False Flags, Red Flags, and Checkered Flags

There are false flags, red flags, and checkered flags. You must understand the organic nature of media manipulation. First you must see that the main stream media has an agenda. That agenda is to put Hillary Clinton into the White House. Now, I’m going to peel this onion for you. First off, I don’t believe the plan of the media is all that tight. The main trick is to maximize Trump’s mistakes, and minimize or misdirect anything that shows Hillary in a bad light.

Hillary was up to her neck in support of Syrian refugees flooding into the United States with less security than the Rattlesnake Saloon in Florence, Texas. Every time Trump said anything on the subject he was portrayed as the Grand Wizard of the KKK. This is a red flag. Any time you want to target someone, but you just don’t have the hard proof it’s usually called a red flag. This is what I referred to as organic. While the proof isn’t there, so many red flags produce the psychological response of where there is smoke, there must be fire.

False flags are where NOTHING has happened so something fake is invented and falsified, i.e. A false flag. Conspiracy buffs love false flags. Sandy Hook was a false flag. 9/11 was a false flag. The divorce of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie is a false flag, everything is a false flag. If you subscribe to the endless “proof” about false flags you will never get anywhere. I, myself, particularly like the Sandy Hook false flag theory where all the kids are child actors with Steven Spielberg directing. N-Word Please! (I only say that like that to irritate liberals.)

Then there is the checkered flag. Look here, don’t look there. This or that is more important than that or this. So, Hillary is championing the import of as many refugees as humanly possible and Ali Baba starts blowing up trash cans all over New York. Hillary looks like a dog eating grass. Now, the MSM doesn’t come up with a false flag, they just play the hand that happily fell into their lap. You can tell this is set up by the Illuminati because one of the bombs went off in the Chelsea District of New York. The Illuminati does this kind of stuff. They leave little cryptic clues of their diabolical plan to take over the world. Chelsea District, Hillary’s daughter . . .see how this crap works? Now watch the alternative media run with that and not pay me a penny. Anyway, I digress.

Anyway, due to the enormity of the event the MSM could not deny it outright, and then Tulsa’s finest jumps up and shoots some deacon of a church during a routine traffic stop. It’s got all the right stuff. He’s black, they’re white, he’s unarmed, they are from the south, or well, near the south. He pokes his hand into his car while being thrown down on by all those redneck cops and suddenly his black life is mattering all over some farm to market road in Who Cares, Oklahoma.Can I have an “Amen?” Oh, his story pushed Ali Baba down a couple of notches, and Hillary Ramrod Clinton spits yet another hook. It’s organic, folks. Mr. and Mrs. “I gotta get to work” America doesn’t have time to process all that information so they just go with the lead story, and everyone knows how them people in Oklahoma are, or is that Texas?

The end result is the Oklahoma story clouded the one from New York. If Hillary headed into the debates with Shish KeBab all over her face Trump would have a field day with her. She’s still dusting the dirt off her but from her little pratfall at the 9/11 memorial service nine days ago. This news story from Tulsa at least takes some of that off the plate, and barring her falling on her butt (literally) right there on the stage, she may at least still at least TRY to look like a viable candidate while Trump fillets her on live TV.

I don’t have an opinion on Tulsa right now. What I’m watching is how far the MSM will distance Hillary from those garbage cans as the debates approach. On the election; Trump is pulling ahead steadily, and Hillary is clicking her heals furiously just trying to get back to Kansas. Checkered flag. Always waved at the winner.

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