Whack a Mole Time!

First of all, my thanks to Amy for mentioning my name again. She’s right about one thing. Any publicity is good publicity. As her disciples wander over to find out just who the hell I am I’m picking up readers. So, where to begin?

I did see a stone she brought into my house. There is this place in Arkansas where for a fee you can go around and find diamonds. Hey, I ain’t even gonna lie to you. Real diamonds! They’re worth absolutely nothing because they have specks. And that’s what the jeweler here told her when she went to have it appraised. Big ol chunk of Quartz!

Back to the woodshed we go. I haven’t been taken to the woodshed so much since I was a little boy back in Shreveport. Maybe that’s why I dodged that shed, but I digress. I’m not gonna display my family’s holdings here, but I will tell you that I slept on my son’s yacht the last time I was in San Diego. Between banks, stocks and bonds, houses, copyrights, and retirement funds, we don’t need anything from Amy’s traveling flea market! If you watch the video “Herb Superb” you’ll notice iJackie is wearing a wedding ring. It is just a flash in the film, and kinda blurry, but I can tell you that there are thirty-one REAL diamonds in that ring. She also had a tennis bracket that she once laid before a CPS caseworker who had demanded her income tax filings to “prove income,” informing said worker the bracelet was worth more than the caseworker’s yearly salary. We don’t need your junk, Amy!

Do the math, folks. If Amy Charron had so many valuable items that she could just leave some of them just laying around. Why is she homeless now? And apparently she’s sleeping SOMEwhere with no WiFi. I took a dip in 2011. I’m baaaaaack! Mr DeWeerd floated the Amy boat. Sure, he dolled her up and displayed her to friends and family. Then he dumped her like the empty bottle that once had held the wine and got the hell out of Dodge. That’s what you DO with a trick!

About the famous FBI scam I supposedly pulled. Amy showed up here telling me that a “very famous” member of the military was arranging to kidnap Markel, and spirit the two of them out of the country. What Amy didn’t know is that Fort Hood is just “over yonder,” and it only took me exactly one phone call to put the lie to that. Also, my son is kinda a retired Master Chief USN, and he also said Amy was full of poo poo. AMY kept bringing up the FBI. I checked with Brother Theo, he checked with the “White Hats” and they confirmed that there was no FBI case, and most certainly no “rouge” agent assisting Amy in ANYTHING! OMG! She lied again!

If you’re going to tell a lie, tell a big one and keep repeating it until people believe it. Hitler said that. When Amy began her track years ago, she readily admitted that she’d been in psychiatric institutions, albeit, illegally put there by the “corrupt” Houston Police. Slowly, but surely she has come a full one eighty to never having been there, and what’s more she graduated top of her class, on the “national” dean’s list, which she later modified after she was reminded that the University of Texas had no such honor. Look at her prose. Look at mine. I have a high school diploma from Podunk, Texas, which is about as ignorant as you can be and they still let you drive a car. She most certainly has graced the halls of the Laughing Academy, her medical records confirmed by Brother Theo and an employee who asked to remain anonymous. THAT is the reason the police do not take her seriously.

Wasn’t it about two weeks ago that Amy claimed she and her mother had met, buried the hatchet, indeed, she said on this most recent video that her mother reprimanding her for helping so many people and depriving herself? Where was Markel? Amy claims on last night’s video that’s she hasn’t seen the little girl in over nine years. Could it be that her mother takes great care in insulating Markel from Amy? This is the reason Theo is not pursuing the McDonalds. He has a doctor’s heart that is very soft for little girls. The stories coming out of that sector are so vague that we originally thought that there was no Markel, and the child was a product of Amy’s vivid imagination. Markel’s various illnesses were most certainly a product of it, as Amy Munchausened her way through the little girl’s life, and THAT, my friends is the reason the McDonalds made the move that they did.

Stealing Mark Charron’s unpublished works. Mark was a good song writer. All songwriters die leaving unrecorded songs. I have around a hundred. My style, and Mark Charron’s are decidedly different. He was in the Chet Adkins, Roy Acuff era. The “Nashville Sound.” Brass, low key bass, violins instead of fiddles. That’s what drove Willie Nelson to Austin. I’m FROM Austin. I have no use for any of Mark Charron’s unpublished songs. May he, and his career, rest in peace.

I would like to conclude with the sexual assault allegations. This, in my opinion, is Amy trying to relive her glory days as, supposedly, a model, born in Hollywood, up and coming starlet. I’ve seen Amy! I would not want to be in the county jail with anyone large enough to hold her down, and horny enough to consummate the act.

All of the above can be arrived at by simple deduction. Comparisons, lists, known facts, connect the dots, and look at the big picture. Anyone can do it if they just go slow, and pay attention. Look at true situations. Like this. She has a movie deal in the works, indeed, working on the screen play right now! Why is she homeless? She’s writing “a” song. One song? I thought she was the daughter of a famous songwriter with his DNA coursing through her veins! “A” song? See how this works? I just love Whack a Mole time! Like Peter Frampton sang so long ago, “C’mon, let’s do it again!”

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