Seven Spanish Angels

There were seven Spanish AngelsJumping o’re the fence

They were coming for the food stamps

And welfare to be spent

But Texas went republic

There was thunder from the throne

And seven Spanish Angels

Took their hungry asses home!

You know, I hate to admit it, but every time I see the Muslims tear up Germany, or France, or England I laugh my Texas butt off. That politically incorrect enough for you? That’s ok. It’s my trade mark. We, in Texas fully understand wetbacks, and folks, that’s all these so-called “refugees” are, wetbacks. The liberal persuasion has made its bones subscribing to the spin that a wetback is not a wetback, but a recently showered American to be. When Donald Trump launched his campaign he brought these people up, citing their tendency to be, shall we say, less than country club material, and it was ON! By the time they were done you’d have thought Ben Carson was jumping that fence.

As I have so aptly pointed out previous, back in the day Pablo coming over, picking a few oranges, getting a few dollars, and running back to Mexico was no big deal. There are three cultures down there. Texan, Mexican, and Tex-Mex. This is reflected in the food. Even though it was basically wrong, it was tolerated because we all like cheap oranges at HEB. That, and if you get lucky you get to meet their seester, she virgin. Then, wetbackery became a political movement. Hey, we got a wetback in the White House, go figure. Then, combine that with the cartels. Yeah, yeah, yeah, the Mexicans sell dope. You should’ve seen what they were selling back when I was in high school, but I digress. Well, in the final analysis, in the words of Old Willie, “The best I can tell the world’s gone to hell, and we’re all gonna miss it a lot.”

Of all the issues raised during this election cycle, I do not understand how Hillary can challenge this with a straight face, but she DID clean up the Oval Office after Bill’s date with Monica. The very idea of a candidate challenging the sovereignty of our nation is beyond fathomable. Her acceptance by any segment of the population shows a gross ignorance of what made this country what is, and what will make the Republic of Texas into what the DIS-United States once was.

One doesn’t have to build a wall. All that has to be done is make it dangerous and costly to blatantly ignore the sovereignty of the nation . . . Oh, to hell with that, TEXAS! A chalk line would do if we just enforced the laws already on the books. That would slow or stop a lot of this nonsense, and stem the tide of “immigrants” yearning for their daily bread currently causing a traffic jam down on the Rio Bravo. All but the “seester, I kinda like her.


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