Don’t Give A Damn Itus

I was reading Dr. Phil’s book, Real Life. Going through the last two years have been real life for me so I thought, “Good old’ Dr. Phil will show me the way!” I settled on the chapter called Adaptability Breakdlown. As I read through the chapter I couldn’t find anything that applied to me. I read the chapter on anxiety. Nada! Tried fear, mental disorders, and existential crises and there were no matches, but I KNOW I’m messed up! I mean, who the hell loses a wife, five grand kids, three mansions and a Mercedes and walks away with a martini and a silly grin on his face? Then it hit me. Now, work with me here I’m blazing new psychological territory. Just like when they changed shell shock to PTSD, I have a whole new disorder, born of the recession, customized for the 21st century. Don’tgiveadamnitus!

The way I see it a lot of us are so far gone that we know it just wastes time worrying about it. We’ll probably not live long enough to ever see a dollar worth a dollar again, and forget about employment. Hell! Even bank robbers can’t find gainful employment. The banks are full of Federal Reserve Notes. Want a big nice car? Forget about it. Good luck filling the tank. So you get a don’t give a damn attitude.

The only constant is women. If you’re a standard issue heterosexual (which I am) you can use some pretty moldy, time honored lines on younger girls to achieve at least a conversation. To wit:

1. “I’m really a homosexual and just want to be your friend.”
2. “I have ED but I like to cuddle.”
3. “I am afraid of contracting an STD so I will only like good conversation.”
4. “It’s called a Martini, and the beautiful thing about it is the Vermouth neutralizes the gin. The more you drink, the more sober you get”
5. And last but not least, “My God girl! You’re young enough to be my grand daughter. What kind of a man do you think I am?”

Older women are actually better, but they’re too blamed smart! You can’t EVEN whip any of the above lines on them. The best you can do is compliment their cooking. Young girls don’t cook. Ordering at McDonald’s has been developed into a fine art, don’t let a young girl order for you unless you like salad!

But, a healthy, young woman will generally relieve Don’tgiveadamnitus because at least the relationship between a man and a woman in private has remained unchanged unless you’re in California and we know where that went. The cure for the syndrome? Well, there is none. Sadly it’s terminal. Once you fully realize the futility of worrying about stuff that you can do nothing about nothing can ever pull the wool over your eyes again. You actually become, well, FREE!

So Dr. Phil needs to add a chapter to his book. Maybe two. A chapter on women and martinis would be nice.


Fernando is Hiring!

America, as we knew it is gone. The original concept of our country was a great melting pot of people’s from all different lands coming here for a fresh start in a place where the old rules did not apply or hold anyone back as they fulfilled their American dream. That dream has now become a very bad LSD trip. Instead of enjoying the cultural differences that each group brings we have embarked on a campaign of suspicion and hate from which there seems to be no retreat, and no way back. No matter which side you may take on the Martin-Zimmerman incident there is one undeniable fact you must face. These two young men were caught up in a culture of hate and suspicion so great that a young man could not go to a convenience store, for whatEVER reason, and another young man was so filled with suspicion that he launched into an interaction from which there was no retreat and led to death. What should have been an offer of a ride home in the rain ended with the death of a young man who became angry when he was singled out for his attire and the color of his skin, because he, too, had been pre-programmed by the liberal left. That’s called “borrowing trouble” because when you EXPECT something to happen, any confirmation, no matter how small, will confirm those suspicions! This does not compare with Michael Brown. He was a thug. How was his death any different than what happened to John Dillinger in that alley? Oh, I’m sorry. Dillinger was white, so that changes things. I forgot the rules for a moment. That, my friends, is the brave new world that YOU allowed to be created by buying into politically correct nonsense!

No matter what you may think, or what you’ve been told, culture and environment drives our emotions and affects our decisions, not our race. “It’s a black thing!” is the mantra of black people who have long ago given up on a system that they see as a machine specifically designed to keep them down. And they are right. I will expound on this later. People like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson fuel this mindset while they line their pockets,and voices of people like Dr John David Manning and the Apostle Claver T Kamau Imani , CEO of Raging Elephants are largely ignored or ridiculed when they try to inject the truth. THAT’S what’s left of your “American Dream.”

And what do the whites do? Well, there are two flavors. One group, or collection of groups actually, would love to put all the blacks on a boat and send them all back to Africa. Well to them I say you’d better order two boats because if you don’t have a feather in your hair you aren’t from here either! The only historical difference between you and them is the cost of the ticket on the boat that brought you here and friend that is as straight as I can put it to you. Nobody came here because things were so great back in the old country. And, no matter what the blacks say, they are much better off being Americans than they would be back in the Congo! Ebola anyone?The other section of liberals would soak the blacks in enough welfare and social programs to keep them well fed and complacent enough to never challenge the liberal policies that put them there in the FIRST place. Now I ask you, who’s the racist? Here are some food stamps. Shut up and go back to the projects!

Now enter another group, and this is going to surprise you. Latinos! Now don’t start about the drug cartels because they don’t represent Latinos any more than Al Capone represented the Italian people. And look at what the Latinos do that irritates most people. They sneak into America because somewhere, someone told them about the American Dream. Most have a strong Christian background with a lot of family support. The problem is that the good Latinos are smothered by hoards of lazy, criminal malcontents that wouldn’t fit in anywhere. The good Latinos try to hold to Christian beliefs and family values. We NEED people like that! Wendy Davis just made the astounding discovery down in the valley that Mexican girls don’t kill their babies. Shucks, Ive known that for YEARS, and I don’t even have a law degree from Harvard. Imagine that! But, strong immigration policies are still needed. We need good people here, but what we do not need is a bunch of loafers who are looking for a free ride. We already HAVE those! We need people who WANT to work, pay taxes, and contribute to society. Compare that to what Liberal policies have done to the black families who have been here for four hundred years. Due to our social programs a lot of black children don’t even know who their father is and Jesus was just one more white man.

So what do we do? We can’t really send all the blacks back to Africa, and I can assure you Fernando Lopez is NOT going to willingly climb back over that fence, he’s got to be at work in the morning! What to do? We need to fix a system that hasn’t worked in years. A system designed by political correctness that makes about as much sense as electing a communist senator with no birth certificate to the White House. Wait a minute. We have one of those! When Rosa Parks took her seat on that bus so long ago she did so because she was tired because she was coming home from work! It was a simple act of civil disobedience. From that simple action flowed affirmative action, that liberal piece of work that openly admits that black people are so inferior to whites that the system has to be skewed or they can never hope to succeed. Now who’s the racist my friends? Within five years of WWII Jewish survivors had risen to the top forty-five percent of the income of Americans. One hundred and fifty years after slavery was abolished the liberals are still telling us that blacks are too stupid to make it on their own without government assistance. And yet the majority of blacks will run like gazelles to the polls and vote for ANYONE with a “D” behind their name. And then call people like the Apostle Claver an “Uncle Tom!” I challenge you to ask any black teen on the street to name the book that Uncle Tom came from. (I’m not joking friends and neighbors. I’ve DONE this!)

We have to fix this. Now, I’m a Texas Nationalist. I KNOW how to fix this, and the Nortés don’t LIKE it, but outside of that, if we are stuck in Disneyland a while longer we have to at least try to show the rest of the country what WILL work, and what has NOT worked in years! People who are mentally sound and able bodied should be told that they have one year to figure it out. See, I’m a nice guy. I mean, it takes a little time to get in shape, after a lifetime of retirement. Enjoy those food stamps for now because they are going away. I can hear it now. “Oh Wilbur, those people won’t have any food.” Head’s up. I grew up in a ghetto. A MEXICAN ghetto. You’d be amazed what a motivator hunger is. To quote Richard Pryor, “If you have some money, or a pistol, you can FIND something to eat in America!”

People who need jobs should compete with all other people on an open system (with no “minimum” wage) and if they don’t get the best job then I’m so sorry. You didn’t finish school, you don’t know who your daddy is, you got kids all over town who don’t know who YOU are, and the lights just went off. Well cry me a river and I’ll plant water melons on both banks for you. Give me a BREAK! Statistics have shown that people who finish high school, have a mother and father in the home (no mommies and mommies please) and get married BEFORE they have a child, predominately succeed. And color is NOT a factor in those studies! And how do you measure success? If you can pay your bills, provide your own housing and eat, then you are a success. It’s as simple as that!

Given one year of following these simple steps and you will see a change in the American dream. It’ll be back! We whites need to understand, as Bob Dylan sang, “Times they are a changing,” and we are not the majority anymore and this is NOT South Africa! There are people who still believe in the American dream because the failure of some other system that is still fresh in their minds. And we better start swimming or we’ll sink like a stone, because…Fernando Lopez is hiring!

I Love Being A Racist

I love being a racist. No, really. When you count the time you spend trying to justify everything you’ve ever said, believed in, or has been impugned upon you, subtract what really matters, and what you have left is huge amounts of time, less stress, and interaction with people whom you could care less about anyway. And I’ve found, that after I got older, cut my hair, grew a beard, and stopped trying to hide my Texas drawl, I actually looked and SOUNDED like a racist! It’s so cool.

You don’t have to keep up with what to call different races, you don’t have to listen to music you don’t like, eat food that makes you puke i.e. snails and such. And you get those delicious moments when some liberal accuses you of being a racist and you can say, “Yep!” You give a big ol’ Texas grin and you get to see them stand there with their faces hanging out. Marvelous! Most of all, you can stop trying to be something that you’re not, which is a radical, liberal, Norté, ashamed of yourself who wouldn’t know what a set of testicles were if they were served up, sautéed in butter!

You can actually laugh at jokes without looking around. You can actually say what you really THINK about Obama! And when some thug attacks a cop and gets shot, you can actually move onto the next news story, something that matters, and makes sense . . . like the Florence, Texas Corn Festival! And liberals are so stupid they’ll never realize that you’re NOT a racist. You’re just facing life squarely, as it is, without allowing some guilt ridden idiot put a race card in your mouth every time you open it.

HomeBoy Tags

I have a logistics/economic problem. While CJ and his group are fighting for open carry and the reinstatement of the second amendment, we still will have one area of contention that needs to be addressed. I’m on a fixed income. Now, I’m trying to alleviate that situation and get back to being a millionaire, which is much more conducive to my lifestyle, but, for the time being I have to count dimes, and be wise. Still, I need personal protection.

When I go to the convienence store here in Big K, I have a check list. Money, check. Keys, check. Cigarettes, check. Gun . . .And therein, brothers and sisters, lies the problem! In order to carry a gun in Killeen one must be politically correct, but one must keep a wary eye on economics, too. Now, I don’t have a license to carry. Not because I’m some criminal, I’ve taken the course, out shot everybody there, got all my ducks in a row, but, I’m lazy. I took one look at the form that I had to send into the state, with all the questions, and the fact that my driver’s license had to match up, and, well, I just had a beer instead.

In Texas you can have a gun in your home or in your car. Well, I just did the math. I got attacked in my driveway (Me 1, HomeBoys 0) and going to the store after dark in Killeen, which, if you are sixty or so, and have a limp is a delightful experience. I didn’t know I had so many friends until I came back to Killeen from Los Angeles. Every time I get out of my car somebody walks up to me and wants directions, to ask me something, needs a dollar, one of my cigarettes, or just wants to knock me in the head and drive away in my Mercedes. So, I figured that having a gun in the house, and one in the glove compartment would suit my needs just fine!

Now, here’s the issue. Ask CJ what happens if you are caught carrying a gun by a cop down here. Well, they take your gun! Oh, of course, you will get it back…right, RIGHT? CJ got his back, didn’t he? If you have suitable income, and a locker full of weapons this is a minor irritant, but if you’re living on Social Security it becomes a major consideration. I have three guns. I have a beautiful
9mm Smith & Wesson, a brick heavy Hi-Point 9, and, of course, the obligatory 12 gauge shotgun for larger gatherings. I have an ample supply of ammunition, because in Killeen you just never know who’s going to drop by.

My problem is, while I love the grace and beauty of my Smith, I really don’t want Barney tripping down to the ol’ PD with it should it go off. This is where economics comes into play. What’s a HomeBoy worth. Should you give up a gun you put down several hundred dollars to acquire, or should you just just use one that you can replace from any pawn shot for a fraction of that cost? Decisions, decisions! So, I carry the Hi-point. It only has seven rounds, but, not being a cop, I figure that I’ll only need one shot anyway, and I’m comfortable with the full knowledge that this gun is disposable. The cops will take it and I will probably NEVER see it again, and I’m cool with that.

But, all that having been said, I propose a fix. HOMEBOY tags! It would work like this. You get your carry license but with one new wrinkle. It would come with four little cardboard tags that, should you have to defend your life, while getting out of your car, you just tear one off, staple it to the ear of your attacker, and the police check to see if your tag is properly affixed, and they let you go your merry way. Of course, you can’t, like, mount their heads, or anything like that, I mean we ARE civilized, right? In a town like Killeen I figure you’d have to renew your tags about once a year.

I think this would work out just fine. It would ease the economic pressure on old geezers like me, clean up the parking lots at the Valeros quite well, and would save the police all the trouble of keeping up with all those guns that they have no intention of returning, anyway. Am I out of line here? We must all do our part to get America back on the track of financial stability, and I’m proud to do my part.

What We Burn In Our Crazy Minds

Gosh, I hate to talk about Ebola again because it’s so mainstream and fashionable, and I hate to be mainstream, but I’ve come up with some additional insight, so here goes nothing! People love a crisis. Mainstream news makes its bones on these events. Take any given situation, filter it through the corporate media, add a dash of advertising money, mix in a few end of the world religious nuts, and voila! Instant crisis! Ask yourself; if it was really the possible end of all history, would all those well paid commentators be sitting up there on CNN, Fox and MSNBC talking about it? Take global warming. Do you honestly think a species that is a fairly recent new arrival on the scene really change the direction of the Eco-system of an entire planet? Well, you bought that from a failed politician who tools around in his private jet. ISIS. Now there’s good one. Do you really subscribe to the media drivel that a bunch of idiots in whereEVER being capable of conquering the world with an AK-47 and a Qu’ran? Have I got a bridge for you! On SALE, too!

I think John Forgarty is a prophet. His lines in his songs ring true again and again, but one stands out for me. “What you burn in your crazy mind.” People will buy into anything. The sun will go out for three days. A comet is coming to take a select group of people to a paradise somewhere “out there.” Whales speak French at the bottom of the sea. I’ve seen it all. Now we have Ebola.

Now, I’m not saying Ebola is not a bad disease. The CLAP is bad if you’re the one who has it. But, think. If it was the end of the world, then why are those planes still landing at JFK? In West Africa the fatality rate hovers between fifty to eighty percent. Have you LOOKED at West Africa lately? West Africa is the only place that can make Mexico look GOOD! The CARTELS are cleaner than that, and yeah, yeah, call me a racist. Every time Africa gets its shorts in a knot, and someone like me points something like HYGIENE out some libtard starts screaming, “RACIST!” Look at the facts. THEIR black guy DIED in Dallas. OUR black chick LIVED!

Remember SARS? How about Swine Flu? End of the world! Nope, just some bug that came and went. When I was a kid polio was everywhere. I even had it. Where is it now? If you are diligent, clean, and just not stupid you will probably ride this thing out. Then, I guarantee you, as soon as there isn’t any more advertising dollars to be made, this crisis, too, will go on the shelf with SARS, various flus, and magic berries from South America that cure anything. I did get a kick out of all those Yankees looking down their long noses at us Texans, and then Ebola popped up in New York City. Now that was funny right there, I don’t care who you are!

Let’s Hear it for Social Workers

Mary I want to thank you for your words of wisdom today. BTW, did you know that I’m a writer? Every day I feed many blogs, radio shows, London papers, periodicals in Texas and elsewhere, and sometimes I have to look for something to write about. Welcome to your fifteen minutes of fame.

You admit there are some bad people in social work circles. Let me ask you something. How many dead children are too many? I submit that one may be one too many. When I see a two year old girl get her brains bashed out on a fireplace, or a 13 year old girl raped in a Holiday Inn, I said “a” no, MANY girls raped, so many I thought CPS got a RATE from Holiday Inn, anyway when I see things like that I tend to take exception. And then I see the “social worker,” or CPS case worker reciting the time honored mantra, “I vas only following ordehs! Ze family iss ze enimi!” And there’s always someone, like you, who wants to be a part of the Child Procurement Services who comes out in defense of this unholy union, of course with appropriate obscenities, That puts you on one side of the line, and me on the other.

And all you can say is, “Mistakes will be made!” Are American families THAT bad? I don’t fight for my daughter in law. She was a woman of means. I fight for Maria Sanchez in the valley who lost her child because of a beer can. I fight for the old couple driving through Texas who lost their grand children because of a chigger bite. And there’s always some “social worker” in the mix who thinks they know how to run some family’s business better than they do!

Back in the ’60s Lyndon Johnson came up with the Great Society. He funneled basically illiterate people through college. Now, these people couldn’t measure up to real course loads so then we got affirmative action, and they all got degrees in the humanities which qualifies them quite well to work the window in a Taco Bell. (Politically incorrect enough for you, Mary?) But, do they serve that noble cause? Why heck NO! They decide they’d be better suited Psychoanalyzing some mother who forgot to tie her child’s shoes before sending him off to school. So, the child is removed, and given to a pedophile. Gosh, how do such people get into the system? Do the math. Google it. What is the prevalence of pedophilia among foster parents and school teachers. Heck, let’s include lawyers. Four years to get a degree, three more in law school, cross the bar…”What do you want to do with your career?” “Why, I want to work on a government salary with molested little girls!” If you caught me hanging out with molested teen girls you’d assume I was a child molester…and you’d be RIGHT!

Then you ignore the constitution, grant immunity, and turn these animals loose among the unsuspecting public, and when a child dies you retreat to, “I wasn’t involved at that tiiiiiiime.” I had a friend who was a doctor of psychology. A real one, not some worker with three weeks training from CPS. In his career he did MMPIs on murders, rapists and kidnappers incarcerated in the Texas Department of Corrections. Later, he was hired as a contractor by CPS. As luck would have it he did the same tests on selected case workers. Perfect match! The exact same Narcissistic predatory personality to a “T.”

Did you know case workers are not sworn in family court? Did you know that in one case in California,,the CPS went through great expense and time to remove an abusive father from the home. The man had been dead for three years! Ruh Roh! My own granddaughter was in a diabetic coma for three days because a case worker played doctor, indeed, over ruling the chief pediatrician at Scott and White Hospital in Temple, Texas. Her next case was to remove my grandson from his medication causing him to have twenty-five seizures in one day, one while taking a brain scan. When confronted with the print out from the hospital she swore she had never seen it. (We stole it from her brief case while she was in the potty!)

How do you get information from the CPS? Well, you can’t do it through the courts. Family Court judges live on CPS “product.” No, you can’t do that. You just find out which case workers do crack and which ones do meth and all good things will come. Ugly enough for you? I did a story based on a fact sheet given to me by Jim Black. It numbered the amount of children who died while under CPS care. Think Sandy Hook was bad. Imagine five classrooms full of children, all laid out in the hallway, covered with sheets! Hitler would be spinning in his grave if he had one.

And you defended this, Mary. You defended it. I have seen homosexuals fill out menu cards choosing an eight year old boy and get the boy. And racist. You want to see racism? White blue-eyed children come at a higher price than black or Latino children. And don’t even try to tell me federal bounties are not paid and bonuses not given. There are far smarter people than me reading this.

And my little comment about punishment for criminals within this system? Let me give you an example. Let’s just say, for the sake of argument that me, Doc Greene, and Johnny Johnson decide to rob us a bank. I’m driving, Doc is doing the robbing, and Johnny’s waiting at the airport with his plane to fly us out of the country…California, or some place like that. Well, a teller gets rowdy and ol’ Doc shoots him. When we’re caught who do you think goes to the gurney? I don’t know how things work up there in Hill Billy heaven, but down here we have a little thing called the law of parties. We ALL take the ride, and while other states are doing away with the death penalty, Texas is putting in an express lane. Case worker removes a child because daddy drinks beer. Oh, and he’s a white Christian, and that never helps. Kids goes to foster care. Case worker overlooks the fact that foster daddy had to leave Florida because he “liked” the little girls. To make a long story short you can’t have sex with a seven year old. It KILLS them. Of course, the foster dad gets to go to death row. What about the case worker? Wasn’t she keeping the car warm while the bank was being robbed? The needle goes in the left arm, I believe, and being “Po-Dunk” we never seem to get it right, but the results all turn out the same.

So, you get your degree. You go to work, all for the good of the children, but know this: we’re out there, Mary, and we’re not going away. Some of us have already paid the price and you can’t intimidate us. We’ve long since given up our souls in the fight to end this abomination. Now, Mary, you’ve tasted my mutton. How do you like it, huh?

That Nasty Ol’ Line In The Sand

I was talking with an ex-brother in law one day, and the subject of Texas Nationalism came up. Normally he’s pretty smart, or, well, he talks a lot,ok? Anyway he said, “Why do you want to do that? You’d just go back to being a territory. ” How do you get your mind around that? Texas was NEVER a territory, it was a nation. Texas was forged from a revolution. Texas coined it’s own money, floated its own Navy, and conducted its own national business. His attitude is similar to so many Nortés out there who try to squeeze Texas into a Knott’s Berry Farm jar. All the other states have no national identity. You see, that’s the difference. Texans identify with Texas as an national origin. You take someone from say, Nebraska, and you won’t get that. “Hey! I’m from Nebraska!” Well, that’s . . . Special!

Remember when a whole bunch of states petitioned to leave the Union not long ago? Then, one by one, they all just faded away. Well, we didn’t. We continued to organize, write, petition, and yes, get arrested. The men at the Alamo weren’t kidding, and we’re not either. Do you think they expected Santa Anna to show up that February morning? Do you think C J Grisham expected a cop to totally ignore the constitution on that lonely road in Temple that morning? Do you think Terry Holcomb expected some po-dunk judge to jail him for making civilized statements AFTER the meeting ended? What do you think those five preachers in Houston thought when they were served with demands from an openly gay mayor who seeks to pre-approve their sermons? William Barrett Travis sits in eternity, and his line in the sand is always there. We are asked on occasion to cross that line. These people were asked, and they did!

Texas will not just fade away. We are not funny fanatics with silly accents. The same people who laugh at us and hide under some marijuana cloud out in California will do nothing to defend their own freedom, yet they’ll be the first to rush to Austin the very minute we achieve our goal. I’ve always distrusted the Americans. I was taught that in Louisiana. The ruling class in DC sees themselves as royalty. Then, there are the rest of us. Travis will soon call on us to cross that line in the sand. Will you be ready?

What Is A Writer?

The words that any writer hates to hear is, “How much money have you made?” To the novice, money is the defining factor in anything. They look at Steven King and they see this enormous amount of work on sale in the supermarket, bookstores, and, of course, all the movies, and they think that is the ultimate goal of the writer. To make a billion dollars, and go around with movie stars is the dream of every person who is not involved in writing. They not only missed that boat, it is way over the horizon, and they’re still standing on the dock.

While compensation is always nice you must understand just what compensation is. I don’t think anyone ever ventures off into the writing field naked, with no other options. Almost all, myself included, have something else going on when the writing bug bites. Indeed, if you have no life you have nothing to write about. The entire time I was writing music I was also in real estate. Real Estate was easy. You show people property, you buy three houses in Austin, and become a millionaire. So, I HAD money, what made me want to write? You see, that’s the secret.

You can count money, but how do you count ideas? How do you weigh a human thought. Money comes and goes, but a good idea lives forever. Heck, even bad ideas can live for a long time so long as someone out there subscribes to it. Uh, communism comes to mind. Huge book by a run of the mill writer, none of it added up, millions of people following it just like rats after the Pied Piper. But a good idea? Immortal! So it’s not the money that drives a writer.

To be perfectly honest when a writer becomes successful it saps the essence from their work. A struggling writer creates, a successful writer preserves. When King wrote his first work he did it for free. By the time the movies came about he’d settled on a formula that he knew would sell copy, and he used that formula again, and again, and again. I will watch a King movie, but I’ve never read one of his books. They’re boring. “Oh, Wilbur, he is the premier writer of the century!” No, you are TOLD he is the premier writer of the century, and you bought the idea. I, personally, get more out of Crystal Lee Ladamore’s “Dam Good Times” newspaper, myself.

At the beginning of this book I tried to explain what my concept was, but even I didn’t know that concept was evolving, even as I wrote. I looked at the high brow, elitist publications coming out, all the news casters, politicians, analysts, and all the rest, and I could see that they were talking a very long time, but basically saying nothing. I began to cherry pick at the issues and at a party out in California I was in a discussion, when I blurted out, “Well, I don’t know anything about all that. . . I’m just a simple ol’ boy from Austin!” In no time at all I found that simple idea wrapped around most any situation.

This infuriates liberals. When you boil issues down to the human level there are people who make their bones out there by fluffing up the information streaming out of New York, and L. A. and talking over the heads of ninety percent of the people listening. They MUST be smart, just look at how long they talk. Then someone like me comes along and blows them all off with simple ideas. They hate that. “It’s NOT that simple,” they say, but it is! Take Michael Brown, for instance. When I was growing up in Simmonsville we all knew, you fight a cop, you get shot. Michael Brown needed to be shot. You don’t want that DNA mixed up into the genetic pool. It’ll make more stupid kids! Simple. (Oh, you can swat them bees now.) Trayvon Martin, another case. You hit a man between the eyes, and tell him you’re going to kill him what happens next. There’ll be a quiz at the end, children. Simple Texas logic! Give guns to the Mexican cartels, some of the most violent men on the planet, and then stand back in snake amazement when they USE them. I’m a SIMPLE ol’ boy from Austin, not a STUPID ol’ boy from Austin! I think the word we’re looking for here is, “Duh!”

If I make a lot of money expounding these ideas I will certainly spend it. Most likely on beer and cigarettes. I’m sixty-three, I don’t have to impress anybody, and like I’ve said, if you want to dig dirt on me, you’d better bring a dump truck because brothers and sisters, I’ll assure you, it’s THERE! If I don’t make any, I will keep on writing because out there, somewhere, there is someone reading these ideas and saying, “Now THAT’S what I’m talking about,” and that’s the person I’m writing for! I can assure you that every penny Mark Twain ever made has been spent long ago, but are we still reading his words? Well, of course we are, because the words are what’s important, not the money! I took a hit just last night from a so-called “friend,” telling someone, “Well, he’s been writing for years, and where has it gone?” Now, bear in mind, this fool scrapes quarters for beer every Sunday morning, but he has literary advice for ME! Can I have an, “Amen?”

May I never become cursed with “formula.” May I never write based on what I think will sell as opposed to what it right, and what will help mankind. May the disease of political correctness never rot my brain, and may liberals curse me until the cows come home, because after I’m gone, and the money is all spent, if I leave the world one bit better than it was when I found it then I’ve succeeded as a writer. Fifty years from now if some high school girl reads something I wrote and a glimmer of understanding ignites in her mind then everything I ever wrote has been worth it.

Yours truly
Bill the Butcher
A Simple Ol’ Boy From Austin

Clink Clink

I love Penn and Teller. I’ve been facinated with magic all of my life. I saw them in Vegas and met Penn afterwards. Brilliant man! He’s an atheist, but no matter, his sense of humor is impecable. There are two types of magicians. There are the TV ones, and then there are the ones who can conjure in person with no photographic assist and only skill, learned over years of practice. For the record there is no such thing as magic. What we perceive as “magic” is our mental understanding of the natural world. When you confuse that understanding you get “magic.” It’s called “misdirection.” Misdirection makes you concentrate on what the magician wants you to see, ignoring something else, quite often right there in plain view. Teller has a trick that always amazes me. He has a tin cup and begins to drop quarters into it. You see them drop, hear the “clink,” and all is right with the world. Then, he begins to move around the room, plucking coins from various places and dropping them into the cup. Your eyes will follow the coins, hear them drop, and you will think nothing of it, except for some small details. When he takes someone’s glasses off, and dumps two quarters from them into the cup you are mystified. In a word, this is impossible! Obviously the person was looking through the glasses a moment before. Very clearly, Teller did NOT replace the lens with quarters and then dump them into the cup, yet you hear it and you see it. How is this so? It happens because he has created a form of tunnel vision for you and while you concentrate on his hands you EXPECT to see and hear the event, therefore you do! I have seen him do it, both on TV and in person and I have SEEN the quarters drop.

Misdirection works in other ways, also. When a population is told by what they understand to be an authority that something is so they will begin to see that something as a fact. If a policeman enters a crowded theater and shouts, “Everybody DOWN,” people will instinctfully hit the floor if they see danger or not. The policeman has directed their attention to the danger and that means it must be real. In spite of all the events that have demonstrated the fact that our government will construct scenerios to achieve their own ends, most Americans still believe that the powers that be are basically good, and have our best interests at heart. So, it only goes to follow, when the government tell us that something is bad, or dangerous, we will mostly believe it. We might debate it, but we will usually follow the party line by and large. This is why we stand by like sheep while the TSA searches a seven year old girl for a pipe bomb. We know it’s stupid, but, courtesy of 9/11 we believe there IS a possibility that the little girl is a very cleverly disguised Arab midget!

It’s bad enough when the misdirection concerns things we CAN see, but when it starts working with things we CAN’T see it gets sweet! Remember the AIDS virus? Oh yeah. I remember when I heard about it back in ‘81. We all thought is was a homosexual problem, and to be quite frank most everyone was cool with that. You do an unnatural act you get an unnatural disease. Bada Bing, Bada BOOM! Then the misdirection set in. Suddenly AIDS was everywhere, and it was pointed out that it was not just a gay problem, but concerned us all. And it was ALWAYS fatal. You get it, you’re DEAD. Let’s get into the field of probability here. If I walk out in front of my house right now, it is POSSIBLE that an elephant can walk up and pee on my foot. It CAN happen. Happens in India all the time. But is it PROBABLE? If I have twenty sexual partners in my lifetime, who are heterosexual, go to the doctor regularly, and take showers every morning, it is POSSIBLE they may get AIDS, but is it likely? And beyond that, seeing that we do know that the HIV virus transfers with bodily fluids, if I have normal sex with a lady where is most of the fluid going? Please don’t tell me I have to explain that to you. 99.99999% of the American population will not get AIDS. Do the math. You take a greater risk driving to the grocery store.

Now for a little background. America is in the oil business. That comes as no great surprise to most of you, but let me expand that a bit. America is in the OIL business. Oil is EVERYTHING to America. If one drop of oil comes up missing Wall Street will crash, we will find out that Shirley Temple was a whore and Jesus will NEVER come back. That’s how crucial oil is to America. When the price of oil changes five cents great minds take hours trying to figure out why. It only goes to follow that if a substance is so central to our very existence the government’s entire efforts should be directed toward acquiring and keeping the flow of the sticky substance going at all costs. We will sign contracts with the Devil to achieve this end, and indeed we HAVE. We will also lie, cheat and steal in order to position ourselves as close a possible to the source of it.

The Middle East has oil. Now, as a Texan I take exception to the worship of Arab oil. I think that Texas oil is just as sticky and a whole lot closer. And, I would rather deal with Bubba than Ali Babba any day of the week, but that’s not how the government thinks. They want ALL the oil, up to and including ignoring sources of it closer to home. The MEXICANS have oil! The CANADIANS have oil. The freaking CALIFORNIANS have oil, but what do we do? We charge off in the most God forsaken part of the world that has been at war since man invented the ROCK and try to work deals with illiterate, greedy, stupid people who hate women, and eat no ham!

Remember misdirection? Save your fork, folks! Well here’s a new twist. DOUBLE misdirection. Let me ask you. How dangerous is ISIS? “Oh, Wilbur, them boys is so bad they killed two or three reporters for no reason and they’s a gonna take over the WORLD.” Why is that? It’s because Obama TOLD you that. And the lame stream media confirmed it on the nightly news. You saw it, didn’t you? I mean them coins dropped right in that cup, I mean them heads come right off. . . it was all right there. ISIS was suddenly everywhere. They weren’t just in Syria, they were in Iraq. They were at the borders. They were at the PTA meeting! Little virgin school girls were running away from home to join ISIS. Send in the troops and pray to God we can win the war! Wait a minute. Didn’t we just pull troops OUT of Iraq? Didn’t Obama wave that around as one of his crowning achievements? Well, he’s only sending about three hundred of fifty or so, right. . . RIGHT?

The ISIS crisis was number one story on the news. JESUS could have returned the week of 9/11 and He would have been the SECOND story on the news. A few rag heads in the desert dominated the world. Has anyone of you every met anyone in ISIS? I haven’t. Now, I’m just a simple ol’ boy from Austin but them boys all look alike to me so I really can’t tell you if I have or not, but since my car hasn’t blown up yet I’m fairly sure I haven’t. But Obama want’s us to believe that there is a terrorist under every bed. Why? OIL! We have to get next to that oil. He has a logistical problem, however. To get next to that oil he’s got to get MORE troops over there to run them ISIS fellers off, and to do that he needs. . . what did I say in the first of this article, MISDIRECTION! He wants to send more troops to the Middle East, but he doesn’t want you to see it. How do we do that? If you want to get perfect tunnel vision you put someones BUTT on the line. That’ll do it every time. What’s worse than a threat you think you can see? A threat you CAN”T see, but you perceive it to be there. HEEELLLLOOOOO Mr. Duncan!

An illegal immigrant, sick as can be, flies from a country soaked with a killer virus, and strolls into a hospital right smack dab in the middle of beautiful downtown Dallas! And all the Nortes hate Dallas anyway. Why they killed Kennedy, don’t you know? And lo and behold TWO nurses got sick! One was really cute and that was the bonus factor. If she’d been a fat chick it would have been bad enough, but she was a pretty little Asian girl and why, that’s just UNAmerican, now isn’t it. The two got spirited off to very important hospitals, where they began to improve. It actually took two passes of this trick before it works. Two care givers were bought into the country legally for treatment, but they went out to California where they just got well. That wouldn’t do. Heck no! That’s too normal. Duncan had a mystic about him. He couldn’t be tracked well. He pops into the hospital and got treated for a sinus infection and sent home. Whoops! Gotta send him BACK. The next pass was the coup de gras! He DIED! Not before he French kissed the nurses and they broke out in hives and we had the perfect storm. Oh, my bad, where’s ISIS? Clink, clink, hear them quarters a dropping?

My God, how do we fight this foe? Why send in the troops. And to heck with restraint, we are going to need a LOT of troops to fight a virus. Combine this with all the reports now cropping up all over the country as people check into clinics and ERs with “flu like symptoms.” Hey, folks, it’s FLU season. I, myself just got over it, ok? I sat out here on the porch writing articles sweating like a field hand. I didn’t go to the store because I didn’t want to cause a riot. A fifth of Jim Beam and a bucket of KFC cured me. Swat them bees, swat them bees. So here goes the needed troops to Africa to fight Ebola. How does a soldier fight Ebola? Jus sayin’. But, since they’re already THERE, the oil is so close. . . Clink, clink. And for his next trick, the Amazing Barack is going to saw the country in half!

Texas Nationalism 101

Texas Nationalism is an umbrella that covers many different groups with many different understandings as to just what that ideology entails. When it all began the reception was one of humor. No one took the very idea of the Republic of Texas rising again very seriously. Lone Star Beer even had an ad poking jokes at the idea with the beer being the “National Beer of Texas.” In the ‘50’s and ‘60’s things were going along fairly well. All except the Kennedy thing, but, you know, stuff happens. If you will note, no Yankee has driven through Dallas with the top down since. As long as everybody is buying steaks and gasoline Texans will put up with most anything.

Then the Nortes began to take themselves a tab too seriously. First there was the Arab thing. Now, work with me here. Why go all the way to Africa to buy oil, and have to bring it back to Texas to refine it when we have oil right HERE? In 1968 I could buy five gallons of gas for $1.88. Do the math. Today, I could put $1.88 worth of gasoline under my armpits! And for what? So some camel jockey can fund ISIS and bring Ebola across the Laredo bridge? On what planet does that make any sense? And, yeah, I called them camel jockeys because that’s what they are. It riles me when some Saudi is referred to as a “Prince.” A prince is an Englishman with a pedigree as long as Rapunzel’s hair, not some guy eating locusts out in the Sahara. A few definitions needed here.

Anyway, at the direction of the United States, Texas oil was ignored and Saudi oil became the benchmark. Yeah, yeah, the Bushes did it but if you will NOTE, the Bushes are NOT Texans! Willie Nelson is a Texan, George Bush and all the others are yankees! Texas survived that, however. The state flourished in spite of it. Then, in true New York fashion, the money began to flow OUT of Texas more that INTO Texas. You see, that’s the way Nortes work. Wall Street rules the roost. And they rule it with fast talk and paper money. Think of this. New York City doesn’t produce one thing except bull ca ca. No, I’m serious, stop laughing. Show me one cow on Manhattan Island. Forget that stupid statue of a bull on Wall Street. Actually, that’s subliminal. . . a bull. A FREAKING BULL. Bull. . . bull ca ca, work with me here. No, New Yorkers are bean counters and it’s aways somebody ELSE’S beans.

Texas has always held to the constitution. We figured the Americans would at least honor that, since they WROTE it. Well, we were wrong. As long as it’s some guys drinking beer and watching the Steelers it’s all very fine, but the very minute a Texan implies that it might not be kosher to impose THEIR interpretation of that document on what is basically a whole different set of people over a thousand miles away, well that’s another matter. The fact of the matter is we simply believed that the law of the land was the law of the land. The north thinks that the law of the land applies only to them and we Texans are to bow respectfully and kiss the glove. Well, this is where Texas Nationalism was fueled into high gear. We had a little different idea about what THEY could kiss.

The groups began to form. Now, we’re not idiots, no matter what that professor told you at Harvard. We TOOK Texas from Mexico and we were underpaid and short of powder when we did it. We know we can’t go to war with the US. But here’s their flaw. The Yanks believe in money. Any money. They let their Federal Reserve print hot checks and they covet them as if they were gold. They are NOT gold, they are lies. They cry and wring their hands over the price of Saudi oil, while the “princes” pound sand up their Ivy League posteriors. Texas has a better idea.
As I’ve said before, and I’ll say it again, Texas IS a nation. Texas is the Republic of Texas de facto. Our problem, at present is that we’ve let so many Nortes into the Republic, making insane decisions that undermine the welfare of the people. Judges who arrest preachers for talking AFTER a meeting is over. Cops who arrest honest citizens for legally carrying guns on a country road. State Department of Public Safety Officers who arrest people for WATER PISTOLS. Border guards who are reduced to changing diapers while the Cartels have a traffic jam bringing crack into the region. I could go on and on, and you know I’m right. And homosexual comedians out in California poking fun at patriots for standing up for the very same constitution that guarantees them the right to be a Sodomite.And yeah, Mayor Parker I SAID that, and you can feel free to copy and past this on your rotund butt! Swat them bees, swat them bees.

So, the Texas Nationalist Movement began to solidify. A small group here, a small group there, and the philosophy began to standardize. Certain precepts began to form. First and foremost we realized the Yanks were crazy. Next, it is accepted that the north is fine with anything so long as all the money goes to New York. Stop laughing! It’s true. Let me ask you, what caused the Confederacy? “Oh, Bill, that was ‘cause of all them slaves down there. Lincoln wanted all men to be free.” If you believe that have I got a bridge for YOU! Half price, too. Lincoln didn’t give a FLIP about the slaves so long as the cotton money funneled to Wall Street. The Confederacy formed because the South got plumb sick and tired of funding northern factories. Check this out. Those poor ol’ slaves picking all that cotton brought a tear to your eye, but those CHILDREN in the garment factories, working twelve hours a day, well, that didn’t worry you at all, now DID it? Slavery drove down wages in the south and southern working class whites were just as much the victims of it as were the blacks in the fields. Only five percent of whites in the south had slaves and they were at the behest of the northern bankers waiting on that next shipment of cheap, affordable cotton to fill the coffers of New York banks. Industrial revolution? Give me a freaking break! That didn’t come about until the north had to PAY a decent wage to get that cotton up there. Then and only then did they come up with all these ingenious ideas on how to do that with less labor and more machineary. As long as Uncle Tom was in his cabin Fieldstien, Goldman, and Woodward were JUST FINE with it.

Sam Houston said, “Texas will one day raise its head again among the nations,” and he was right. We are doing that right now. That’s what the Texas Nationalist Movement is all about. We are beginning to act like a nation, trade like a nation, and defend our borders like a nation, and that ticks off the northern power brokers because it exposes their hypocrisy! Texas will win its independence simply because the United States cannot sustain without Texas money. It’s as simple as that. Stop laughing. Look at Austin. . . look at Detroit. Texas can and will separate itself from the lunacy that has ruled Washington for too long. You will look up and one day just realize Texas IS different, it IS independent, and the rest of the world WILL accept it into the world economy.

Imagine a country where you can go to work and earn a living wage. A place where your daughter can ride her bike downtown, have a milkshake and return home safely. A place where churches are respected, and people who dress in weird get ups, and preach hate are forced out of the community, and a place where that dime in your pocket is made out of silver is is actually WORTH a dime! Well, that’s the Republic of Texas! Used to be the United States, but not any more. Wall Street took care of that. And we will take care of Wall Street!