Amy Charron

In the struggle to make Child Protective Services more “Protective” there are those within the CPS who need to be weeded out, but there are those so called “champions” who discredit, stalk, and even attack people who have real axes to grind, and real things to offer. Amy Charron is just one such blight on the effort.

Before I begin this tirade a disclaimer is needed. Amy, if indeed that is her real name because Brother Theo has uncovered at least five aliases she sports, fancies herself as a champion of childless mothers everywhere. Her web of lies, and half truths is so extensive that writing about her can lead you down so many rabbit trails you’ll invariably quote something that you believed to be true, but winds up being some spin she generated that got included in some report that while appearing to be investigative journalism ends up being just another “Amyism.” What I will try to do here is present the facts, dispel the lies, and give you my honest opinion from my personal experiences with this person.

My name is Wilbur Witt, Jr. As many of you know my pen name is Bill the Butcher, and I am a member of a bunch of merry men and women in something we call the Butcher Shop. I am a straight, conservative, retired, cigarette smoking, martini drinking Texan. The reason I’m telling you this is because I, too, have been stalked, and attacked by Amy Charron.

Amy’s story line is the usual victim. Big bad CPS took her little girl, Markel, from a hospital while she sat in the waiting room, crying and begging Jesus for a miracle. The child was there for a rash on her butt. Amy claims that the Po Po wrestled her down, locked her in some room, under the pretense of changing the little girls’s diaper, but in reality spirited little Markel away to the waiting arms of her Stepfather, the evil Doctor McDonald!

Now what follows are some murky facts, and my take. Amy had a history of symptoms of Munchausen by proxie. That wasn’t little Markel’s first visit to the ER. There was a history here. One of our sources told us that when Amy was informed that the child would be in the ER for about two hours, she took it upon herself to go on a dinner date with her latest “bodyguard.” The waters become even more murky here, but the end result was little Markel ended up with the McDonalds, and Amy ended up doing one of her multiple stays in a Texas nut house! This particular event is the only evidence we’ve found that Markel even exists, but more about that later.

It was then that Miss Don Quioté began her assault on CPS windmills. Allegedly her Father was the late Mark Charron. I haven’t verified this, but I’ll give her a pass. You have to be careful with Amy because you can’t really prove she’s a woman. You gotta do a Crocodile Dundee. Just saying. But, she used this tale of linage to portray herself as the deprived princess of a hit songwriter, attempting to elevate her image to that of a singing star. Being famous is very important to Amy. She has left messages on my phone about talking to a “very famous” judge and a “very famous” lawyer, and telling me charges were being filed on me for stealing “thousands of dollars” in jewels, and her “evidence” proving her case. More about that later, too.

Amy began a Facebook presence. She supposedly was making a documentary out in Hollywood. That’s another Amyism. She always says she’s connected with “very famous” entertainers, and she’s “going public” to expose her current enemy of choice. I myself have had that honor, and Mr. Robert Baty currently holds that position.

While Amy claims to have filed several “Very Famous Federal Cases,” there is no real evidence of them, and most certainly Markel is not back with “Mommy Dearest!” While she claims to be filing charges with police on myself and others, each time she walks into a police station they show her the door. To explain this she claims the Houston PD has put hit men after her, indeed have even killed one of her “bodyguards,” because she has the goods of former Governor Rick Perry. No doubt if there’s a buck in it somewhere, Amy will claim to be the founder of the #METOO movement. The only “METOO” here is all the homeless men she’s picked up, gone into a relationship with, and dubbed them the new bodyguard!

Amy dropped out of weight sometime around 2012. My bad. Freudian slip. I meant sight, not weight. She didn’t drop any weight. I don’t know where she went. Prison, Austin State Hospital, or just roaming the country in a schizophrenic haze, take your pick. She finally surfaced a couple years ago, complete with a new bodyguard, and called me. She told me the Houston Police Department had killed her former bodyguard and she had to leave Houston to hide until the US Army could get her out of the country for her safety. She asked if she could stay with me for a couple weeks. I was a bit put off by her story, but having been in country music for forty years I thought, “What the hell? Might be fun!” Well, she pulled up about five in the morning with a huge UHaul truck with her jee-jaws in it, accompanied by said bodyguard, who turned out to be a really nice guy, and one hell of a cook. She commenced to traverse Central Texas trying to sell this and that out of the truck, and when she finally got an offer of $250 for the whole shooting match she asked if she could store the stuff in one of my sheds. I had a friend take her to one of our houses and she unloaded everything into a workshed. They turned the truck in, and suddenly, she had to return to Houston to present evidence in a “very famous” court case. Guess the Houston hit man took a day off, huh? Only one itty bitty problem. They didn’t have no money. So, for the investment of forty dollars I put the “Very Famous” Amy Charron on a bus back home. Hey, that rhymes. I need to remember that.

I truly thought that I’d seen the last of her. Still her stuff was in the shed. Surprisingly, I never, until much later, looked at it. The man I sent to unload it told me that outside of some big clock it was mainly a bunch of crap. It wasn’t costing me anything so I just let it sit there in case Amy ever came for it. Then the attack began.

While my friend and I were cleaning soiled panties, condoms and drug paraphernalia out of the spare bedroom in my main house, bodyguard called me and left a message to call QUICK! Apparently “Very Famous” Amy Charron was in a “Very Famous” pickle down at the courthouse, or maybe the hit man had showed up, I don’t know. I didn’t call back. When nailed in her stalking, threats, and lies, Amy has a convenient dodge. She just checks into the local laughing academy, and the charges are dismissed. Brother Theo uncovered an extensive history of charges being leveled against her, subsequently all being dropped. In Texas you get a get out of jail free card if you’re a licensed nut. Shucks, even my daughter in law iJackie even used that one. It works!

The calls began! She accused me of being a lying, drunken homosexual who had stolen “thousands” of dollars in jewels and other valuable items from her, and I needed to turn myself in before a “very famous” sheriff came to arrest me. Well, being a good dobee, I arranged bail and proceeded to the Po Po. Between all the laughter, and slapping of the knees, I quickly understood that Amy’s phone calls had been just one big bi-polar delusion.

She attacked me for the better part of six months. During this time she skipped around the country. She went to Michigan where she stayed with, and left MORE stuff with a lady there, who called me and told me all about it. Then she raced out of there when she thought those police had put a hit on her. Oh, FYI, I’ve SEEN the real Amy Charron! Nobody is hitting on her, if you know what I mean. She got on some talk show in California (allegedly) where she called me everything but a white man, and ended up, you guessed it, back in Houston claiming to now be a victim of Hurricane Harvey. This got her thrown out of a Starbucks, and if y’all will note you did NOT see that on CNN. They opted for the two black guys instead. When I was told she was slandering me on the air in SoCal I finally went and took a look at the Queen’s Jewels stored in my shed. CRAP! Just like my friend had said. Old clock, a few dishes, moth rated clothes, but one box of very interesting documents. Her so-called “evidence!” All showing a criminal, liar, former mental patient who had wove a web of deceit for years. I paid a crew to put it all on the curb and the big claw came around and picked it all up!

I forgot about Amy Charron until about three days ago. A woman I know in Cali sent me a note to call her, and a link to an article, complete with a debate between Amy and one Mr. Baty. The usual. She was telling him how “Very Famous” she was, how “Very Famous” he was not, and going on about her newest bodyguard. He simply asked her to produce her “evidence” which of course she couldn’t because it’s in the city dump. Her website and movie are in the dump too. The person who produced them, whom she didn’t pay, sold me the rights to that years ago. After communicating with Mr. Baty, we decided to go public with this and put her con in the street where her junk had been.

The work with the CPS is arduous. The ranks are filled with mothers who, for one reason or another, have lost their children, and are trying to reunite their families. There is no easy fix. If a mother is innocent, it’s bad, but even those who have made mistakes, but have towed the line, and may get their kids home again, it’s worse. These people are broken, hurt, and afraid. They are perfect victims for people like Amy Charron! While sinking in an ocean of pain they will grasp for anything. Amy is not a life preserver, she’s a shark. One of her scams is to set up funding operations for various causes. The money disappears, and then SHE disappears, often turning on the very people who’d sought her help. She will stalk, threaten, bully, and intimidate. They will pay her to get away. She will no doubt attack me again for this article. I want her to do that. This has to be finished, because someone has to put an end to the shenanigans of the “Very Famous” Amy Charron!

To this day we have not located, nor can we prove that there was ever a daughter, other than the last fateful visit to the ER. Markel has been disappeared. My theory is that the family got together and after many such episodes decided that something must be done. Doctor, and Mrs. McDonald, in their old age, took on a child to raise, and protect. And they erased all traces that would lead Amy into the child’s again. Kudos to you, Dr. and Mrs. McDonald! The world needs more of you!

Charron bullying
Debate between Charron and Baty

 Shorty after we ran this story Mr. Baty received these! This is the kind of people they are folks.

8 thoughts on “Amy Charron

  1. Amy cha-double-rr-on…also done same to me. Went as far as to call Sacramento CA police on me along with the CPS claiming I couldn’t feed my 6 grandchildren after I had gone in with many others sending her money to get out of Huston Texas..she’s in danger gonna be killed..been raped beat starved…I never herd of her or cared..I only herd there’s a female in need of help..I wanted to help. I do raise 6 grandchildren..I opened my home to Amy. For her to turn it around n say I was a cult killing grandma ..Amy was sent to my home for me to muder while she lived in my tent…this coming from Amy. After she took my phone number n she put it out public asking people to call me…only calls I got were from victoms of Amy as I’s a long story iv cut short. But my story is true also..Amy is a wack job

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  2. I have been following her on Facebook, out of morbid curiosity. May I ask… How do you know Amy? That is, how did she come to call you, of all people, on that fateful day?

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    1. I met..not really met. But through a third party , he also was scammed. Together we tryed to save a hoe…in so many words..after I sent money she wanted more. She needed to file more papers had to get her car out of tow..she needed to pay rent..I said after almost a year nonstop harrassment from this crazy female n her drunkin boyfriend


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