RE: Amy

In my recent article about Amy Charron I touched on my interaction with her, but here I’m going to fill in the blanks. Most, if not all of you have been attacked by her in some way. I have actually met her. As I said previously, she came to one of my houses, and actually lived there for a period of about two weeks. She called me from Houston, claiming the Houston PD had killed her “bodyguard,” and she with her latest bodyguard had to flee for their lives. She actually DID tell me that’s she was homeless, but as long as they bought coffee they could stay at a Denny’s overnight.

She wanted my credit card number to get a room, which I didn’t give her. Later she called to tell me a miracle had happened, she’d gotten into some storage shed, and she was on her way. Now, please understand, I was expecting two people, needing a place to stay for a brief time. Amy rolled in around five in the morning with a UHaul truck filled with various items.

There has been a lot of discussion about the picture of her in the hallway. She claims it is PhotoShopped. It is NOT! That’s the woman who got out of the UHaul truck in my driveway. I wrote an article, “The Green Mile Texas Style” where I compared her exiting that truck to the scene from the movie where the enormous convict gets out of the paddy wagon, and the leaf springs relaxed. Amy Charron is an overweight, slovenly woman.

Immediately upon arrival she began to tell me stories about assassination attempts, crooked cops, and a deal she’d made with a highly placed Army officer to pick her little girl up and leave the country. She claimed to have the support of her ex husband to somehow get to Europe, where he was a “very famous” banker, or whatever.

I reasoned with her, telling her this was not a wise course of action, indeed would land her in federal prison for the duration. She wouldn’t hear of it. I knew what I’d find, but I used my contacts on Fort Hood to verify her story, and after they stopped laughing they assured me the US Army would not have anything to do with anything like that.

Next I put Amy in touch with my writing partner, Brother Theo. Theo is a clinical psychologist. He drives a semi truck, also, and as he trips around the country he digs up facts for our articles. One such fact finding venture resulted in the article “Say Hello To Preident Trump” which was written while Trump was running in early primaries. Theo infiltrated the Trump organization and we crunched the numbers. When my granddaughter got in trouble with the CPS in Utah we went there together, and put their CPS, and the Attorney General out to dry. We didn’t get “very famous” but we had a real good time. We are “hands on” journalists. We don’t cow tow to the likes of something like Amy Charron.

Now bear in mind Amy was on MY iPhone! It was on speaker so we could all talk together. This directly contradicts her later claim of having recorded that conversation. Knowing Theo, I understood that he was diagnosing her. He asked her about her parents. She claimed that Doctor McDonald had overdosed her with drugs, and that he and his wife had conspired to “steal” her daughter. Ted told her that she should work for family reconciliation. She rejected that immediately. Still Theo persisted. He told her to relax the rhetoric, and even if she didn’t like it, to blend back into her family. Her parents were old, and would most likely die before Markel was eighteen, leaving Amy in position to somehow reunite with her daughter. As I said, she rejected that outright.

During this time Amy was not the only show in town. I had things to do! She and her boyfriend, I mean bodyguard, went all over Central Texas trying to sell items out of that truck. They claimed to have raised about two hundred and fifty dollars. Then it came time to unload said truck. Simultaneous to this was her having to immediately return to Houston for a court appearance. They insisted on returning the truck HERE. We have several houses in multiple states. One such house is here, and it has a workshop/shed. After her pleading for me to help her I instructed a friend to take her there and put her things in the shed. I did not go! Brother Theo did a check with Houston for burglaries. Yes, that’s right. For all of Amy’s accusations about me we weren’t one hundred percent sure that stuff was HER stuff, and if the report came back bonkers the police certainly WOULD get involved!


For all the value she puts on these items, and the money she claims to have made selling some of them, they were flat broke! Her boyfriend told me that, and asked if I could help get them back to Houston. I gave him two twenty dollar bills. I took them to the bus station and did a YouTube video called “Amy’s Gone!”

About two days after that the boyfriend called and left me a message saying Amy had a big problem, and they needed Brother Theo’s help immediately. Theo was certainly not getting in on this, but I called him. By this time he’d worked up a nice little file on Miss Amy Charron, aka Amy DeWeerd. Using his connections in the state hospitals, and CPS he’d discovered that Amy was quite well known. She had subjected her daughter to many ER visits, which caused the doctors, and authorities to suggest Munchausen by Proxie. In Theo’s opinion Amy was jealous of her mother’s love for the little girl. The last incident at the ER, whatEVER the cause was just the straw that broke the camel’s back. Mrs McDonald did what good grandmother’s do. She saved the life of a little girl!

Then, Amy turned on me. Believe me, I know what some of you have been through. Leaving endless messages on my phone, she claimed that I’d stolen “hundreds of thousands” of dollars in various “very rare” heirlooms, some from Elizabethan England. She said that a “very famous” lawyer would be suing me shortly, and even told me a SWAT team was on the way to my house, and I should go out and lay spread eagle on the ground to avoid being shot. She claimed that my video had generated “thousands” of death threats against her and her daughter. I did pull the video, but not because I had threatened her. In YouTube, as Facebook, any twit can flag a video and get your channel pulled. At this point I’d never laid eyes on her stuff. It was locked up in the shed.

About this time we had a fire. My granddaughter threw cold water in the catfish grease on the stove and blew the kitchen up. Unfortunately that’s where Amy had left two suitcases. Why she didn’t take them back to Houston with her, I don’t know, but they melted quite nicely. She texted me wanting to see pictures of the fire, and asking my address. Now remember shed just told me the SWAT team was coming to my house to kill me. Are you beginning to understand Amy’s mind? Oh, I gave her neither, but yesterday I sent three pictures to a friend. And those pictures we taken after we’d cleaned out the ash and debris, before having to rip the cabinets out. The microwave was easy. It had just melted off the wall.

Her “Crown Jewels” rested securely in that shed for over a year, at which time I never looked at them. I’m a former realtor, and I scanned the Internet for the procedure to evict someone’s stuff if they aren’t a resident. Finally I conferred with a very not so famous judge, and he said Amy’d abandoned her items, so I was free to do whatever. Well, it wasn’t costing me anything, so I just left things as they were for a time. Then, we sold that house to a very nice little Mormon fellow who promptly threw Amy’s inheritance on the curb. I drove over and videoed the city “claw” picking it up. This was the first time I’d ever laid eyes on any of it. It had sat on the curb for a bit, so I can imagine between being put there and being picked up the street people so loved here had a pretty good run at it.

Amy finally went on to other victims, and I forgot all about her. I heard last year she got on a “very famous” talk show out in Cali, and told everyone what a son of a bitch I am, and of course you know about her recent jab at Robert and I.

Amy Charron is a deranged con artist. Nothing more, nothing less. Her family is wise to her, the police are wise to her, and now you are wise to her. Little Markel will grow up in a nice home with two loving grandparents. Amy will continue to drift, con, and lie. Eventually she will probably land in jail. She’s been charged several times, but she always plays the “nut” card, and wiggles out. There is always a danger that one day she’ll pick up the wrong bodyguard and on that day, at last, Amy may get her fifteen minutes of fame on CNN!

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