I get into a little light religion here and there, and really enjoy going on YouTube and watching the denominations tear each other up. On The Eighth Day God Made Texas was a little jab at a guy I caught trying to tear the Salt Lake City Temple down brick by brick.

Ah So! was actually a much older article, but the song has remained so much the same I just dusted it off and threw it up. Saw a Chinese billionaire today, as a matter of fact, and yet again wonderer, didn’t these people used to be communist?

I drew Scared from the fact that most people are scared of the government. You simply can’t watch Lavoy Finicum, Ruby Ridge or Waco (2) and not be scared. We’ve become a nation of people trying to keep our heads down. With the upcoming rally in North Texas on June 4th, security is a major concern because no one really knows what the BLM is going to do. These people make up the rules as they go along, and will shoot you on the side of the road! Scared! Yeah, good title.

What We Burn In Our Crazy Mind goes back to my theory that the government us useless.  I can’t name one time in my life that I’ve seen the government successfully carry out anything. And SECRETS? Clinton couldn’t carry out a date with the secret service on the lookout for the wife!

Every now and then one takes inventory. With a writer that involves getting up one morning and believing that they’ve never produced anything in their life worth a flip. Stripes was such an inventory. John Lennon had his moment right before he wrote “Nowhere Man.” After that dark moment you really should chart a course of action, hopefully one that works. Consequently, here you are reading this article. In the words of Billy Joe Shaver, “I sold some songs in Memphis, sold one in LA too. I’ve sold some songs in Austin, sold songs in Austin too. Unless I miss my guess folk, Ima sell this song to you.”

As soon as I pulled my head out of my little pity party my sense of humor returned, and I picked the funniest bunch of screw ups I could find to break out; The Federal Reserve. I’d actually just read a very informative article on this, but it was too wordy for Texas so I just boiled it down to My Business Plan. I had to come up with a good picture so I picked a pimp. I used a white pimp so the libtards couldn’t call me a racist.

The week wound up with I Don’t See No Trump Train. I was rather amused by Ted Cruz choosing a running mate the day after picking himself up off the mat. I’ll never understand politics. Donald Trump is putting the wood to the establishment and he’s establishment! The election is gonna be “Yuge!”


I Don’t See No Trump Train

IMG_2791Little political analysis here. Tuesday night Donald Trump stomped a mud hole in Ted Cruz’s butt, and walked it dry. Yeah, that’ll do it. Pretty much sums it up. And what does Cruz do? Why he names some dropout to be his running mate. In Nashville there is a saying. When two weak songwriters get together they produce a weaker song than either one of them could do individually. Clueless Cruz. Elvis didn’t do no drugs! Update that to 2016. I don’t see no Trump train.

Trump took a couple of good hits in Iowa and Utah.  That’s because Cruz knew the political game and played it well. Trump is not a politician, which is why people are flocking to him. Now, if you listen to the main stream media Donald Trump is the most despised man in the country. But them people just keep voting, and voting, and voting.

Trump is learning. Remember when I told you about his Southern Strategy? Well, I was spot on. Now look at the eastern seaboard. Do you think he didn’t use that same plan there, because if you don’t have I got a bridge for you, and it’s on sale! There are much smarter people than me who cite things like “contested conventions,” and delegate counts, but let me ask you…is that the will of the people? Then there is the reminder that the Republican Party is a private organization and can run their cigar store any way they like, but let me ask you again; if the candidates opposing each other are picked by such a system, is that the will of the people?

“Oh, Wilbur, you just don’t understand how politics work.” Ok, I’m not versed, but then neither is Rocko in Philly, Bubba in Austin, or Lin Chang in San Francisco, but you know what, we’re the people! We’re not worried about the rulesl. We just want someone  to count the votes, and the guy (or gal) with the most WINS! The Republican Party is exposing itself for the snobbish men’s club that it actually is. They are so far removed from their constituents that they could be in China. And the main stream media chiming in with their cover to support the illusion. Elvis didn’t do no drugs, and they can’t see the Trump Train while they’re sitting right on the tracks!

          When Patriots Die

When patriots dieFor taking a stand

And terrorists go free

I don’t understand. 
Man says he’s a woman

And everyone cheers

But the the cries from Benghazi 

Fall on deaf ears. 
Kid reads a Bible

And teachers swear

While the rest of the class

Bows in Muslim prayer. 
When government land

Is all you can see

I’ll tell you quite frankly

Makes no sense to me. 
Call me a redneck

Call me a fool

Make fun of my accent

My hat and my boots. 
Want to see proof

That it’s all gone to far?

Just don’t pay your taxes

See who you’re real owners are!

My Business Plan


Gave a lot of thought this weekend in developing a business plan. Some way to gain a little coin without being encumbered by rules, and regulations such as would inhibit the profitability of such a venture. I studied many models, and theories, even watched one of them info-mercials where some guy in a pool out in Arizona somewhere told me that if I just cashed in my 401K and send it to him that I could get a cruise to Mexico. I gave that some thought, but I’ve been to Mexico and decided against it.

Anyway, I finally developed a model that seemed to fill the bill. I’m going down to Walmart today, and I’m going to buy me one of those state of the art printers. You know, one of them super high tech, WiFi gadgets that will print from my iPhone, TV, just about anywhere I want. Then I’m going to Staples and buy me the best paper I can find. You know, the cotton stuff. I am bringing all this back home and put my plan in action.

I’m going to start by printing me up a couple billion dollars. I will sell these dollars to local businesses who need spot cash, and of course charge for the service, toner costs money you know. Now for regular customers I’ll charge accordingly, but like, crack dealers, folks like that, we’ll cut a special deal, and of course I won’t spread the word on all these deals, we’ll just keep it between us. I’ll need a new car, so I’ll just print up some cash for myself and run down there and buy it on credit. See how that works? I got the cash, but I won’t spend it, I’ll just show it to them, and then default on the loan. If they get all uppity about it, I’ll just show them more cash, spread the wealth a little, and keep the car. This will create a debt that will bankrupt the car lot, but no matter. Another customer!

If the police get involved then I’ll just tell them that they have no authority over me, and that’s because I’ll be printing money for the whole city council, and they’ll be so far in debt to me that the police will just have to take a number and go home. Oh, if they need, like, bullets or such, then I’ll be happy to help them out, and that’ll work right in because when the people I don’t hold up get all concerned, and start to have what you call citizen’s action groups, I’ll just sic the cops on them, and they’ll go right away.

Had to come up with a name for this conglomeration. Something catchy, official sounding, and elusive. I couldn’t come across like the out and out criminal that I am, I mean selling folks paper that’s absolutely worthless. After much consideration I came up with a name. I’ll just call it The Federal Reserve. Yeah . . . that ought to work.  How do ya’ll like my business plan?

Conspiracies Anyone!

Conspiracies Anyone?
                                                         by Wilbur Witt
     There was a tweet on Infowars today pointing out that one of their reporters had been blocked, apparently by Secret Service, from asking questions at a certain press conference concerning the bombings. Again we have the idea that the government is some vast conspiracy machine grinding out plots and misinformation to the public. Now, I’m not saying they don’t have their little secrets but what I am saying is their scuttlebutt doesn’t amount to much. 
     Look at your average government employee. Rule number one; people who seek out government jobs do so by and large because they a) can’t cut the mustard in the private sector and b) they will give up a lot of earning potential for job security. This does not apply to the military or police who generally exhibit a level of professionalism of the first degree and are truly dedicated to their jobs. No, this is people who earn a law degree and go to work for a salary simply because they don’t have the ass to hang out a shingle and find clients. 
     These people shake and quake at each budget hearing, and will cover their butts every chance they get. There’s your conspiracy, folks. “If they find out how stupid I really am I may have to find a JOB!” This is why two losers can set off bombs, this is why 19 hijackers can get on a plane. This is why Mexicans have a traffic jam jumping the fence in the California desert. These employees will never give you a straight answer. Now take a look at the other side of the coin, the conspiracy buffs. Alex Jones, a self actuating, intelligent, determined individual who created his own market, found a way to make money at it, and is way smarter than say, Eric Holder. Y’all remember Eric, right. Gives guns to the drug cartel to see if they will use them. Or like Hillary, the lady who can’t seem to send the MPs to an embassy that’s under attack, a decision a corporal doing CQ at Fort Hood could have made over a cup of coffee. Folks like that. We used to call them dumb-asses, but with the Patriot Act I don’t know if that’s allowed anymore Then, when they finally bow out they are lavished with speeches on what a wonderful public servant they were. Jumping Jesus on a Stick! 
     And these are the people giving updates on major events. Now, they can’t admit that basically they got bamboozled by a couple of punks with “Terrorist” stenciled on their asses, they have to come up with a cover story that will make them look like super sleuths and explain how they saved us all by solving the crime of the century, which they didn’t do, an old man checking his boat called the cops and THEY caught Osama II! Thank God these “Public Servants” aren’t up against John Dillinger!  
     The bottom line is if you are anxiously waiting to see how this vast government conspiracy will play out go to Starbucks instead, you’ll get more out of it. They will muddy the water as much as they can and you will see it all fizzle out because people with law degrees that seek out government jobs can’t complete anything! If they could then they would be in an office in New York, or Austin doing divorces, wills, and bankruptcies. I watch them every day and they remind me of an old Richard Pryor joke. “…been talking thirty minutes, ain’t said shit!”
     We seriously need to get a government. We really need some people involved who aren’t worried about being politically correct and just concern themselves with being politically RIGHT! I have to ask you, and work with me here, what would happen if on Monday the Government just shut down, went out of business and the states had to worry about themselves? If this thought excites you then you are part of the solution. If this scenario frightens you then you are part of the problem! Think about that.

What We Burn in our Crazy Minds


The prophet, John Fogarty once said, “What we burn in our crazy minds.” With this in mind, last night I must have sat through four hours of various conspiracy theories concerning the Boston Bombings. Like layers of an onion, as I peeled back each part more complexity was exposed. I shared a lot of this on my Facebook page. The people behind this have a whole vocabulary that goes with the show. Things like, “New World Order,” and “Drills,” and “False Flags.” They fit their scenarios together like pieces of a vast mental puzzle. With the bombings, the running theory is that the two bombers were embedded CIA operatives who were sacrificed for the purpose of forwarding more power shift toward Obama, and the proliferation of gun control. Since they used pressure cookers, shouldn’t we have pressure cooker control? The mother and aunt and father have all come out ranting and raving about this, complete with those horrible Russian accents, and the “alternative” media is lapping that up like hound dogs on spilled gravy. One theory even tied the Boston bombing with the event in Waco. The guy continually looks into the camera and repeats, “Fertilizer?” He obviously has never blown stumps on a ranch. Yeah kid, fertilizer!      Then the surviving bomber scribbles on a pad the he and his brother did the attack all by themselves with no help, no finance, and no problems with the FBI, police, or even the zoning commission. They picked the marathon because it was in the STREET! No doubt the conspiracy theorists will respond with the idea that the kid is protecting his comrades so that they can continue the fight. Yeah, right!  Ok, first off this kid is a pot head. Look at him. This little nerd crawled right out of a yellow submarine and followed his lunatic, religious nut brother to hell. The theorists claim the FBI, CIA, whomEVER was feverishly trying to kill this punk. I personally have never seen a more restrained bunch of cops in my LIFE!  What, with robots, helicopters, and heat seeking cameras, I personally would have lobbed a REAL grenade in there, collected the pieces, bought the guy a new boat and called it a day.     I have a theory, and a prejudice. In my life I have never seen our government successfully carry out anything. I mean look at it. We couldn’t invade Cuba, could conduct a burglary that a crackhead could pull off, and couldn’t get a favor from an intern with the secret service watching for the wife at the door! Now, if you want to be alarmed about the government? Well, there you are. Now, under Obama they are proving they can’t add, can’t slap a fat kid in Korea, and can’t negotiate the price of a call girl in South America. I learned how to do that in Mexico in the tenth grade! We catch fish off Alaska, send them to China to pay the interest on our debt, who in turn, bring the fish right back to us and sell them to McDonald’s. We import avocados from Mexico, covered with dung, while thousands of acres of them bake in the sun of Southern California. All of this courtesy of the federal government!  They are STUPID!     The congress and senate are as useless as them things hanging off a boar hog, and the Supreme Court, OMG, don’t get me started, we would do better letting rulings be handed down by Judge Roy Bean. You begin to understand why we here in Texas just want to leave. I’m not going to say anything about Obama because if you criticize him you’re labeled a racist so I’ll just say he has a white dude for vice president.

If our government could pull off one conspiracy, just one, I would feel more secure. Maybe invade Indonesia, after a major quake and tsunami, and WIN the war, then I would feel a whole lot better. But don’t hold your breath. We have to beat them Arabs who presently are holding their ground with pipe bombs and fried goat before we can even think about taking on any country as formidable as say . . . Mexico!     And the conspiracy buffs are all up in the air about the law passed allowing this same bunch of Keystone Cops to spy on the Internet. Don’t worry about it. I’m sure they’ll do that job with the same fervor they had when they checked out these two kids who were constructing LAND MINES in their freaking DORM ROOM! And when you watch a conspiracy theory pay close attention to what they are selling. That’s right, they have ads. They sell everything from packaged food to how-to books on hiding in a hole in the ground. Follow the money, folks. Just follow the money.     The strength of America is not the government, it’s the people! If the government would just get out of the way and let the American people work we’d all be a lot better off. Forget about the FED, get Fed UP! Look at it, folks. On what planet does Hillary and Sanders even think about being president? That’s like making El Chapo the school nurse. Most people are like sheep, and will follow the sheep dog, but remember, there’s always a black sheep. Or is he president. What we burn in our crazy minds.



Scared. I want ya’ll to write that down ‘cause there’s gonna be a quiz later. Scared dictates a lot of things that people do. I’ve said it before, and I’m gonna say it again, Texas is in fact a republic, a “de-facto” republic. Back in World War II just because Hitler invaded France, and put his troops in there, that did not mean that France was not a republic. France was a republic under occupation. Texas has been under occupation since 1865. We had special laws passed against us because they thought that our ability to carry a gun might lead back to the Republic of Texas. They have been scared of us in America ever since.

The scared part comes in like when we show up down in Austin to do these rallies with speakers driving in, and you get down there, and you get thirty-five or forty people. We’re all sitting around wondering well, what’s going on here?  What’s going on is people are scared. Right now at the Republican convention in Texas there is going to be an effort to put in a plank on the platform to ask how many people would like the opportunity to vote and voice their opinion of the secession issue. Now, I’d like to point out you can call us “nuts” or “fringe” but four years ago they wouldn’t let us in the door, and now we’re in the door, and actually going to have a vote.

The general population, getting up and going to work every morning is not thinking about seceding from the United States, they don’t even understand it, but you would think that with a rally in Austin that they’d show up just to see what we look like, see what’s going on, but the problem is that they’re scared. This is what’s happened in the United States. Waco, Ruby Ridge, things like that have put people on point. Where ten or twenty years ago you’d see a Department of Public Safety officer walking around the grounds you’d think nothing about it, he’s supposed to be there, but now, with the events of the last two to four years attitudes have changed and people are scared. Take your average nerd in Austin on a Saturday with nothing to do, and hears there’s going to be a rally at the Capitol and they wonder what’s going on. Now, if it’s a bunch of Mexicans dancing they run down and join the party, but if it’s a bunch of Texas Nationalists giving speeches about seceding, well, they get scared. No one wants to show up and watch the arrests, and all the other nonsense that goes with them.

But, Texas is a republic. Just because we’re occupied doesn’t mean it’s not. We’re beginning to act like a republic with things like our gold bullion, our emphasis on our borders, and our attracting people to Texas. We have to protect our borders, the United States doesn’t give a flip. The droves of people coming here because of the quality of life, the climate, and economic factors opinions are being formed. When someone first gets here they think that Texas is just like any other state, but it’s not, it is a functioning republic.

Will we be able to secede? No. I don’t think that short of an armed conflict that the United States will ever let us secede from the Union. Can we in fact be a different part? Well, we in fact are. Texas is different. Ruby Ridge, Waco, and LaVoy Finicum have reminded us that the government will do anything to maintain power. Ignore the constitution, ambush, burn, anything. I was watching last night as an engineer explained how the top fifteen floors on the World Trade Center could not possibly collapse the entire building. On another video I saw building seven erupt in explosions as it, too, pancaked to the ground, and that, people, is the length your government will go to in order to maintain power. There are sinister elements within the American Federal government, and those sinister elements are there to maintain power.

Texas, believing that borders matter, all borders, even those between us and the US, and that is a stumbling block to those who would erase those borders in their quest for a new world government. Texas has more oil than all other counties in the world combined except Russia. We’ve got cattle, tech, climate, people, economics, and God knows we have all the Mexicans, and that is a big stumbling block for the power brokers in New York and Washington. They want to infiltrate Texas and turn it into “CalTex.” California was a beautiful place, beautiful people, everybody wanted to be there. These same people who have set their sights on Texas went in there, and it’s still a beautiful place, but it’s not California anymore. It’s a joke now. Texas has a way of sitting back, watching someone screw up, and making sure that we don’t go down that same path.

We are not a bunch of rednecks, or fools. We have education, people, resources, enterprise, we have all these things in Texas! If you want to know how stout we are, how’d that Ebola work out for you? The world was coming to an end, the religious nuts were citing the Book of Revelation, and all of the sudden there weren’t no more Ebola! That’s because it came to Texas.

But, people are scared. The fact is that if ten thousand people showed up at a rally in Austin then the power brokers would be scared. You can arrest a man, but you can’t arrest a battalion. Power is inherent in the people! If you have a bunch of people saying this is the way it is then that’s the way it is! The power flows up from the people. This enema called the American Federal Government is an inversion of the way the constitution was laid out.

It’s not going to be easy. There will be more Ruby Ridges, there will be more LaVoy Finicums, but one day those people will show up, and then the illuminati will be scared. We Texans have proved two things of the last two hundred years or so. We are the people who will back up in an old church and shoot at you, and we can’t count to five thousand.