We Don’t Look So Funny Now, Huh?

We don’t look so funny now, huh? One thing the Texas Nationalist Movement has to overcome is the pertinacity of the general public to view us as a bunch of gun toting crackers in coonskin caps. Boy, that hurts, doesn’t it. Not as bad as sitting on a bicycle without a seat, but right up there in the top five, I’ll assure you. The Republic movement has been the butt of jokes, even ad campaigns for years. “The National Beer of Texas?” Let me educate our Norté friends in the great white north. If, and that’s a big if, the Obama administration were to suddenly turn on a dime and let us leave . . . we WOULD survive! Now, that’s a fact. Sorry Delaware, you just don’t measure up. The nations of the world would beat a path to the port of Houston, and embassies would pop up like hemp plants in a pothead’s garden.

Texas has the eighth largest economy in the world. Texas has more oil than all other oil producing countries combined, save Russia. Texas has a WARM WATER seaport. Texas has land. Yeah, yeah, yeah, Alaska’s bigger, but have you noticed everyone there lives along the south end? Just like Canada. Practically every Big Mac you ever stuck in your mouth has a little piece of Texas in it. We even invented boob jobs! Google it! We don’t look so funny now, huh?

Obama is not going to let us go without a fight. Why? Because without Texas money the DIS-United States would be a third world country. MEXICO would build a wall! Don’t believe that? Let your sixteen year old daughter take a stroll through any American city with a population greater than five hundred thousand, which puts their safety ratio below Rome under Nero. Margaret Thatcher once said that the problem with socialism is eventually you run out of other people’s money. The not so Federal Reserve has been writing hot checks for years. That’s why people are going back to the barter system. Don’t believe that? I, myself, have seen people trade beans and rice for Mr. Clean. God bless Amerika!

In the new Republic of Texas there will be no income tax. There will be no “refugees” save Americans spilling over the Red River. There will be no Child Protective Services. (We have cops for that.) ALL lives will matter, and we have an execution chamber complete with a fast lane for those who can’t quite grasp that concept. . You kill a Texan and we will kill you back. Money will be money. Gold! Silver! Something you can hold in your hand. The Republic of Texas will be a Christian friendly zone. Any “religion” that wishes to form its own government, override the laws passed by the people of the republic, or just cant stop making those bombs . . . well, that’s what that gurney in Huntsville, and that Port of Houston is for. We don’t look so funny now, huh?

The Republic of Texas will span from the Sabine River west to the California border, north to the Utah border, and the reason for those limits is that those fine folks are fed up, too. The Republic of California, and Deseret will raise THEIR heads among the nation’s right along with us, and we will respect their sovereignty. So what about New York? Don’t know. All the bankers will be in Austin. Guess they can survive off the tourist trade. Do you think I’m talking out my butt? Very serious industrialists, CEOs, and financial people are putting their money on Texas pulling this off. How stout is Texas influence on the US economy? How’s that gas shortage on the east coast working out for ya? We don’t look so funny now, huh?

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