I Considered Retiring

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I Considered Retiring Last Night

I considered retiring last night. From problems with the kids, to the heat, and of course that little wake up call from that woman who shall remain nameless, I seriously thought about going back to Death Valley and drinking a beer. Writers do this. The reward for writing simply has to be inner satisfaction because there sure ain’t no money in it. Still, it’s gratifying to see the numbers climb, at least knowing that someone out there knows you’re alive.

Writing articles is far better than writing music. I did that in Nashville. Everything you ever heard about Nashville is a lie! It’s worse! The music business is a little like playing roulette. One winner, and nine suckers, and the suckers hang on hoping lady luck will smile on them. While the ones who had a “hit” parade around Music Square, the rest hope to get a gig at a bar for the weekend. Then, of course, there’s the writing part. In Austin I thought I could pen a pretty good song. In Nashville I heard a better song from the waitress pouring my coffee. That’s called a “Reality Check.”

After I pawned my underwear (yes, you can do that in Nashville) I returned to Texas and went into real estate. Did I tell you that you have to be crazy to be a writer? Well, that’s what makes you indulge in something with absolutely no hope of any return, while you make millions at a legitimate vocation. Sell real estate all day, and write all night. I ground out three books. I’d given up on music and turned to prose, but I’d brought something with me. Even though I’d never written a hit, I’d learned the mechanics of composition, and that translated into literature quite well. When a normal person tries to write you usually get a “bumpity bump” result. You’ve seen it. A friend gives you a story that they’ve written, and you have to read it because they’re watching you. Well, song writing is short, sweet, and goes in circles. The circles cement the main idea.

Years later I discovered blogging. You think you can’t make money at music? Try blogging! But, at least it doesn’t cost anything. So I blogged, and blogged, and eventually accrued a fair number of these things with people reading and commenting. For a writer, that’s the hook. Someone who was overwhelmed by two drunks in a bar applauding will swoon at one hundred comments on a blog. At first I didn’t really have anything to blog about so I wrote about music. Then, I discovered politics.

If there is anything stupider than a song writer, it’s a politician. See, people need to understand that. It is the same mentality that makes someone load up their pickup with amps, and drive eight hundred miles that will make a plumber put on a suit and drive to the state Capitol. If you are writing about these people the material is endless. To quote Will Rodgers, you don’t have to joke, just read the papers, and report the facts. I elevated from blogging to writing “articles.” This is along the line of difference between the girl standing under a street lamp to the one who has a regular room. But, and this is the hook, I began to get a substantial amount of reads, and after about three years I actually knew what I was talking about! Political satire was my skill. Reporting on this flock of liars was wonderful. Still, no money, but the gratification was fantastic.

. I actually did retire three years ago, so I now had the time, and money to write all I wanted. This became a job, with structure, hours, rules, and ways to see just how far this was going. Now, bear in mind I don’t have a life. I’m divorced, childless, old, and have a dog. It took about three years for me to wake up to this. Then I developed loneliness. Now loneliness for me is an oxymoron, because I enjoy solitude, and am actually put off by interruptions in my routine. Coffee, same time every morning, cigarette, read my reviews, and then write, publish, check response, go to the store, retire to the porch around dusk, cocktails! If someone calls me during this routine I become irritated. But, somehow, I was lonely.

So, last night I decided to “retire!” I had visions of free days, no stress, not having to think, or be clever, but suddenly it hit me! We’re all alone. Even in a crowded room we are ourselves. I can be at a party and can’t get a word in edgewise because I’m basically boring, but when I write? It dawned on me, writing is my life, and the money doesn’t matter. By golly, I’m gonna LEAVE something! I woke up this morning, and where when I went to bed last night I was determined to never pick up this iPad again, I did pick it up and wrote, “I considered retiring last night . . .”

Alex Hill’s Grave

IMG_3836There is a grave in Texas. It is the grave of a little girl, and it’s being desecrated. Alex Hill’s grave. The struggle with the CPS (Child Protective Services) has been a long and rocky road. My involvement began with my daughter in law, Jackie. I won’t relate the details here because stories of abuse by the department are amazingly similar, and frankly, once you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all. I entered the fight as a fire brand, and associated myself with Jim Black of Angel Eyes Over Texas. Jim is a consummate negotiator with his eye on real results. I am more of a “Kill ‘em all, let God sort ‘em out” kinda guy. That is a ruse, the truth is deeper than that.

When Doc Greene jerked me off that porch, and thrust me into Texas politics I was retired. I knew about as much about politics as my dog, Cleo. Oh, by the way, brown lives with white paws matter. I digress. Either by design, or dumb luck, Jim and I began to “Mutt and Jeff” the CPS. While he made endless trips to courts, and senate sub-committees I was constantly giving the illusion of trying to dump the pellets into the gas chambers that I hoped were loaded with CPS case workers. But something was happening below the surface.

When you associate with people like Tom and Kathy Glass, Crystal Lee Laramore, Doc Greene, and Ted you learn. To be honest, not all CPS workers are monsters. There are some who lay flowers on Alex Hill’s grave, and fight behind the scenes to make the department do the job it was meant to do, protect the defenseless. Slowly, the landscape began to change, and while not perfect, the Protective Services we face today is vastly different from the one that knocked on my door seven years ago.

When I did the article, “Amy” I found it distasteful. In came off like a Hollywood gossip column, and reminded me of my own battle with CPS. Old memories came back, and Jackie’s ghost sat beside me. She wrote a song, “Empty Chairs,” but the chairs aren’t empty, folks. They’re filled with dark, and painful memories. The only problem with Amy’s story is it’s not totally true. I said in the article, and in a video that I know little or nothing about Amy’s “case.” While this is true, I most certainly know about her mindset because I was exposed to it for five days.

While I hide behind the mask of “A Simple Ol’ Boy From Austin” I’m far from that. I have become an investigative journalist with people digging facts for me to put into my articles. Ninety percent of these facts you will never see. But there’s something more. The actions of people like Amy discredit the work of people like Jim, disrespects the tears of the mothers who have lost their child, and to be honest, desecrates little Alex’s grave! For all of the flamboyance, Amy hasn’t changed one comma in the CPS code book.

Let’s be honest. While most people view CPS with a jaundiced eye, when you see the cops roll up, and the children come out on the way to the white van, there is just a little, “What did they DO?” in the back of your mind. The CPS IS the legal authority, charged with protecting children, so when you see it you know these people would probably not go through this heart tearing move without some reason. We, in the resistance, have had to overcome the stigma of being a bunch of child abusing nuts, and it’s been an uphill run all the way. Then, along comes an “Amy” and becomes the poster child for the entire movement. Put another flower on Alex’s grave.

There is a type of personality that will develop scenarios, backed up with mountains of “evidence” that seems to have some validity, but if you dig just a little you will find the truth. One lie. That’s all it takes is one lie, and the whole house of cards comes tumbling down. Now, I’m not going to slander. I won’t cite endless examples. Remember I told you about that ninety percent I never write about? The personality here does not have an eye on a goal, only on themselves, and that’s what it’s all about. The difference? Jackie threw herSELF under the white CPS bus to save her children.


Do not subscribe to these people. When you see a mountain of “evidence” ask yourself what that mountain is trying to cover? The struggle to reform CPS is ongoing, with good people on both sides. The fact is, we NEED to protect the defenseless. If we can ignore the Narcissistic actions of some people then perhaps little Alex may rest in peace.




Schizophrenia is a chronic and severe mental disorder that affects how a person thinks, feels, and behaves. People with schizophrenia may seem like they have lost touch with reality. Although schizophrenia is not as common as other mental disorders, the symptoms can be very disabling.

Always be aware that no good deed goes unpunished. I rarely, if ever, write about events in my life, centering on news items in Texas, the nation, and the world, but once in a very blue moon something will intrude into my inner circle. Most times I ignore it. I have to stay focused in order to write and stay “front page,” and boys and girls, I do that on Social Security sitting on a porch in a small Texas town. So, therefore, it is hard to get me to pay attention to anything else. Then there is “Amy!”
 See video here

In a past life I did a series of articles on the CPS (Child Protective Services). During this time I came across Amy. Apparently, she had run afoul of the powers that be and was relieved of custody of her daughter. Her mother, and step father ended up with the child, and Amy launched into a huge social media presence to regain her little girl. She would call me and I’d listen to hours of details about how the police had broken the law, she had been denied rights, the little girl was in danger, and on and on. When it all became too much, and I began to pull back she turned on a dime, saying I was trying to trick her, and was part of a vast conspiracy against her. We lost touch for about five years.

About a month ago Amy popped up again. Still no girl, but she claimed to have a huge amount of “evidence” that would “bust this case wide open.” About a week ago she texted me telling me that she had to get out of town because her “bodyguard” had been murdered, and the assassins were looking for her, seemingly because she had this tremendous vault of documents that would incriminate public officials. You know, officials like, say, the GOVERNOR! She also needed to borrow eighty dollars because she was about to be booted from the motel she was staying in.

I don’t have credit cards so I couldn’t pay the motel. Upon learning that she told me she, and her companion (another “bodyguard”) could drink coffee at Denny’s and have a place for the night. I suggested that if she could come here that I could put her up for a bit until she could sort things out. Ok, I’m stupid! I got a text from her telling me that her mother had surrendered some of her belongings, money was now no problem, and she was on the way. At 5:00 AM (That’s right AM!) they rolled up in a UHual truck.

Well, I’m stuck! So I put them up while they tripped around in the truck trying to sell her “valuables” which achieved practically nothing. During this stay I let her talk with my co-writer, Ted about her “case.” She rattled on, piling layer upon layer and he took it all in. The week rocked on. She told me she had to return to her town for a court appearance. Only problem was, you guessed it, no money. They were a bit short. I found the money needed to help them get a bus ticket. She never flies because the assassins are guarding the airports. Anyway, bye bye Amy! Au Contraire! So yesterday I get a text saying, “Urgent, please call!” At that time I was listening to a radio show that I contribute to, and composing the morning’s article so the best I could do was text back, “What’s up?” Her response was “Bull shit sir as always. I’m told my daughter Steven and I will be murdered tonight!!!!! Got the msgs to prove it over 80 today threatening our lives! Too busy fuck you all”

I was a bit, shall I say, perturbed? Save your fork, it gets better. Next day she began my morning with “Well with your rapist son you told us about and hiding 5 grandkids you won’t win. I have the info and addresses to show my contacts with big media. You tube down or I’m going public with your msgs and the truth about you and your secrets. By the way remember I’m smart I taped everything including my so called talk with some high security Ted contact. 2 hours I taped it and the very next day I’m told about 80 times that my girl will be killed, my fiancé and myself! You covered this instead of that! You will be exposed!”

Now, let’s examine this. Bear in mind that I have not harmed this individual. I actually didn’t discuss her case with her to any degree. As usual, I was concentrating on the national scene, writing articles. The YouTube she refers to is one I did last night. You may enjoy that at https://youtu.be/QkBCzuqAMdU At first I was just ignoring her rants, but after several hours of texts, which I will not bore you with, I decided to at least address the issue somewhat. She also alludes to “hiding” my five grandchildren. My grandchildren are very public, plugged into the system, and live in a 6,000 square foot house in the mountains of Utah. The biggie was her claiming she “recorded” her conversation with Ted. She was using an iPhone. Now prove me wrong, but I have tried to record phone conversations, and even FaceTime of my grandchildren and have found no way to do it. Oh, one more thing . . . she was using MY iPhone, and there are no recordings, not even voice notes on it right now! Her entire text was based on a lie!

This is what Amy does. She builds huge straw men, laying “facts” upon suppositions that seem to support her allegations until you peel away the veneer, and see it all for what it is. Just one great big lie! The fact that she turned on me is important. I absolutely did her no wrong. In fact, her stuff is still stored in my shed! Free of charge, I might add. Amy claims she has a deal in Hollywood where she is going to “expose” me. Please do! I need the publicity. If you will note, other than a general statement at the first of this article, I have not discussed her case. I do have information on it, but I will not share that information, suffice to say, in my opinion I don’t think there is much chance of a mother and child reunion.

The good news is her attention span is about five days. After that, she finds a new boogie man, or men, goes into a tail spin, and forces her “facts” on yet some other poor soul who is scraping money to get rid of her. In my business you can’t stay angry. Actually, you can’t even get angry if you are going to remain objective. I’m not angry with Amy. I wish her the best, unfortunately the best for her seems to be the room with a view!

You Thought I Was Kidding

You thought I was kidding when I told you we were at war, didn’t you? Now three more officers are dead in Baton Rouge. While the act of pinning a man to the ground, and executing him is deplorable, the attack on the police forces across the country are equally unacceptable. Normal police functions are now interrupted across the nation. everything from traffic tickets to delivering babies is secondary to officers simply trying to survive. People, you do NOT want this brave new world.
You thought I was kidding when I told you that Black Lives Matter is a terrorist organization with agendas to force the nation into martial law in order to keep Obama in office. I based that on texts and emails between Ms. Lynch and the BLM movement, itemizing methods needed in order to disrupt not only the Republican convention, but the Democrat one also, because if the orderly selection process is circumspect then the only safe path is to continue status quo until the issues are resolved, and that, my friends, is four more years of the same and the final solution to the “constitutional” issues, our gun rights, and UN control of the government.


You thought I was kidding when I told you that less than three percent of the population will try to seize the government and turn us into a third world nation. Well, friends, when one quarter of a population is on the dole you already HAVE a third world nation, not to mention all of our “guest” from south of the border courtesy of the immigrant in charge at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.
You thought I was kidding when I told you it was insane to even have Hillary in the race against a businessman who simply wants to make America great again. Well America is no longer great, but Texas is, and we’re OUTTA HERE! I told you as the American Dream collapses Texas will again raise its head among the nations, and the nations will welcome us. The government will not be able to address secession with Black Lives Mattering coast to coast. The end will come when they succeed in destroying the entire structure and the food stamps run out because fact: They can’t FEED themselves, and Texas sure won’t!
You thought I was kidding about all these things. Well, I wasn’t, and Texas isn’t kidding now. We’ll just take the US constitution, they’re not using it right now. We’ll take what’s left of their industry. We will welcome people looking for freedom and peace, and we will build a nation, because folks . . . We’re NOT kidding!

It Only Takes One

It only takes one! Liberal minded people are always being accepting of different cultures, and ideas, so long as it conforms to their culture, and ideas. We are constantly reminded of the idea that you can’t judge an entire culture, group, or religion by the actions on only a few individuals that are a part of that enclave. Then we have the Muslims. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I’m gonna go there.

I didn’t jump right on the recent event in France for a number of reasons. For one, I don’t like to join the dog pile that invariably forms with such an event. I’m a “fly high” writer, and I don’t like to confuse my work with a lot of facts that will get in the way of my opinion. That brings me to the second point. After France’s steadfast support of us in the last twenty years I kinda thought they had that one coming. Yeah, I know, that’s bad, but I’m from Texas so get over it. I still eat “freedom fries!”

That all having been said, I’d like to ask France, indeed Europe, “Have you had enough?” You have a problem with one select group. They talk funny, pray funny, and smell funny. While you ignore the eight hundred pound gorilla in the room it plows through your streets killing over eighty people, but they’re not ALL like that, right. While scanning the news today I came upon another juicy little tidbit where a brother strangled his sister to death for posting provocative videos on Facebook. Give you three guesses on his religion, and the first two don’t count.

I’m not going to poke fun at said religion because they’re all funny to me. “My invisible guy in the sky can whip your invisible guy in the sky!” That, and I don’t want my head cut off. What I am going to do is draw attention to the fact that when you look at it on the whole, the Islamic faith has more than its share of, shall we say, “Fervent devotees!” But, they’re not ALL bad! If I gave you a bowl of M&Ms, and one of them was poison, would you chow down? It only takes one!

It only takes one in Paris, Dallas, or anywhere else. I know the guy in Dallas wasn’t Muslim, so don’t go there. The problem is the “1’s” are almost always Muslim. After each lesson in Islam we have to listen to politicians like Obama remind us to be broad minded while the police mop up the blood. Have you had enough? IF we had a president, and IF we could find at least three sets of testicles somewhere in Europe, we could form a coalition to rid the world of “the religion of peace!” There IS a set of testicles in Russia, and SURPRISE! He’s already there!

Until that day the bombs will blow, the fires will glow and the Imams will make a video. Women in burkas will instruct their children on how to cut throats, and we’ll have to endure all those YouTube videos about having sex with a nine year old girl. We will hear “moderate” Muslims tell us that the radicals are not Islam as we dive out of the way of the speeding truck because, boys and girls . . . it only takes one! Have you had enough yet?

Reflections in a Glass of Wine

Reflections in a glass of wine. A writer rides an emotional roller coaster if he, she is worth their salt. Simply no one will read you if you are a bowl of Quaker Oats with Splenda and no apples. You must experience life if you are going to write about life. The two go hand in hand. It helps enormously if you get drunk. Not stay drunk, but just go there, and come home. Don’t drive yourself, that’s folly, go there and back safely.

We all have ups and downs. Writers have catastrophic cascades of emotional disaster. It’s almost bi-polar, if you buy into that sort of nonsense, which I don’t. It helps if you can string words, and spell. Understanding proper grammar is no longer required since proper English was pushed by the wayside by the Hip-Hop generation years ago. All of that having been said you simply must seize upon some subject of general interest to at least some portion of the population.

I never write about sex because I tend to choose subjects that I know something about. I like politics because no one really knows about it, but almost everyone forms opinions. Political opinions are like religious opinions, profound, but never empirically sound. Like dice in a cup, lots of noise, but you never know what’s going to come out. Then, of course, there is loss. Loss is a biggie. The more wine you drink, the more profound it becomes. You cry like a baby over an ex-wife, totally forgetting the party you threw when she left. Divorces are like that. You’re so absolutely sure that the freedom to run amuck will be a pot of gold until you stand back in snake amazement, realizing that your ex is the only one who would put up with you, and now you don’t have her, but she still owns half of you! Another reflection in a glass of wine.

The loss of children is always good, grandchildren are better. Grandchildren are far enough removed that they do not tend to form abrasive opinions, and forgive you of your sins. That, and when they get on your nerves you can always send them home. In my exile I acquired a dog. Dogs are fantastic creatures. Unconditional love, and total forgiveness. If you do not believe that just lock your wife and your dog in the trunk of your car, wait an hour, come back, open the trunk, and see which one is happy to see you.

When the wine runs out you should have run the course of all human emotion. At that point you take the dog and go to bed. It’s always nice if you remove your clothing, however, after reflections in a glass of wine that’s not necessarily a hard, fast rule. I mean face it, you’ve been looking for meaningful images in a glass of Merlot! Waking up alone is a bit stressful, but the dog having to potty usually takes care of that. Do house break the dog, and don’t have a large dog because during the training period the mess does not mix with a hangover well. If you obey the rules you may come up with something you will write that will interest at least ten or twelve other drunks out there, and become another Hemingway . . . all except the shotgun thing at the end, that sucked.

The Death of Alton Sterling

If any event has galvanized the American consciousness it’s the death of Alton Sterling. The event hit the airwaves with the usual spin, poor black man just standing around singing gospel music, and mean old cops shot him to steal his watch, which we all know is ludicrous. From there he was portrayed as a depraved pedophile lurking about to inflict whatever mayhem he might upon an unsuspecting populace. Neither of these scenarios reflect reality.

Mr. Sterling was a man who supplemented his income selling CDs and DVDs near a “Quickie-Mart” in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The owners of the store portrayed him as being a congenial old boy whom everyone liked. Apparently, one person thought differently, and called 911 “in fear for his life. Most of you have seen the video, two police officers forcing Sterling to the ground, and while wrestling with him become in fear for THEIR lives upon discovering that there was a gun about, as opposed I suppose, to their own guns. While one officer secures Alton’s arms the other fires three to six shots (there are questions about this) into his chest and back, thereby saving Louisiana for God, family, and mom’s Apple pie, can I have a round of applause for America?

Upon seeing the video(s), the governor of Louisiana distanced the state from the proceedings by dumping the entire mess into the lap of the Justice Department, which is where it was heading anyway, five officers were killed in Dallas in retribution, and, yet again, the nation divided itself into two camps, the white, and the not so white, and of course the liberals who are more of an eggshell white. Obama came to Dallas and gave a lecture on slavery. Attacks, and attempted attacks on police have skyrocket across the country, and even police stations aren’t safe as it becomes open season on the thin blue line.

While I support the police, and certainly do not advocate a society without them, the events in Baton Rouge were stupid. One strand of logic says that we should never resist police, but only of late has such disobedience carried a death sentence. Indeed, I, myself, put my hands out of my car when pulled over for a routine raffia stop. How did we get there? If our society has become so dysfunctional that we are treated as Taliban for the smallest infraction maybe we need to change societies.

This behavior has been cultured for years, and it will take years to turn it around. No one law, no gun control, and Black Lives Mattering will fix this. The best innovation ever has been the cell phone camera, which brutally displays the truth for millions of YouTube addicts to screen. Nothing can diminish the sight of Alton Sterling dying, arms outstretched, with his gun still in his pocket. Meanwhile, America charges down the rabbit hole dug by race baiting opportunists, and it ain’t no fun when the rabbit’s got the gun!

The Dogs of War

Again the dogs or war are howling at the door. As I said previous, the 60’s were laced with rumors of an impending “race war.” As Watts burned, and the Democratic National Convention disintegrated into a street brawl, we were all entertained by the general decent into a grand exposition of how to set back human development a few decades in one year. Now, we are, yet again, in the midst of the battle between the “haves” and the “have nots.” And, it’s always the same. You take people who seemingly have no hope, add in a few food stamps with a liberal dose of democrats, and you get “Poo Poo Stew!” Bon appetite!
I began a study this past weekend of recent events concerning police actions, and the facts about shootings. One part of that study was this, and I suggest you watch that video. I also came across this video, and while not as scholarly as the fist, does make some profound points, and draws logical conclusions. Doc Greene made observations about what he believes is the prime motivation for our current predicament. You can review that here, and I strongly recommend you do. I drew several conclusions from this study.

First, and foremost we must define “war.” The very word, “war” implies a difference of opinion which has progressed beyond the negotiation table to a more “direct” solution. War is actually a huge audit of resources in which the person, or persons with the most walks away with the spoils. The reason it’s called spoils of war is the simple fact that no one really wins a war, only survives. The last man standing must always keep a wary eye on those on the opposing team who might be sitting, but are not quite dead yet.

Most of us view the field of battle from a classical sense i.e. armies line up and commence blowing each other’s brains out until there is only one brain left, thereby designating the “winner,” which simply means that person was incredibly lucky, or had a very small head. This idea belies the current situation. In this war the person, or group that can disrupt the most gets the most views on YouTube, the most attention from the main stream media, and the most contributions from guilt infected liberals hiding behind the walls of their gated communities, however there is another most significant factor. The disruption of the society.

Like it, or leave it, any civilized society simply must have protection from those set upon disassembling said society for their own political agenda. This is the attack we are currently experiencing today. In any organization there is a majority that will generally do what is required to support the group effort, and go by the rules. Then, there are those who break away and march to their own drummer. With the police there is a “thin blue line” that officers will stay behind and protect their own. Organizations such as Black Lives Matter capitalize on the detractors rather than the over all group when they attack police. As the fervor grows the adherents to the philosophy of the BLM group very quickly forget that the police are there to protect them from themselves. The more radical elements in the movement are emboldened to launch even more violent and public attacks, which only feed the fire of violence, causing the liberals to scamper for cover, and the police in turn to become even more defensive, which . . .well, you can readily see where this is going.

In my opinion, we did indeed enter a state of war this past weekend. America, as we know it, has not the ability, nor the will to engage this elusive shadow army as it destroys everything in sight, however, I must submit that while the war started in Texas, it will most certainly end there! For years I have referred to Texas as a “defacto republic.” Now let me define that. While much has been written about secession, the simple fact remains that Texas has never actually joined the USA. It has always considered itself to be somewhat different, somehow removed from the general land mass we know of as America. In peaceful times this is an amusing oddity, but in times of peril it becomes a very real factor in that grand audit we call “war.” While the Americans wring their hands before Washington, Texas is arming, and preparing to defend itself, and do not be fooled, this is happening as I write this. For all the federal “authorities” running profiles, and talking into their sleeves, there are up to two million Texans, black, white, brown, and yellow who are checking their magazines, and securing their families.

As America struggles to regain its legs you may very well see Texas secede. The logic is simple. If the US, for all its pomp and circumstance cannot defeat a street gang why should we expect any help when they come here and attack OUR police for what someone did in Louisiana. Not our circus, not our clowns! Dogs of war? What do you do with a big angry dog? You hit them with a big angry stick, and it runs yelping BACK to New York! I call for all Texans, regardless of your color, religion, sexuality, or beliefs to come together. If we do not, these Nortes will destroy us. They have burned their own nation down, and now they want what we have. We can decide where to pray, who gets the kids, and what restroom to use after we put the dogs of war in the dog pound!



Shots Fired

Shots FiredIMG_2467! Last night I had plans of doing an article this morning about the event in Minnesota. I had watched the Facebook live feed several times, and was particularly taken by the woman being forced to her knees crying out about the whereabouts of her daughter after her boyfriend had been killed during a routine traffic stop. I planned to rip and tear at the police there, and compare them with the steady eye of Wyatt Earp. After last night in Dallas, you will never see that article.

Black Lives Matter does about as much good in relaxing racial tension in this country as throwing gasoline on a fire. If you will note, the march in Dallas was a peaceful one. That doesn’t surprise me. Last year, when we had the “swimming pool” scandal, complete with a pretty teenage girl in a yellow swimsuit, agitators, who came down from Chicago to orchestrate the event, saw their plans for anarchy evaporate in the Texas sun as the local teens showed more interest in summer break than sitting in the street disrupting traffic. During the Ferguson flap no Texas cities were burned, and there were no repercussions after the death of Sandra Bland. Texans simply don’t do that no matter what color they are.

Texas DID have an active KKK in time past. We have fought wars on our own ground, lived through Bonnie and Clyde, Indian raids, Waco (twice) Charles Whitman, Luby’s and Fort Hood. We are well seasoned in Tom Foolery. It is fashionable to point at Texans, the guns, the hats, the music, and allude to the population being a form of Neanderthal. What you saw in Dallas last night will show you that you need us Neanderthals!

When a Muslim kills, and Donald Trump raises the option to oust all Muslims, there is always an outcry from organizations such as C.A.I.R. citing that one person does not define an entire people. I’ll guarantee you that before the day is over you will hear Hillary Clinton suggesting that the best solution to last night’s event will be to disarm America, and most especially Texas! I want you to know that when the shots rang out last night one protester, a black Texan, immediately surrendered his AR-15 to an officer, showing he was not involved, and was not a danger. Please further note that the Dallas officer did not shoot the man, who was carrying the rifle as a demonstration of his second amendment rights, and a visual protest to the shooting of the man in Minnesota.

During the last eight years the dividing line between black and white has grown more solid. I’ve seen, and heard things that I haven’t seen or heard since I was a child in 1950’s Louisiana. Groups such as Black Lives Matter cause events that funnel people into the streets, and money into the pockets of the organizers, but they overlook one simple fact. The majority of Americans simply want to be left alone, and allowed to go about their lives in peace. They long for the day when they can teach their children that if they become lost, find a police officer, and he/she will get them home.

There will be no “race war.” In the 60’s the term “race war” was always in the air, while the bulk of America punched the time clock and went on about their business. While the image of the fire hoses still comes to mind, last night police officers died . . . protecting black protestors! Shots fired! I have a dream. I have a friend, Kent Frank’s. He’s black, and, yes, he’s a Yankee. He comes from the same era that I do. I want to meet him one day. I want to fly him to Austin and take him to a bar and grill I frequent on 6th street. My friend will not be in any danger. He will enjoy the Austin nights the same as anyone else, and maybe, just maybe, the sound of “shots fired” will become fainter, and fainter, until music is all we hear.