The Puzzling Case Of Lee Harvey Oswald

Let’s get off topic today and have a little fun. I’ve been sitting on this one because it fits nowhere, but heck, it’s Sunday! It’s fascinating when all the dots connect, something senseless suddenly makes sense and the world seems in order again. Different opinions lead to different theories. Take the JFK assassination. If you want to jump into a whirlpool of controversy just bail off into that. Well, you know me so here we go.

The Warren Commission concluded that Lee Harvey Oswald fired three shots at the presidential motorcade, striking the president twice, once in the back, exiting the throat, and one head shot. The back/throat wound invoked a rash of ideas. You’ve heard it all. The “magic” bullet theory. Conspiracy theorists conclude that the bullet had to do an acrobatic waltz in order to travel the path and inflict subsequent wounds found. They position John Connally directly in front of president Kennedy, thereby not allowing the bullet’s path to follow a logical course.

There is one thing that shoots this down. The Governor was not directly in front of the president, he was down, and to the left in a “jump seat.” When properly lined up the bullet travels along an almost perfectly straight line. Then there is the Governor’s so called delayed reaction. Some people conclude that this proves that two bullets came from behind, the second hitting Connally, causing him to lurch at the moment of impact. Now right here they must accept the word, “behind.” Connally was obviously shot from the rear. There is no denying that. The two bullet theory dies when you realize that it would be impossible to inflict the wounds upon the Governor without going through Kennedy first. He was in the way! The only logical conclusion was one bullet, two men hit.

Now we have the head shot. Abraham Zapruder’s home movie may be the most viewed film in history. Eat your heart out Cecil B. DeMille! You’ve all seen it. The president’s head exploding like a ripe melon, Mrs. Kennedy crawling onto the trunk of the Lincoln retrieving a portion of his brain. This is a difficult shot to analyze. Sherlock Holmes has a rule; When you rule out the impossible, whatever is left, however improbable, must be the truth. Let’s look at that shot.

The grassy knoll looms large in conspiracy theory. Before the day is done, when you take all of the ideas about that little rise you’ll begin to believe the entire CIA was squatting behind that fence with J. Edgar Hoover directing the shot. Now, look at the angle. Not from the front, from the front RIGHT! Ask yourself, who was sitting to the left of the president. Then, simply draw a line from the fence through Kennedy’s head, and beyond. If John F. Kennedy had taken a shot from the grassy knoll the left side of his head would have blown out, not the right. When you rule out the impossible, whatever is left, however improbable, must be the truth! Just as it was impossible for John Connally to have been struck without the bullet hitting Kennedy first, it is equally impossible for a bullet from the grassy knoll hitting the president without also affecting his wife. The laws of physics demand it.

So, where did the shots really come from? Up, behind, and slightly to the right. Then we have the opinions of Oswald’s proficiency with a rifle. We have two things that come into play here. First off, I’ve BEEN to Dealey Plaza. People who have never been there imagine this very long, difficult shot requiring Chris Kyle. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Huckleberry Finn could have hit Kennedy with his sling shot! Fish in a barrel would be a suitable analogy. Quite frankly, no joke intended, I myself could have hit that target with a 9mm pistol. The so called “kill zone” is roughly the size of a high school cafeteria, and how many active shooters do you have to see to know how deadly THAT can be. The suspected window was on the sixth floor of the Texas School Book Depository. New Yorkers, with their skyline picture a high rise with a guy perched on the roof. It was only sixty feet up! Sixty divided by three is twenty. Twenty yards! The beginning distance you start with when qualifying for a CHL! And friends and neighbors, at twenty yards I ate that silhouette UP!

Add about fifty or sixty more feet, allowing for the car traveling down the road, the position of the shooter and do you see those fish yet? So, how good of a shot was Lee Harvey Oswald? I’ve read all the stuff about how he couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn, and “Maggie’s Drawers,” but Oswald was a former Marine rifleman. He QUALIFIED! Then, of course, we must cast allusions upon his rifle. The Mannlicher Carcano Oswald used is so much maligned by conspiracy theorists one begins it imagine it bad a bent barrel. Lee Havey Oswald’s rifle was a weapon of war. A bolt action piece that fired a bullet projectile almost as long as your little finger and he fired a full jacketed NATO round. It was accurate, powerful, and fully capable of penetrating two men. Oh, and is wasn’t “pristine” when it was found on that stretcher at Parkland. It was slightly flattened.

There’s this idea floating around that two different types of bullets hit that day. One, the 6.5mm that transversed from the rear and two, a hollow point coming from, you guessed it, our friend on the infamous grassy knoll. They reason the exploding head proves this out, and the bullet, having thus fragmented, can never really be found. Theorists add that metal fragments in Kennedy’s brain show evidence of this. Sadly, we will never know because president Kennedy’s brain has bee lost. Do the physics. If the bullet did indeed hit Kennedy from the rear, blow out the right side of his head, then it had to go somewhere upon exit. Now, it didn’t hit the front windshield. Photographs show clearly in the Parkland parking lot that this was not so. It was not lodged somewhere in the limo. It did not hit either the driver, nor the man sitting in the front passenger’s seat. Remember, when you rule out the impossible, whatever is left, however improbable, must be the truth.

The bullet that struck Kennedy in the back, and subsequently went on to wound the Governor was not pristine, as I have said. Just the effort of going through Kennedy’s torso caused it to tumble, making an elongated wound in Connelly’s back upon entry, and the rest of its journey sufficiently reduced its velocity enough to where it really DID “stick” in his leg, eventually dropping onto,the stretcher in the ER at Parkland, where it was eventually found and entered into evidence. Now, why am I telling you this? Don’t you think if a bullet could be so affected as I have said, that if said bullet traveled through a human skull, blowing out its side, that its trajectory could be slightly altered? Penetrating the president’s head from the rear, blowing out the right side, missing everything else in the limo and going where from there? If you subscribe to the idea of a bullet coming FROM the grassy knoll, then if you follow my logic of a bullet possibly coming from the opposite direction then you’ll understand that bullet was your only connection with that dubious hillside. It’s still there! And no one ever looked for it.

So, here’s your sequence of shots. I have a little personal background on this. My daughter in law’s grandfather, John H. Brandt, mounted Lee Harvey Oswald’s scope. The first shot was fired. Complete miss, actually striking the pavement behind the limo and flying fragments actually wounded a bystander. Shooter chambers the second round, raises the crosshairs slightly and fires again. The Zapruder film shows Kennedy reaching for his throat. Now, from that vantage point you can conclude something was amiss simply from the look on his face, but from the rear? From the shooter’s view could it appear as a man reaching to adjust his tie in preparation for exiting the limo in a short while with the press taking hundreds of pictures. Shooter racks the final round, aims and fires. First shot a clear miss. Hastily fired second shot, he THINKS is another miss, that’s why he loads a third round. This one he takes a little time. Check out the film. From the film we can’t see the moment of the second bullet’s impact because of the sign in the way, but we can see that it was a long wait for the last shot. He held his breath, adjusted the aim, and squeezed off the third and final shot, and had he missed that one you may have very well seen a fourth shot. He had time!

So, one man in a window. Where’s your conspiracy. Well, I can’t tell you that, but I can show you the clear footprints of one. First and foremost you must ask yourself not if it really was Oswald in that window that day, but what PUT him there. Now remember the rule, when you rule out . . . Oswald had not been working at the Depository THAT long. He and his wife were separated. The president’s motorcade was shown in the newspapers that week, but ask yourself, what if the plans had changed? Indeed, what would have happened if the limo simply proceeded straight ahead instead of making that right turn toward the School Book Depository? What if it had never turned left but when right past Oswald and turned left a block later? Oswald was in exactly the right place and the exact time. Now that’s a fact. He KNEW the limo was going to make that left directly below him, and he KNEW he’d have that kill shot at a retreating target.

Oswald spent one last night with his wife at Mrs. Payne’s house on the night before the assassination. He got up, left his wedding ring and some money, and went to work with a rifle. All the stuff about him being in the lunch room the entire time, where did that come from? Oh, yes, his boss vouching for him. Like this guy had a check list and remembered every employee and every sandwich eaten. And he wasn’t out of breath or sweating. Who wrote THAT down? Oswald was perfectly capable of going DOWN six flights of stairs, going down is easier than going UP, and buying a Coke in the lunchroom. He hadn’t been out of the Marines THAT long, his job was to move books around a six story building. C’mon!

So, when the cops leave, I assume searching the grassy knoll, Lee leaves the depository, goes home and gets a pistol. Gee, why would this innocent man suddenly leave work and do that? He DID have enough sense to leave his “curtain rods” behind. So now he’s tooling all over Dallas with a gun and Officer
Tippit comes upon him and stops him. Now, this innocent guy, leaving work at lunch, is stopped by a police officer and decides to go ahead and shoot him. I’ve heard some conspiracy theorists ask why the police suddenly converged on the Texas Theater just because Oswald went in without a ticket? Why did Officer Wilson zero in on Michael Brown just because he was walking in the middle of the street? In both cases a major crime had just been committed nearby. The police HAD radios! Normally if the manager of the theater had called the police about such a matter it would have taken forEVER to get a squad car out there, but there were cops in the area. Officer DOWN! When cornered, Oswald screamed, “This is IT!” drew his weapon and tried to kill yet another police officer. I’ve even heard the idea that Oswald’s .38 had no firing pin. If that’s so then what punctured the officer’s thumb who jammed the shot?

So, Goldilocks gets dragged down to,the PD for questioning. Why did the police immediately connect him with the Kennedy assassination? Uh, perhaps because he’d just killed a police officer and he WORKED at the Texas School Book Depository? You think? But, didn’t Oswald say he was just a “patsy?” What would you expect him to say? “I did it . . .I did it all . . .HAMBURGER!”

So, he was definitely a little more than an innocent bystander. How do we know that there was a little bit of planning involved by interested parties? Ok, yet again, ask yourself, what makes a man like Jack Ruby suddenly be filled with remorse and patriotism to the point that he pulls off what he did at the jailhouse that day? Jack Ruby, American patriot . . . When pigs fly! Little thing or two about Mob hit men. Contrary to the movies, most mob hits are pulled off by regular soldiers. Highly paid “Mechanics” look good in movies. This is why I have to laugh when i read about some clown saying he was specifically hired to kill a president because he was so good. Yeah, yeah, yeah, that’s why you’re doing time for a string of burglaries. A lot are done by people associated yet not “in” the organization. You already work for the boss, just do the job! Most are not paid for the hit. You’re already BEING paid, just do,the job! It helps if you are very low on the food chain. Jack Ruby was not a “Made” man, he wasn’t even a soldier, he was an associate. Who would you use to eliminate a threat like Lee Harvey Oswald? And the act in a situation where the shooter would surely be caught. You can’t afford for Oswald to eat one more breakfast. You find an associate who knew he was already sick anyway. We don’t know when Ruby knew he had cancer, but we do know he died because of it. “Jack, your family will be well cared for.” And if you can accept that the limo could have went this was or that then a police transfer is no problem at all. Ruby is in exactly the right place, at exactly the right time. Hey, that’s two times in three days! I wish I could get those odds in Vegas! Oswald was being questioned inside the police station for hours, and the first time he neared the exit of the building he was as dead as fried chicken, and if you don’t see some kind of a plan there have I got a bridge for you, and it’s on SALE! Whomever put Lee Harvey Oswald in that window likewise put Jack Ruby in that garage! Swat them bees, swat them bees!

I can’t tell you who orchestrated the plan. Most likely all these people have passed on. Oh, you’ll see from time,to time some tired old convict trying to get more cigarettes by claiming HE killed Kennedy, and, oh yes, FROM the grassy knoll, but the fact is no one really knows. A lot of people wanted Kennedy dead from Carlos Marcello to Marilyn Monroe’s latest boyfriend. Castro didn’t like him either. And as far as Oswald being a bumbling, lucky fool . . . He got into Russia, married a Russian girl, and exited the country. Now this is during the cold war people. Khrushchev banging his shoe on the table at the UN, stuff like that. Whomever arranged this put the exact right shooter, in exactly the right place at exactly the right time, and then duplicated that when Oswald was taken out. Bada Bing Bada BOOM!

When you hit conspiracy theorists with these facts they get that white around their mouths, their eyes roll back in their heads and they start talking in tongues. The Kennedy assassination has become a religion. You might as well try to convince a Mormon that Joseph Smith was a circus barker, you’ll do better. I seriously doubt that we’ll ever know who wrote the check, but I do believe the check was written, and the money has long ago been spent.


One thought on “The Puzzling Case Of Lee Harvey Oswald

  1. If the first shot was the one which hit a bystander, why did the crowd and secret service not respond to the sound of a gun? I enjoyed you writing style but the over simplification and misleading details make it quite fictional.


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