Playing Doctor

Well, I was blessed by a visit from the CPS this week. That’s where I’ve been, by the way, for all those of you with inquiring minds who thought I had died. That was Spock that died, I’m fine. Anyway, one of the twins took a swing at the other twin and the school went into full NSA overdrive. Rather than taking the five year old to the clinic the teacher secreted the kid in some remote portion of the school house and called the CPS. We were hit at two-thirty in the morning, I Crappith thee NOT!

“Ding Dong,” the doorbell went and since we never answer the door at that time of the morning, I simply waited until the patrol car pulled away and called the police station whereupon I was informed that the caller was a “well check” requested by the CPS. (This is my surprised face!) Naturally, the whole house was up by that time, and having had many precious encounters with the department before, the kids were riled up pretty good.

Now, for the novice out there let me explain how this works. First off public schools are revolving doors for CPS “product.” Teachers pick a child they want, wait for a scratch, or bruise, and call the ever vigilant hot line to place their order, I mean report an injury. There is no such thing as a common sense factor in this. If said child bumped his butt on the school slide and got a bruise, full investigation up to and including drug testing of parents, and questions about pedophilia. In this case I was alone at the house the next evening when they showed up. Kinda like I planned this, huh? Actually I had an evil scheme . You see, the last time we went through this they sent this hot little blonde out ALONE, so, you see? Well, this time let’s just say it was NOT a hot little blonde, and she brought Evander Holyfield with her! Curses! Foiled again!

I was polite and broke all my own rules letting the man and woman right in. I can say they were honest about the issue. Slight bruise on a twin’s chin, and the other twin had confessed. You’d think the whole thing would end right there. Au Contraire. Five kids, five WHITE kids with blue eyes, all eight and under, that’s a lot of money on the table there. We had to take pictures, LOTS of pictures. Fortunately everything was in order. I was expecting a young lady so the house was perfect.

I’ll never get used to how untrained CPS workers are. They show up at a house, after dark, to possibly take children away from the family, get invited in by an old man who looks like Brigham Young, and just sit down like they’ve got good sense. For those of you who follow my tweets you know this was the night I was treating a sore throat with Jim Beam, and, of course I’m Packing. God bless the second amendment! So, for those of you who don’t like people defending themselves I will let you know that we all had a nice chat, shook hands, and the two workers left without any holes in them.

Oh, I’m sorry, the investigation? As I write this the assailed twin is at the clinic. Seems the “bruise” was a shadow caused by the mumps. Yeah, remember those? When the teacher by passed the REGISTERED NURSE in the clinic this entire comedy of errors commenced from a case of mumps! Oh, it’ll drag out. Like I said, that’s a lot of money on the table. Speaking of money let’s see what this cluster screw cost YOU Mr. and Mrs. Taxpayer. Hmmmm, fully staffed, twenty-four seven call center in Austin, at Austin rates, one investigator, one guy with the investigator, car, gas, cell phone, police officer, secretary and appropriate staff down at the office to type all this up. The full physicals and psyche evals of five children you didn’t pay for, WE paid for that, because when we get into one of these things we like to use LICENSED doctors NOT on the take from the CPS. Oh, and we footed the bill for the health department coming out and giving the house a clean bill of health, and the thirty five dollars for the fire department to tap all the fire extinguishers with that little rubber hammer they have. All because some school ma’arm decided to stop teaching reading, writing, and rithmatic, and chose to play Doctor! Hey, maybe I can get that teacher to come out, I mean, she likes to play doctor so much.


De Facto

We are fast approaching armed revolution in Texas. That should set off whistles and bells down at the NSA. When a group of orderly citizens can’t meet at a VFW and discuss the Republic of Texas without a raid smacking of Elliott Ness we have a major problem! You know what offended me the most? I can almost look past the DPS and Sheriff. I can give a tip of the hat to the Texas Rangers, but by GOD, when the Yankee, Norte, left wing, homosexual, communist FBI gets involved, that’s just too MUCH! WhatEVER was going on in that building that day it was Texas business! I don’t know how to describe my emotion on this, but I think, “Turd in a swimming pool,” just about covers it!

Ron Paul has used my sacred mantra, “De Facto Republic,” now, so I’ve been validated. Just like when I started trying to put CPS workers on death row, and everybody said I was crazy, my De Facto Republic is now. . . well, DE FACTO! What the Keystone Cops raided was a fully operational government. In fact, it was the only legal government left in Texas, if not the United States. And yeah, yeah, yeah, they issued a summons to some crackpot judge and a guy down at the bank. It strikes me as odd that the same federal bozos who spit hairs over Sharia Law, which has absolutely NOTHING to do with AMERICA, can leap like savage rabbits on a bunch of Texans trying to enforce a Texas Constitution, written by Texans, for Texans. I’m just a Simple Ol’ Boy From Austin, but did I miss something here?

“But Wilbur, they had no legal right to issue those summons.” Ok, so they’re a bunch of crazy old men getting drunk at the VFW. Did that justify the raid? If I had been the judge I would have just went there and argued law with them, and if I lost I’d just say, “Ok, now enforce it!” This idiot can’t argue down a bunch of guys in a VFW and he’s a JUDGE? Give me a BREAK! But this FBI thing really irritates me. I’ve seen all the TV shows about them, and Bonnie and Clyde, and Al Capone, and, and and. I really like when they put some guy in prison forEVER until they find some pubic hair in a coffin and figure out the man was in London playing cards at the time of the rape. And they wave that around like it’s such a wonderful thing. How’s that Kennedy assassination working out for you, huh? The greatest cop shop on the planet can’t figure out a Mafia hit. Or the 9/11 thing. Floors blowing out, one, two, three, and they’re STILL pointing to some sick rag head hiding in a cave. By the way, Michael Bee owes me money for medical, because it broke my jaw to admit that. And building seven going down. The first building to collapse from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder! Oh My Living GOD! I just loved that Brit Chick announcing the collapse of building seven while it was STILL standing over her left shoulder.

But, they sho’ can mess up a beer party! If you will note they didn’t raid the Hell’s Angels’ last meeting. Must’ve been something in the air. Like LEAD! Look, what we have here is the government actually denying citizens the right to peacefully assemble and exercise freedom of speech. Oh, yeah, it was an exclusive, secret meeting of a hidden society. . . kinda like the Masons or Mormons, right? They also steer clear of Mosques. God, I could go on and on, but I’m getting redundant here. Back to my original premise, the day is coming when the “Law Enforcement” is going to go crashing into some meeting and the tables will turn FAST. Ain’t no fun when the rabbit’s got the gun! And, yeah, it’ll get messy, and yeah, the lamebrain media will jump on it and call everyone a pedophile, and yeah they will lose in court. . . that time! But how about all the other times? It’s coming people, it’s coming. Remember that phrase. . De Facto!

Simple Ol’ Boy From Austin

Freedom Friday

Freedom Friday was a unique event. The original concept of 5,000 people over a period of three days was ambitious. It’s hard to get people to show up for an event, but if you look at the facts, and communication, the numbers look a lot better. First off, Freedom Friday was a media event, broadcast and recorded for distribution all over the world. With the amount of pictures and group activity the event will grow even after the last day. With the numbers of tourists filing in and out of the Capitol the number of ears affected was well over the 5,000, and they ALL stopped and looked.

We brought the movement(s) out from behind the keyboard, and into the light, and that’s what’s important. From the invocation at the beginning to Chip Darby’s amazing comparison of the Bible and the Qu’ran, the information streaming from the steps was informative, provocative and yes, entertaining. When the Muslims had their little fifteen minutes of fame a couple weeks ago more of THEIR people showed up, but when they left that was IT! Think of it this way; Your average Japanese tourist sees a bunch of Muslims ranting and raving, and doing that tongue waging thing, and they think, “Ugh! More terrorists!” They see Doc Greene, C J Grisham, and Texas flags being waved and THAT’S what they came to Austin for. . . COWBOYS! What do you think they’re going to take back to Tokyo with them, Allah Akbar or Yippee Ki Yi Yay?

The networking was fantastic. People interacted, putting faces to names, information was exchanged, goals clarified, and plans laid. The ideas put forth, and recorded by the news media will continue to spread out in the upcoming weeks. To the Muslims numbers were important, but when the bell sounded their event died right there. No one converted to Islam on the Capitol steps that day. When Freedom Friday was finished Freedom Texas was launched. Always remember, there were less than two hundred at the Alamo. There weren’t really that many Texican troops at San Jacinto but Santa Anna had a bad hair day. Also, I’d like to point out that the fight for Texas Liberty beginning at Freedom Friday was almost precisely the same day the men entered the Alamo.

The very fact that we WERE there was what counts! We DID stand up. We DID speak out, and believe it or not, we WERE heard! For myself, Freedom Friday invigorated me. It focused my thoughts. I’m not good in person. I’ll be frank, I come off as low keyed, and non confrontational. Well, except for that one idiot I met from Rhode Island who reminded me of all the things I detest about Nortés. I cleaned him up pretty good. But, by and large in a public venue I am a listener, and you don’t have to give me much seed to get a mighty oak. I’m not pulling back, not by a damn sight! The only thing I’ll do different is SIT the next time I speak so the Texas wind can’t use my London Fog as a sail. Just think of it like this; Freedom Friday was a launch of an idea, and the ideas put forth that day are a spiral to the stars!

You Can’t Fix Stupid

You know I’ve just about had my fill of ISIS! All you hear is ISIS this or ISIS that. ISIS burned somebody up, ISIS cut some heads off. OK, Muslims of the world, this is where your religion takes you! That’s not slander, that’s not libel, look at the news. Every day this camel gang does something that gets in the news and the rest of the Middle East wrings its greasy hands in woe. Where oh where are the Americans? Dudes! YOU are the ones that can’t control a street gang, ok? Oh, I’m so sorry, did I hurt your widdle feelings?

The Arabs have been sucking that oil tit so long they’ve forgotten that they’re really a bunch of illiterate camel jockeys who just recently got salt and pepper. I know, I know all about the spice routes back in the day, but that day is long since over. When I say that I’m a simple ol’ boy from Austin I MEAN it! Now y’all are waiting on me to do the Texas thing and start advocating war, but I’m a gonna fool ya. No war! Just leave, and let Mohammed figure it out. When ISIS is worried about that next bowl of gruel they won’t be torching any more pilots. A hungry Arab is a good Arab. “Oh Wilbur, what about the children?” What about ’em? Ain’t my kids! I got five rug rats of my own and they don’t like Arabs either. They think they taste just like chicken!

And Obama, don’t get me started. When ISIS gets out of line what do we get? “Now y’all get back in line, now!” I’m not going to say anything real bad, but back in the day, you know, before the war of Northern Aggression, he would have been the one who worked in the house. You can’t really blame him. Here’s the way Americans fight a war now. Go in, blast everything to smithereens, then apologize, give ’em a lot of money and guns. Don’t forget the CIA. I want to ask you, and be honest, has the CIA ever done anything successfully, other that killing JFK? Don’t bring up the twin towers Michael Bee. That was too tight. CIA couldn’t have been involved. That was the Hell’s Angels did that one.

So what you got is a well fed, well armed bunch of religious nuts tooling around doing whatEVER they want, and the entire world, including the mighty Russians and Chinese are soiling themselves wondering what to do. When we achieve Texas independence we will show you bunch of girly men what to do about ISIS. Nada! We will ignore the entire Middle East. We’re going to drill for oil, wreck their economy, build a fence around Texas, and SHOOT anything we find that is brown and doesn’t speak Spanish! No planes from Africa or the Middle East. Their tires don’t fit our runways. We don’t need the Chinese either. We GOT rice!

Boy, I’ll bet all that irritates some people. Some idiotic girl with the government said yesterday that the solution to ISIS was not killing them, it was jobs! Well baby, there ain’t not jobs. We’ve given them to all the wetbacks streaming over the border. “Oh Wilbur, you called all them undocumented immigrants ‘wetbacks.” Yeah, yeah, yeah, I’m from Texas, deal with it!

Official Republic of Texas Policy. No more ISIS! I don’t CARE what they do over there. America is jockeying around yet another war to line the pockets of the Saudis. You know, those wonderful people who raised Osama Bin Forgotten. The ones who give forty lashes to a teenage girl with good legs. Yeah, THOSE guys! People, you can’t fix stupid! Stop trying and stop talking about ISIS. #ISIS #angelbox


What is inspiration? How do we differentiate between the hand of God, and the hand of man? Is there a fine line between the two, or could it be that there is no line at all? God speaks in a quiet voice, but the drone of life sometimes drowns it out. When we sit quietly it sometimes comes though. From the writers of the Old Testament to the gospels, from the Qu’ran to Joseph Smith, men have tried to hear that voice for centuries, and all have fallen short. When the voice of God becomes too faint man invariably fills in the blanks. The combination of this quiet voice, and the interpretation of man constitutes what we call, “religion.”

One man’s meat it another man’s poison. What makes perfect sense to one group is sheer lunacy to another. If there is one God, then why do we have so many religions? We have them because we have so many MEN! Mohammed saw an angel, Joseph Smith saw an angel. Everybody saw an angel. In both cases no one else was there, (wink, wink) so we have to take their word for it, and I KNOW these gentlemen would NEVER spin a yarn. The more science invades, the more the faithful have to close their eyes, ever tighter, because to lose the faith is unthinkable. From flying horses to golden tablets we have it all. Joseph Smith’s ideas are contrary to DNA and Mohammed’s visions are contrary to common sense, BUT they had an angel.

We have this confragulation (hey, I made that up) because man has a religious gene. The mind seeks to complete circles. When the circles become broken the religion resulting thereof becomes unfathomable, and THAT’S where faith comes in. Carl Marx wrote, “Religion is the opiate of man.” That’s RELIGION, not God!Verily, verily I say unto thee that religion is man’s feeble attempt to explain the unexplainable. The atheist looks up at the stars and asks, “Why?” The believer looks up and asks, “Why not?” The foundation of it all is inspiration. The product is religion. God is spirit. Man is spirit. Mind to mind. The mind of God to the mind of man. How to tell inspiration from religion? Sometimes the inspired word is overruled by our own thoughts. Inspiration weighed in the balance of secular thought is religion. Ask yourself, if you were God would you create a universe based on torture, pain and sorrow? Would you create creatures just to set them against one another to define your will? Then, would you set up an afterlife for just some of your creatures? Just the ones who understood Simon Says? Of course you wouldn’t! You get THOSE things when you get religion!

Once a man went to heaven. He met Saint Peter, and while being shown around town they came upon a magnificent marble wall. Upon approaching it Peter told the man to be quiet whenever he was near this wall. Later, when meeting a friend who had passed years before, as they caught up on old times the friend told the man to tone it down as they walked near the wall. When his first day in heaven was coming to an end the man came upon the Virgin Mary. He was very pleased at her receptiveness, and asked her many questions, but, like the others, when they neared the wall she pressed a finger to her lips, and gently led him away. When they got a suitable distance from the wall the man asked, ” What is behind that wall? Is Jesus there?”

“Oh no, nothing like that. In Heaven, God wishes to give souls what they desired the most.”

“Then what is behind the wall,” he pressed.

Looking around to make sure no one was near she said, “The Catholics. They think they’re up here by themselves.”

If there is a God then it only goes to follow that he’s almost GOT to be smarter than we are. He holds all the cards. He MADE the cards! That’s a given. He wouldn’t create to destroy. He wouldn’t make life and then devise a system to end it. This is how you separate inspiration from Religion. Inspiration is simple and direct. When you try to fit inspiration into your own world view you have religion. Heeere’s your wall! Jesus taught love, build, and uplift. Mohammed taught hate, destruction, and bring down. I really don’t know what Joseph Smith taught because the final edit isn’t out yet. I’ve read the Qu’ran with all the “Allah is wise, most forgiving,” but where was that when a man burned in the cage? What edification proceeded from such an action? I’ve read the Book of Mormon. I’ve also read The DaVinci Code, Betty Crocker cook books, and the Karma Sutra. Now, if all of this offends some I TOLD you I was a Simple Ol’ Boy From Austin, ok?

There are harsh parts of the Bible, but the Qu’ran is based on harsh. When you find harsh in the Bible most times it’s historical, the actions of men, where someone did something they had to justify. Religion! In the Qu’ran “God” takes a direct hand. The inspiration of the Bible simply cannot be the same as the Qu’ran. How can a document be the validation of a previous document when it denies the very foundation thereof? There are parts of the Bible throughout the Book of Mormon and the Qu’ran, but if I borrowed that much material from another book I’d get my pants sued off!

Jesus came to clarify what the Prophets tried to say, and the Rabbis had the Ten Commandments so screwed up that His entire message was, “Mellow out!” It’s very simple. When you hear that quiet voice, it reflects God. When you write it down it is called scripture. When you interpret it it is called religion! Man is man and God is God and that is that! The qualifier is easy. When you see life it is God. When you see death it is man.When you see confusion it is religion. The number seven symbolizes perfection. The number six symbolizes a little less than perfection. Something, while near, that can never be the seven. Three sixes? Very simple. MAN, MAN, MAN! Re-li-gion!

Inspiration is the first track on a thirty-two track mixing board. A guitar solo. Pure, simple, to the heart. Adding tracks may make it more palatable up to a point, but at some point the guitar becomes just a background track, and the beauty is lost. When you strip away the layers the song remains the same. Simple and direct. God speaks in a quiet voice, He never shouts us down.

When you arrive at a simple truth of inspiration it will resound in your soul, but you will never be able to explain it. It’s for you, and you alone. The more you try to explain it the more it becomes more “religion” and less “inspiration.” John Fogarty once wrote, “What you burn in your crazy mind,” and friends and neighbors I am not exempt from that forest fire!

I once knew a mystic, heck, even used her for the foundation of my book, “Sharon.” This girl mystified me. Guess that’s why they call them, “Mystics.” She saw visions, wrote scripture, the whole nine yards, and I was following behind her like she was Mr. Peabody. By and by I was having a beer with my mentor, Father Everette.

“Are you running with that girl who claims she’ seen the Blessed Mother?”

“Yes, father. She is very deep. I’m learning a lot.”

Father Ev sipped his beer, “Do you think she sees Mary?”

“I’m sure of it.”

“Have you seen her, or heard her voice on these occasions?”

“Oh no, Father. I’ve only seen the girl pray.”

Father Ev took another sip, “That’s good, because that’s scitzoprenia.”

***Bill’s opinions are his alone and are in no way reflect the opinions of God.***

Whomp! Dey It Is!

I know it’s Sunday, and I should be writing about church, and fried chicken, and how I’m not going to drink any more Martinis, but unfortunately I read the news this morning and so Sunday became the day you buy beer after noon in Texas, so here we go!

There are so many aspects to this momentous day that I’m going to take each part one at a time. Danish police kill man believed to be behind two shootings. This cat apparently shot up a synagogue. Of course this bozo was “inspired” by the terror attacks in Paris. He comes tripping back, singing praises to Allah, to an apartment covered UP with Danish police, opened fired on them and got his brains blown out. He GOT his seventy-two virgins!

What is remarkable about this is all the gun control they have in Europe. If all the guns are picked up, and everything is a gun free zone, how come all this gun slinging? Is this the Wild Wild East? The suspect, and I love the way cops always used the word “suspect” or “alleged,” was from Copenhagen. I thought all that was from there was dope smoking whores, but what do I know? Guess that Yellow Submarine got sunk, huh?

Next on the agenda is a carnival parade in Germany that got cancelled because of a terror threat. Police in Braunschweig cancelled a popular parade because of an imminent Islamist terror attack. Oh my. The country that gave us WWII, had Winston Churchill hiding under a desk, and STILL ticks off Israel to this day can’t even have a beer party because Ahmed gets his turban in a knot! Now, I’m just a simple ol’ boy from Austin, but if the Florence street dance got cancelled because somebody wanted to terrorize a bunch of drunk cowboys the result would be vastly different. It would involve a tall oak tree, and a short piece of rope. Seventy-two virgins anyone? They wouldn’t need a rope, just unwind that turban.

Ah, this next one is good. Save your fork. Remember a few days ago when I made that comment, and Doc Greene used it on about the law in Canada that says that if a school teacher uses her ball point pen to fend off a rapist she may be charged with a crime for converting a writing instrument into a weapon? Whomp, dey it is! Well the Mounties foiled a plot where some dude and an AMERICAN woman concocted a plot to go into a large public place in Halifax and start offing people for Valentine’s day. Connect THOSE dots. You can’t so stop trying. They nabbed the woman at the airport, but her partner, some nineteen year old thug, shot himself when surrounded by the police. Kinda like the garbage taking itself to the road. “This is a reminder that this type of incident can happen anywhere,” said Halifax Regional Police Chief Jean-Michel Blais. That’s RIGHT Sherlock. Pardon me while C. J. Grisham laughs right IN your freaking face.

Last, but not least, and this one’s good, folks. Subpoenas arrive as Oregon Governor Announces Departure. Seems the right honorable John Kitzhaber let his squeeze pump up her little green-energy consulting business by using her proximity to him as a bargaining chip. Three things make thus sweet. First off, Governor Kitzhaber is a Democrat. That means while all those hippies out there were hugging trees they overlooked what HE was hugging. Then mix in that “Green” silliness and finally, drum roll please, they replaced his “honor” with an avowed bi-sexual! That was very important that the good people of Oregon lets the rest of us know that. They sure fixed that, huh? Her name is Kate Brown. “Uh, Ms. Brown, what are your qualifications for the office of governor?” “Well, I’m a bi-sexual!” Good enough! Now, if you’re a Texas Nationalist as I am, that’s not sex, but it’s darn close!

And this is SUNDAY people! I can’t wait for Monday. You can’t get mad about this stuff. In every single one of these news stories the people involved invited calamity by their actions, or inaction. Outlaw guns, bow to fanatic groups, and LOVE perverts, crooks, and weirdos. We need that fence around Texas, and it needs to be ELECTRIFIED!

The Little Voice

Life can be hard. That’s no secret, but during the hardest of times we reflect. Why? God shapes us according to His design. Each failure builds us. Success doesn’t build us. That doesn’t make any sense, does it? Well, let me explain. When you succeed it is but a brief moment. All the down time, and failures generate toward that success. You fail, fail, fail, then you make a move forward. The paradox is the win is only a small plateau serving as a springboard for a leap toward yet more failure, and eventually another plateau.

A knife does not get sharper through use, only through the stress of the whet stone. A muscle always at rest will never grow, and a mind or spirit that knows only peace with no doubt or question is useless. When the Bible teaches that God will never put us against more than we can take it is simple mathematics. Think of an empty glass being filled. When the liquid reaches the top the glass can take no more, and the spills over. That is the glass’s response to the stress of liquid. Sometimes the answer you arrive at is not THE answer, but it will be YOUR answer. When your glass is full it is full. You can take no more.

You don’t get conflict from success or failure you get it from indecision. Standing there not moving either way. You get indecision from taking too much advice, or listening to opinions of people who really don’t know what they’re talking about, but they have your ear, and you’ve let them rent space in your head. Family is bad about this. You find yourself having to hear them out because they ARE family, and that being so it is hard to get away from them. When their advice fails it’s invariably your fault, because in the train wreck of their own life they simply can’t be wrong for giving you the same rules they have failed by.

So how do you handle this? Well, you will go through ups and downs in life, and when you do family, friends, and DOCTORS (Oh, God, don’t get me started) will give you advice. When they do, and you can’t run, hear what they say, but don’t LISTEN to what they say! Follow that little voice in YOUR head and work toward yet another plateau. Don’t stay there too long, however, because your advisors love to bask in the sunshine of your successes, and the farther away from them you get the fainter their voices become until you just hear your own. Oh, and they love to spend YOUR money while they’re telling you that you don’t know what you’re doing.

Let’s Finish The Job

I think the most interesting story this week is the message from Russia of pro ported images implicating our government in the attack of 9/11. The ramifications are huge. I, myself, have never bought into any of those theories, but I was wrong twice last year, and it looks like this may be another one. Years ago a Muslim friend of mine told me, “Don’t tell me a government, so sophisticated that it can read your license plate from space can’t find one sick old man on a walking stick.” He had personal knowledge of Bin Laden from before the day, and told me Osama was like the guy in a bar, during a fight, who hid under a pool table, emerging when it was all over, proclaiming victory.

It’s been a good run for the Bushes. Plunged us into a 4,000 year old conflict, made themselves, and Dick Cheaney rich, and tore up two countries, inciting revolution in two or three more. Hitler would be spinning in his grave, if he had one. Well, now it looks like a Russian President, who looks a little like Teller from Penn and Teller is about to pull a rabbit out of the hat.

Remember I told you about the de facto Republic of Texas? I also said when the end of America comes the gringos would be too busy swatting bees to worry about us just slipping away? Well, swat them bees, swat them bees! Putin’s about to release those pictures and the American’s collective jaws are going to hit the ground. Whomp! Dey it is!

This is not some conspiracy theory. This is a head of state who’s sick and tired of lies and deceit. This is the same man who offered tentative recognition to the New Republic of Texas, I Crappith thee NOT! If these photos do indeed surface Texas needs to be ready to strike. Obama is poised to launch yet another war on ISIS as a diversion. A war on an entity he helped create in the first place. When he stomps off to Syria WE need to stomp off to a constitutional convention. We are already before the Hague. We already have an Irish embassy in Austin. We already have Texas Nationalist troops securing our border. Let’s finish the job!

Chris Kyle

The trial of Eddy Ray Routh began yesterday. For the uninformed that would be the man who killed Chris Kyle and his friend, Chad Littlefield during a trip to a gun range back on February 2, 2013. It began with the emotional testimony of Kyle’s widow, who fought back tears as she addressed the jury. The prosecutor did the prosecutor thing, and, of course the defense rose to tell the jury, “the devil made him do it.”

The legacy of Chris Kyle will be with us for a long time. In the protracted mess that is the American engagement in the Middle East, with all of its implications, religious overtones, and second guessing, basically one man emerged that galvanized the American people on one subject. Chis Kyle! Heroes do that. Everyone is flocking to the theaters to make “American Sniper” the largest grossing war movie of all time. We had been eating camel dung for so long it just felt good to see “Omar” get what was coming to him, one bullet at a time! I’m sorry if that makes a few of you mad out there, but that’s just the way it is.

When Michael Moore made his now infamous Tweet about his feelings on snipers he set himself against about ninety-nine percent of the American public. He is supposed to be a big time movie producer, but even I could have tweeted better than that if I were talking about Al Sharpton, and I hate Al Sharpton. Maybe something like, “While having lost an uncle during World War II, and having some personal feelings about snipers, I, like the rest of America, respect Chris Kyle’s service to our nation.” That would have worked. Then, if anyone ever asked him to expand he could have explained that his uncle was killed by a sniper and he just finds the whole sniping thing distasteful to him personally. But, let’s forget about Michael Moore for now. All his shenanigans didn’t pump up his own movie gross. What was his last film, anyway. I digress.

Years ago I heard a general who lived across the street from me tell CNN, “I’m sorry to be the first one to tell you this, but there’s just no ‘nice’ way to kill people!” So it was with Chris Kyle. He didn’t invent sniping, he just did the job well! Did Chris bring back some baggage from Baghdad? You better believe he did. He drank, had night sweats, and said things that were not politically correct at times. Did he beat his wife, threaten to kill everybody at a party, or get arrested for DUI? Absolutely not!

Whenever you get a guy like Routh, who does something so stupid, so vile, that it defies logic, you’ll always have some lawyer jump up and say he either didn’t know what he was doing, or he didn’t remember doing it. Routh was and is, in Chris Kyle’s own words, “A straight up nut!”  I submit to you that we all have some form of PTSD. You simply cannot live a number of years without certain events being etched on your brain affecting your thought patterns and decisions. That’s how we’re wired. While my experience is not as dramatic as Chris Kyle’s, I, myself, cannot think, or speak of my daughter in law, Jackie, without tearing up. The memory of what happened to her at the hands of the state touched me. The good that came out of it was I found that I loved all children, and I have fought the CPS unmercifully for years. Your experience may be different, but I will assure you, if you have blood pressure something in your life has made you draw a line in the sand, a point from which you will not withdraw, and there will be no compromise!

Eddy Ray Routh is a loser! His entire life has been sub-standard, disjointed, and non-productive. To fall back on some mental defense because he murdered two men is an insult to human intelligence. The only good thing is that he’s being tried in Texas! He will be found guilty! I know, I know, Michael Moore with throw up his ham sandwich. Deal with it! It’s a sad fact in life that sometimes we lose people like Chris Kyle. There is no up side, but he left us in his prime. We didn’t see him get old.  He never lost the glow. He gave us something to be proud of. Maybe that’s God’s plan. For a little while very special people rise above, and give us an example. In that entire 9/11 debacle, one man, a Texan, stood out from the crowd. I truly believe as Chris stepped across into eternity, George Washington and William Barrett Travis were there waiting for him. “Good job, Chris; we’ve been waiting for you!