Common Sense

Common sense is a rare quality these days. I read the news every day, both the main stream and alternative, and you have to really have comprehension if you want to work your way through it. If you believe ABC then you’d expect Trump to be on the WhiteHouse roof clubbing democrats with a musket as they scale the walls. If you listen to the latest viral Facebook posting Planet X is now blotting out the sun and some guy in Jersey is leading the faithful to salvation in some cornfield in Kansas, for a small fee of course.
With so many gullible people in the country they are proof there is no Russian attempt to take over. Russia is a Christian nation. They don’t WANT to mix their kids with us. We don’t know what BATHROOM to you. Bruce Gender is considering a run for the WhiteHouse. Black Lives are mattering anywhere they can make a buck. America is the leader of the world? Give me a break. We can’t even lead Chicago. As a Texan I find it gratifying seeing northern cities degenerate into bankrupt chaos. Connect the dots, I can say no more, just use your common sense.

. I only believe what people say about themselves. Like Sessions getting up and saying he knows Trump wants him out, but he’s hanging on because he knows it makes Trump mad. Fake news yesterday put out a poll claiming the country was swinging toward the democrats due to republican bottleneck politics. I’m not saying they’re stupid, but with a republican president, congress, and senate they can’t pass a dog leash law for a trailer park! They have no problem raising their salaries, by the way. And we don’t even need them to run the country. Shucks, three federal judges are running it right now. The rulings coming from the bench are evidence of the mistake of legalizing marijuana. I crappith thee NOT! Our leaders! The cream of the crop. Role models for our children. I wouldn’t follow these clowns into a whorehouse.

Trump had his work cut out for him from the beginning. A rich, white, male Protestant, he is part of a dying breed. America has gone to hell. Don’t get me wrong. The people are fine, but they’re fed daily with a crop of crap and while they’re feeding freeloaders on SNAP they’re accepting that the nation is ruined and pray they’ll be gone before it all dissolves.

 Now let’s talk about the end of the world. Uh, it ain’t gonna happen. Write that down, there’ll be a test later, and you’ll be alive to take the test. I can tell you without fear of contradiction that there is no Planet X, Yellowstone is open for business, summer is hot as usual and the Mexicans are not going to buy Microsoft. Ex-convicts in New Jersey know as much about this as I know about marriage. My track record on that is six and zero. Please don’t send money to idiots like that. Heck, send ME your money if you hate yourself that bad. I’ll drink it up and at least one of us will be happy. Common sense!


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