Seven Spanish Angels

There were seven Spanish AngelsJumping o’re the fence

They were coming for the food stamps

And welfare to be spent

But Texas went republic

There was thunder from the throne

And seven Spanish Angels

Took their hungry asses home!

You know, I hate to admit it, but every time I see the Muslims tear up Germany, or France, or England I laugh my Texas butt off. That politically incorrect enough for you? That’s ok. It’s my trade mark. We, in Texas fully understand wetbacks, and folks, that’s all these so-called “refugees” are, wetbacks. The liberal persuasion has made its bones subscribing to the spin that a wetback is not a wetback, but a recently showered American to be. When Donald Trump launched his campaign he brought these people up, citing their tendency to be, shall we say, less than country club material, and it was ON! By the time they were done you’d have thought Ben Carson was jumping that fence.

As I have so aptly pointed out previous, back in the day Pablo coming over, picking a few oranges, getting a few dollars, and running back to Mexico was no big deal. There are three cultures down there. Texan, Mexican, and Tex-Mex. This is reflected in the food. Even though it was basically wrong, it was tolerated because we all like cheap oranges at HEB. That, and if you get lucky you get to meet their seester, she virgin. Then, wetbackery became a political movement. Hey, we got a wetback in the White House, go figure. Then, combine that with the cartels. Yeah, yeah, yeah, the Mexicans sell dope. You should’ve seen what they were selling back when I was in high school, but I digress. Well, in the final analysis, in the words of Old Willie, “The best I can tell the world’s gone to hell, and we’re all gonna miss it a lot.”

Of all the issues raised during this election cycle, I do not understand how Hillary can challenge this with a straight face, but she DID clean up the Oval Office after Bill’s date with Monica. The very idea of a candidate challenging the sovereignty of our nation is beyond fathomable. Her acceptance by any segment of the population shows a gross ignorance of what made this country what is, and what will make the Republic of Texas into what the DIS-United States once was.

One doesn’t have to build a wall. All that has to be done is make it dangerous and costly to blatantly ignore the sovereignty of the nation . . . Oh, to hell with that, TEXAS! A chalk line would do if we just enforced the laws already on the books. That would slow or stop a lot of this nonsense, and stem the tide of “immigrants” yearning for their daily bread currently causing a traffic jam down on the Rio Bravo. All but the “seester, I kinda like her.


The Lesser of Two Evils

You’re in the confession, and as the confessor to a large parish you often hear the confessions of those whose voice you cannot recognize. “Forgive me father for I have sinned” “How long since your last confession?” “Four years father”. “That is a long time. What was your sin?” “I was forced to blind a little boy.” “ What do you mean you were forced?” “He was witness to a crime committed by my employer and landlord father and it was either kill the boy or blind him to eliminate the possibility of his bearing witness.” “Don’t worry too much then my son, Jesus forgives when one must commit to an evil, and it is the faithful servant which commits to the lesser of two.”.

Sound about right? Every four years for most of my life, people have gone to the polls and committed the lesser of two sins. Like true suckers they do it over and over and over again, each time expecting the best, not the worst, this despite the fact that it is always the worst that results. When you voted for Bush instead of Gore did it help? I’m not saying Gore would have been better, but he could hardly have been worse.

When Jesus encountered the woman at the well he taught all and sundry a lesson about sin; He explained through his invitation to cast the first stone that all sin is… You know, sin. He did not say “Go forth and choose the smaller of proffered sins”, He said “Sin no more”!

Look, I get it that many of you are frustrated beyond telling that your candidates talk long and tough about abortion while giving not a jot or tittle while in office. Democrats have waited outside the locked door impatiently for greater economic freedom for the same time. In both cases the voting public gets punked! I know, it’s the whole checks and balances thing right? Wrong! During the Bush administration the Republicans had all three branches of government!!! Instead of an end to the practice of abortion we got two wars and the greatest theft of public moneys since Marc Antony robbed the temple of Jupiter. Then, how about that Obama? He promised explicitly the restoration of restrictions on banking, a cessation of the war on unions, and a lessening of our meddling in the political affairs of other countries. He even punked the Nobel peace committee!!! It seems pretty clear to me that while Romney may not have done any better, he couldn’t have done any worse.

Which brings us to the 2016 election, Frankenstein vs Dracula. Or, as I like to refer to it Madame Wannabe vs Little Adolf. Sorry if that offends anyone, but the whole affair offends me beyond description. I’d like to mention a moment in my personal life briefly. My children have approached me individually for advice about the upcoming election. My kids. Attaining maturity and replacing oneself appears to be the only reason we are here when looked at logically. Since replacement implies complete replacement inclusive of training and function checks, I have been happy to hang around making certain that I have not offered the creator an incomplete or lesser version of what I was fortunate enough to be able to make of what was given to me. I have begun of late to believe that my job has been finished, and I may be able to move on to what lies ahead with a clear sense of duty, when to my dismay I heard this: My response to their questions about what seems to many to be a dilemma was the usual. “Hey Dad, what can you tell me about the candidates that would help me choose one?”. I have assiduously concealed my political inclinations from my kids so that they might be free to make their own identities. Me: “What can you tell me? It’s a pretty confusing situation.”. Them: “Well, I really don’t know, I think I will have to vote for the lesser of the two evils.”. Me: No response due to constricting fear and shame.

Folks, there is no lesser of two evils here. I’m getting drunk on Election Day so that I can at least say I did something constructive with a straight face. Still, for those of you who plan to slink down to the polls and vote for whichever of the two fools you think may be the lesser of two evils, I say the following: You HAVE the government that you deserve already, and for God’s sake dont forget,Ten Our Fathers and Ten Hail Marys!

Don’t Drink Blended Whiskey

My mom died thirty years ago today. Forget all that Dr. Phil crap, I got over it, ok, but I do reflect. Of everything she ever said to me, one thing stands out in my memory. Don’t ever drink blended whiskey. In her very old age we went to the Venus Bar and grill, and she ordered drinks for both of us. I asked for coke in mine, and with a stern look she told me not to act like a queer, and never drink blended whiskey. I’ve been a Jim Beam man ever since, though I do an occasional martini, stirred, with the vermouth drained before introducing the gin.

There were many things in 1950’s Louisiana that were different from now. Tea, for one. I didn’t see a glass of iced tea before coming to Texas when I was around ten or so. In Ma Maw’s Annabellum world tea was “steeped” in a porcelain pot over about an hour. Tea LEAVES, not that bag thing. Then it was strained through a tea strainer, and four ounces poured into this little cup that you’d better not break if you valued your life. It TASTED like tea! It tasted like FLOWERS! Yes, children drank it, and no, it didn’t bother anyone.

Orange juice was about the same. There was this glass gadget that looked like a bowel with a knob sticking up in the middle. You’d cut an orange in two, that’s TWO, not halves, and press each part down on the knobby thing yielding about one or two sips of orange juice. It was so stout that it would make your teeth “gritty.” Ma Maw also squeezed great fruit, but that never crossed my lips.i never drank buttermilk either, and for the life of me I don’t see why anyone would.

Eggs were a treat. My mom and grandmother would use this iron skillet designed for cooking cornbread. It had preformed slices so when you cooked an egg in it the result was a pie slice shaped egg. Dad just scrambled his. Dad was good at cooking chicken. Chicken took forEVER! People gripe about the line at KFC, try two hours. We gave the wings to the dogs because only white trash ate wings. You had to watch dad because he was prone to eating frogs. At the tender age of five I watched him and my uncle eating frog legs while the heads were on the sink blinking at them. Now folks, that’s a whole new level of screwed right there. Make a Taliban puke.

My uncle Charlie made ice cream one night. Peach, I still remember it. We never had real ice cream, only something called “melorine,” which was a mixture of lard and a little vanilla, I Crappith Thee NOT, and not having an ice cream scoop, they’d slice it, box and all, and slam it down on a plate. Hey, these people ate FROGS, ok? Anyway, Uncle Charlie cut up, and mixed peaches in it. Real ice cream takes a while, people. First, you churn it. Motorized ice cream maker? Never heard of it. Man power. Beer, churn, whiskey, churn, cigarette, churn. After enough time for Jesus to come back the first part of the ice cream would emerge. Ok, now this stuff never came out of Baskin Robbins. It looked like someone vomited buttermilk with peaches in it, and us kids were foaming at the mouth to dig in. Not yet, and here’s the good part, they put it into a large, square pan, wrapped in newspaper, stuffed it in the freezer, and drank beer for an hour. Now, you’re not going to believe this. BLUE BELL! For you Yankee folk out there who don’t know what Blue Bell is, I’m not gonna tell you. My God! You’ve stolen everything else. Anyway, it has been sixty years, and I can still taste that ice cream.

Cokes came in six ounce GLASS bottles, matches struck anywhere, candy bars were a nickel just like the movies. This was my mother’s world. A hamburger at Smith and Malloy’s drug store was fifteen cents, but I never owned one because kids weren’t allowed to have fifteen cents. We spent summertime praying for September because in Louisiana that’s when you can breathe again. TV was black and white, but so was the society.

I can’t really say that scarred me for life. As I drive by Boot Hill in Killeen I wonder what all those old timers would think of us now. Then it hits me. With one foot in the grave, and the other slipping on a banana peel, I am an old timer, so I reach deep into my heart, with over forty years of composition under my belt, and the only thing I can leave the Millenniums is, “Don’t drink blended whiskey.”

The Rise of the Algorithm

Folks, it’s frustrating to us that no one simple explanation exists to explain an adverse condition that affects all but a very few. It becomes worse when we can’t even discuss these causes with like minded people, indeed,, right down to family members, because our language, once developed by visionary leaders, has been dismantled by a few people who are smarter than the rest of us (I’m going to call this small bunch linguists) and then disseminated by the smarmiest class of citizens outside politicians; I refer of course, to media figures, particularly those poor wretches in radio and television. I give you the example of that icon of pathos “frenemy”.

Formulated by that tortured soul Frank Luntz, and then launched in a news release by then senator Hillary Clinton, it was a term that was supposed to soothe the troubled waters around our involvement with Pakistan, and draw our attention away from the gigantic boondoggle that our involvement with them represented. Friends and enemies, there just ain’t no such thing. The words describe polar opposites: it’s like, I don’t know, addraction. You know addition and subtraction combined to explain your cable bill.

Further complicating this is the stunning lack of interest that Americans have in learning anything outside whatever range of interests that they have developed early on. This is no personal shame. The whole idea of knowing lots about say orthodontics (if that is your chosen field), and only enough about say, math to operate the parts of your office you don’t pay your accountant to handle was somehow successfully promoted by William Bennett during his term as secretary of education. Bennett’s idea was that teaching civics (and a slew of other subjects) was a waste of taxpayer money and school children’s time. By the way, just how is that working for you?

One last moving part of this strategy to divide and conquer (after all, the cabal of political villains that created this aren’t God, therefore they couldn’t do the whole Tower of Babel thing) was the little known telecommunications act of 1996. Folks, no amount of writing here can communicate just how emblematic of the Clinton years this piece of crap is. Just google up “the fallout from the telecommunications act of 1996” and read it yourselves. If you’re not under a doctor’s care for stroke or the like that is. The almost hidden provision that we’re concerned with here though is the one designating “the news” and “the weather” as entertainment thereby removing all public funding from your sources of vital news. Kind of like up in Flint when the government outsourced the provision of drinking water to the population there. See, water was designated a “commodity” a few years earlier, and private corporations aren’t burdened by all those pesky regulations that governmental agencies are. So…your news is just as polluted as the drinking water in Flint, see? No? Now, who doesn’t know that people will only do what they are made to do? Sorry Rush, but people need laws and enforcement to do the right thing’ to ensure that things we like remain stable (hint to conservatives). Us folks over 50 know this. We don’t remember the terrible wars between labor and the tycoons, but our parents did, and they damn sure made certain to forewarn us too. Mexican, Black or White, our generation was raised with the idea that public service, the act of ploughing and planting for the next generations superseded our own concerns was cultural in nature. If you were a greedy sociopath who gave not one fig for the future of our great country you damn sure kept it to yourself, or you and your efforts would develop a populist resistance of considerable force.

To summarize: We live in a Lewis Carroll­like nightmare (if you are a person who helped make this country great) I will certainly grant you that the preponderance of people in this country, most of whom are under the age of 50 and don’t know nor care to know how it became what it is, and many, many of them are our own progeny. These new inhabitants cannot possibly know anything but what they want, because either they came from a country whose rich heritages and traditions don’t contain ideas like those (principally due to the historical failures there to succeed at winning a free society for themselves) or, in the case of our kids, the education system and the churches were gutted of programs and traditions of teaching them these things. This robbed them of yet another thing. Pride. Self respect that come from being a carpenter rather than someone who is good at dismantling or destroying.I know the title of this piece pretty much promises a discussion of the preeminence of algorithms, and I wanted to talk about actuaries too, but I guess I’ll have to do two more. I promise I’ll do them real soon.

Racism, Bigotry, and Good Ol’ Hate

If you subdivide the human race into sections of white, black, and so on and so forth you are by definition a racist. If you subscribe to the mindset that all people within those subsets behave exactly the same way you are a bigot. Being a racist does not necessarily mean you are a bigot. An anthropologist, studying Neanderthals, concerned with the difference between them and Cro-magnon man is a “racist.” We are all racist. Goes with the territory. The see the difference between peoples is natural. We all have eyes. To ascribe preset beliefs about those people is not racist, it is bigotry.

Anyone with a frontal lobe will realize that we are all different. The difference makes no difference except for providing spice to life. I, myself, am a white male who happens to think Mexican women are the most beautiful in the world. Am I a racist because I realize they are Latino? Yes, their skin tone and structure is what attracts me. Am I a bigot? No!

We have been overwhelmed with a host of people hiding behind the race card. The race card is a funny thing. It’s like playing poker with fifty-one Jokers in the deck. “I like white sugar.” “You’re a racist!” What you have to remember is people who play the race card are going to play it on you no matter what because that’s the only card they have. That’s why, when you engage these people, and cite a statistic, BAM! Race card. You lose! Then, there’s good old hate.

Hate is irrational. Anger is like whiskey. Hate is the hangover. You can be angry with someone, and not hate them. You can be angry with a situation and not hate. You can be angry about getting a burned breakfast and not hate the cook. I was watching Christopher Hitchens take on a white supremacist last night and this guy was classic. The hate groups all have these guys, and they all look alike. Nice suit, teeth some dentist gave him, the hair, and fairly intelligent. Only one problem. He was professing love for mankind while hating eighty percent of the people in it. . He was a white separatist. He wants all white people to be separate from the rest of the human race. Sorry, but I happen to LIKE coffee, and can’t find any beans growing in Texas.

Hate is the reason that when someone turns their hat backwards SOME people go ballistic. If Marilyn Monroe had turned her hat backwards it would have been one thing, but if Sammy Davis Jr. had done the same thing it’s an entirely different matter. I know, I just dated myself, but I’m an old white racist so deal with it! Then, there is that one segment of the population that just has to push that envelope. Sagging! In my opinion, sagging is not a fashion statement, but I’m an old fart, I could be wrong. I’ve heard somewhere that this originated in prisons as a clandestine method of homosexual communication, indicating positioning. I suppose it’s better to give than receive, but I don’t know, I like Mexican girls. Anyway, it went all the way from a little elastic being exposed to down to mid thigh, impeding walking, and forcing the participant thereof to maintain a grip on the belt line to keep a proper sag. When I was a boy in Shreveport I once saw clowns doing this, but the very fact that I’m addressing this issue will label me a racist. So, how would I be a racist based on that. Don’t white boys sag? On that note I’d like to add that I’ve never seen a girl sag. That would be . . . special, and if you could get a Mexican chick to sag, that would be REAL special!

99.99 percent of the population most likely would love to drift through their day without the race card. I’m being facetious, but would you agree that those fine folks burning down buildings, and “mattering” most likely don’t represent main stream America? We do have problems to solve. THEM! Yeah, yeah, yeah Jim Crow. They burned witches in Salem, too. Get over it. Why don’t we try something new and NOT hand that tired old argument down to the next generation? The fact is, we are not going to cure this mindset tomorrow. Groups such as Black Lives Matter are making too much money on it. Don’t tell me they don’t because you’ll show you are a fool.

We have to go right back to the point I was driving home yesterday. There are more of US than there are of THEM! Us includes, Donald Trump, Ben Carson, Greg Abbot, Morgan Freeman, all of US! You will always have malcontents, but the tail cannot wag the dog. There is going to be a backlash. Society must preserve itself. This is a cancer in the body politic. How do you get rid of a cancer? Chemo helps. The next time we see people blocking traffic I suggest fire hoses. Racist enough for you?

The Prayer of the 87

Please bow your heads for the prayer of the 87

1 Oh God, Thou art my God. Early will I seek thee: my soul thirsteth for thee, my flesh longeth for thee in a dry and thirsty land, where no water is;

2 To see thy power and thy glory, so as I have seen thee in the sanctuary.

3 Because thy lovingkindness is better than life, my lips shall praise thee.

4 Thus will I bless thee while I live: I will lift up my hands in thy name.

5 My soul shall be satisfied as with marrow and fatness; and my mouth shall praise thee with joyful lips:

6 When I remember thee upon my bed, and meditate on thee in the night watches.

7 Because thou hast been my help, therefore in the shadow of thy wings will I rejoice.

8 My soul followeth hard after thee: thy right hand upholdeth me.

9 But those that seek my soul, to destroy it, shall go into the lower parts of the earth.

10 They shall fall by the sword: they shall be a portion for foxes.

11 But the king shall rejoice in God; every one that sweareth by him shall glory: but the mouth of them that speak lies shall be stopped.

A couple years ago I wrote an article called “America Lost.” It was the first time I got national recognition, and everyone was waiting to see if I was a “one hit wonder.” History has shown that I was not. No matter what you read from me, I am first, and foremost a Texas Nationalist. As I have articulated before, that designation does not include a tin foil hat. I am of the belief that soon after the ink dried on the constitution, the Yankees began to find a way to get around it. The first ten amendments were all very fine, but they let to much freedom ring, and the bankers couldn’t have that. That’s how we went from freedom of speech to free speech zones.

The 14th amendment totally nullified the constitution, but it didn’t have to. When lawyers spend over two hundred years defining, and redefining the one sentence 2nd amendment what chance do all the others have. America IS lost! You cannot have “haves” unless you have “have nots.” There were (is) a cluster of “haves” on the tip of Manhattan, and the rest of the country is sucking a huge hind tit! For those of you out there who are clueless, the hind tit gets the least milk, and is usually the domain of the “runt.”

Then there was the issue of slavery. The north was perfectly fine shipping cotton overseas, but had an issue with the minimum wage in the south. Slavery has always been with us, and is with us today. Don’t believe that? Don’t pay your taxes and watch your owners show up! Shucks, try collecting rain water. Bill Clinton already proved he can have your wife on your wedding night. What threw the South into economic chaos after the war of northern aggression? The labor force, both white and black had to be paid. Took the bankers years to get around that one. They had to outlaw gold and give us paper. They called it “The Federal Reserve” and brothers and sisters, it’s NOT headquartered in Meridian, Mississippi!

Roll along, two world wars, and a slew of little ones, every time the paper mache economy needed a shot in the arm, and every time it did WE got shot! JFK had this figured out. He signed an executive order ending the Reserve, and one week later they were cleaning his brains out of the back seat of a limo. Then came Lyndon Johnson and his “Great Society.” A chicken in every pot. He was also a great real estate developer, too. He developed Detroit, Chicago, Baltimore, Milwaukee, and oh yes, Ferguson. (That’s where he put the descendants of all them freed slaves.) We got affirmative action, integration,, and FOOD STAMPS, which in and of themselves were not bad, but remember; the bankers want to feed the “have nots” but they don’t want them at THEIR table! Swat them bees! “My Nigga?” No, we’re ALL niggas, stupid, pull your head out of your butt!

Now, having said such things a host of blacks, and a sprinkling of their white, liberal supporters will go off on me. I just wait, and in short order they start cussing, and not producing one fact or statistic, retreating to calling me an old white racist. Ghettos do not come about by accident. Yeah, yeah, yeah, blame it on the white folk, but I thought there was a civil rights act. Isn’t the world supposed to be lovely now? TWO chickens in every pot? It’s not, is it? And the huddled masses, yearning to be fed are lining up to elect the exact same political machine that put them where they are in the first place with the mantra, “Just hate the whites, and it’s gonna be alright!”

Ok, that’s the history class, let’s move on to math. “Let them eat cake!” It doesn’t matter if Marie Antoinette said that or not, the last thing she ever saw was the reflection of her face in a bucket of water because the MAJORITY had enough, and THAT is why I am a Texas Nationalist! It’s not a race thing, it’s the economy! When the Civil War ended, no slaves were freed, the bankers just expanded the definition. More math. Blacks account for roughly thirteen percent of the population. And that’s all black, half black, my grandma was black and I’m not black but I got this really cool hair style. The OTHER eighty-seven percent is US! Irish, German, Mexican, Native American, and Pablo jumping the fence. Now that’s a fact, folks! So why did Milwaukee burn? APATHY! The majority didn’t feel threatened (yet!)

American cities are falling apart because the Great Society was NOT all that great. Integration dumbed down our children, ALL of our children, ( don’t believe that, just ask your 15 year old granddaughter who the VICE president is, shucks, ask your college kids!) and affirmative action did NOT close the unemployment offices. The ideals that built the nation have been dissolved. America IS lost, and the American Dream moved to Austin! In the 21st century no one in their right mind would condone separate water fountains, but it’s going to take a BIG PILL before the MAJORITY feels threatened, cries, “Enough!” and starts filling those buckets with water. People have a right to live, and what’s more they have the will to live, and there is a tide rising that is going to be brutal, unfair, and social scientists will be studying it for years. Like the Good Book says, they will wander in the desert until that generation is consumed! The AMERICAN desert. That’s why Texas is leaving. Don’t think we can leave. Heck Bubba, you can’t even police Milwaukee, how you gonna police twenty-three million irritated, armed Texans?

Trump was the swing of that pendulum I keep telling you about, , but too little, too late. The best he can expect is a lucrative trade agreement with the President of the Republic of Texas. We don’t even have to write a constitution. We’ll just use theirs. They aren’t doing anything with it at the moment. Those black lives mattering out in the freeway? You’ll be amazed what jobs, food, freedom, and lots of sunshine will do for a disposition. And you think the Republic of Texas will be that albino track of land you call the “state of Texas?” Try everything from Atlanta, Georgia to Burbank! We welcome everyone, but not losers, liars, insurrectionists with agendas that ended America. In the New Republic there isn’t any free lunch, but there will be jobs to help you BUY that lunch. And we’re not crazy. Right now two thirds of Texas has said if Trump loses, we are gone! And what will you have then. Forty percent of your income out the door, Hillary running your show, and she’s GOT a check. Read the last two lines to the Prayer of the 87 VERY closely!

Brexit, Texit and Sexit

Brexit, Texit, and Sexit. I’ll explain later. Now, to begin with I don’t care how anyone makes their living. Like the good book says, we all have fallen short of the glory, and brothers and sisters, I’m no exception to the rule. From leaving the country, and changing my citizenship in order to marry a seventeen year old girl to beating a guy over the head with a shotgun, when I tell you that I’ve done it all that is not a metaphor. Politicians fall into a special category. They seem to have a “get out of jail free” card, indeed, a “don’t go to jail in the first place” card, or even a “don’t mention that, next question” one! I should be so blessed.

Ted Cruz for example. Came on the national scene like a combination of Thomas Jefferson and Davy Crockett, ending up “allegedly” having more girl friends than Brigham Young, and the only thing that stuck was that booger on his lip. And Hillary. Had sex with Yoko Ono. And that ain’t tabloid stuff folks. Yoko outed her herself! Except for the child there is little proof that John Lennon even did that, but then, he WAS on drugs. Bill Clinton was legendary in that department, but then he WAS married to Hillary. Now the result of that marriage has cloned itself and we’ll have endure another seventy years of the Clinton “die-nasty.”

Then there is Donald Trump. If something appears to be to good to be true, trust me, it usually is. Flag waving, cussing, money slinging “Johnny America” captivated the race for the White House from his own Air Force One. He used an approach right out of Mien Kamph, and like it or leave it, that method works. If you take someone who missed one bean on their plate, and convince them that someone who doesn’t look like them ate that bean, it will convert into a vote. That’s the way it is folks, wish it wasn’t, but there ain’t no Santa Claus.

Trump is a real estate broker. Now, I’m gonna bust your bubble here, but I was in real estate for years, and they are, shall we say, a breed apart. The very charge of the Texas Real Estate Commission is to protect the public from the wiles of real estate “professionals.” There are so many ins and outs that it takes a governor’s commission just to keep up with it all, and Donald Trump is a consummate real estate broker. He’s also a Yankee, and that’s never good.

Let me give you a simple broker bait and switch. A buyer buys a house, but he doesn’t have any credit. So, the seller, wishing to dispose of the house, allows the buyer to assume the note, leaving his name on the line with the promise that after two years said buyer will apply for a new loan, and release the seller. Well, two years pass, seller calls up and asks about the application. Broker tells him that the buyer applied . . .the bank said, “No.” And that’s an easy one, folks. Entry level stuff.

Real Estate brokers have a little thing called, “Float.” Money flows through a brokerage, and don’t fool yourself, it’s soaked in KY Jelly. Oh, sure, there’s all the rules and regulations about escrow, and this crow, and that crow, don’t mean doodlie-squat. If a real estate broker gets his/her hands on your money just hope SOME of it finds its way back to you, and don’t call me a liar because I’VE done it. Hey, never said I was a Jesuit Monk, ok? I took every single penny of the damage deposits from a fairly large property management company, bought stocks with it, returned a profit, stayed solvent, put the profit in my pocket and the commission blessed me like I was Padre Pio. Read the commission the riot act concerning my actions IN THEIR OWN WORDS!

Now, do you really think Donald Trump is going to change his stripes when he takes the oath of office? If you do, have I got a bridge for you, and it’s on sale. Oh, and the City of New York will let you assume the note providing you will apply for a new one after two years. The pitiful thing is this line of reasoning will work better than anything Obama and the democrats have come up with in the last eight years. Heck, the money’s all Monopoly money anyway, what difference does it make, and it’s all them folks on welfare what done it.

What does Brexit, Texit, and Sexit have to do with all this. Brexit: Checking out the ol’ golf course in Scotland. The Donald flew over there. He floated back. Them that have ears, let them hear, Texit: We’re leaving folks. We really are. You’re fixing to swear either Madi Hari or Scrooge into office. You Americans have lost your rabbit-ass minds. Sexit: What your economy will be after we leave. Like they say down on Mulberry Street, “Bada Bing, Bada Boom!”

Here’s Your Sign

Here’s your sign! Of all the events in the last week one stands out from all the rest. As most of you know, we had a fire. It wasn’t a spectacular fire, but it got our attention. We had the insurance and Red Cross kick in, and it was during a trip to the Red Cross that I had an epiphany. I don’t have many of those because I’m an anti-theist. I’ve given up on Santa Clause and tax refunds, too, but I did have a moment of clarity. On the window of the Red Cross office were two signs. One explained that anyone with a CHL (Concealed Handgun License) was not permitted to bring their weapon inside. Opposing this, on the other side was a similar sign explaining that the same rule applies those those of similar license who preferred to carry openly.

Now, just by the nature of the beast, common sense would tell you that anyone jumping through all the hoops required to purchase their Bill of Rights back would not risk them by running up against the establishment. They’d leave their gun in the car. Now, here’s the epiphany; there wasn’t a third sign forbidding thugs, rapists, homeboys, ISIS, or liberal democrats, so I imagine they were permitted. As stupid as “gun free zones” are, wouldn’t the simple gun inside the circle sign? Why target law abiding citizens?

We all have heard the logic that an armed society is a polite society, but when you actually observe this oxymoron it drives it home. So, you go through the class, take the test, endure the background check, and hope and pray that you don’t have a parking ticket somewhere, or an irritated ex-wife, so you can surrender your protection and line up with the rest of the sheep waiting for the usual fifteen to thirty minute response time from the police while some degenerate pops off rounds because his order at McDonald’s was messed up!

The harassment by police on citizens trying to carry protection extends way back. Before the Luby’s shooting in Killeen, Texas there was a concentration on citizens carrying, and in Texas it was all illegal. Even now if stopped by a routine traffic stop things get, “complicated.” When answering to the affirmative if you have a gun or not, while the cop is HOLDING your CHL, the gun must be seized, racked, displayed on the hood, along with the bullet if you were locked and loaded, and of course the obligatory fifteen minute lecture on gun safety. Never MIND the officer is probably locked and loaded. And when they SEE a gun, even in the trunk they yell, “GUN!” Wouldn’t it be cool if every time a cop goes into a donut shot everyone screams, “GUN?”

The signs drove home a point to me. Gun control people are nuts. They are the same kind of people who’ll tell you sharks don’t like to eat people, they just mistake swimmers for seals, and after taking one bite, they realize their mistake and spit the bite out. “Sorry, dude, here’s your arm back.” An armed society is a polite society! Even a good dog has a right to bite, and I’m not getting shot by obeying some politically correct lesbian out in Santa Barbara! Here’s your sign!

Gog and Maygog

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu has called the recent permanent Iran nuclear deal as “a bad mistake of historic proportions,” slamming western powers for capitulating to Iran. Is this agreement with the Islamic Republic the beginning of the War of Gog and Magog?

The Bible mentions Gog, the leader of a nation called Magog, in Ezekiel, chapter 38. But who is Gog and what modern country is Magog?

Just before his passing in 1995, Rav Levi Sa’adia Nachmani, a mystical rabbi from Israel who accurately predicted the Six Day War in 1967 and the Yom Kippur War in 1973, clearly stated in this video, that Korea is Magog.

End of Days blogger Menachem Robinson consistently states in his blog The Absolute Truth that Gog is Former US President George Bush whom he calls “the evil Gog Bush” and Magog is the United States.

A few months ago, Lisa Haven, writing for the Before It’s News website, stated that “Russia is Magog and Gog is their leader.”


This weekend Turkey surrounds, blocks access to NATO’s Incirlik Air Force base that holds fifty B1 Bombers, and it’s nukes stockpile is considerable. Turkish police have entered the base and arrested Turkish officers. American troops are enduring rationed supplies, no A C with over ninety degree temperatures. Fourteen Turkish naval ships and the commander of the Turkish navy is missing from the Aegean and Black Sea. Two Turkish helicopters and 25 commandos are also missing. Turkish Air Force commander and Turkish Second Army commander have been both been arrested. US combat units are now on high alert. You will see no reports of this on the news. Here we have President Erdogan thirsting for more Islamic power, when he grabs control of the largest nuclear weapons outside of the US, making Benghazi a picnic, he could claim to be the reigning caliphate surviving a head wound and an instant threat to Israel given by BHO just as easily as the $400 million ransom to Iran on a private jet at night.

This is a recipe for nuclear disaster. 176 nuclear weapons BHO has only allowed of the 1475 solders there for 150 of them to be armed . 20,000 rioting outside the gates . Russia has been drooling over this base. China is already involved. Now two things may be at work here. If you are a student of the Bible, this is the beginning of the events outlined in the book of Revelation. Gog and Maygog have figured predominantly in both the old and new Testaments. A concerted attack on Israel is the catalyst that ushers in the second coming. If you are an Anti-theist, such as myself it may be the west is finally fed up with the whole sorry mess in the Middle East and is about to out the wood to Mohammed and all his cousins. In either case it is serious business with a lot of pop pop involved.

What EVER Stan has been out of control since Mohammed uttered his first sura. Islam has strived to destroy all civilization be it the Greek, Roman, Anglo Saxon, Chinese or Zulu! The world in its entirety is tired of it all and it’s time for all the chips to hit the table. Basically Islam called, and the world saw the bet, and raised! This is dangerous, folks, but we cannot fold. While the nations who have been so recently attacked respond our president just financed Iran. This really happened people. He really did that.

The old idea of Russia dominating the world is history. Russia is trying to survive. They are not attacking, they are defending. The theory of communism overcoming American capitalism fell with the Berlin Wall. In my opinion, they are not attacking Israel, but the Arabs will try to make it appear as so. The main danger is all the nukes. A crazy launch toward America will show very quickly who won the Cold War. Also, remember, Israel is a nuclear nation.

When this is over, hopefully the world will be free of Islam, both radical and the more moderate version of Sharia murder. The Russians are not politically correct. The Chinese are not politically correct. The Germans are, but there is a REASON those gas chambers are still there. When those Krauts fire up you will see the “refugees” try to SWIM the Mediterranean Sea. They’re in this, too. We should be, but we’re too busy worrying about where Bruce Gender is taking a pee!

Thanks to Anthony Woodward Rtd USN for contributing to this article.

The Green Mile (Texas style)

Do you remember the scene from the “Green Mile” where the prison van rolls up, and that humongous guy gets out? When he exits, the truck’s leaf springs relax, and the vehicle rises about a foot. Well, that’s what it looks like when Amy gets out of a U-Haul truck. Now, I’m not the purest thinker in the world, and I have had an impure thought, or two. When I first came upon Amy it was around six or seven years ago. I was deluged with a host of glamor shots from Facebook, should have known better, having been in real estate for years, exposed to pictures of old ladies portrayed as movie stars, but I’m an optimist, and I do drink a bit, so I held out hope.

She popped back up recently and we began to chat again. Same glamour shots, same endless drivel about vast conspiracies to assassinate her, same stuff about losing her kid because her step father was really the bastard child of Josef Mengele performing medical experiments on her daughter, but, did you ever screw a crazy woman? If you ever do that, you’ll never go back to straight. So, after about a week or so, the gremlins came a-calling again, and I got these calls, texts, and emails detailing her situation. Seems she is living in motels, and needs a place to hide from assassins, but, she ain’t got NO money! Now she mentions going to a Wal-mart, and to be honest, when I hear the combination of can’t pay the motel, and Wal-mart, I put two and two together and picture her pushing a shopping cart up and down the isles all night, ok? Then she mentions Denny’s, and actually says as long as she and her boyfriend can drink coffee they can stay there. Of course, that IM on Facebook seems to have evaporated, but hey, I’m still buying into the pictures, ok?

I’m gonna be straight with you guys. I’m a little stupid when it comes to women, and I’ve had a few beers, so I suggest she comes up here to hang out. She informs me that she can’t fly (no crap) because it’s to “dangerous” so she and her boyfriend, oh, I’m sorry, her bodyguard must come up by bus. Then I get a text that she has fallen into a vast fortune by way of her deceased grandmother and they are on the way. Chick rolls up in a U-Haul truck filled with her possibles. That’s when I meet the real Amy! I’m trying to describe to you what Amy looks like in person. Remember that chick who sang with the MaMas and the PaPas? Yeah, that one. The one who choked on a ham sandwich. Well, with one look at Amy in her full glory it was back to the old drawing board. You know, you hold your head sideways, squint your eyes, but it don’t work. It is what it is.

So, they hang out for about a week, trying to sell the contents of the truck, and some chunk of glass her grandmother left, and after many tries they come up with two hundred bucks or so. Of course, when you gotta feed Amy that don’t go far. Makes you appreciate crack head chicks who make it on five bucks a day, and at least LOOK like their mug shots. They have to be back home by Monday because she has to beat some charge the Illuminati has thrown at her, but the money is gone, the truck is over due, and Amy is HONGRY! She says that after Monday money will be no problem because she will sue for a hundred million or so, but needed to find a lawyer who would advance her fifty Gs to get her by until the case is over. My EX-wife, you know, one who supports ME, has this shed, and in a moment of weakness I tell her she can stash her stuff in the shed. They dump the truck at U-Haul in the middle of the night. Now, all they need is a bus ticket, but naturally, they’re a little bit short so they hit me up. Amy is on the phone to her ex in Europe somewhere trying to get fifty grand to pull her through the week, but, aw shucks, the Swiss banks are closed so he can’t send her twenty bucks for a ticket. I finally CRAPPED forty just to get them gone!

I don’t know what was in the shed, but I can tell you what was left in my bedroom. Let me just say this; a woman who would take a crap in your yard would probably leave her soiled panties in your spare bedroom. Since I don’t have Portnoy’s Complaint, I had absolutely no use for them. So, I had some friends gather this stuff up and stack in in the breakfast nook adjacent to the kitchen, all but the parties, they threw them away. I’m hoping Amy and company would come right back and pick all this stuff up, but, you guessed it, after very tense texts screaming, “URGENT” Amy goes to plan B, accuses me of being one of the shooters on the grassy knoll, announces she is going to Hollywood to expose me, and warns me that I’d better not steal her “hundreds of thousands” of dollars in precious jewels until she returns in glory. Now this chick still owes me forty bucks, ok?

There is no rest for the wicked, and karma is a bitch in tight jeans. We blow up the kitchen cooking catfish, it takes out the kitchen, smokes up the rest of the house good and proper, scorches my eyelids, and torches the items in the breakfast nook. Amy and friend text me, I tell them the truth that the two suitcases are history, and folks, they really are, but the stuff in the shed survived. That’s when I learned that the Tsar Nicholas’ missing jewels were in her luggage. I somehow missed those when I was sorting through the Trojans. Of course, she’s all disturbed about a video I put up about her, having received “a thousand death threats” in twenty four hours after the posting of said video. I did some quick math. Twenty four hours times sixty minutes per divided by one thousand equals a death threat about every one minute and forty four seconds, but that’s believable if you consider Amy has possibly pulled this same con on many people before she landed on me. Her logic behind the reason for the threats was that I had supposedly let out a rumor that she and I are romantically involved. Folks, I have standard white boy issue, and I’m simply not that well endowed.

Now, I get daily texts telling me that “a very famous judge” has advised her, along with a “very famous lawyer” and a “very famous detective” is looking for me. I still haven’t seen the items she supposedly left in the shed. THEY put them there! The good news is my eyebrows are growing back, and I got a real good article out of this mess. As for writing this? Hey Amy! Now you’ve tasted my mutton, how do you like it, huh?