Sex, Drugs, and Rock & Roll

Sex, Drugs, and Rock & Roll

Morality cannot be legislated. What a simple statement. You can’t imprint your beliefs about right and wrong, dirty or clean, fresh or foul on anyone except yourself. One man’s meat is another man’s poison. So why do we have wars on drugs, sex, and freedom of speech? We do it because we have this gene in our heads that tells us if it feels good for me it must feel good for everyone else. I can’t eat beets. That is the only food that will make me puke every time, but I know dozens of people who love them. We are all different.

You are always going to have a segment of the population that is two bubbles short of plumb. Jesus said the poor you will always have with you. The poor, the stupid, the gays, the religious nuts…it comes in a package folks. And Jesus was a pretty smart boy but even He couldn’t fix that. But we lay down laws about what people can and can’t do even in their private lives because “someone” has a better idea. If the government decided that Ozarka water was bad for us and passed a law I assure you tomorrow trucks from Mexico would be slipping across the border loaded with cases of water for twenty-five dollars a bottle. And Obama would be selling them water pistols.

Think I’m being facetious? Dudes and dudettes, the government has declared a war on WEEDS, spent MONEY on it, and the crop just keeps growing. They tried that with beer, too, remember? A bunch of crazy bitches went stomping around ranting and raving about beer and finally got their wish. Al Capone danced in the streets. A similar bunch of crazy bitches are currently parading around trying to forbid guns and CJ Grisham is dancing in the streets, probably going to write a best seller because a bunch of bats got their shorts in a knot. Just tell anyone that there is something they cannot have and they will double down on it immediately. Human nature.

Take prostitution. How in the hell can you make it a crime to sell something that you can legally give away? And they aren’t selling it, they are renting it. You only buy it when you get married. I know this because I’ve bought several. What’s the difference between a woman who takes money and lays down in bed once, and one who gets dinner, a car, clothes, an apartment, diamonds, and a funny looking little dog and MAYBE lays down once or twice a month knowing the man is married to someone else? Well that would be a whore, too, folks but there are no laws forbidding her to make her living any way she sees fit.

And rock and roll. Loosely translated that means any lifestyle YOU don’t agree with. Gays, polygamy, communes, you name it. If it don’t sell at Walmart you can bet there’s a law against it. If someone decides to buy a generator, sink a well, grow his own smoke and veggies and shacks up with three girls the SWAT team is on the way. And if two men want to hold hands it’s the end of the world. Now, I have nothing against two men holding hands. It’s when they try to write laws telling me they want to,hold MY hand that we have a problem. And there you go! What was forbidden is now cool so some want laws making it obligatory that everyone has to hold hands with everyone else. IT DON’T WORK LIKE THAT! That’s just one more group imposing their morality on the majority. Reflect back on crazy bitches cited above. And it’s not that I don’t appreciate crazy bitches. If you ever have a crazy bitch you’ll never go back to straight.

What to do? In a word, nothing. Don’t legislate, regulate. People are going to screw, talk and make their head spin. Gonna happen. Accept it. Legalize all drugs. One step farther; if a crackhead can’t afford crack give it to him. If he wants to break the habit help him. Oh God, Wilbur. That’s crazy. What about the cost? Well, uh, compare it with border wars, prisons, the cartels and ruined lives vs just putting it all out there and taxing the crap out of it. Look folks, only a small segment of the population will do those things. And gays, I hate to be the one to tell you this but that includes you, too. You will never be a majority. If we legalized drugs, prostitution and love the cartel would be applying for jobs at Walmart TOMORROW.

You will still have the same people doing all of these immoral things, but you just wouldn’t have to put up with the bull shit, ok? Now there’s a way to clean up the environment. A shit free world. Sex, drugs, Rock and Roll, with no additives.


This Is Getting Old

This Is Getting Old

transitive verb
1 : to encroach upon in a way that violates law or the rights of another

This thing about kids shooting up schools is getting old! Certainly people have a right to self defense, especially in this day and age when liberal psychiatry has unleashed a hoard of nuts on LSD shooting anything that moves and then theirselves. Second amendment or no second amendment, this has to stop. Social responsibility is important. Look at the Webster’s definition above. Traditional readings of the second amendment take the word infringement to be a carte blanch license to wave a gun around at Target but observe the phrase, “…in a way that violates law…” The constitution gives you the right to own a gun. The LAW says that certain conditions apply. States have a right to regulate the lawful bearing of firearms within their borders under law. The sheriff of Dodge City had a right to collect the pistols from cowboys on their way to the saloon.

Let’s start with beginnings. I was talking with my friend, Natalie, yesterday and she’s as Liberal Democrat as they come. Gay marriage, shuttles on the border and a baby in every pot. As we messaged each other I began to look online at pictures of active shooters, alive and dead. I noticed one common factor. They LOOKED NUTS! That idiot that shot up the theater for instance. Who in their right mind would sell a gun to Ronald McDonald? And that basket case that shot up Sandy Hook. The whole town knew he was two bubbles short of plumb. I would have shot him AND his mother on general principle. The law should be simple: The moment someone takes ONE psychotropic pill guns should never be allowed in their house again EVER! If Adam Lanza’s mother needed protection she should have chained him up in the front room at night. Oh, and while I’m on that subject, for all the conspiracy nuts out there that think Obama set up a false flag at Sandy Hook because no pictures of any bodies came forth, sit down and shut up! Parading images of twenty mutilated little bodies for CNN would not be very smart with the parents making funeral arrangements. The withholding of those pictures was an act of common decency.

I digress. What I’m driving at is the problem here is not guns it’s people! You have to keep guns out of the hands of social rejects. All men are created equal but when you are taking drugs that warp your sense of reality and paint yourself up like Bozo the clown you just lost your right to do anything but draw pictures on construction paper with very dull crayons. The law should be written so that when someone like Lanza’s mother puts a gun within reach of something like him she should get life in prison and he should be institutionalized until Jesus comes back!

If an active shooter should somehow live to smile for the camera he should get a fair and speedy trial, and then a fair and speedy execution. They like guns so much do it like the Chinese do it. One shot in the back of the head in the middle of a football field. There! That’s your fifteen minutes of fame!

Gun confiscation is not the answer. I’m not giving up my gun when the Liberal Democrats are filling the streets with circus clowns. I don’t count on police protection. They shoot so bad it takes fifteen of them to kill one guy. I’ll protect myself, thank you very much. But self defense is the natural right of all living creatures. I rarely go into public places and NEVER go to movies any more. Oh, I know, I know, it’s my right to enjoy a movie. Yeah, right. Sit in the dark with a bunch of strangers and get shot in the back of the head because some ass clown couldn’t get laid. I’ll keep Netflix. When I do go to a cafewith is very,very rare, I sit with my back to the wall and if, by some quirk of fate I don’t have my gun I always have a steak knife. I sit near the rest rooms and I check out every other person. This is the world we live in. And this is never going to get better, folks. I’d love to tell you that Obama is going to fix this with one stroke of his mighty pen, but he can’t even properly fake a birth certificate so don’t even go there. The standard has been set. You all love the Hunger Games, Mad Maxx and movies about smart mouth out of control kids. HELLO!! It will take fifty years for this to turn around because that’s how long it takes a generation to die off. This generation of children is largely lost due to new “innovative” methods of child rearing, CPS guidelines and just plain stupid parents. We, you and I, will not live to see America back to any form of normal, but maybe we can set the wheels in motion so in a hundred years or so the nation may be livable again.

I hope that generation will remember the lessons we’ve learned. As old fashioned as it may sound good Christian values make order. We need to rid America do all non Judea-Christian religions. We need to stand behind marriage in the traditional form. We need to vet candidates so that we never get the Obamanation we have right now. Nixon couldn’t even lie once, Clinton had a girl friend, and a fat one at that, and they were crucified. Obama wouldn’t know the truth if it ran up and pissed on his leg. I can’t WAIT for his kids to grow up. Now that’s funny right there, I don’t care who you are. I think Obama should be impeached and sentenced to twenty years…in Detroit!

Yep, this is getting old and I’m too damn old to put up with it. There was a story I read where someone said they saw the ghost of Daniel Webster, and he asked, “How stands the country?” The answer now? I don’t know. Which country? We can’t seem to find it any more.

The Leave Alone Party

The Leave Alone Party

I generally try to keep my posts to others clean, but in my articles I will salt the prose a bit, nothing as bad as a rapper, but a little Texas flavor. What gets me is when people who’s lives are obscene get their shorts in a knot when they hear me or anyone else throw in a word here and there. What further provokes me is that these same people want to indoctrinate our children with their perversion as if it is a normal situation. I made a statement in an article that no one wanted their child to grow up to be gay and got a host of people telling me how they would “accept” it should that ever happen. Of course I was called a bigot. Their twisted logic is so profound that when I put up a satirical post yesterday about the percentage of rape victims who would become pregnant I included a tongue in cheek comment about the offspring of gay men and got responses defending the rights of gay couples raising their children. I had to explain that two men simply cannot make a baby…well, maybe in California.

At any rate, whenever someone uses the word “Chaplin” in their name I have the good common sense to articulate my views. I was raised Baptist, became Catholic, and am covered UP with Mormons. The radical left freaks out when I remind them of those facts, but the simple truth is the US is a Christian nation formed by Christian men on Christian principles. Not Moslems, not Hindus, not Buddhists! Deal with it! This country will always be Christian. About the only good thing to come out of the immigrants streaming in from Mexico is that if they are Mexican they are probably Christian and heterosexual.

Our problem is too many people do not just stand up and say, “I don’t agree with that, and never will!” Standing up comes in many forms. Civil disobedience is one of the best forms. The very idea that you have to be “licensed” to defend your life is absurd. Therefore I repealed that law. I carry a gun whenever I feel I need to. Just go into any convenience store in Killeen at eleven o’clock and tell me how safe you feel. Even a dog has the God given right to bite, but we don’t muzzle all dogs because of one bad dog. People are so caught up with not offending anyone that they, themselves become the offended. Of course people have a right to live as they want to live but I reserve the right to my opinion. The Gay lifestyle is dangerous. Using drugs indiscriminately is dangerous. Plotting your life without a moral compass is dangerous, eating convenience store burritos is dangerous so don’t get mad when I point these things out.

When I say things like the above I don’t do it just to offend. I do it to make people think, and perhaps a few will sit up and say, “Yeah! Now that’s what I’m talking about!” You see, if enough people just do that we can turn thus mess around. Politicians are a funny lot. If they perceive public opinion turning they will follow the lead. They know that if they don’t then they will have to find jobs, and that’s unthinkable. The pendulum swings this way and that. This is a natural law. The universe is composed to opposites. Light and dark, hot and cold, male and female. Our social consciousness has hit to extreme left. This cannot maintain. Sheer force of population demands a return to center. Only problem is that the rod never stops at dead center. It continues to the opposite extreme. This is never good but it’s the way it is. What we, as Christian conservatives need to try to do is hold the line against extremism, even our own. I do believe in allowing adults to chart their own lives but not chart MINE! If a Gay Chef wants to live with his boyfriend, oh well. Will I not eat his prime rib? Of course I will. If he ends up with AIDS I’ll hand him a Bible and hope he reads it.

I’m going to start a new Political Party. The Leave Alone Party. If it doesn’t concern you leave it alone! We can’t all possibly agree with every aspect of our existence. We do all agree one most things. Concentrate on those things. If you abide by just two rules, don’t believe in anything you can’t see or verify, and don’t worry a bout things you cannot change. There! That takes care of ninety-eight percent of your problems. Take four aspirins and call me in the morning.

Welcome To Your Brave New World

Welcome To Your Brave New World

Good morning Liberal Democrat, Gay, Lesbian, atheist, Common Core, pro-choice, open border idiots! Is there anyone I missed? Two twelve year old girls stab a friend 19 times! Welcome to the brave new world YOU created. They are children. They have no philosophy. They only have what YOU have taught them. There is no God. If it feels good, do it. Have sex with any thing at any age, and kill the baby should you become pregnant. One plus one doesn’t equal two anymore, it equals whatever floats your boat as long as it pleases your lesbian school teacher. That judge that certified those children as adults should be taken out somewhere and whipped with a wet, leather belt…before he is hung!

There are rules and laws to live by. When I was a boy if you jumped in front of a bus, you died. If you put your hand on a hot stove you got burned. If you came to school acting a fool you got your ass beat. This is fundamental. Why do kids shoot up schools? Because YOU taught them there was no retribution. There is no responsibility. There is no God, there is no Jesus. There is only Slender Man, and he demands sacrifice! Two twelve year old girls did not originate that religion people. YOU did!

The human condition demands explanations. You will have a god. Your god is whatever you think about most of the day. None of us live alone, none of us live in a vacuum and actions have consequences. The parents of these two girls need to be flogged! Oh, how could they have known? Idiots! Do you know how long it takes for such a crazy idea to become ingrained in a child’s mind? If you were to tell a twelve year old girl right off the bat, “Here, take this knife and stab your friend 19 times,” she would run away in horror! That’s the God particle! We KNOW right from wrong. That has to be desynthesized by hours of programming. Natural sexuality has to be turned by idiotic ramblings about gay genes, and acceptance. Common sense has to be nullified by ever complex theories about the universe, and our origins that defy logic and neutralizes the God particle, and eventually you get what you get. A little girl crawling out of the woods, gasping for breath because she was just sacrificed to an Internet God called Slender Man!

Did this make some of you mad? Did this go against your world view that some broken college professor put in your head when you were still green? Well, I’m really sorry! I’m just glad the little girls didn’t use guns. Else, every libtard in the country would be screaming about more gun control. Oh, and by the way, we didn’t touch grandpappy’s shotgun either cause he also had a walking stick!

The Breaking of Texas 1, 2, 3

The Breaking of Texas 1, 2, 3

I saw a post today by a Facebook friend of mine concerning Wendy Davis. Now I want to say right off the bat that I don’t know a lot about Wendy, other than the fact that she’s a liberal democrat so that indicates she’s a nut. That having been said I’m a Libertarian and after our sterling reviews on CNN, MSNBC, and the recent statement coming out of the NRA, not to mention that wonderful picture of one of our outstanding members lounging in a field of bluebonnets that for me to call Wendy a nut is a little like the pot calling the kettle black. Pink is the new black. ( Wonder if I can sell that to the networks?)

What drew my attention wasn’t so much the “Abortion Barbie” rag campaign by Gregg (Ironsides) Abbott as it was one of the comments on the thread, i.e. “As more normal people move to Texas this will level out.” I spoke with my son in California the other night and he said the people in California were dancing in the streets as in excess of 1500 of these “normal” people a day were fleeing the state they had created for the greener pastures of the Lone Star State. Many moons ago I wrote a song:

The grass ain’t green it’s brown where I live down in Texas
But it seems all the folks up north sure know where that is
Cause when New York City ran out of work
And all the little snow birds lost their shirts
They drug their out of work asses down to Texas!

These “normal” people took the most prosperous, beautiful state in the union, the epitome of the American dream, and turned it into a disaster, the laughing stock of the entire world. If you want to make a point about absurdity all you have to say is the word “California” and even Tibetan monks catch the joke. We have one saving grace. Texas is a culture, not a state. In fact I find the word “state” repugnant. That puts Texas in the same league as Iowa. Texas was formed in revolution and was a republic. Iowa was, well they had to call it something so they called it Iowa.

Still, we have to keep our guard up. Some people we embrace. They weren’t born in Texas, but they got here as fast as they could. Sam Houston, Davy Crockett, Doc Greene. Integrity is hard to come by. Integrity is where you take a stand and then you stand by it. Doc made some comments on his radio show about the gay life style. He didn’t hate on them, he didn’t call for mass murder, he just made some matter of fact comments and didn’t back up. I don’t know for the life of me why he stepped down from his post in the party. You would have thought he called Obama’s wife a nappy headed ho! He didn’t. He just stated facts according to his opinion.

The new immigrants from California would have it so that people like Doc would be silenced forever. He doesn’t fit in with their world view. They miss the economics of SoCal and people like Doc fight to keep that from happening here. He is also against a small vocal minority running the state to their own ends. I’m against that too. I don’t gay bash. I’m a product of Austin and the very STREETS are pink there. But, I believe in freedom of expression, and while respect your right to shine your butt off in a field of blue bonnets. I demand the right to laugh MY butt off when you do it. Swat them bees, swat them bees.

Texas is the last hope for America. Yeah, we’re crazy. Yeah we wear funny boots. Still, we simply believe the constitution was written for a reason. We also tend to believe in God. That is my issue with Wendy Davis. I believe that every child conceived was conceived for a reason and to abort one goes against the will of that God. Yes, even rape! I’m not saying rape is a good thing but two wrongs do not make a right and killing a baby, no matter what you call it is murder plain and simple. I’ll never deviate from that, I’m too frigging old! There are things I like about Wendy, her legs for instance, and I’ll never change, I’m too frigging old!

People don’t say things like that because it’s not politically correct. Everybody wants to be “in,” or where they think “in” is. Truth is most Texans think pretty much think like I do but never speak up because they don’t want controversy or they don’t realize that this demographic change may cost us Texas. Wendy Davis is like that. Ask her how many abortions SHE’S had. Then ask her how many votes she thinks she’ll get filibustering for pro-choice. See where that’s going, but like I said, nice legs. (I like her hair too.)

I won’t hate on Gregg Abbott because he’ll play the cripple card on me, and being a cripple myself I have to stick with the union. What I will say is Kathie Glass is your best choice for Governor. If you like the same Ol’ same Ol’ you have two other choices. Wendy is the one with the long blonde hair. Kathie has an uphill fight a fight that she may lose, but where is it written that only two parties have the ordained right to produce statesman? You want to see real change? Let Kathie Glass take that oath of office.

The Children of Anachy

The Children of Anarchy

You cannot have a society without law. There are simply too many of us. There is a line between legitimate debate and disruption for the sole purpose of causing enough disagreement to stop the orderly process of construction of a majority rule. In any society there will always be a percentage of members who will not get exactly what they want, but to destroy the entire society for the sake of the few is anarchy.

This is where we find the Libertarian Party today. While most Libertarians support freedom to live and let live there is a small, a very small subset that dwells on destroying the party solely because they are spoiled, Hedonistic brats bent on disrupting the stated goals of most Libertarians solely because they can! Example of this was the NOTA push at the convention. For the uninformed out there NOTA means “None of the above.” Further defined it means, “I’m such a numb nut I’m campaigning for everyone to vote for NOONE and we get to leave the convention with our tin foil hats firmly in place.” I listened to all the high brow explanations but it was all stupid. All the, “I don’t agree with anybody” talk, then why did you even come here in the first place?

I wrote yesterday about separating the sheep from the goats, and that’s exactly what I intend to do. The wonderful thing about being a simple old boy from Austin is that I’m very familiar with the smell of bull shit. I am going to fight for Kathie Glass’ run for governor, but after November I can see no future for the Libertarian Party. That having been said I will continue my efforts to purge the party of disruption until then. There are good people in the party, but the total absence of common sense has alienated them to the point that even Republicans begin to look good.

Now, you will note that I did not name any particular group, but if the boot fits feel free to lace that bitch up!