Tom Foolery

To think Russia is not indulging in some kind of Tom Foolery is Tom Foolery in and of itself. Nations do that. No country worth it’s salt tip toes through the tulips like a gay rights parade. Though the story is always squashed, Israel regularly spies on the United States, to make sure we’re not shorting them on foreign aid I guess.

It’s a little harder for China. They all look alike. And you have to spy on them from space, peering through all the pollution. I’m particularly entertained by the way when Russia is caught with its pants down they always throw a chick under the bus. Get it? Pants down, chick? I digress. . I mean is ALL the dudes got away, but poor little Maria Butina got pinched while packing her step-ins! And where was she going? SOUTH DAKOTA or someplace like that! What the hell’s going on in South Dakota? Moscow’s the other way.

I do feel a lot better about myself. I’ve always considered myself a creepy old man who would fall for any pretty smile, but politicians? In charge of AMERICA! The epitome of integrity. That is until a little sin steps onto the scene in jeans with a fifth of vodka. Then it’s Katie bar the door. And don’t go too far Katie because after I’m through with Natasha here, you’re next!

Maria, the master spy had been on the FBI radar for a full minute, and that doesn’t surprise me. Amazing how just when Trump sits down with Putin they suddenly decide to pick her up. Just like when Mueller saw his pink slip coming he suddenly indicted twelve Ruskies he’d been studying for years. If so called law enforcement acted like this back in the day Bonnie and Clyde would have lived out their lives on book residuals.

And Trump has been swimming in the swamp long enough now to get a little gator crap in his hair. Couldn’t it be could? ”I misspoke?” When you stand up in front of the cameras and declare your faith in a KGB Colonel over. . . WAIT! I almost misspoke. I almost put our intelligence services on a par with professionals in Russia. Whew! Close call.


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