Schizophrenia is a chronic and severe mental disorder that affects how a person thinks, feels, and behaves. People with schizophrenia may seem like they have lost touch with reality. Although schizophrenia is not as common as other mental disorders, the symptoms can be very disabling.

Always be aware that no good deed goes unpunished. I rarely, if ever, write about events in my life, centering on news items in Texas, the nation, and the world, but once in a very blue moon something will intrude into my inner circle. Most times I ignore it. I have to stay focused in order to write and stay “front page,” and boys and girls, I do that on Social Security sitting on a porch in a small Texas town. So, therefore, it is hard to get me to pay attention to anything else. Then there is “Amy!”
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In a past life I did a series of articles on the CPS (Child Protective Services). During this time I came across Amy. Apparently, she had run afoul of the powers that be and was relieved of custody of her daughter. Her mother, and step father ended up with the child, and Amy launched into a huge social media presence to regain her little girl. She would call me and I’d listen to hours of details about how the police had broken the law, she had been denied rights, the little girl was in danger, and on and on. When it all became too much, and I began to pull back she turned on a dime, saying I was trying to trick her, and was part of a vast conspiracy against her. We lost touch for about five years.

About a month ago Amy popped up again. Still no girl, but she claimed to have a huge amount of “evidence” that would “bust this case wide open.” About a week ago she texted me telling me that she had to get out of town because her “bodyguard” had been murdered, and the assassins were looking for her, seemingly because she had this tremendous vault of documents that would incriminate public officials. You know, officials like, say, the GOVERNOR! She also needed to borrow eighty dollars because she was about to be booted from the motel she was staying in.

I don’t have credit cards so I couldn’t pay the motel. Upon learning that she told me she, and her companion (another “bodyguard”) could drink coffee at Denny’s and have a place for the night. I suggested that if she could come here that I could put her up for a bit until she could sort things out. Ok, I’m stupid! I got a text from her telling me that her mother had surrendered some of her belongings, money was now no problem, and she was on the way. At 5:00 AM (That’s right AM!) they rolled up in a UHual truck.

Well, I’m stuck! So I put them up while they tripped around in the truck trying to sell her “valuables” which achieved practically nothing. During this stay I let her talk with my co-writer, Ted about her “case.” She rattled on, piling layer upon layer and he took it all in. The week rocked on. She told me she had to return to her town for a court appearance. Only problem was, you guessed it, no money. They were a bit short. I found the money needed to help them get a bus ticket. She never flies because the assassins are guarding the airports. Anyway, bye bye Amy! Au Contraire! So yesterday I get a text saying, “Urgent, please call!” At that time I was listening to a radio show that I contribute to, and composing the morning’s article so the best I could do was text back, “What’s up?” Her response was “Bull shit sir as always. I’m told my daughter Steven and I will be murdered tonight!!!!! Got the msgs to prove it over 80 today threatening our lives! Too busy fuck you all”

I was a bit, shall I say, perturbed? Save your fork, it gets better. Next day she began my morning with “Well with your rapist son you told us about and hiding 5 grandkids you won’t win. I have the info and addresses to show my contacts with big media. You tube down or I’m going public with your msgs and the truth about you and your secrets. By the way remember I’m smart I taped everything including my so called talk with some high security Ted contact. 2 hours I taped it and the very next day I’m told about 80 times that my girl will be killed, my fiancé and myself! You covered this instead of that! You will be exposed!”

Now, let’s examine this. Bear in mind that I have not harmed this individual. I actually didn’t discuss her case with her to any degree. As usual, I was concentrating on the national scene, writing articles. The YouTube she refers to is one I did last night. You may enjoy that at At first I was just ignoring her rants, but after several hours of texts, which I will not bore you with, I decided to at least address the issue somewhat. She also alludes to “hiding” my five grandchildren. My grandchildren are very public, plugged into the system, and live in a 6,000 square foot house in the mountains of Utah. The biggie was her claiming she “recorded” her conversation with Ted. She was using an iPhone. Now prove me wrong, but I have tried to record phone conversations, and even FaceTime of my grandchildren and have found no way to do it. Oh, one more thing . . . she was using MY iPhone, and there are no recordings, not even voice notes on it right now! Her entire text was based on a lie!

This is what Amy does. She builds huge straw men, laying “facts” upon suppositions that seem to support her allegations until you peel away the veneer, and see it all for what it is. Just one great big lie! The fact that she turned on me is important. I absolutely did her no wrong. In fact, her stuff is still stored in my shed! Free of charge, I might add. Amy claims she has a deal in Hollywood where she is going to “expose” me. Please do! I need the publicity. If you will note, other than a general statement at the first of this article, I have not discussed her case. I do have information on it, but I will not share that information, suffice to say, in my opinion I don’t think there is much chance of a mother and child reunion.

The good news is her attention span is about five days. After that, she finds a new boogie man, or men, goes into a tail spin, and forces her “facts” on yet some other poor soul who is scraping money to get rid of her. In my business you can’t stay angry. Actually, you can’t even get angry if you are going to remain objective. I’m not angry with Amy. I wish her the best, unfortunately the best for her seems to be the room with a view!

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  2. I have a friend that is a skitso she is married to a great guy she is an expert on the subject and has learnt to monitor her condition yes she is on fluanzel and every body loves her as she is a lady.

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