Ohio State

On December 7, 1941 America was attacked. There are Americans, still living, who are still mad about that. A couple days ago a Muslim jihadist rammed a bunch of kids with his car and then proceeded to chop them with a machete, and the media, politicians, and law enforcement are telling us that they are trying to figure out a “motive.” Now, as usual, I’m just a Simple Ol’ Boy From Austin, but did I miss something here? Pamela Geller addressed this well in her video.

We are not talking about some fundamentalist Mormon who wants forty-seven wives here, we’re talking about a theology that wants to kill everyone in sight, and bring our entire civilization down. We are admonished to accept, look away, and ignore this group out of the fear of being “politically incorrect.” While they lurk among us, wearing that weird garb, we aren’t even permitted to question their motives, and when the situation eventually erupts into violence (which is always does) we are lied to, stories are covered up, and we aren’t even allowed to consider protecting and defending ourselves even as more of these “people” stream into the country courtesy of a malfunctioning administration bent on the ultimate destruction of all that WE hold holy!

While these “immigrants” clog our cities, and wag their tongues, it has become fashionable to make fun of Christians, insult Christ, and enact laws that rail against American values, yet we dare not even draw a picture of their “prophet.” The American people have become used to the idea of this being normal. But, times, they are a changing.

The liberal left has voiced fears of retribution for the last eight years being exacted upon them, and at first, I dismissed that idea out of hand, but of late, I can see this as a distinct possibility of that coming about, and the Ohio State incident is not helping matters one bit! That having been said, we simply can NOT allow this to continue out of some misguided “correctness!” Our children’s blood cries out from the ground.

Remember that pendulum I told you about? Well, it’s swinging all the way to the right. It will take that in order to restore America to at least some semblance of sanity. Some things that will occur over the next few years will be “over the top.” Notice I said “will,” not “may.” As a Texan, I know that what happened in Ohio demands a violent reprisal. Goes with the territory. When it comes about it will feel so darn JUST that more will invariably follow. We, as conservative Christians just need to make sure that we don’t all end up at a trial in Nuremburg!


Traveling Shoes

Rumors of my death are way out of proportion. More by fate than design I slid over to a video format during the last two weeks. Facebook’s live feed didn’t impress me at first, being with YouTube for years, but the ease, and availability of the medium became apparent, that and the sudden rise of March For America, and the ability to get a point across on a personal level, combined with interaction with the viewers provided feedback heretofore unavailable on YouTube. It’s not that YouTube doesn’t have a live feature, it’s just that Facebook is so darn people friendly, but aside from all that, I’d like to tell you a tale about a little girl from Detroit.

In the early days of the Tube everyone was scrambling to learn and improve the platform. No one took it very seriously because no one had ever seen such a thing before. The term “YouTube Star” was a joke. It was an oxymoron, like saying, “Please pass me the piano.” Everyone knew that stars rose in Hollywood, not on some computer generated video from some bubble headed geek in Mississippi. But times they were a changing. Enter The Boring Dispatcher, Lonelygirl15, and a little girl from Detroit the world would come to know as Ijackie.

Jacqueline Brandt came in n the scene quite by accident. While sitting around a home office one afternoon, watching someone fool around with a camera she leaned over and asked, “What are we doing here?” When it was explained that there was a new website called YouTube, she casually took the mouse and began to explore. Jackie’s father was a sound engineer, and in spite of her clumsy personal appearance, she DID know her way around a console, and had mastered MySpace. It wasn’t long before she had the nuts and bolts of this new website figured out.

Jackie’s personal life was a train wreck and she wasn’t a babe in the woods. Born in Nashville, raised in Detroit, pregnant at sixteen, exported to Texas, she had a lot on her plate long before the birth of her first child. Around two weeks after discovering YouTube, Jacqueline stared into a Canon camera on a porch bordering an Arnold Palmer golf course and said, “Hi, I’m Jackie,” and BECAME Ijackie! It was as if a muse had come out of the woods behind her and blended with her personality. In time psychologists would use terms like “multiple personalities,” but it wasn’t that, it was pure, raw talent with an a cute understanding of screen delivery and how to effectively communicate on a higher level. And it was beautiful! In spite of her personal turmoils, her films were always light, and happy, but carried a real world theme to her audience of teenage girls searching for answers in their lives. Jackie spoke TO them, not AT them. From talking about sex in a pool, to explaining baby bottles, to admitting she had smoked marijuana, she led her young viewers through puberty, while telling them that smoking didn’t get her pregnant, having sex with someone who doesn’t care for her DID, and she didn’t flinch or cry when she said it! Jackie’s brand of plot became a reality series before anyone even knew the term.

While Lonelygirl15 WAS out of Hollywood, WITH a budget, Jackie beamed out of Austin with only a camera and a cigarette, which she never smoked on camera, talking to teen girls about the trials of drugs, sex, growing up, and surviving. The difference was that when you saw Jackie there was mileage in her eyes that couldn’t be faked. She really WAS pregnant, she really DID survive in the streets of Detroit, and she really DID marry a convict by proxy to keep her little girl. While Lonelygirl sat in her bedroom, searching for “The One,” iJacke WAS the one!

There were sixty-six Ijackie videos in all, getting thousands of views. She was so new at video production that she looked at her computer one day and asked what the little numbers below the video meant. When she asked that question the “little numbers” were thirty five thousand views for one night! After that she got a lot of laughs refreshing the screen over and over, and watching the “little numbers” roll to unbelievable heights.

Jackie was a happy little pothead who never harmed a fly. The world doesn’t like happily little potheads, and punished her accordingly. Like the song said, “This world was never meant for anyone as beautiful as you.” Before it was all over she lost her family, her home, and her happiness. After she was gone, we compiled all of her work and discovered a story that was so powerful that it was actually hard to watch. Knowing what was happening off camera as she smiled for YouTube was heart breaking. We strung the videos together in a first effort to make sense of it all, and called it “Traveling Shoes.”

Jackie sat before the camera for the last time in August of 2011. A friend was down from LA, and he filmed her in a video called “Gypsies” but she didn’t act, only allowing him to film her as she went through her day. She was a broken woman. , In a final video she called “The Last Testament” she explained the previous four years, her hopes, dreams, and love of her family. What her fans didn’t know was she had lost all of those things, even the baby she was carrying at the time, and was holding her cell phone in her right hand, off camera because her son was dying in a hospital. The CPS would not allow her to be there, and she was waiting on “the call!” Jackie got one break in her life, and the child lived.

I took her to the bus station that last day. On the way from Georgetown to Killeen she didn’t speak, just stared out the window. When we pulled up to the station she calmly got out, retrieved her suitcase with all her worldly possessions, gave me a wink, a thumbs up, and one last smile. I never saw her again, but I never forgot. Jacqueline was gone, but the muse that was Ijackie didn’t, and over the years the story grew, and evolved. One day there will be a film, and that muse will come to light again, and the story will be told. At this point it appears that the spirit that was in Jackie will possess an actress called Amy, who will play the part, but God forbid that she should ever have to walk in the shoes of the little girl from Detroit.

White Pride is Not a Four Letter Word

White Pride is not a four letter word. This article is guaranteed to be offensive. This is the idiot’s guide to racism. Ted and I had similar experiences over the last couple of days. He was working some communication with a lady in Georgia who was with some black southern action group. Lots of good input on both sides. Good input, that is, until her husband called up. Now this man is a lawyer, ok? He launches into this tirade about Ted not understanding the “black experience,” therefore his wife was forbidden to ever speak to Ted again. Forget about mutual communication and understanding, Ted was a white man, and everyone knows that all white men are racist.

Last night I got my turn in the barrel. We were having a get together on the lawn. You know, fire, cocktails, pretty girls, and light chatter. The chatter was light until someone uttered the word, “Trump,” and lit up a Puerto Rican who commenced to wave the flag exclaiming that the only reason Donald Trump ran for president was to destroy the identity of the Puerto Rican culture. Then he started screaming that my Chihuahua shouldn’t be my dog because she was a Mexican. I Crappith thee NOT! I’m glad I was drunk.

White pride is not a four letter word! The absolute distain for the white race is out of control. And we try to placate the accusers by “understanding” their fears and concerns. We understand that they are apprehensive about the WHITE man about to take office. Kinda like we felt when this left wing black agitator took over eight years ago. Yeah, we get it. Here’s why they need to get. WE WON! Suck it up, buttercup.

If the so-called minorities want to boil everything down to race, hey, I’m cool with that. First they need to crunch some numbers. Oh, I watched all the polls, charting the black vote, the Hispanic vote, and know what? We WON! And we’re glad we won. And we’re not going to apologize for winning, and we’re not going to apologize for the color of our skin anymore.

The people touting the two attitudes cited above are minorities within minorities. Two men so uncomfortable with their race that they see everything through race colored glasses. Certainly all people of other races don’t subscribe to this philosophy. Philosophy, I love it. That’s like saying Jim Jones had a philosophy. You got the civil rights act because a WHITE congress passed it. Slavery ended because WHITE men fought and died for it. Hispanics are swimming rivers to get here because the European culture carved the greatest nation in the world out of a wilderness.

It is good, and healthy to be proud of one’s culture, but we of European stock have a right to be proud, too, and white pride is not a four letter word. If you look at the number of white people world wide we comprise a very small minority. If you look at just America there are only two hundred and seventeen million of us in a world of over seven billion people. There is a REASON “you people” want what we’ve built. Those two gentlemen above will discover that just as soon as they pull their heads out of Mr. Butt!

The Seeds of Revolution 

Much kerfuffle is how I would describe the aftermath of the 2016 election for president. The amount of pointless, and frankly nuncupatory activity, would have boggled the American mind twenty years ago; but, let’s face it, that was a different world. The most pointless agonizing done publicly for no reason I can see, is the endless questions of why and how the Democrats lost. I am almost embarrassed to have to answer this question, but as no one has advanced anything approaching a proper answer I will be the one to say it publicly. Information is the key. Right now our streets are filled with ill informed, or completely uninformed people being led like sheep by people of wealth wishing to extend their agenda. Soros is an example. The man made his bones destroying economies and governments.

Before I belabor the painfully obvious I would like to first remind the reader once more that we live in a much changed world. The Chicago Cubs won the world series, the Dallas Cowboys are looking solid for the first time since Jones fired Jimmie Johnson, and Donald Trump is our president. I would like to say again, Donald Trump is the president of the United States. He was duly elected by our system that is designed to lend fairness across the board. The sore losers wish to change a system they’d have been perfectly happy with had they won. If you had predicted it ten years ago, or even five, you would have run the risk of losing all credibility. Even President elect Trump stated after the election that he didn’t believe he would last past October of 2015. Heck, most people thought the fact that the two nominees, literally the two most polarized (hated) people in America, was a mind blowing conundrum. What, we couldn’t get Dennis Hastert to run against Anthony Weiner?

Okay, to the obvious: First, let’s try to oversimplify a bit. The emblematic problem with the Clinton campaign can be seen quite clearly in Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s personal involvement in the Clinton campaign. Dear reader, it’s a problem when the national committee chairman of either party is deeply involved in a candidate’s campaign before the beginning of the primary season. Since the beginning Ms. Schultz was out front and center proclaiming the immutable fact that, not only could Senator Sanders not win, but that Hillary was the only candidate that the party would accept. Since both parties are private corporations (a fact that remains little known to most voters), this is tantamount to coke changing their recipe over the strident protests of the coca cola drinking public; the decision produced a “bad taste” in the mouths of coke drinkers for a very long time, but in the end it was irrevocable, so even folks without the means of unraveling the meaning of the DNC’s decision to nominate Hillary a year early could plainly see that Ms. Clinton had no idea of following the democratic process once she got elected.

Not convinced? Well, lets take a closer look at Senator Clinton’s record: She destroyed ACORN in an almost offhand way using a ridiculous video that was debunked on the very day she led the charge to defund what can only be described as the last bastion of Saul Alinsky’s example to minority populations of how to build community representation in a republican democracy. The good Senator took a hatchet to single payer healthcare, and practically blocked the initiative single handedly. The Clintons (with Hillary very prominently involved) just about escorted WTO into the country and pulled off an economic coup of then unseen proportions; a real boatload of money.

Thanks to efforts led by both Clintons the rules for international trade have been hijacked by corporate interests. Heck, thanks to an initiative begun by Senator Clinton, the Canadian company building the keystone pipeline is suing the American public for 15 billion dollars for voting not to let the pipeline go through as the company proposed it. There are LOTS of examples of this kind of this sort of steam rolling of the public by the Clintons, the case of the assault rifle ban being perhaps the most well known and hated by many of the little people. The Clintons are republicans in democrat clothing if you think that democrats are supposed to be for the worker and republicans for the bosses.

If you’re not getting it yet, then you just don’t understand the underlying character of America (and, yes I definitely include those most immigrants who come to these shores seeking citizenship). Even the smallest and meanest of us know that the constitution is the cornerstone of everything important to us. Without the constitution we are like any other country whose populace is vulnerable to the whim of each new ruler. Look at Russia, long live King Vladimir! But, the Clintons act without regard for the constitution, and have mulled aloud the notion that it needs an overhaul. Right! Just like those fussy old unions needed to be gotten rid of to clear away all that nasty old corruption. Yep, both Clintons have strongly supported union busting too. The fact is, Bill Clinton as President, and Hillary Clinton as Senator have consistently kept corporate skin out of the game, while making sure that the American people got road rash. Yep, they got the gold mine, we got the shaft.

The truth is, however misguided you may think Donald Trump is, the little people came out and supported him in the battleground states. The true nature of Americans is to be as free as possible. I won’t say it’s in our DNA, the people who flock to this country are seeking freedom every bit as much as they seek prosperity. The people, even those who oppose Trump so bitterly that they say through gritted teeth that they supported Hillary, know that Hillary is an imperialist. Freedom goes against the grain of the Clintons (as it applies to the rabble) as much as cheap champagne. So its pretty clear to me anyway that the sickness begun by Bill Clinton throughout his eight years, built on a taste developed by middle class American voters for tax raises on everyone except corporate billionaires, has blossomed into a condition severe enough to jolt the American middle class awake. The seeds of revolution have been sown, and in four years there will either be a hopelessly divided America, ripe for destruction, or a hope; a hope birthed by responsible political leadership developed at ground zero, representing the ambitions of the middle class once again. Want to learn more about how to restore FDR’s America? Don’t touch that dial, I’ll be right back.

Apple Pie

The Truth About Hate Misogyny

Editorial Advisory: The following material contains commentary which may be offensive to Bible Literalists. If the reader is a bible literalist the editor advises that the following article may not be suitable reading.

I love apple pie, don’t you? I think that people who don’t like apple pie are, well, just not American. As American as mom’s apple pie. Danny Thomas even had a joke about a guy coming here from Lebanon, and the first line of English he learned was, “Apple pie and coffee.” The image of mom, the loving, protective female, and the steaming slab of Apple pie, possibly topped with ice cream is forever fixed in the American consciousness. Now I wanna tell you about the first apple pie with a heaping helping of misogyny.

Sun Tzu, when questioned about the means by which a conquest could be converted to a successful occupation, advised that division of the populace along partisan ideological lines was an effective method of breaking up the cohesion of the conquered nation’s culture, a needed step in establishing disorder and reducing the effectiveness of resistance to the inevitable changes to come.

Well, dang! Shut the front door! That pretty well sums up this country following LBJ’s passage of the civil rights bill, and the voter rights act. I believe we covered, however sketchily, the subject of race and hate in The Truth About Hate: The Civil War, but I would like to examine a division of us that predates LBJ, and indeed the civil war by about seven thousand years.

 In Genesis, the first chapter of the Christian Bible, the stage is set for understanding the tragedy that was to follow. The section we are concerned with describes the advent of the female of our species; the reason for her being, the method of her creation, and the chain of events leading to the downfall of man and the rending of trust between men and women.

Now, before going any further, let’s consider something we know to be true about our innate hatred of people outside our own tribe; it is inevitable that we will hate people different than us, and few differences are more obvious than gender.

Okay, Woman’s role begins in Genesis, and paraphrasing, the author states that Adam was lonely, Now, I believe that to be a dog whistle for horny; I mean, God made Adam with the equipment to reproduce, and, assuming that there wasn’t anything wrong with the First Man, he most likely was hard to get along with before the advent of woman. This sets the stage for woman’s appearance; Adam needed relief! Yep, that’s the reason for her creation: to play second banana to man, and make nice with him.By the way, if this is beginning to rile you up, see the advisory at the header and stop reading. Nothing exists that cannot be studied in such a way that we understand the influence it exerts on us.

Having established the reason for Eve’s creation, Genesis goes on to describe the means by which Eve was created by explaining that God removed one of Adam’s ribs and created her from that. Again, man is superior to woman, because she was not created by God from the divine element, but rather second hand; kind of like processed food. You know, like peanut butter, or better yet, Spam.

Consider this: once Eve was created, rather than settling into her role as indentured servant (aka Helpmeet), she exhibited a lively interest in her new environment. Eve had a particular interest in an area of the Garden that was forbidden by the creator to know. Now, I don’t know if Adam was so obedient that he was able to quell his interest in the forbidden, or if he was simply as dull as a spoon, but in any event it was Eve who took the step and, having somehow found a snake in the inviolate Garden created by God and maintained by God, took the snakes advice and corrupted herself and then Adam with forbidden knowledge. Steerike one, two, AND three!

Yeah, if you don’t know yet, God kicked em both out. No lawyers yet you see. Myself, I’d have kicked the snake out, but that’s just me. So there you have it. The table is set for hatred. Women are here to serve my needs? Check! They’re not really made like me, so they aren’t technically human? Yep! And, last but not least, their kind committed an offense to the boss, and therefore must be carefully watched and controlled. It’s a trifecta folks! All the reason any man might need to hate women.

By now some of you are beginning to wonder why I write what i write. I’m glad I asked. I write this way for two reasons. One, is that I understand that we little folk are in the greatest danger we have ever been in since this country was wrested from the grip of men made enormous by dint of the fortunes they either possessed or represented. Since the destruction of the safeguards created for the most part by Theodore Roosevelt and his fifth cousin FDR, we have seen the annihilation of those institutions that have safeguarded our freedom and persons. Schools? Who needs them? Safe drinking water? Man up! Glow in the dark kids are cool! Safe roads? Mexico don’t need them. On and on goes the list, and the lines run parallel to the interests of billionaires (those who want to rule the world, and what else is a thousand million dollars good for?), and those who are scrambling to make enough to belong to the gentry. Not much room on that road folks, not much room at all. Put it to you this way: if you work for a living, it doesn’t work for you.

The other reason is this. Much has been made of political correctness on the left. Part of the lexicon of verbiage that is designed to keep otherwise compatible neighbors from getting along with each other. Ah, those left wing panty waist child molesters can’t see the truth because they’re blinded by political correctness. True, but consider this: I had to begin this article with an advisory to folks who presumably have a sufficient store of stones on hand lest their daughters commit adultery, in which case Deuteronomy 22:21 commands them to cast the first stone. That’s ridiculous, and yet for years now those people have been left alone by a risk aversive media who, knowing how vocal those very few people can be, simply avoid offending them. If we can’t talk about things, how on earth will we fix them?

An army of the dead cannot ignore allies, nor can it be partitioned so as to prevent its unified purpose. An army of the dead has nothing to fear…not death itself. Apple pie anyone?

Dear Hillary, An Open Letter To This Season’s Biggest Loser

Dear Hillary,

Well, it’s been a rough election season for everyone, you included, It’s too bad you won’t be around to crap on the democrats any longer, but let’s face it, ya lost! Yep, the same tactics you used to destroy the hopes Bernie had didn’t work in the general election, thank God, did not work on the segment of our electors as those who slavishly follow your party’s propaganda. For once, the slavish instincts of the other side served to demonstrate to the world that the sleeping giant has been awakened.

 That’s right, the evidence is right there for anyone who wishes to see past their own concerns, but, as we all know, little people think little, so let me spell it out for you: Less than half of the folks who could have voted turned out to vote in the 2016 election. I know, I know, so what, right? Man, this never gets old. The key to understanding the transfer of one medium to another is volume. Huh? Yep, if a ship gets a hole in it, the ship fills with water, and sinks! That’s because the volume of the ocean is greater than the volume of the ship. Since most of those democrats who would have voted for anyone but stayed home, the picture becomes clear due to the cropping effect of that phenomenon. By removing the blurring brought about by red and blue states one simply turns to the battleground states to discern the true character of this nation.

Adjusting for regional demographics, and voter concerns, one can easily see that voters turned out in the battleground states in far greater numbers. Post ballot interviews reveal that their purpose was to turn back the tide of globalization that has been spewed into this country by you and your confederates. These were the so called undecided voters. We Americans are sick at heart as we watch other cultures assimilate American territory as aliens from the third world march unopposed across our land, simply taking our children’s heritage for their own. Oh, and we know that you guys are selling it. Yeah, we’re on to you. So, look to those battleground states to determine your future, or more accurately, lack of future.

I thought before you slink away I would like to recap your highest achievements; you know, the ones we will never forget, before before saying GIT! Here is a short list of your greatest crimes: First, who can forget the way you boldly destroyed ACORN? Man, that was slick. You took an obviously bogus video (one thoroughly debunked on the very day of your cowardly act) and led the charge to destroy the last example of Saul Alinsky’s open display to the American people of how to build community representation in a republican democracy. Good work Fluffy! The little folk will likely never recover their voice, and you led the way!

Then, who can forget single payer health care? Before the president could comment, you brayed “not on the table!” In that signature brassy voice that only you possess. What was it you said when Trump made his famous “bus” joke? Ah yes, words mean things. Words like, Ah nevah had sex wid dat woman!” That meant something, too. Just where were you you’re your husband ate that pizza that night. I think it’s symbolic that the little sex ring that you’re husband, and possibly even you refer to little girls as “pizza.”

Thanks to you, Iran will have a robust nuclear weapons program soon. Thanks to you America’s diverse economy has been broken up and sold to WTO, because God knows, it takes a village. As I remember it took a village with pitchforks and torches to end count Dracul, the inspiration for Dracula. By the way, just so you know, My wife and I raised my children with the help of our family and friends. It the damn village came for them there would have been blood! It would appear though that your efforts to turn our great nation’s cities into third world villages has enjoyed great success.

Many thanks for empowering the IMF to such an extent that most countries cannot establish lines of credit without kowtowing to the guidelines for establishing A One World Government. Honestly, you have a slave owner’s mentality. There is a growing list of crimes that become too numerous to list, much less discuss, that cling to you like what drifted across Mr. Trump’s nose when he said “such a nasty woman!” Hint to the wise, Beano! A case where he who smelt it did NOT deal it.

 I simply can not say, “Buh Bye” without mentioning ChinaGate. This is, next to your decision to remove Senator Sanders from the race without giving the American electorate in it’s entirety the opportunity to measure him as a candidate, the most serious crime you are guilty of, or should I say you share responsibility for? As I have said, this is MY country. When you let China steal ALL of our top level secret technology By allowing a known operative to waltz out of the country with a hard drive containing said documents (and yes, there is a smoking gun) you sold secrets that belonged to all Americans. That’s me! Those were my property, and the property of my descendants, and you allowed the Chinese to steal them! Now, this was all publicly available knowledge at the time, but remember, Most of the nation still slumbered then. Maybe this is how it had to be. Perhaps democrat and republican would never have learned to fight side by side without this event. However, I caution you; do not think we are grateful. You and your ilk have been seen, and were I you I would boogie before Rudy Giuliani figures out that nobody will stop him if he decides to have a few witch trials. Get thee hence why woman! And don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out!!!

The Electoral College

We have a situation straight out of Hollywood playing out before us. I don’t let world or national events keep me up at night, but last night they did. We actually have the streets of America erupting in civil war being driven by some Hungarian twit with a persona cloned from Goldfinger.

On my live feed Thursday I said if these demonstrations/riots were spontaneous then they’d just run out of gas in due time. Well, they’re not running out of gas because we have this wetback filling up their tanks every night. So, what do they hope to gain. Well, to make a long story short they want to turn the world upside down.

When you play roulette there is one number on the wheel that cancels all bets, takes all the money, and ticks everyone off. It’s two little green zeros called the “Green Bastard.” If you bet on those zeros you rake in, but who DOES that. What is it, like a one in thirty-two shot, or some crap like that? Well, Electoral College has always been the political “Green Bastard.” When it coincides with the popular vote everything rocks on, but when it raises its constitutional head, and does what it was designed to do you always get a Scooby Doo, “Ruh Roh” from the poorly illuminated populace. It’s as simple as this: Without the damper nature of the College, Los Angeles and New York City would crack the whip (that’s why some folks are called “crackers”) and the rest of us would cry, “Over here boss!”

We are a republic based on democratic standards. That’s why ONE president represents ALL Americans. That’s why Wyoming has the same number of senators as California, and THAT’S why two hundred and seventy electorates call the shots and homogenize the so-called “popular” vote. The Greeks had a pure democracy. One citizen, one vote seemed real cool until the Romans showed up and took their temples, raped their women, and drank all their wine while they were busy counting beans.

What the demonstrators hope to accomplish is a reversal of the landscape, and replacing the Electoral College with the popular vote, at least when they lose. Now, there are several dynamics at work here. First, the count is still going on. From what I understand Hillary is maintaining a slight lead, but that lead may be narrowing as the tally comes in. Next, who in their right mind is thinking the votes are all honest votes? In the millions and millions of votes a couple hundred thousand or so roughly coincides with all them there dead democrats who resurrected on judgement, I mean Election Day.

So, what is George Soros’ angle? Let’s see, Hitler was an Austrian, Soros is a Hungarian . . . would you consider that these kinds of people may be two bubbles short of plumb? Europeans don’t seem to understand why we drove a nail up King George’s butt in 1776. They have this “royalty” thing all swirling around in their heads, and just can’t seem to grasp the concept of a democratic republic, of the people, by the people, and for the people. They like the idea of a special class of superior humans, put here by “the gods” to lead the rest of us by the nose, hence demonstrators in the streets who can’t tell you who their senator is!

I hope we survive this wrinkle in the national blanket, and if we do there ARE some things we need to do. First and foremost we need to insist that children learn American History and civics. That is the main problem with the people in the street. They aren’t bad people, they are IGNORANT people. Back in the day, down here, we had to take Texas history, and both my parents, including my father, who had an eighth grade education, applauded that. Civics is important, too. Civics teaches children how the government works, and how to be a citizen of that government. I might add a RESPONSIBLE citizen. Finally, we really DO need to tighten the immigration system to keep chowder heads like Soros OUT of the country, and BACK growing potatoes where they belong.

Stuck In The Middle With You

Wanna know who’s gonna win the election? It’s so easy. Just go to a Vegas odds maker, and ask the odds on Trump and Hillary. If one is ten to one, and the other is two to one, or even, that’s your man (or woman.) Put you money on the lower odds, and go pick out your beach house. This election has been the most entertaining ever in the history of the United States. On one side you have Bonnie Parker, and on the other you have Frank Hamer with a bank account. Bonnie lost that election by the way. Actually got shot more than Clyde.

I have to tell you, I laughed more yesterday than I have in a long time, and I was SOBER! Now, this article is going to scatter around a bit, but bear with me, ok? It started with a news story about some Amish cat up in Ohio or someplace who got caught with ten little girls. I know, I know, it’s distasteful, but work with me on this. Anyway, this guy finds an Amish couple with ten girls. So, he tells them that he’s Jesus Christ, and they need to give him their daughters, and they DID it! I’m not laughing about the little girls, I’m laughing at the stupidity of the parents. The neighbors are all calling up the police for YEARS as babies are ground out, and eventually we see the news footage of “Jesus” being led away in chains. The got with the parents too. I thought all the people who looked like that were in Arkansas playing a banjo on a bridge. You always have to accentuate the positive. I considered that during the next spring break, I grow my hair and beard out, get me an SUV, find a case of Jim Beam, go to the University of Texas, pick up five co-eds, tell them that I’m Jesus Christ, and tool out to Lake Travis. Don’t tell me it won’t work. I’ve met UT co-eds!

Then we have the Hillary health news. Someone sent me the idea that she has this little box attached to her back, just above her butt that gives the appearance of a microphone transmission device, but it’s not! It’s actually an electronic surge thingy that sends a burst up her ass to her brain when she has one of those head rolling moments we’ve all come to know and love. It has been alleged that she had a certain pungent odor long about this time, too. Right after the zap she does the head bob thing, breaks into that smile that some plastic surgeon sewed on her face, craps her drawers, and makes some disjointed comment about coffee. I Crappith Thee NOT! You can’t make this stuff up, folks. Picture this; Hillary and Putin sit down to discuss World War III. Suddenly, Hillary rolls her eyes, bobs her head, cuts a long blue fart, and asks Putin about the price of vodka. The good part is at this point, Putin gives her anything she wants because her finger is on that button ya’ll are all scared that Trump will have access to, and skedaddles out of the room to go ride a horse.

I saw my friend, Doc Greene fillet Chelsea Clinton yesterday. She shows up to tell a couple hundred people what a wonderful mom she had, and he asked her one simple question about the eradication of his VA benefits. She gave some stock answer, so he had to ask her again. Right before this, by the way, he interviewed a Hillary supporter who had mange on the back offer head and green teeth, asking HER if Vince Foster would be making an appearance with little Miss Clinton, to which she said she didn’t know, but when she realized she’s been punked she brought up Paula Jones, telling him she knew where he was going with this line of questioning. No, baby, she was at the second debate. I really didn’t hear much of Miss Clinton’s speech. She was wearing these skin tight leotards, and I kept wondering what she’d do if I told her I was Jesus Christ.

I spent a good part of the day trying to find a picture of Hillary and Huma in bed. Oh yeah, I’m gonna go there. Seems there is a theory that these two gals are, shall we say, “fond” of each other? What we’re seeing roll out of the Weiner scandal is really a lover’s spat, according to the gossip. The whole thing is boiling down into some kind of coup to take over the government as the FBI pimps itself all over Fox News leaking more than grandma during visitation at the nursing home . I didn’t care about Hillary, but I really did wanna see Huma naked. Hey! She’s of age! I mean Weiner ain’t doing her no good, right? Now these two women have aspirations, people, and “Mangy Hair” up in Wisconsin is going to vote for Hillary. I swear to God I’m moving back to Death Valley!

Now I’m bi-partisan, but I’m going to tell you right up front that I wouldn’t follow Hillary into a whore house. After Donald’s little back of the bus scandal, I probably would follow him. The election is about five days away. We sit like the condemned, waiting for the warden to come. Jokers to the left, jokers to the right, and I’m stuck in the middle with you, and there will be no stay of execution. I’m going to publish this, and then go shopping for an SUV.