Car 54 Where Are You?

Gyasi Hughes has now gone down in the history book for being the latest citizen who was served and protected. It seems that another student in Round Rock had “liberated” Hughes football googles, and when the sophomore went to retrieve them a fist fight ensued. Wow! Never saw that coming. Lord knows I never saw a fight back in Killeen High School in my day. Anyway, here comes Tootie and Muldoon to assess the situation. They talk to the kid, he picks up his backpack, and one of the officers reaches to hold his arm, whereupon the student touches the officer’s arm, and, well, you know the rest. Kid’s lucky to be alive! They grab him by the throat, knock his glasses off (that’s right, glasses) and pin him to the floor.
Now, I’ve heard all the stuff about the danger of being a cop, and as you know I support law enforcement, but c’mon! Fourteen year old kid, folks. Officers claim they were trying to “calm him down.” He was the victim, idiot! Here we are again with this “training,” vs “common sense.” I do understand that a fourteen year old black kid with glasses and a back pack is intimidating, but frankly his body count was quite low that day. As a matter of fact, in all respect, the kid looked goofy. Class nerd kinda guy. Even his glasses weren’t cool.
Of course the Round Rock Police Dept. in concert with the sheriff, the school, the garbage man and all the teachers will do a most excellent job of CYA (they expelled the kid.) I can’t even find the names of the cops so I’ll just call them Twiddle Dum, and Twiddle Dee. My question to you is what would have happened if these two jelly rolls came up on a real butt whipping? Some kid who is a linebacker and threw one of them across the hall? Oh, my bad, they would have killed him. We’re lucky Hughes stopped resisting, but then, that’s what you do when you get your glasses knocked off and your face pushed into a concrete floor. Kinda takes the romance out of the whole thing.
Not all cops are bad, and we can’t judge the whole barrel by one bad apple. You ever open a barrel of apples with one bad one in it? What you have is one percent of the cops are bad and the other ninety-nine percent are covering up for him. And there’s nothing we can do about it. Tell me, when a patrol car pulls up behind you do you feel protected and served, or do you try to not look at them and keep your hands on the wheel in plain sight? Car 54 where are you? Right behind you there is a pistol, a shotgun, a tazer, two knives, handcuffs and a jelly donut. Oh, I’m sorry, two donuts, these guys run in packs. Poor Hughes. He should have just brought a clock to school.

Simple Ol’ Boy From Austin


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