The Socond Coming of Scott Binsack

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. Religion is man’s feeble attempt to explain the unexplainable. God made man, man made religion, and theology changes with each interpretation much like the child’s game where a circle of people transmit something ear to ear until it returns to the original person, and nowhere remotely resembles the statement as it was first said. 
When Joseph Smith penned the Book of Mormon it was the original. He built a city, Nauvoo, and when he died Brigham Young took the Saints west, and he built Salt Lake City. Both locations were a resounding success. There are imitators of this today, Jim Jones, David Koresh, and last but not least Scott Binsack, who promises peace and safety for a price. Verily I say unto thee, in the latter days there will be false prophets. Remember you heard it here first. Hey, it works for Binsack. With the head priestess of the temple feverishly scanning Google he attaches his name to everything from weather reports to Viagra. He has not the vision, nor the steadfast faith of Smith, or Young. If Scott Binsack had been in charge of building the Salt Lake Temple it would be a trailer park!
It all tastes so sweet. Just surrender your common sense to the “enlightened one,” and everything gonna be alright, but there is a bitter seed there. This article started out being an examination of the division between church and state, and how I believe the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints has descended into apostasy caused by its relationship with the United States government, but this subject seems to be more immediate because the tangled understandings of religion take a second seat to people losing their life savings and going hungry, and that’s what’s happening in Kansas right now! I think we can save the LDS Church, but there’s no saving Scott Binsack. 
The Mormon people would find a track of land, clear it, and together raise a city. Nauvoo and Salt Lake City are examples. This new “Prophet” coming out of New Jersey will only raise his bank account. As he feverishly blurts out his end of the world rants, planets out of control, and earthquakes that only he can predict, money begins to trickle in from gullible people who are captivated by the apple in the snake’s mouth. There is no evidence I can find that Scott is involved in any real estate deal there or anywhere. The last time he came close was in Pennsylvania when he tried to throw a mentally challenged woman in the street for allowing someone to read his scared scrolls he’d left in her attic while he ministered to the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections. Oh, and that little deal in New Jersey where he’s changing the deed on his “baby’s mama’s” mama’s house because the old lady keeps throwing holy water on him and it burns up his shirt. 
Remember that God Hole I told you about? You know, the one we all have in our head? Well, Scott has found a way to fill it with his own special brand of fertilizer. He set the stage with his now famous car wreck, where he “died” and came back from the dead. (Just like Jesus!) Before that he “walked with sinners” where he was a honorary member of the Mafia with a get out of jail free card from J Edgar Hoover, and last but not least he SAVED America when he single handedly held the White House door open for Donald J Trump! All this with an eighth grade education from Wassamatta U in beautiful downtown Brooklyn. Such a guy! About the only thing he missed was his holy book, scheduled for release this month but he must’ve pawned HIS golden tablets because it’s still in production. In this book he promises to explain how he brought down judges, police, dog catchers, and reinvented Col Sanders’ recipe for fried chicken, all while hopscotching all over the east coast trying to avoid federal marshals who wanted to bestow THEIR blessing on him! 
His devoted followers hang on his every word as he spits and rants from his car on Facebook LiveFeeds, like a meth dealer and they smoke every gram no matter how absurd. Any opposing opinion is met with a string of obscenities and the unworthy are excommunicated from the Church of the Righteous Bagel! I crappith thee NAUGHT! Of course he supplies a good helping of legal threats where due to his enormous power he can banish his nay-sayers to jail until his second coming. 
And people believe this guy! I didn’t even research his latest adventure because it was so transparent. End of the world condos? Why don’t we just blow smoke up someone’s butt to cure colon cancer? If you wish to invest in this dog and pony show I can’t and will not stop you, but if you really want to get something for your money send me a contribution and I’ll send you, absolutely free, a touch from God. Let us pray.


13 thoughts on “The Socond Coming of Scott Binsack

  1. I’m so glad I’m not the only one seeing this conman, sadly I learned of him thru constant FB posts from a family member. With very little effort I learned of his past con ways and easily figured out he is still conning. This whole Planet Niribu crap and Fake sun nonsense I may need to invest in Reynolds wrap, aluminum hats may drive their stock thru the roof!

      1. I’m going after Scott, could use more info…. I was foolish and bought into his con and invested 20g in his so called property…. i’m directing my attorney to get a hold of the people who arrested him in Pennsylvania .. anymore information would be great!!

      2. Yes, MFA and he’s trying to sell bunkers on the side that he doesn’t even own the property .. Thank you so much for replying back to me though… Love & Light to you and yours…!! 🤗

  2. Fascinating. Keep us updated Bill. I was in Underground, but realized nothing was up for debate. As soon as you questioned the mighty one, that was it…. you’re now the enemy.

  3. Interesting. She just featured two big Nibiru scammers on his underground show. I’m from the U.K. so this chappy was new to me – really he was like Scott Cone’s gobby twin on the show … something didn’t sit right with him. As a fellow blogger myself, exposing scam artists I’m interested in learning a little more here.

  4. We are some of the folks that actually own one of the Atlas Sites he was ‘selling’. He has no (zero) nicht, Nada, zip interest or contract on our site. If you are sending him money to buy our site, better think twice, cause we are NOT dealing with him. BTW, if you want to buy one, contact us directly with cash money.

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