Ok Lunger, Let’s do it!

Ok Lunger! Let’s do it. In the famous scene from the movie Tombstone,” Johnny Ringo utters these words. There comes a time when in life there is a “call.” All draws have been exhausted, all bets have been waged, and it’s time to put up, or shut up. So it is with my situation today.

When you are an investigative journalist You sometimes step into uncharted waters filled with opinions, unbelievable ideas and even when it affects you personally you can’t let it sway your professionalism. You can never let anger chart your course, and never be threatened by what may or may not happen if you speak your mind. Today I set sail on these waters.

For the last two months my family has been subjected to the most unAmerican, tyrannical, unimaginable accusations that you can see. In this article I need to bear my soul. This will not be a “poor me” piece. This will be a bear bones writing about a child trafficking operation with support of pseudo-religious organizations that prey upon non-members with all the ugly ramifications you’d see in any Satanic cult. A world where children are sold, abused, and killed. A world where the general population looks the other way. The world of Brigham City, Utah!

I have a granddaughter. To her family and friends she is Carrie. To the public she is “Puck.” She has been adopted to my ex years ago. The reason for this is her birth mother, Jackie, was deemed to be unfit, and at that time she was. We will never know the extent of abuse that Puck endured, but we do know it left her scarred, both physically and mentally. Add to that a nice case of type one diabetes and you have a little girl with a full plate with more in the KFC bucket when she runs out. She went to foster care for a bit before the adoption. Over the years we pieced together the take of brutality, molestation and near death. Puck, and her brothers were beaten to the point of leaving scars. She was routinely locked in a closet where she prayed for the angels to come, and as her mind slipped away, they did, and chased the monster away. The monster was a hooded figure with a face that resembled the foster mother. The foster mother who kept her, and her brothers in an upstairs room which was painted black, and in that room Puck went into diabetic coma. When her little brother tried to climb to her bunk to help the foster mother hit him in the head with a large brown stick, landing him in emergency and leaving a scar above his eye. It was noticed at that time Puck was unconscious so she too, was taken to hospital to die. My ex was allowed to hold her hand. She didn’t die. Puck told us later the angels brought her back.

Without going through all the details suffice to say the Child Protective Services of Texas in league with courts and one very good caseworker, the children ended up with my ex who’s husband upon his death left them with his Army benefits including a new house, medical, college, and money. Fairy tale ending right? WRONG!enter Brigham City, USA!

After my ex’s husband passed The Best is Yet to Come, the family settled into the big blue house in Utah. All appeared well. Each day the children went to McDonalds for breakfast and into school. At one point the youngest wandered off from school across a four lane highway because Mr Johnson of Lakeview school was just too BUSY to do his job! “New Baby” almost took a Trip to Bountiful because Puck was being interrogated by he and others making sure all was well in the big blue house. Johnson is good at this. He does this a LOT! Mainly with little girls.

The article I wrote about this apparently upset Johnson’s Apple cart because at that point my ex got continuous calls from Lakeview about “problems.” New Baby stole a cookie, send him home. Puck’s blood was off send her home. My ex thought all was well because she cooperated with them. In addition to that the children were in council service at Bear Rivers. Each time there was an incident these special needs children went there to work through the event. Not good enough for Johnson.

Puck was being bullied by a little girl. It just so happens this particular little girl was one Johnson held with, shall we say, “Special Interest!” There was something called the “Pretty Girl Club,” and all the Pretty ten year olds wanted to belong. Naturally Puck wanted in. Johnson made sure this could happen when he lost all the supporting paperwork, overruled doctors in two states, and removed Puck from special ed! There was an entrance fee. For Puck it was her iPhone, iPad, three hundred dollars from her mother’s purse and oh yes, show up at Lindsay Park at eight o’clock with a blanket and go to the restroom and wait. ( Are you mad yet?)

After Puck was dumped in her yard around two in the morning unable to walk my ex took her to UNI, a mental health facility in Salt Lake City. I can’t tell you the diagnosis, I mean she’s a CHILD, but I can tell you the report spanned five hundred pages.

Upon return to her home, Puck wanted to put the past behind her, return to school and at least try to pick up the pieces. Bad move. Part of what UNI uncovered was systemic bullying. The way it was set up if Puck didn’t show up at the park on time there would be trouble for her at school. Leader of the Pretty Girl Club held the strings. When my ex told Johnson that the CPS showed up within twenty four hours. Were they there to talk about bullying? Shucks no! Johnson, with the leader of the Pretty Girl Club had pulled Puck into his office to brow beat her into agreeing that my ex had beat her with, now get this, a big brown stick. A stick that was transported all the way from Texas to Utah. A stick that a Brigham City detective showed up looking for semen and brain matter because he was told he would find Puck’s crumpled body in, you guessed it, a CLOSET!

No stick, no sperm, no body. Even though nothing was substantiated by evidence the CPS proceeded with its investigation. Why? Because if the Pretty Girl Club, Lindsay Park, Johnson connection ever becomes public it’ll make Harvey Weinstein look like the Pope!

Presently Puck is in Texas at a Residential Treatment Center. It’ll be at least six months and then some. Puck does time good. She follows rules, wants to fit in and lives TexMex food. In Utah Johnson, the detective and CPS continue to move forward “at this tiiiiime!” They MUST squash this story. Enough is enough. Ok Lunger! Let’s do it.



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