Putin vs The Blonde

Putin and the Blonde! I was imagining beauty and the beast, the beast being Megyn Kelly. The fired and refired video journalist decided to take on Vladimir Putin in a one on one face off on how he directed American elections through a series of memes on Facebook recently.

I’m gonna tell you right off the investigation by Robert Mueller is a politically driven crock of crap. I’m I being too vague? I mean, what’s next? Checking Barron’s piggy bank? Maybe if Putin really did swing the election we should just let him run the country. Hillary couldn’t run it. She’s so stupid she couldn’t even win a rigged election.

But, back to the Putin interview. So here’s this lingerie model trying to match wits with a KGB colonel. She’s presenting all these sophomoric questions trying to bait Putin. Things like, “Why would you allow an attack like this on the United States?” That’s like asking, “When did you stop beating your wife?”

Kelly has been on a slide ever since Trump accused her of PMSing during a debate. I have no idea why Putin allowed this unless he was trying to “one up” Trump’s little Stormy thing. Even the lead in to the show used phrases like “Attack on American democracy!” Look folks, it has been shown that Facebook was selling a boat load of promotions to Russians already. People who rely on Facebook for information are airheads. If Russians on Facebook hacked the election we’ve already lost!

Kelly, just like the core of the democrats, simply cannot believe Trump could out distance Hillary. Also, ask yourself, if Putin really wanted to influence an election, what would he launch on a campaign of Memes such as, “Hillary for Prison 2016” on Facebook? Does he think we’re that stupid? Wait! We ARE that stupid. Alex Jones’ soaring ratings prove that. The Russians were once blamed for AIDS. It was alleged they wanted to cause an epidemic that would cripple the population. They needed to find something we all do. They came up with shooting up dope, and anal sex. THAT’S what the Russians really think of us.

Ok, long story short. Sure, someone with a Russian accent probably threw a bunch of ads designed to influence the Snowflakes. Did the man who pulled Russia together again order or finance it? Probably not. Did he laugh his butt off at the wreck of the Hillary Clinton. You can bet your boots on it.

Putin Kelly interview


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