Is A Rose Really A Rose!

Is a rose really a rose? Alex Jones’ recent custody battle revealed several issues that we have been contending with for years. Divorce is always a difficult situation. Marriage is a difficult situation. A man must bet half his stuff that he’s going to totally love a woman for the rest of his or her life. When we see cases where this works out its beautiful, unfortunately new models come along year after year, and as you know if a man test drives one the old model loads up half his stuff, and the kids and heads out. Happened six times to me. (Those were my surprised faces.)Compound this with being in the entertainment industry, and don’t be jellyfish about it, Infowars is entertainment. ALL broadcast news is entertainment, including me, the only question being how much is entertainment, and how much is actual news. Now you can stick you pointy nose in the air and call Alex a fraud, a charlatan, or conspiracy nut, whatEVER, fact remains the his fact/entertainment mix runs a little better than the main stream media, and if you think I’m wrong, just check out the ABC, CNN, or MSNBC polls the day BEFORE Hillary forgot to give her concession speech. Alex Jones, and yours truly predicted President Trump a year before! I think it’s our Texas accents, but I’m just a simple ol’ boy from Austin, so what do I know?

So, now comes the former Mrs Jones, with council, to drag Alex through the Family Court mud, trying to use his radio persona as a measure of Alex Jones the father, the jury pivots this way or that, and we get the usual topsy-turvey decision we always get when twelve strangers try to get involved in someone’s personal business. Of course the jurors NEVER heard of Alex, and absolutely do NOT have a pre-formed opinion. If you believe that horse manure I still have that bridge for sale and I’m making it a two for one Sunday special.

All news outlets are biased. No one is “fair and balanced.” Case in point, Fox News. When the walls came tumbling down recently it was apparent that internally Fox News was more corrupt, more sexist, and more racist than the Ku Klux Klan. To top that off, the management had the backbone of a rather mature tadpole, folded and ran in two days as the liberal press peeled the skin off Bill O’Rielly’s back. Bet he don’t ever order hot chocolate again, huh?

Back in the day we KNEW Clint Eastwood had never shot anyone. We kinda hoped John Wayne hadn’t, but we weren’t quite sure, but all in all the general population had a reasonable grip on reality, all but Vietnam, but that’s another story. This present day finds us not only with the news services grinding out “Infotainment” but anyone with WiFi competing on the open market grinding out anything they may think relevant to the situation. WWIII is always a big hit. Some fat kid in North Korea fires off a bottle rocket and the internet lights up with dire prediction of breaking news. Is a rose really a rose? It depends where the rose is. If the rose is in its home garden, sure, it’s a rose. If it’s on the air, or in family court, it’s anybody’s guess. I guess roses smell different in Travis County than they do in Hays county.


Things That Really Matter

Things that really matter. The social media phenomenon has grown exponentially since AOL came on the scene in the last century. As we drift farther and farther away from reality we must pause, look back, and collect our thoughts, and common sense. What really happened at Berkeley? People following the myths promoted by social media gurus who sit behind their keyboards every day grinding out fake ideas, completely untested by time and gullible kids without the capacity to change a belt in a vacuum cleaner following like rats behind the cyber piper. That’s what!Remember back when you were in school? Back when I was in school we had books. You see, when you read something it tends to have more weight than advice from the drunk on the corner begging for change because the end of the world is coming soon. Well, same thing with Facebook. Yesterday I read that Eddie Murphy was dead. It took me less than thirty seconds to vet that, and trash it. How many bought the story? Well, Everyone at Berkeley, that’s for sure. I mean they think an election can be nullified in the streets with a few well placed M-80s.

Facebook is a drama machine. That’s mostly all you see, and all the drama kings and queens swear to God it’s not them, it’s someone else. When you challenge someone in any sort of social media you create drama, drama being intriguing situations evoking opinions from all sides. Never forget that we’re basically naked apes hoarding our bananas. And folks get MAD when you diminish their demigods that they have sacrificed all for, their common sense being top of the list. Don’t laugh at them either. That’s when the bring out the FBI, CIA, NSA, and the local health board, AND begin to look seriously into their live feed (the new reality show) claiming mountains of “evidence” in their laundry room that will explain everything.

When you laugh off their claims their minions will attack. Of course you’re a homo, a pedophile, a drunk, or any manner of vile humanity because if they hear what you say then that’s reality, and reality is a bitter pill. And they are all the same. From “Marches For America” with the CEO, and founder predicting WWIII all the way down to housewives claiming to have a direct pipeline to government agencies who hang on their every word. The conflict flowing between these groups fuel the never ending drama machine better than any Hollywood script you can imagine.

But it’s fun IF you know they’re ALL full of it, and take them no more seriously than the latest Michael Moore movie. You don’t have to poke ‘em hard either. Any little prick will do because they all live in a cyber house of cards. They have forgotten things that really matter. Fried chicken. That matters. Martinis matter, too. Not running out of gas on the way to get gas. Finding a girl roughly your own age who is about as settled as you are. There are dozens of things that matter, but social media drama is simply not one of them. If you wonder what attracts you to these clowns . . . well, there it is . . . they’re CLOWNS! Unless you have a fear of clowns you have no problem with things like “March For America” in any of its current flavors either “Inc” or “2017.” They are like a Chinese menu. You can take one from column “A” or one from column “B” but don’t drink the Kool-Aide, and never forget the things that really matter!

Pass The Pipe

Obviously, Russia, ISIS, Iran, Assad and Korea are continuing to pass the pipe. The strike in Syria didn’t draw a line in the sand, it blew it up! One by one, sane minds are coming to the logical conclusion that the only way to get a bully out of the school yard is to knock him down. Leaders in Korea, Iran, and Syria are still talking crap, and they’re not brushing their teeth.

Obama was a weak president, and a closet, or not so closet Muslim. Between his indecision and Susan Rice’s misinformation it’s a miracle that Putin is not living in the White House. I think it’s highly symbolic when Obama left office that he also left the country to a place with a non-extradition situation. Y’all didn’t notice that, huh?

Now, before the more liberal faction gets their thong in a knot, let me enlighten you. Putin is not going to WWIII over Assad. North Korea doesn’t On my way! Anywhere NEAR the nuclear capability of ONE US Navy carrier group, and EVERYONE hates ISIS up to and including Saudi Arabia, and the Saudis are dirt bags, too.

America is back! Don’t pass the pipe. My friend, C. J. Grisham had a rally in Houston last week to protest a city ordinance forbidding carrying an American Flag on a staff because it looked like a weapon. C. J. fastened his flag to a rifle, and was allowed to wave the flag he defended in Iraq! A pro-police author was shouted down in California by students, who had to leave for her own safety as WHITE students were supporting Black Lives Matter. By the way, as the Trump administration shuts down sanctuary cities California became a sanctuary STATE! Pass the pipe to governor Brown please.

Well, times they ARE a changing, and as real Americans become more emboldened this bizzaro world will go away, and yeah, yeah, yeah, we’re a bunch of rednecks, yeah, yeah, yeah, we have a president who looks like us, and yeah, yeah, we don’t want gay people in our little girl’s bathroom! Get over it! Remember that pendulum I’ve been telling you about for four years? Well, it just swung all the way to the right, Trump grabbed it, and held it there, and like McDonald’s, I’m LOVING it! Pass the pipe some more, idiots!

Bada Bing Bada BOOM!

Bada Bing Bada BOOM! Any time some tin horn raghead in some third world country can thumb his nose at the entire world, use weapons that we hung Nazis for using, and have two super powers going toe to toe over him it’s time to launch fifty-nine missiles and clear his sinuses out! The attack last night set the world order back in order. Putin has positioned himself on the world stage almost entirely by his actions in Syria. Shucks, even I cheered the Russians on when we got that picture of that pedophile dead in the back of a pickup wearing only a thong. You see, back then we didn’t have a president . . . we have one now.

For all the pomp and circumstance the Russians could not beat ISIS, or the rebels, but they did pretty good at looking the other way while Assad gassed children with chemicals that were SUPPOSED to be WAY on the other side of Obama’s red line. Those pictures hit the internet and within forty-eight hours, Bada Bing Bada Boom! I think it’s highly symbolic that Trump is from New York.

Of course the Russians decried the move, saying it broke international law, but President Trump isn’t about to tarnish this beautiful action with useless legality. Isn’t it funny that the Russians always cite international law when they get pushed back? These are the same guys who invade countries just because.

The action was surgically executed. When you see the pictures flowing out of Syria, indeed, it’s hard to see where the bombs fell. The Russians got an eviction notice about an hour before the party commenced, and in a brilliant stroke they decided to step out for a vodka. Of course the democrats will chime in with their slant, but children getting gassed doesn’t move people who want an abortion clinic on every street. The fact remains, America turned on a dime last night, World War III did NOT erupt, and Assad might need to shop his resumé around. Now, what to do about that fat kid in North Korea? Bada Bing Bada Boom!

To Mask or Not To Mask 

To mask or not to mask, that is the question. The one thing to know is, yet again, Trump was right, he WAS being surveilled. This is my surprised face. Remember when I told you that if we know the NSA, and every other gumshoe in Washington is watching us, and listening to every one of our phone calls, for someone to say the Obama White House has nothing to do with anything like that was just about the stupidest thing to come rolling out of there since Bill Clinton forgot who ate pizza with him that night. Matter of fact, since I’ve been able to read I haven’t heard any of those guys tell the straight of it yet!

Enter Susan Rice with all the double talk we’ve all become accustomed to. And just what is “unmasking?” Well, as near as I can figure it’s the finking out a fink. The fink strikes a deal and goes blabbermouth, and when they run out of blabber they get thrown out in the street in their underwear. Then, there are leaks. You’d think the freaking government would be at least as secure as say, the Hell’s Angels, now wouldn’t you? And at least as fiscally sound as a crack house. Well, they’re not! And just who is Susan Rice? Why she’s the genius who blames Benghazi on a poorly edited YouTube video. That’s right! Remember that? All them there ragheads was all pent up over a flick. Rice completely forgot all them guns they were running all over creation. Of course Hillary was not involved. She was too busy resetting the password on her Yahoo mail so she could send a few more classified documents to eHarmony! Millions voted for her! Millions voted for the Black Knight . . . TWICE! And you wonder why Donald Trump doesn’t fit up there.

It’s accepted that black people can dance, and Susan Rice is shuffling along pretty good right now. Fox News is drilling down on this. The Main Stream Media is still looking for Russians. Alternative media has so eclipsed the MSM I’m amazed they can still pay the bills anymore. Rice IS a big story and they act as if it never happened. And a lot of YOU PEOPLE still depend on them for news. Yeah, I really said that, and you know who you are.

Well, welcome to Trump America. The judge will be confirmed, the wall will be built, taxes will go down, and kids will come out of school and WILL have a job waiting because companies will come home and hire them. The future gets brighter every day for middle America. Well all but Susan’s future, because judging by his track record, Donald Trump is about to be on her like white on rice. Get it, white on rice. I KILL me!