Al Sharpton, Social Pimp!

I’ve just about had my fill of race baiting opportunists like Al Sharpton! Am I the only one who sees this guy for what he is? He would have to stand on his mother’s shoulders to kiss Dr. King’s butt! He is an ignorant, racist, tax evading hypocrite! And he portrays himself as as being a man of the cloth! He is the only man I know that Mother Theresa would kick in the groin.

Ok, the cops are out of control. We ALL know that! We get busted up down here innTexas for carrying a BANANA in a holster! Al Sharpton is so “concerned” about black lives, yet I haven’t seen him carry ONE sign in front of an abortion clinic. The organized genocide of millions of black people and he totally MISSED that! Heck no! He’s too busy flying here and there stirring up a bunch of kids, and getting THEM killed so he can continue to pass the “love” offering. And he IS a racist! Quanum X defends ALL people oppressed by the system. Al Sharpton only shows up where he can stir up a riot up and pick up some cash on his way out of town.

You take people’s jobs away, put them on the dole, feed them Hip Hop lies, send in an incendiary like Al Sharpton, and then stand back in snake amazement when the whole thing blows up! This is my surprised face. He makes a lot of money! A lot! Do you really think this social pimp does anything for nothing? He is the epitome of the jokes Richard Pryor used to make about Black Preachers.

What’s the cure for Al Sharpton? Common sense! Education. I saw a black student actually say that Dr. King freed the slaves. THESE are the people who put Obama in office people! There will not be a huge public backlash against you rioters. Society has moved BEYOND you. You are still living in Al Sharpton’s 1950 version of America. He’s not creative enough to write his own ideology so he plagiarized old, rusty routines from the distant past. The only cotton he ever picked was that freshly pressed Arrow shirt he took out of his closet this morning in his million dollar house NOT in Harlem. Dr. John David Manning DID get up in Harlem this morning and went right to work addressing black on black crime, gay marriage, and abortion because HE is a man of God! Am I the only one who sees this?


No Tickee No Laundry

About three days ago I did an article of great social and political importance. All fired up about civil disobedience, and how the police were getting what was coming to them, and the times, they were a changing! Well, I ran out of whiskey, and took a step back. Ok, homeboys, your time in the barrel!

Let’s look at the three biggest Al Sharpton hits of the last five years. Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, and the late, great Freddie Gray! Now just what do these guys all have in common? A) If Obama had a son he would look like them. B) They were on the way to the store to pick up some cigars, Skittles, or maybe a little CRACK, or C) All three were SCUMBAGS! I think the answer is C, but I’m just a simple old boy from Austin, so what do I know?

Black people! If you’re going to find a martyr, a little background check would be NICE! And this last cat, OMG! I grew up with a guy named “Jr” who was a HIT man and he didn’t have a rap sheet that long! How did this guy stay out of jail for five minutes? And one other thing they all have in common: Death By STUPID.” Martin punches a Mexican in the nose who is packing. I know, I know, he wasn’t a Mexican, but I’m from Texas so just deal with it, ok? Brown charges a cop AFTER he robs a store, AND slaps said cop in the mouth, and Gray is selling crack on main street DOZENS Of times and gets PINCHED! Yeah, yeah, yeah, they broke his neck. Maybe shoulda stayed in the crack house. You think?

All three times black folk lost their collective minds, spilled out into the street, and lit up the neighborhood. Not all black folk, just the ones who had a lot of time on their hands. Little Alex Hill got killed by the CPS down here in Texas, and didn’t even get a nose thumb from Obama orJack in the Sharp, but then she was only two years old and she was white, and I suppose that means something.

They pour into the streets in righteous indignation and loot! I saw one looter sprinting away with a four pack of paper towels. There’s your next martyr! Y’all swat them bees now, you hear? Back in my day our looters stole TV sets! And looters out in LA can get DOWN! When they strike a match the fuzz don’t even show up for work! Ah, the good old days. But, I digress. I don’t know anything about Baltimore. I think it’s up in Maryland somewhere, but I KNOW Missouri! Missouri SUCKS! When I seen the fires light up in Ferguson I thought, “Good job!” But then, that’s just me. I humped equipment down in Branson one summer for Rodney Dilliard, and I hate every square INCH of Missouri!

Couple days ago I said I couldn’t find a solution for these riots. Well, I lied! I had a solution, but I was wimping out. Here it is. CONSTITUTIONAL
CARRY! WHOMP, Dey it is! You give a pistola to every mother’s son and just stand back and sell tickets! “Oh Wilbur! You’d just have the wild west.” DUDES! You GOT the wild west! I’m just trying to bring a new sheriff to town, that’s all. What do you suppose would happen if a bunch of rioters were on their way to burn down a laundry, and Fong Yong, his three daughters, two sons, and assorted cousins were all waiting down there armed to the gills? No tickee, no laundry! And don’t even trip over and jump on the Quickie Mart staffed with Omar and the boys. Seventy-two virgins any one?

Cops are real good at beating up a coed for jay walking, especially since are six of them and one of her, but they ain’t worth a FLIP when it comes to facing a crowd of drunk thugs. If the math’s not right the cops will opt for the donuts every time. (You cops can swat them bees, too!) It takes PEOPLE to inflict good crowd control. And guns. Lots of guns. I’ll bet I’ve got Mothers For Gun Sense In America puking in their little girl’s back right about now, but that’s ok. I’ll say one thing for sure. Cure for scumbags. Martin . . .CURED! Brown . . . CURED! Gray? Absolutely cured. But, Jesus loved ’em all. The rest of thinking Americans just think they were thugs! Is there anything I missed?

Where’s Justice?

I’m going for a different take on Baltimore. It’s going to surprise you. While not all policemen are bad cops, the media has been deluged with the images of brutality on almost a daily basis. Down here in Texas we have a problem getting people to show up for a rally. When patriots are arrested for sitting on the Capitol lawn we raise our mighty cell phones. Well, the people of Baltimore did a bit more.

Yeah, they’re thugs. Yeah, they’re looters, but that’s what it comes to sometimes. Twelve year old boy with a toy gun gets shot. Where’s the justice? Man in New York gets choked to death. Where’s the justice? Homeless man in Arizona, killed for turning his back, another in South Carolina SHOT in the back . . . WHERE’S THE JUSTICE? This day was coming when the police militarized. The moment they made the choice to serve and protect themselves this match was scheduled.

The rioters are a mob. Nothing productive can come of this, but how much can the people take? All the screaming, and brutality must stop. STOP RESISTING policemen! Else this will continue. There are ways to enforce the law withOUT shooting, tasing, or breaking backs! YOU ARE NOT THE LAW! There are more of US than there are of YOU, and it’s time you realized that.

The fires will die. The streets will calm, until another rouge cop decides to take the law into his own hands and then they will start right back up again. It’s time you understand the thin blue line is just that, thin! We, the public, are not the enemy. We are your employers. You serve and protect US!

That all having been said the politicians need to be on notice, too. There’s a battle outside that is raging. We’ll soon shake your windows, and rattle your walls. And behind the rioters are those of us who don’t burn, don’t steal, we change GOVERNMENT, and we’ll show you where justice is.

God Save the QUEEN!

The Clinton’s absolutely amaze me. Their criminal record would make Al Capone blush with shame. They’ve laundered more money than poor Al could ever imagine. Hillary gave RUSSIA a quarter of our uranium, and Bill is a paid for, professional liar. He makes Al Gore look good . All Gore did was try to slow down the rotation of the planet! of All that having been said, Liberal Democrats are falling over themselves to put this wench BACK in the White House! Like she didn’t do enough damage when she ran the country the FIRST time.If you or I pulled just ONE of her stunts we’d hope for parole sometime after 2076! All Martha Stewart did was sold some stocks on a bedroom tip.

Americans have given rise to a new royalty. Now, just ask yourself, where does royalty come from? I mean way back then they weren’t just born with a silver spoon in their mouth. Someone had to put it there. And, if you understand they just breathe and eat just like the rest of us then what puts them on a level far and above the average person? Well, to make a long story short, Royalty comes from being descended from the biggest thug. If Michael Brown had lived, he would have been royalty. Come to think of it, he IS!

You see, back in the day, Phillip MymouthwithPharts was a pretty good thief. He, and his band of not so merry men scoured the countryside, galloping hither and yon on their stolen horses taking whatEVER they needed to support the lifestyle they’d like to become accustomed to. Pretty soon you got a castle, and this biker gang that ran with Phillip are dubbed “knights.” But, you gotta have a title. Can’t go anywhere ‘cept you gots a title! Voila! KING Phillip is born!

He’s got crown, a throne, LOTS of fried chicken and oh, those knights. He no longer has to steal, why heck no! He just TAXES the beJesus out of anything that eats, sleeps, or works now, with the added bonus that it becomes patriotic DUTY to pay the King, and if you pay on time he will protect you . . . from the KNIGHTS! He comes upon this thing called a queen! Now ten years ago she was just the skinny girl with TWO dresses, but as QUEEN she is the epitome of womanhood. She is blonde, and beautiful. Long hair is a must. She never has to use the bathroom, and her breath smells like Carnation milk!

By and by, King Phillip and Queen Ima Witch conceive a child, immaculately, of course, and Prince I’m Endowed comes screaming into the world. Fast forward a thousand years or so, and you can easily see how this bunch of hoodlums can acquire some cash. The public has lost all memory of the origin of this cluster love in, and some even suspect the royal linage may trace back to Jesus Christ Himself! And they’ve been living, loving, and dipping anyone who disagrees with them in boiling oil. Can this all happen again in the modern age?

Well, I give you, the CLINTON’S! Lying, stealing, pimping, all of the above and the Liberal Democrats LOVE ’em! Hillary is so royal it’s ACCEPTED that she will be the next president. Kinda cool being the president elect before the first primary, now isn’t it? Why, I don’t even know why anyone should run against her. Let’s just not do that, and say we did. She galavants about the countryside making one asinine statement after another, and the huddled masses are lapping it up like puppies on a saucer of milk! I cant wait for all the Hollywood endorsements to come rolling in. Every royal court needs a jester, and Hollyweird has a BUNCH! And, don’t forget she’s got a kid, too! Think baby Clinton is going away? Au Contraire! Barring getting stuffed on a rocket and catapulted to the MOON, her bed is waiting in the White House. What she’ll probably do is champion some “cause.” Let’s see, what would be a good cause for an aspiring queen? I have it. The homeless transvestites of Albuquerque! That should be good for a hundred mil or so.

And, I know, I know, I can hear it now, “Oh Wilbur! America don’t got no Royalty. We split off from the King of England. We be a DEMOCRACY!” Look, boys and girls, if it walks like a duck quacks like a duck, and has pizza in the oval office with comely young interns, then it must be . . . a CLINTON! Normally at this point in the article I would put forth a solution, but this time is different. I can fix stupid, and the typical, red blooded, government cheese eating American voter is STUUUUUUUUPID! We’ll be lucky if they don’t make Hillary presidentess for LIFE! And they’ll run out into the streets on coronation, I’m sorry, inaugural day, and roll in it like a dog in a dead armadillo! Cake for EVERYONE! God save the Queen!

God Rest America!

America was a great experiment. A colony, founded by adventurous pioneers who braved an entire continent, formed a nation, and came to dominate the world with the idea of God given rights, small government, and a vision that inspired the world. Everything is born, grows old, and eventually dies. So it will be with America. In the beginning the opportunities were wide open. Immigrants crowded New York Harbor because being homeless in America beat all the other options anywhere else. Shucks, the cowboys were homeless. If a person had an idea, it could grow beyond their wildest dreams, be it a cotton gin, an automobile, or two guys in a garage in California who thought you should be able to carry a computer around in your pocket!

And the world took notice. People around the world began to accept the idea that America could work anywhere. Now, the American experience was unique. Look at it for what it was. The history of America wasn’t thousands of years old, and I don’t care who “discovered” America, be it Columbus, Eric the Red, the MORMONS, it doesn’t matter! When the Pilgrims set their mark on Plymouth Rock America was a clean slate. It all started THEN! Before long the conquistadors came from the south, the French, the Germans, the Chinese, all looking to contribute to the great experiment.

Other countries began to apply the American formula to their own situation. Karl Marx wrote his Das Kapital, but he was a man who never worked a day in his life and really knew nothing about the workers. His uncle was an industrialist and Marx never darkened the door of one of his factories to see one product hit the loading dock. He was like a fat man writing a book on proper diet. The Russians and Chinese don’t like to admit it, but they had to apply American capitalism in order to make it work!

America will not fall, it will dissolve, and reform. You will see the states assert their individual rights and then lines will be redrawn according to cultures, and regions, more logical than the artificial state boundaries we have today. One of these regions will be Texas. This is not the first time Texas has tried to enforce the American constitution as it truly is. We did it in 1836, 1861, and now. Like the American Dream, the Texas reinforcement of that dream will grow “legs” and Texas again will raise its head among the nations, and some folks can beat that dead horse all they want, but he still ain’t gonna eat no hay!

Don’t mourn for America. It did its job, fulfilled it’s purpose. An experiment has results. The theorem is either proven, or discarded. The result of the American experiment was simple. The government contributes nothing, the PEOPLE do! Government is but a voice of the people. When the voice of the people is ignored, or perverted, you get the tail wagging the dog every time!

“Accept it that soon you’ll be drenched to the bone, and you’d better start swimming or you’ll sink like a stone, because times they ARE a changing!” You won’t see a great collapse. You will see political extinction. You will just see the system realign, and begin to work again, just as it did before Lincoln “saved” the Union. The Confederates were right, they just went about it the wrong way. What would have happened if the south had NOT seceded, and not given Lincoln his war with over 600,000 dead, but instead just nullified his every move, turning his administration into a one hit wonder that made no difference at all? Slavery would have ended anyway. The Model T would still have been invented anyway, and Bill Gates would still be the richest man in the world.

Political landscapes change constantly. America is the people, not the government. America is an idea, a dream, not a huge bureaucracy bent on self perpetuation to the exclusion of all the citizens who pay its every growing bills, while it ignores them, and tries to impose its warped idea of “democracy” upon the world! An idea that would have gotten the plutocracy all tarred and feathered in 1776! THAT’S the America that was waiting for the immigrants on Ellis Island. THAT’S the dream that pushed the settlers to Texas, and Utah, and California, not this perversion of liberal bastardization that is presented to the world today. God REST America!

White Man CRAZY!

Truth and public perception, never the two shall meet! After the show on Rage Against The Regime last night I was doing a little light reading. I do that. I’ll fill up an ice chest with beer and read articles, news, watch a few videos, generally prime myself for the next day. Well, I came upon this WordPress blog titled, “The Most Lied About Man In History.”It explained how this poor guy had been maligned and lied about so bad it was a beyond belief. He was the gentlest, kindest, most loved humanitarian who ever lived. Just one notch under Jesus Christ! Pictures of him petting little lambs, smiling with little girls, and BIG girls, with people crowding him at every turn. Well, to make a long story short, it was about Hitler! Boys and girls, I had to have another beer!

I Crappith thee NOT! The article renamed the Holocoaust the “Holohoax” and purported the Germans were resettling Jews in Palestine, only to be end run by the evil Winston Churchill, at the behest of radical Zionists, forcing them to crowd the Jews in protective camps, like Auschwitz, where the poor Germans protected them from Allied bombing raids, and the likes of Josef Mengele worked day and night to keep them healthy until this could be resolved. After six beers and reading this article I began to like Hitler MYSELF! What you burn in your crazy mind!

Truth and perception! Anyone can build a case for anything. It goes right back to what I call “circles!” If you draw a complete mental circle there’ll be a bunch of idiots out there nodding their heads up and down like one of them little toy dogs on the dash of a “Cinco Cinco Chevy!” And so we have . . . I give you . . . Hilliary Clinton! Over the last few days I’ve seen a barrage of public statements she’s made covering everything from abortion to the weather, and it’s all NUTS! I thought all these high octane politicians had handlers telling them when to shut UP! Or has the American public become so perverse that she is actually spot ON? No WONDER the Muslims hate us. Then I stand back, and look at the likes of Dianne Feinstein and groups like “Moms for Gun Sense in America,” and I begin to think, 9,000,000 gay men can’t be WRONG!

You want to know the scary part? She can WIN! Look what we have in the White House right NOW! If that’s not the cart leading the horse then I’m not a white boy from Austin! And she’s UGLY! Even Wendy Davis could pass for a woman after a few drinks. I know Hilliary is a woman because she’s got a kid who is as ugly as she is. And if she wins we get BILL! Heck, why even have Obama move out of the White House, theres room enough. We’ll just have one big pot party in the Oval Office. The huddled masses that put her there will be dancing in the streets. They will have lots of time to dance because there won’t be any jobs! Somewhere there’s a wise old Indian chief, smoking his pipe, and watching all this, uttering the timeless phrase handed down by his people for generations. “White man CRAZY!”

Freedom of speech and other Edsels

So, what is free speech? Where does free speech end, or does it? While the first amendment assures the right to expound beliefs, does it give license to vulgarity, threats, or out right lies? The freedoms of speech, religion, press, and assembly are all tied together, and tied that way for a reason. People have a right to form a religion, and TALK about it. They have a right to write about it, and a right to get together as a group and talk, or to question the government.

All religions either actively or clandestine, seek to convert the world to THEIR understanding. The Romans were cool. They had hundreds of Gods, PICK ONE! I’m going right back to Wilbur’s rule of religion number one. “My invisible guy can lick YOUR invisible guy.” I’ve seen it all, written it all, and sold it all, but I have yet been able to define faith in the human condition. I’ve noticed that a lot of religious people take an event and try to fit their god into the mix. It’s easy to sit on the sidelines and ridicule, but there is no denying the inner peace that comes when all the pieces come together.

You cannot convert another person. Conversion must come from within. You must convince yourSELF! To have different faiths to meet and try to find middle ground is an oxymoron. If you have faith it goes to follow that you simply must believe that your faith is THE faith, so when two opposing faiths meet at the table . . . see where this will go? One side will scream, “Satan,” the other, “INFIDEL,” and not a drop of whiskey in the room!

But, there is still the issue of freedom of speech. Freedom of speech sounds good so long as it’s YOUR freedom of speech. Vernacular in the fifth ward of Houston is vastly different than the verbiage used at the Berry Creek Country Club. And freedom of speech does not automatically morph into freedom of actions. It’s perfectly fine to rant against America at some campus meeting, that does NOT give one permission to desecrate the flag, or insinuate violence to achieve your ends. A lot of Muslims lean heavily on our freedom of speech to forward their ideology, but don’t try to draw even a flattering picture of Mohammed. Perception plays a big part, too. A row of Muslim women, all decked out in religious garb feel very holy . . . they just look like clowns to Texans. I never look at them. I always worry that if I make eye contact I may have to marry their sister or something, and I really don’t want to see that tongue wagging thing down at HEB. I honestly can’t remember the last time I saw a pretty Muslim girl, but all you see is their nose, and it is quite large.

Assembly is important, too. Where is the dividing line between assembly and riot? Muslims make a lot of hay from that, too, but shouldn’t that apply to all people, like say, the Klan? “Oh Wilbur, the Klan is an extremist group of prejudiced people who want to impose their ideology on everyone else and even resort to violence to achieve their goal!” Extremist people doing extremist things. Hey, run over to Mecca, get a group together, and all meet over at the Kabba to recite the Lord’s Prayer! Better have some treasure laid up in heaven because you’re gonna NEED it!

And addressing the government. You can address the government all you want, but they are never going to get the letter. It this life, my friends, there are lead dogs, and the ones who follow, and when you’re not the lead dog the view never changes. People in power tend to hold onto power. They even admit now that “legal” language is vastly different from “language” language, and should you beat them at their own game they’ll just ignore it and go right on.

So where does freedom of speech stand? It DOESN’T! Freedom of speech is what the government allows you to say so long as you stay within certain guidelines drawn up by whomever is in power at the moment. Freedom of speech is only as powerful as the number of people who speak it. Our problem, as Americans is that we don’t speak out. When some group expounds their belief, and you don’t show up to rebuke, that means you agree, and yes, somebody’s gonna have to go to jail. Go tell it to C J Grisham. America is lost, but Texas can still be saved.

The Sausage Stand

If Mohammed’s whacked out religion had contained itself on the Arabian peninsula the world would be a lot better off. If all we ever saw of that culture was Ali Baba and the forty thieves and movies like “The Road To Morocco” no one would pay it any mind and they would just be a quaint people who rode camels and prayed a lot. I remember, as a child, on game shows like The Sixty-Four Thousand Dollar Question, people would routinely win vacations to the fantastic tourist sites along the coast there, and the hotels were extraordinary. Instead of old women in burquas being shot in the head, there were some of the most beautiful women in the world doing dances that could melt the wax off a Dixie Cup at one hundred yards.

The image I had of Islam up until 9/11 was if you lived by the precepts of the Qu’ran, and kept a clean life, you would naturally be successful and happy. I was kinda partial to the four wives thing, too, but I won’t go there. So what went wrong? What changed over booked hotels into rubble? Nothing! The hotels were an illusion. The smiling faces were masks, hiding the true nature of Islam from the Western world until they had pumped enough oil out of the desert to impose their real intent.

Now, this is not to say that every Muslim is a wild eyed terrorist with a bomb in a pressure cooker headed for a day care center. The guy working fourteen hours a day down at the Quickie Mart couldn’t care less about what ISIS is up to as he hands you your cigarettes through the drive through window. One thing that is different, however, is the undercurrent of disrespect for America, and what it stands for. Time was, as Ahmed squandered in the slums of Beirut, he had dreams of someday landing in New York, and starting a little shop somewhere in Harlem. Just getting there was only part of the dream. To work toward actually becoming an American was the ultimate goal. To be able to raise his hand for the first time, and pledge to the flag was something that inspired him because America was the land of opportunity. It was a place where he could stand equal to sheiks, under the law, where his rights were assured, and no one could just come into his house and take what they wanted. And that flag was the symbol of all that hope.

Do you remember the opening scene of “The Godfather?” “I believe in America! I came to America to make-a my fortune . . .” That was the dream of every Italian immigrant who ever sold sausages from a push cart on Mulberry Street. It was hard to get here, hard to get started, and hard to stay here. You think your life is hard? Go tell it to the Pilgrims! But, it was worth it. This was AMERICA! The immigrants held to their new country because the wanted above all to really belong! Slowly that pride began to erode. It evolved from a fond memory of the old country, and nodding respect to roots to a total rejection of American culture and an effort to impose the same failed plan that brought them here in the first place!

So what’s the difference between an Italian down on Mulberry Street, and a Muslim stepping on the flag on some Ivy League campus? ISLAM! The Italian’s religion is a few Hail Marys and a bottle of wine, and the Muslim submerges himself in Islam to the exclusion of everything else. They have this idea that there are no international borders, and there is only Islam as a “state.” If they can pervert our laws, use our own constitution against us, and terrorize us enough, they will be able to build the same septic tank here, that they had THERE, and the sheiks will be back!

We cannot allow this to happen. To stand idly by while some girl dressed in a tent, with a rag on her head spits on the flag must not be tolerated. Sure, a few of us are going to go to jail. Right now the statue of liberty is in jail, and no one is throwing down on her bail. Sure, we have made war. Sure we have imposed our interests, but if we are the great “Satan,” if we are so perverse, why do they come here in the first place. They HAVE a huge selection of other countries to choose from where a pretty girl can’t wear a swim suit. Go THERE! But WE have to stand up, people! From the banker in his plush office all the way down to DeAngelo selling his sausage, we have to let these usurpers know that this is STILL America and the ghosts of Ellis Island will not let us forget that. America is an idea. An idea build on the sweat and tears of generations of people striving for a better life. We are all immigrants. If you don’t have a feather in your hair you ain’t FROM here!

Islam is the only thing in the world that would make Al Capone look good. Even HE was glad to be here. And all this “black” thing? I noticed Al Sharpton has NOT made his reservations to return to the “old” country. He’s too busy having breakfast on Long Island somewhere. Our judges are idiots. Our police are storm troopers, and our colleges are managed by pseudo intellectuals who should never be allowed to be around children! And Islam is a cancer that only the strongest medicine will work! Stop worrying about THEIR rights. They lost them the second they put their first dirty foot on Old Glory. They have rejected America, and it’s damn well time we, as a people, that’s right, a PEOPLE, rejected THEM!

You Wan Meet My Seester?

Jade Helm is looming on the horizon. I want to examine this with a critical eye. There are two extreme positions. On the one hand the idea is out and out martial law, with closed Walmarts being used for detention centers and everyone from Tea Party activists to WWII vets are going to be rounded up. The loyal opposition, of course, claims that this is not true, and it’s all a training exercise designed to teach soldiers about urban warfare so they can patrol Iraq. The truth is somewhere in between. I have several questions. With Fort Hood, Fort Bliss and a whole freaking DESERT from El Paso to LA, why all this “hostile state” nonsense? But, we’ve NEVER seen the government throw good money after bad on some nonsensical project before, now HAVE we? I mean, we’ve got a president who never held a job in his LIFE!

Training is always a dangerous thing. I mean, look what we’ve got for police. It doesn’t matter if the intended purpose is to learn to secure neighborhoods in Stupidstan, the training sticks. One size fits all. It doesn’t matter when you learn to kick in a door if Billy Joe Jim Bob, or Ali Baba and his forty wives are on the other side, the song remains the same. We don’t NEED to train in the streets. That’s what we have places like Fort Hood for. I saw an exact replica of Mount Carmel at North Fort Hood after the Waco fiasco . . . Wait, those were civilians, but I digress. Now, where was I? Oh yes, Fort Hood. They don’t need to be patrolling the streets of Killeen, what they need to do is keep Islamic nuts from blasting them to kingdom come in their own back yard.

The Walmart thing puzzles me, I’ll be honest. I don’t think the cartels are mixed up in all of this or they’d be closing Home Depots. Maybe they are. STOP! Now I’m getting nutty! Walmart has been talking loud and walking proud for years, shorting employees their hours, selling products specifically designed to fit THEIR business model, and “supposedly” the largest retail operation in the world. There is always a curve, always a turning point. What seems too good to be true, usually isn’t. Anybody out there remember Gibsons?

I know for a fact down here in Texas we have a grocery store called HEB. Now, they’re just as bad as Walmart, what with having no problem using illegals and product from Mexico if need be. Haven’t seen an American avocado there yet, all Mexican. (Don’t eat those, folks. They’ll make you go poo poo!) Fact remains an HEB can open up right across the street from a Walmart and rain death down upon it. Large stores, good meat, and the employees actually know where the MILK is! Also they specialize you young, cute girls at the check out counter, which is always nice. On a smaller scale we have a convenience store here in Killeen called Mickey’s, started by a school teacher after his wife died. In his depression he cranked up about thirty of them. And this is a PoDunk town people! Ran practically ALL the 7/11’s out of town. And they did it with chicken livers and gizzards! Walmart has perpetuated this myth of invincibility, but could it be there’s a leak in the dyke? All this is speculation, of course.

What I ask is if we’re going to spend all this money putting this exercise together, and they really need to train in urban warfare might I suggest the border? They could use real bullets and have real terrorists, hiding in ice cream shops shooting back. And, hey, they’re brown like Iraqis! Added bonus you can meet their seester, she virgin! You want to have a bunch of people smoking dope, cutting people’s heads off? I give you the CARTELS! They’ll never buy into that, though. Makes too much sense, and not near as much fun as practicing an assault on TCBY in the Killeen Mall!

The King and the Temple

Now for a little bedtime story. Once upon a time, in a land not so far away, there was a kingdom. The subjects prospered, and happiness abounded throughout the land. The king would make speeches which made no sense, but he loved golf and he was politically correct, so only the subjects who could read raised objections on occasion, but were ignored by the rest, who worshipped the king in temples known as Well Fare. They were thus called because those who worshipped there day and night would fare well at the expense of the other subjects who tilled the fields, giving a goodly portion of their crops to the temples in tribute.

But all was not well in the kingdom. Because of the joy, and plenty subjects of other kingdoms wished to come and worship in the temples also. At first it was not so bad, just a few filtering in here and there, but over time it became cumbersome, as many others from many kingdoms wished to partake of the goodst of the land. There was not room in the temples so as to contain the devout. Lo! One day the King called a council. He said, “There are so many worshippers from other kingdoms coming here the land cannot support them all. I shall tell them that they need to stay in their kingdoms and request proper entry, else famine will abound in the land, and the original worshippers shall fall into apostasy.”

“But, your majesty,” returned the advisors, “the border between our kingdom and theirs hath fallen into disrepair, and there is but a barbed wire fence betwixt, and it is down!”

“CURSES!” cried the king. “If I cannot control my own border the subjects will soon realize that I, myself, am from another kingdom, and may depose me, indeed, exile me and I shall lose all my money, and sheep, and goats, but most of all the castle!”

The king retreated in deep meditation, and by and by he devised a plan. He deduced that if the subjects were to be bestowed with the right to be in his kingdom by decree then they would no longer be subjects of another kingdom at all, yea, but subjects of his kingdom, indeed, subjects of the highest caliber! He would baptize them exceedingly. Then, there would be not a need for a border at all, and he could even save the expense of replacing the barbed wire fence.

So the king issued a decree. Henceforth, and forever more, any subject entering his kingdom would by virtue of their audacity itself, would be his loyal subjects, and the subjects previously living in the land would be compelled to fall upon their knees and worship them, even as they had the king!

But, the Kings advisors told him, “The subjects who can read, especially the sect known as the sacred order of Republicus, shall say that Thou art as crazy as the vermin which scamper about the toilette facilities!”

“Nay, nay,” saith the king, for I shall create a diversion, whereupon they shall cast their eyes in yet another direction. I shall undertake a huge crusade which, by the very size of it, shall so occupy their hearts, and minds, they shall not even take note of my plan, indeed, shall occupy themselves in meaningless pondering as my plan unfolds, even under their very noses!”

So it was that the king sent knights throughout the land, hither and yon, and the king was right, the subjects rose in alarm facing not the invading forces streaming over the broken barbed wire fence but observing the knights instead.

“But,” the advisors cautioned, “what if some of the subjects should come about, and observe, and sound the alarm?”

“Nay, nay what do you say?” cried the king, ” for they are too few, and the subjects I duped into worshipping me hath become complacent, and grown fat upon free bread, therefore the alarm will amount to naught!” Then, after a time, the king considered and said, “Yet even so, I shall create yet another diversion in a kingdom far away. I shall cause Repubicus to believe that a religious sect hath become yet so powerful that even lions tremble in their dens, and only our knights shall be able to abate them!”

“But,” the advisors asked, “doest we have that many knights”

“Thou fools,” saith the king, “I shall not really dispatch the knights there. I shall need them to guard the palace here. And, to placate the populace further, I shall tell them that I have a bridge I shalt sell them at a discounted rate!”

“But what about the holy order of the constitution, your highness. It distinctly says that all though doest is contrary to all that the kingdom is built upon?”

The king smiled, and considered his one wood and saith, “You ponder empty things not worthy of your time. They cannot READ!”