paddy wagon scene from the movie ”The Green Mile” where as the huge condemned man emerged from the rear the leaf springs relaxed and the truck raised a good eight to twelve inches. I find it interesting that Amy is fond of corn bread.

Amy lost her kid because in the natural order of things no bitch is allowed to keep her puppies. In spite of her ”very famous” father, and ”federal” evidence, a jury, not a judge, took one look at her ”evidence” and cried, ”BULL SHIT!” The amazing thing was that she was not tackled down and neutered on the spot.

Amy’s total assholery preceded unabated from that point. Incapable of earning anywhere near an honest living, Amy developed extortions that would shame a Nigerian sex caller. Wagging that enormous posterior around Houston she shacked up with one ”body guard” after another while accusing everyone she ran across of stealing, now get this, two hundred and fifty thousand dollars in ”valuable” antiques and rare jewels. Should we recover all that Amy claims to have lost Trump could build his wall and the government shutdown would be over!

Amy has been thrown out of practically every business establishment in Baytown, Texas that has WiFi. The multiple ”private” FaceBook LiveFeeds to her ”thousands” of supporters (note that contradiction) with endless claims of being ”targeted” and pleas for money have yielded no funds, and one right proper ass-whipping by the Baytown police. This is my surprised face!

So now she’s embarking upon a quest to contact the White House. I crappith Thee NOT! She purports to having contacts therein, and will drain the State Treasury of Texas presently. All while living on the dollar menu at McDonald’s. It must be noted that Donald Trump does have a concerned look on his face of late.

Amy’s racist rants make George Wallace look like a charter member of the NAACP. She noted quite clearly that the cops who handcuffed her were big and BLACK! It must be said that she also made sure that the “good” cops were white and delightsome. She made sure all four of her LiveFeed subscribers knew that. This is par for the course for her. From ”pretty Asian girls” at her Family Court to ”Middle Eastern men” at her ”very famous” TV show, Amy hates ’em all! Niggers, Crackers, Spics, WOPS, Fat Dagos, and Chinks. Yet, she claims to be everything from a Native American princess to a Jew. Puttin’ on the Ritz? Nope! Just plain Ol’ cracker!

She claims have been on the non-existent Dean’s List at the University of Texas with an almost 4.0-grade average, yet does not know the difference between “there” and ”their.” She claims to have been a ”very famous” Hollywood make-up artist yet can’t apply mascara with the proficiency of a thirteen-year-old girl. And she claims that big belly results from a tumor, trying to say that the affliction was aggravated by the police ”manhandling” her during her most recent encounter in Baytown. Amy is wrong! No man could handle THAT! That’s the result of a fat ass hitting a stool designed for a child!

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