The Ship of State

American imperialist policy has positioned America as a opportunist global corporation, and a threat to the sovereignty of any nation that dares stand in its way. The line between democrat, and republican has become blurred as President Clinton claimed the global economic recovery for his own, King Bush II secluded himself and attacked anywhere there was a drop of oil to be had, and Obama struggled to socialize everything from health care to lemonade stands.

In spite of differences in stated policy, their ultimate goals have always been perfectly aligned. Increase their own wealth, while reducing the power of the constitution to restrain their efforts. It is not conspiracy theory when the very words, “New World Order” come from their own lips. It does not take a tin foil hat to clearly see US corporations openly rewarded for leaving our shores and taking American jobs, and prosperity with them. When the US has a credit rating roughly equal to a moderately successful meth dealer you must smell the coffee while avoiding the Kool Aid!

The election of Donald Trump, and the independent action of groups such as March For America, Raging Elephants Radio and hundreds of alternative news sources have heralded the handwriting on the wall. The old order changeth! The fire long burning on the palace lawn will soon enlighten the White House. The world watches with a jaundiced eye, having been disappointed so many times by stated US policy and the actual actions which followed. If you like your country, you can keep your country.

It is not liberal, or conservative, it is those who bought, as apposed to,those who didn’t. In one election night poll the largest percentage noted was not Hillary or Trump, but change! Something different. Even an uncharted sea was better than a stagnant swamp, and the phrase, “Drain the Swamp” became the battle cry of a vast “Army of the Dead,” making light about the thousands of voters in previous elections who had died, yet rose again to voice their opinions about elections past. The very ones who had called these people from their tombs cried, “Foul,” when the system, over two centuries old, gave the mantle to a non-politician vowing to make America great again!

The losers tried to gather their forces, some who hadn’t even participated in the election, to swarm the streets of the cities with paid orchestrators shouting, “Free Barabbas!” from the safety of the crowd. Challenging ever jot and tittle of every ballot, these pale horses case fear and doubt, trying to destroy the direction of the country that the electorate had carved out, and sought to divorce all traces of democracy from the state as they sought to put an outright criminal in the place of the true winner.

When people such as Scott Binsack, or Alex Jones take to the public airways their words may seem unbelievable, but an out of control left sometimes needs an out of control right to miss the iceberg this ship of state has been bearing down upon for over forty years. If we turn that ship but one degree we’ll be better off than we were when Barrack Obama threw his arms open to the same people who brought down the twin towers, and with resolve, and the grace of God, that one percent may miss the iceberg, with would have caused the sinking of the greatest nation, and the dream of freedom upon the face of the earth.


The Myth of Democracy 

There is a myth that we all buy into. The myth of democracy. The idea that we the people have the ability to have our voices heard above the roar of goVernment. The wealth of information available on the Internet is a direct challenge to government, and it’s top assistant, the main stream media, as they perpetuate that myth. Only problem is democracy actually worked this time. The money changers couldn’t steal the election so they will try to steal our voice for the next time.

 Communication systems have a pattern that is predictable. The telegraph, telephone, movies, television, radio, and now the Internet, are all conceived sort of wild and free until the government, at the urge of corporations, regulate, or stifle in an effort to control the flow of information, and ultimately people’s minds.

In any tyrannical system the public is suspect. It is assumed that every person has broke some law, said something, or otherwise tried to slip through the system in some way. So we have it with the Internet today. We’ve all done it. You want to use some service, or software, and you scroll down the terms of service, which nobody reads, and wouldn’t understand it all if they did, until you find the “I Agree” button, and click it. Well, you just agreed that if you lie about your weight on eHarmony you are a felon. So, if you should become an activist at some future date it doesn’t take much work on the part of law enforcement to come up with twenty or thirty “transgressions” you’ve made in the last year alone, and they offer you a plea bargain.

Facebook is the largest offender of invasion of privacy, but it’s not alone, with Microsoft, Apple, AT&T and most providers sliding up to the hog trough to feed our information to the FBI, CIA, NSA, and any other government agency that feels the need to “protect” us at any given moment. And you may ask if you have nothing to hide, why concern yourself? You should concern yourself because this overkill of surveillance actually makes us less safe. While FBI gumshoes are recording eighty year old Edna’s conversation with her twin sister about cookies the bombs go off in Boston!

People in government are human, well for the most part, and it is impossible to weed through tons of useless information to locate someone of interest that may be a real threat to national security. While the TSA does a cavity search on a ten year old little girl they completely ignore the woman in full Islamic attire, arriving from Allah knows where, and foaming at the mouth. Yeah, that one. San Bernardino, remember? Merry Christmas!

The real purpose of regulation is not to protect, but to control. The design is to keep the national consciousness in sync with the party line that’s being fed to us by the main stream media, and if anyone disagrees at the least they are called a conspiracy nut, and the very worse they are considered a threat to national security. The litmus test is if they arrest you that means you got too close to the truth.

And there IS fake news. What the government doesn’t understand is that we PEOPLE have minds. We are endowed by our creator to reach understanding, and all have the ability to discern. The beautiful part of the Internet, when it’s running free, is when some basket case emerges with a crop of fertilizer, it doesn’t take very long before they become exposed. Kinda like what’s happening to the main stream media right now! They tried their best to nullify the election of Donald Trump. With tightly cropped video shots of demonstrators in the street it soon became apparent that George Soros simply couldn’t pay enough people to overwhelm the fact that the PEOPLE had made a right turn and the country was going to go back on track no matter HOW many filings Jill Stein did.

The flow of information is going to be critical in the next four years. The Bible talks about “wars and rumors of wars.” Verily, verily I say unto you that “rumors of wars” can be more dangerous than actual wars, because the threat, or perceived threat of invasive action gives the government the reason to “protect” us just a little bit more, and if we’re all on the edge of our seat, expecting the entire power grid to be taken down by a firecracker we will be all the more susceptible to whatEVER the government and Facebook feeds us.

The good news is the system set up by the founding fathers worked! A non-politian came out of the blue and beat the machine. What was Hillary’s main push? She drilled down on Trump not being a seasoned politician. She exposed the naked truth that in Washington there are “them” and then there are the rest of us. Well, the rest of us put one of us in the White House! That is the reason we must fight to keep the flow of information free and clear on the Internet. “They” are still there and “they” don’t like us. We get in the way. We eat too much, talk too much, and “they” have to come down from Mount Olympus ever two to four years and put up with us for a little while so they can feed us the myth of democracy.

The Newsies

How many of you out there have ever hear the word, “Newsie?” . I was involved with a movement, and a page on Facebook. It was a conservative, political movement which I saw no harm in. That having been said, yesterday I took a hit. Now, I’m not a fifteen year old girl, but it was disruptive. Over the last five years, I’ve slipped into the folly of using Facebook as my main ramp for distribution. My sites were:

There was also the usual link to Google + and Twitter, but those were rather automatic, so I didn’t actually work them, letting the auto share do it instead. The bottom line was, seduced by the ease of posting I didn’t let the sites “stand on their own,” rather posting links to various groups where said articles may be of interest. It became almost an art. For instance, if I wrote a human interest story about a baby at Christmas it would find no place on Open Carry Texas, and likewise, an article drawing a comparison between the Second Amendment and the OK Corral would be inappropriate for the Ladies Garden Club of Boston.

The group that I was involved in supported a particular candidate. If you will note, I don’t mention names here because if I do, the algorithms in place will flag this article, and here we go again. Suffice to say, I was a chief editor, who prided himself as being articulate, flying just under the radar, using op-Ed principles, and FACEbook handed me MY face! I got up yesterday, checked my feeds, and hollared something about “mother’s day.” Well, at least the first part had “mother” in it, but I digress.

Thousands or articles, God knows how many links, connections, and information feeds, stopped dead in their tracks because some kid out in San Bernardino got his shorts in a knot. Well, everything happens for a reason, and the reason for this was God wanted me to put THEIR stuff in the street, and that’s exactly what I’m going to do!

Many years ago there were powerful newspapers out of New York. You’ve heard the names, so I won’t go into that, but they made tons of money, started the Spanish American war, and dined on caviar every night. At the bottom of the food chain were some ten to twelve year old little boys called “Newsies.” Every morning the Newsies would pick up their papers and hit the streets, “Extra, extra, read all about it!” Only problem was, at the end of the day, if the Newsies had papers left, they didn’t eat caviar, they ate newspapers! The cost being taken from the pennies they’d earned that day.

What were the Newsies to do? Well, they asked to be able to turn unsold papers back into the printing office, but the very idea of these multi-million dollar newspaper conglomerates, the shakers and movers of the world, getting off a few pennies for freezing orphans trying to survive on the streets of New York was unthinkable! So, the Newsies came up with a Plan “B.” Now, bear in mind these boys probably couldn’t even READ the letter “B,” but they sure could add, and they knew that William Randolph Hearst wasn’t about to leave the club, and go hawking newspapers in the snow, so they just stopped selling newspapers.

Constipation is uncomfortable in any degree. Now, the Newsies didn’t take over the newspapers, but in a brilliant stroke, the powers that be decided that a return policy might be the best thing for all concerned. Facebook has had a phenomenal success story, the American Dream on steroids. The ease of use, the communication potential, indeed the actual dissolving of nation borders is heretofore unprecedented, with very powerful entities at the top, and all us “Newsies” at the bottom.

If we rebel just a little bit, or complain, or say anything deemed unacceptable by the new Hearsts, the all controlling God of the algorithm simply takes all our newspapers away! Now, if you have this happen to you, and you conform, beg, and clamor then you deserve exactly what you will get, because what is acceptable now, will become unacceptable in the future entirely dependent upon what side of the bed the prince of “clicks and likes” gets up on in the morning.

Freedom of speech is such a simple idea, however, as with everything else It has been defined, and redefined at the whim of whomever has the money for the lawyers. Not only that, there are free speech “zones” where the definition becomes the property of organizations such as . . . Facebook! Facebook certainly does have the right to regulate what goes into their free service, and as long as you’re sharing pictures of your dog that’s all very fine, but the moment you come to the defense of a political candidate that’s not on the “approved” list Facebook will take your ass, hat, and all your cattle, and won’t give them back until you fall back in line, and boys and girls, that’s a FaceFact!

My dog is cute, but as a journalist I find this totally unacceptable! The free flow of ideas is critical to our society. Indeed, the very word, “Liberal” means “try something new!” At the beginning of this article I explained my distribution machine with Facebook at the center. Well, this “Newsie” stopped selling The Facebook News yesterday. I’m making those connections you saw above stand alone entities with independent distribution awarded to each. The only links that will ever appear in Facebook will be the links you saw above, and if these links get, shall we say, “Edited” as some faceless person screens them for “Fake News,” well, I’ve got some news for them! It’s gonna be slow, but I got time, so I don’t care. My message is this: if you want to share pictures of your dinner then Facebook is fine, but if you want to actually participate in LIFE . . . then you better become a Newsie, and baby, it’s cold outside!

New Baby and the Trip to Bountiful

The school day in Brigham City, Utah was like any other day. The autumn leaves were ablaze with color as the first taste of winter eased across the mountains, and the cool crisp air of the Rockies invigorated the populace. In an area steeped in tradition, the approaching holiday season filled it with anticipation of food, family, and friends. Thanksgiving, and Christmas were not just “Happy Holidays” here, there was a living link to the past, one that could be touched, smelled, and felt, so real that you could almost hear the creaking of the wagons bringing the original settlers through the mountain passes, forging a life out of a desert, and a salty lake.

“New Baby” had come here, too. His real name was Stevin, but, since he was the youngest of five his nickname was simply “New Baby.” Of late he insisted on being called “Babe,” but the original stuck somehow. All his life New Baby had to watch as his older siblings got on a big yellow bus and ventured off to a mysterious place called “school.” He languished, waiting for the day when he would be a big boy, and he, too, would be found worthy to mount the steps of the grand vehicle, and take his place among the giants in “school.”

New Baby, like his three brothers and sister, had been adopted. His mother had fallen into transgression back in Texas, where he’d been born, and his grandmother had taken the charge, adopting all of them, giving up a very prominent real estate career, and relocating to the Great Salt Lake. She had married a man named Joe. Joe was a Vietnam Vet. Three bronze stars, one silver, a Purple Heart, and a great big case of Agent Orange, awarded to him for his service. Right before his death Joe had purchased a home in Brigham City. The “Big Blue House,” the children called it, and they considered it to be a wonderland. It wasn’t as dry and hot as Texas, and there were trampolines, and swings, and apple trees. Two weeks before he died, Joe formally adopted all the children, and bequeathed them his legacy. The “Buddies,” as they called themselves, were secure for life.

Because of inter family jealousy, the complications of relocation, and every day life, on occasion the state would come around and reappraise the children and their situation. The result was always the same. They lived at a palace, ate the best food, had the best medical care, and knew it all came from Joe. New Baby missed Joe. Back in Texas Joe would go into his wood shop at Christmas, and make toys. The last Christmas found Joe in the National Cemetery at San Antonio, Texas. New Baby found himself pounding on the door of the shed, waiting for a toy that would never come.

Although he couldn’t quite comprehend the gravity of the situation, he somehow pieced together that his relocation to Brigham City was a kind of closure, and Texas seemed much farther away than heaven. At any rate, he was now in school, Thanksgiving would come, all was good. All but one final bit of business.

In order to tie the knot and finish the business in Texas, the state of Utah had to have one more “wellness” check for the Buddies. The very reason their birth mother had lost them was a tremendous tale of abuse that had left them scarred. All but New Baby. He had come to grandmother the day after he was born, and all he’d ever known was wood sheds, toys, and apple trees.

Today was the day for the final interview. It fell upon the girl, the oldest, to be drawn into the office for the meeting. She was nine, and had done this before so it wasn’t a big deal, that is until the final bell rang. She had a duty. She told the two caseworkers, and the principle that she had to go to take New Baby to the bus that would ferry him to the Boys and Girls Club. He played basketball after school. His older sister would meet him at his school room, take him to meet his other three brothers, and they would all go to the club where they would spend a couple of hours playing before grandmother picked them up, ending another perfect day in Paradise.

When New Baby exited his class the sister wasn’t there! She had been detained in the office by the two case workers, and the principle for more “pressing” business. In spite of her insistence, she sat there, locked down while New Baby waited by the classroom door. After a bit he worked his way to,the school yard. Perhaps she was there, or even his three older brothers could be there. Why, that’s where all the children go, isn’t it? It was his first year of school, and he hadn’t grasped the difference between recess, and dismissal. There were no children in the school yard!

Working his way back to the main hall, he passed his classroom again, completely ignored by the teacher, who was much too busy with her life to worry about one little lost boy trying to find his siblings. About that time another child told him that big sister was locked in the office! Unknown to him, while he was searching the school yard, his three older brothers had already boarded the bus, and were by now at the Boys and Girls Club. For the first time in his life, New Baby was alone!

He wiped his eyes, and formulated a plan. First, he had to face the fact that his family was gone. Next, he had to get back to Texas! PaPa, his grandfather was in Texas. The Boys and Girls Club was safe ground. During the summer PaPa had taken him there so he reasoned that somehow, someway, if he could just find his way there PaPa would come from Texas and save him, and he knew that Texas was just the other side of the mountain. So, without further thought, and absolutely no interference from the teacher, the caseworkers, or the principal, New Baby strode out of the front door of the school and began to try to find the Boys and Girls Club.

He had absolutely no idea where he was going. He wound his way down the residential street to another, and then another street until he came to a very large street, one with lots of speeding cars whizzing by. New Baby knew he had to take a chance, the time was now! If he ever wanted to find the Boys and Girls Club, and PaPa, he HAD to make it across this road. So he lunged out into the traffic.

Miracles appear when we least expect it. Somehow New Baby got across four lanes of traffic, only getting brushed by one car. His very presence there alarmed the motorists who stopped and secured him. By now, the fine public servants back at the school had become alarmed, the grandmother was there, big sister beside herself, and in short order, New Baby was back,with family at the Big Blue House.

The Mormons believe in Guardian Angels, and one was most certainly there that afternoon in Brigham City. Of course the case workers, the teacher, and the principal would begin the proper spin, in true bureaucratic fashion, so as to secure their pensions, dissecting the details of New Baby’ journey to “Bountiful,” but the core facts remain the same: a six year old child walked out of a public school, and strode into traffic because the people who were charged with his care, and protection were just too darn BUSY to be bothered. The Prophet, Joseph Smith was surely the crossing guard that day!

There’s a New World Coming

There’s a new world coming, and if you don’t believe that, have I got a bridge down on the Rio Grande for you, and it’s on sale! Texas politics are served up spicy, in heaping portions. America had a revolution back in 1776, but between now and then something I like to call the Great Castration occurred, and they went crazy chasing paper money. Well, all the gold in California is STILL in a bank in Beverly Hills in somebody else’s name! Then, there’s Texas!

When you hear the word, “secession” there are images of crazy Cowboys riding stick horses screaming, The AMERICANS are coming!” Two things wrong with that: We’re NOT crazy, and we’ve done this before! Resolve. Write that down, there’ll be a test later. Remember when all the demonstrators hit the streets the day after Trump won? Thousands of people in the streets, and not one set of balls in the bunch. Black lives mattering all over the place, and CNN all over it. Then, it just melted away. There were only one hundred and eighty six men at the Alamo, and they DIDN’T melt away, they DIED! Texas has “been there, done that!” And, friends and neighbors, we’re about to do it again!

The only thing that put Texas independence on a temporary hold was the election of Donald Trump. His administration gives us time to plan, and form a government. Then, negotiate a peaceful solution to the breaking of the treaty of 1845, in which the REPUBLIC of Texas chose to co-exist with the United States. If we can successfully pull this off, you will see a new republic, and equal partner for the US that will prosper, solve the border issue, and continue to give you gasoline, medicine, prime rib, and of course, Willie Nelson. Don’t worry about them Mexicans below the border. When they see that Lone Star flag flying ABOVE Old Glory, they’ll know what time it is!

Texit will inspire the entire nation. California is already on edge, and Utah is gathering momentum. Do you think this will be the end of the United States? Au Contraire! It will be the rebirth of the United STATES! It will be the return of the nation our forefathers envisioned in 1789. Texas will be more “America” than America, and it will lead the country back to sanity. And, I hear people out there saying that the Civil Rights Act will be torn up, and on, and on. Are you crazy? More than that, do you,think WE’RE crazy? Well, we’re NOT! OUR cities are not burning, and it’s not because there is an active Klan down here, it’s because this is, and always has been hard country. We get along because we HAVE to get along. From Santa Anna to the last “Blue Norther” that blew through, Texans have always huddled together, and it’s a lot better huddling with a Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader than with some wench in a Burqua!

Yes, there’s a new world coming, and it’s coming no matter if you like it or not, so get ready to take your medicine, and run to the bathroom. Forces are aligning in Texas to move forward even as I write, and you will see things escalate in short order, I’ll assure you. Be at peace my Nortè friends, we’re not taking your country away, we’re giving it BACK to you. Never look a gift horse in the mouth! And, oh yeah, hey Hillary . . . I hope you write this off as fake news.