Wailing and Gnashing of Teeth

The liberal left is amazed at Donald Trump’s rise in the polls, but it’s so simple. While the liberals have been repeating lies for six years, and Americans have had to eat them someone came along and simply said what we all believe. I shot down the race card tactic two days ago, and that in and of itself was ninety percent of the liberal argument. In all the bashing tweets that I got not one addressed any issues, not one. They zeroed in on Trump’s border comments and never even gave a tip of the hat to the fact that we need to have the same border security that all countries enjoy. Well, libtards, the party is OVER! You got your gay marriage, you got to wreck the healthcare system, and you killed more babies than two world wars. You can run along now, we’ll deal with you later, and we WILL deal with you!

If Trump doesn’t lose heart he’s going to blitz Hillary and send her home to await charges. People who don’t even like him will vote for him just to watch the fun. Can you just imagine people waving their ObamaPhones in the air, looking for a signal that’s no longer there? And liberals are all going to have to answer for their sins. There is going to be wailing, and gnashing of teeth when it all comes down because they’re going to have to go to work! As the outrage of the American people gains momentum good people will rise, and the retribution on gays, baby killers, and invaders will be terrible. The great social experiment has failed. Obama will be on the next flight back to Kenya.

People have been afraid to even speak out. That was Donald’s main gift to the American people, he spoke up! The Liberals have controlled the media, controlled the White House, controlled the courts for so long that they have created the illusion that they are a majority. Well they’re NOT! WE ARE! Look around, look at your family, would YOU kill a baby? Do you want your children or grandchildren to grow up to be gay? Do you really want to give up all hope of self defense? Of course you don’t! And liberals call us “racists!” Well, we ARE! We’ve learned to be racist about liberals over the last six years. The very idea of SCOTUS licensing sodomy. And turning the Alamo over to the UN . . . are you KIDDING me? Tearing down the Confederate flag, and running the Rainbow flag up to replace it. And THAT’S not racism? Wailing, and gnashing of teeth.

And it’s gonna be FUN! When you see a gay march, and the people show up and march BACK! When rioters start burning and looting and the PEOPLE show up with baseball bats. When a president goes through the White House door and does what he says he’ll do! America will rise. The border will be secure because people will know that it STANDS for something. Right now they look at America and all they see homosexuals and weak legislators. They think that’s US! Well that’s NOT us. The rancher in West Texas . . . that’s us. The stock broker on Wall Street . . . that’s us. The wine maker in Temecula, California . . . THAT’S US!

China’s stock market crashed yesterday, did you know that? Game over! They never had an economy anyway. Greece went broke. So what. Charge a buck to see the Parthenon. Get over it. Some thug got capped for assaulting a police officer. Good shot! Pablo hanging limp on the fence between Texas and Mexico. That’s not sex, but it’s damn close! And the majority of Americans agree with these things. They’ve just bought into the liberal lies. . . until a man stepped up last week and said, “Enough!” And it was enough. And the people cast their eyes toward the White House, and behold, the Emperor had no clothes! And began the wailing, and gnashing of teeth.


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