From a Dumb Old Biker

From a Dumb Old Biker


Drain The Swamp? More Like Flush The Toilette!

The two houses of congress have been sitting on their butts so long that a man like Donald Trump snatches a kink in aforementioned butts. Although I acknowledged threatening waters on Saturday, when it comes right down to it the president is doing exactly what he promised in the campaign, i.e. Drain The Swamp, and as expected, the gators are a-howling. Now we’re hearing wild accusations about Trump destroying the government, mixing with the Russians, and hiding Nixon era tape recorders in every nook and cranny. And everybody’s wondering what’s on said tapes should they exist.

Well, I’ll tell you what you won’t find on them. You won’t find him trying to cover up a burglary! I’ve never accused the democrats of cognitive abilities, but I thought since they live up beyond Olympia they would at least know history, especially what really brought Nixon down, which was a criminal act, not just some locker room talk on a bus, or elsewhere. You see the Watergate thing was Nixon having his guys Jimmy a door to the Democratic Headquarters in order to seal the deal on an election that he had in the bag anyway. Then they got caught, and then Nixon lied. Now I haven’t said any of these cats were on the ball. They were reputed to be like CIA operatives, black ops and a whole host of other ops. It’s been rumored that a couple of these guys may have even been in on the Kennedy assassination. Well, while all that may be true hey couldn’t pull off a simple heist a crackhead could do! And, these idiots are STILL up there! Comey was one of these people! He’s gonna probe the Russian connection, but he can’t track down some school teacher and his fifteen year old girlfriend. God help us if Bonnie and Clyde were still on the loose. Oh, my bad, Frank Hamer, a Texas Ranger got them. Yeah, now I remember.

And the NSA! Don’t get me started. The hackers get hacked and then the guys and gals who TOOK the NSA’s algorithm that spies on US served it up to the planet for a small fee of $300 in BitCoin! And you wonder why a billionaire real estate broker sets these folks on edge? Interesting point: How many Apple products were hacked this week? The reason that President Trump seems to be slugging through the Swamp is that it has been so corrupt for so long at every level. From congress to the FBI to the federal courts. President wants to restrict access to people flying in from countries that want to blow us off the map, some federal judge shoots it down. He suggests that it might be in order that when people come across our southern border maybe they should at LEAST have a green card. No can do! We need to flush the sewer rather than Drain The Swamp.

But, the possibility of tapes is problematic. The country is on edge as we concentrate on this nonsense rather than “One Hung Low” over in North Korea sighting in Los Angeles. Donald Trump is redesigning to power structure, realigning the playing field, and as with any root canal there will be pain, but would you rather have Hillary? There will be no huge revelations on any tapes. We already know from the bus tapes what “The Donald” likes to grab. The democrats are just afraid he’s gonna gram THEIRS!


Problimo. There’s a word Donald Trump is going to understand completely in his next hundred days. I actually had to take an online class and read before writing this article. I do that on occasion, not often, so don’t get worried. Yesterday the president took to Twitter and wrote, “James Comey better hope that there are no ‘tapes’ of our conversations before he starts leaking to the press!” Now here’s the question. The conservatives are thinking Mr. Trump may have been recorded by someone visiting the White House, but more liberal minds take such a statement to imply that Trump routinely records things, and just isn’t quite sure if the conversations with Comey were included, especially since it was during a dinner.You see, Nixon recorded in the Oval Office, but generally left the breakfast table alone. Otherwise we’d have had a tape of him saying, “Pat, would you pass the #%£¥#%£ ketchup?” See my point? Trump presents himself as a master negotiator, so it will be interesting to see him “negotiate” these waters. That was such a misstep it even made Whoopi Goldberg make sense, and that’s as crazy as inviting Hitler to a Bar-Mitzvah!

Now, let talk about the textbook way you remove someone like James Comey from power. In the “Apprentice” Trump became well known for uttering, “You’re FIRED!” Hey, I liked it. The televised image of some self assured, wise cracking kid getting the sack, and leaving a slimy trail as he drags his suitcase out of the hotel. Priceless! Well, that ain’t the way it’s done in Devil City. It’s all about careers, saving face and perpetuating the illusion that the employees therein are something more than the rest of us, so you have a certain protocol. Now, if you or I show up fifteen minutes late we get our butts fired off. Security walks us to the door with all our possibles in a cardboard box. In Comey’s world you get a phone call requesting that you submit your resignation. You’ve all seen it. All the cabinet members, the directors and sometimes even the cooks submit their papers when a new president comes in.

Now, before you think I’m a Comey defender I want you to know that he’s a jerk off. Yeah, that just about covers it. This guy led the FBI so well that a fifty year old school teach picked up one of his students, comely lass that she was, but she was fifteen, traversed the nation, and got caught in California by a hippy while Comey comed the White House kitchen for Russian dressing! I feel so served and protected. This rocket scientist said that in six hundred and fifty thousand emails, even though he’d found some some classified stuff, that no charges would be filed, filling in for the attorney general by the way, and then was stupid enough to reOPEN the whole mess only to come back a couple days later to tell everyone there was nothing to see, just move along. He chased down that rabbit hole because that Wiener guy was trading little girl porn with Hillary’s staff and during the conversation they kinda sent some of our security codes, or something like that. Yeah, THAT guy!

But Trump has a problimo in that the Democrats are gonna eat him up on this one. I remember when Nixon went down. First he recorded conversations, Dean puked that up before the Watergate committee, and then he fired Cox. Next thing we saw was him waving buh bye from the presidential helicopter. You can’t make this up folks. The only way he can salvage this is full support of the ongoing Russian investigation and then showing the American people the tab they paid for this Tom Foolery. Now, I personally think it’s a crock, but if, as I believe, Trump had nothing to do with it, he should go ahead and push it to the max just to show how honest he really is, because if he doesn’t, he’s gonna get that helicopter ride. Oh, and it will help if he tweets the same thing he’s telling Spicer to say to reporters. Problimo!


ANTIFA is not something new, it’s something that has come of age. In 2008, when Barack Obama took office a lot of these kids were say, around twelve years old. Now they’re around twenty, and have absolutely no idea what America is about. In fact, they are the ultimate vocalization of the blasphemy that was the Obama administration. A political Frankenstein straight from the Brown Shirts of Nazi Germany, bent on erasing history so they can repeat it THEIR way!These intolerant, angry, ill informed individuals are the kind of movement that can wreck havoc on the political scene purely by the insanity that drives their cause. ANTIFA doesn’t focus. They hate everything traditionally American from our flag to mom’s apple pie, and they don’t make a secret out of it. I watched several ANTIFA marches and from their attacks on cameras, their language, and open, frank declarations against private property, tolerance and white people I could only see a group using the very same tactics they claim to distain.

Patriot groups are rising up. The victory of Donald Trump has emboldened the silent majority, but it realizes that victory must be maintained, and groups like ANTIFA know no better that what Obama taught them. They think he’s normal! There’s no fixing these kids. They’re lost. Their formative years were perverted by ideas, and theories designed to bring down America. In the end their handlers will provide them with “special treatment” as did the Nazis did with cooperating Jews. Special treatment . . . Decent burial!

We must hold the line. We must crush ANTIFA. We must raise a new generation to replace them. A generation schooled in history, good and bad, Martin Luther Kind AND General Robert E. Lee. They need to study the Civil war AND the Civil Rights Movement. Ronald Reagan AND Watergate, and they need to study the boondoggles of the Black Panthers AND the Ku Klux Klan, because THAT’S where ANTIFA is headed for! Their movement will have no more effect on history than the Green Flag rebellion in Texas well before the Texas revolution. I truly believe this time, the patriot response to this kind of perversion will be quick, and it will be terrible! God rest their souls!

Back to the Wild West?

Back to the Wild West? Every time we inch forward toward taking back our right to defend ourselves, and restoring the 2nd amendment the touchy-feely left dredges up that time worn phase that we’ll be reverting back to the Wild West. Let me enlighten you folks to something. No one in Tombstone ever went in to the little red school house, and shot all the kids.America was born of revolution. The very idea of taking on the British Empire was pretty revolutionary, but that couldn’t hold a candle to Texas. The colonies more or less secured what they had lived in, and developed since the Pilgrims landed at Plymouth Rock, I guess if the Germans had landed first it would have been the Mercedes Rock, but Texans carved off a piece of Mexico, stripped the president thereof down to his Long Johns, and called it their own. That’s called “balls” boys and girls. Write that down. There’ll be a test later. If the Americans had done likewise they’d have sailed to England, slapped King George, and took Ireland. Just saying.

Texas was taken by the gun. It was secured by the gun, and till this day it is maintained by the gun. The Mexicans were more than a little bit irritated at the loss of the region, and the Indians were plumb red faced over the introduction of the pale face interlopers who shot all the buffalo, fenced up the land, and sent them off to build casinos. That having been said, just how wild WAS the Wild West?

Well, to start, you could get hung for just about anything. A good hanging would always generate a good crowd, complete with picnic baskets, pee-warm beer, and oh yeah, bring the kids! Good folks went to church, and bad folks went to the saloon, AFTER they checked in their guns with the sheriff because most towns had an ordinance that recognized guns and whiskey don’t mix. That’s right. Imagine that. There was a form of gun control in the Wild West.

When the more “modern” thinkers say the founding fathers didn’t account for the advanced weapons of our present day they overlook the fact that in every era there are advances, and cutting edge weapons. The caveman with the bigger stick, the percussion cap replacing a piece of flint, or with the advent of the Winchester, that “Damn yankee rifle you could load on Sunday, and shoot all week.” Weapons change, people don’t!

Remember that question, “Why do bad things happen to good people?” Because there is a certain percentage of the population that if not restrained, will do whatever tickles their fancy. In an armed society the possibility of bad things happening to BAD people keeps their pants up, their mouths closed, and if they still get out of line you can always hang em. Predators will always prey on the weak, and if you think they don’t then why doesn’t the lion chase down the largest, fastest gazelle? Why didn’t the Sandy Hook gunman shoot up the police station?

Police have a thankless job. When you see some woman screaming in an officer’s face, calling him a pig, she doesn’t know that possibly that morning he removed a dead baby from a car after what should have been a fender bender, but wasn’t because some irresponsible wench just like her forgot to strap the car seat in, and the baby hit the windshield. Cops are human, just like the rest of us, and they run, cry, and die just like us, when they get shot, cut, or clubbed. They NEED us to be able to defend ourselves, and sometimes to defend THEM!

Back to the Wild West? We never LEFT the Wild West, but let me give you a challenge. Take yourself a sixteen year old girl, give her twenty dollars, and let her walk through downtown Austin looking for a sandwich. Now, send her through Detroit looking for a pizza. Oh, don’t make her anyone you care about. And the Nortés call US the Wild West! To sum it all up gun control, when imposing unreasonable restrictions upon law abiding citizens is dangerous, irresponsible, and down right stupid! The tail cannot wag the dog. Society cannot be put at risk as the liberal left tries to placate the lunatic fringe. There are more good people than bad, and if you want to see that just remember there were more people WATCHING the hanging, than being HUNG! We seriously need to go Back to he Wild West!

Texas is Incompatible With America

Texas is incomparable with America. It just don’t fit. In my literary journeys over the last few months I’ve tried to find common ground, but it’s just not there. The Nortés have lost it, and without Texas showing them the way they’re never gonna get it back. They’ve got the best president they’ve had in forty years, and they can’t even agree with him that they don’t need to sell Long Island to the Mexicans!I watched a bunch of documentaries yesterday, drank a little whiskey, well, a lot of whiskey, but my mind was clear this morning, and one of the films I watched concerned Sandy Hook. I cried through the entire thing, but something struck me. The yankee mind is so twisted that it can’t understand you have to deal with some things through common sense! You have a nut killing little kids, so what do you do? Why you run down to yankee central in Washington and try to take everybody’s guns away! That way, when the next idiot decides to turn an elementary school into a shooting gallery he’ll just see the “Gun Free Zone” sign, and all the passive resistance, and realize there’s nothing to see there, and just go home. I crappith thee NOT! A United States Senator actually said that! She said that if you put up no resistance an active shooter will calm down, find Jesus, and just go home! Wow! I wish I could run across her in a bar, and she was cute!

In my travels I have seen some pockets of resistance in the northland. I’ve also seen that this is the exception rather than the rule. Just try to book a conservative speaker at Berkeley. I announced my return to TexCentric writing yesterday, mentioned the word, “Yankees” and was seized upon by the Battling Bitches of Brooklyn. You’d think I’d called them the “N” word that some people can say and some people can’t. As you may know, I became entangled in the intrigue of this March For America nonsense. When I saw the word, “America” I should have known better. The behavior of that little band of merry faggots was the rule rather than the exception, and I found that the groups opposing it were just as bad, if not worse than it was. Back stabbing, lying, out and out criminals, all but one or two exceptions, the “Pissed Off American” and his Mother of All Rallies, (MOAR) being the last hold out and the American version of the Alamo. Another documentary I watched was about the University of Texas sniper. I noticed a major difference in the public reaction to Sandy Hook, and UT. Now, notwithstanding the babies at Sandy Hook were defenseless, but the students at UT were, too, but the public wasn’t. They had guns in pickups, and turned them on Whitman. By the time Martinez and crew dispatched him he was so busy ducking deer rifles he didn’t have time to take aim.

One time I went to pick up my granddaughter, Puck, at school. As you know, she’s diabetic, and had a sugar problem that day, so I sat in the nurses station waiting on Puck to collect herself to go home where I’d fix he problem. Anyway, as I sat there, I noticed the kids milling around the central hallway, with a couple male teachers among them. Then I hit me; I’d just walked in, simply waved at the office staff, and passed right on by, in my full length London Fog desert coat! I only went through the office because I’m a nice guy. I could have just as easily walked straight through the front door into the main hall where the kids were with an AR-15 under my coat! I was totally unimpressed with the “staff” herding the kids through the hall. I realized that I was the only man there with a set of balls, and out of respect for the law I’d left my pistol in my car! I’d fallen for yankee political correctness, and by doing so endangered my granddaughter and all the other kids, too. “But,” you ask, “how often does something like that happen?” I was sitting one mile from the Luby’s massacre, and about four miles from Fort Hood! THAT’S how often! ONE bullet would have ended both of those events.

Texas is incompatible with America, and following their lead will get you killed! We may not be able to secede right now, but we can ignore. I mean, what can they do? They’re still trying to figure out why letting illegal aliens getting food stamps might be a bad idea, c’mon! Not all Americans are bad, I’ve met four good ones, well five. Texas has got to slap some sense back into their heads and maybe, just maybe, they’ll learn to build cars again, but don’t hold your breath, they’re still trying to come to grips with the fact that it takes a man and a woman to make a baby! Texas is incompatible with America!