Will the last person out of Mexico please turn out the lights?

Will The Last Person Out of Mexico Please Turn Off The Lights

I heard a joke years ago about a Mexican trying to slip across the border and gets caught by the border guards. He starts telling them that he’s an American. “Ok,” one of the guards says, “if you’re an American make a sentence with the words ‘green, pink, and yellow.” The guy thinks a minute and returns, “The phone goes,’Green, Green,’ I pink it up and say, ‘Yellow!” Well, I was in high school when I heard that and suffice to say immigration and the TexMex border has changed a lot since then. Currently there are more than one million undocumented immigrants in Texas making us second only to California, and this is one time I’m glad we were out done by the land of fruits and nuts. According to the Comptroller’s report in Texas, however, Mexicans account for only about 55% of those slipping across the Texas border. The cost of these people is astronomical. I won’t bore you with the figures, they run in the millions, but I will direct you to one simple fact. Cost? Food Stamps? Higher education? These people sneaked into Texas. Now California did out do us in one respect in absurdity. The “guests” of Obama can get a driver’s license out there. And the police can’t stop them just because they suspect they might be an illegal. Now that’s funny right there, I don’t care who you are!

There are two layers to this question. I actually sit sort of in the middle. Having worked with Mexicans over the years I see clearly the intentions of an honest man trying to come to America to make a better life. That is what America; oh FORGET about America, that’s what TEXAS is all about. Texas was founded by a bunch of guys who had basically given up on “America” when it was barely fifty years old. Travis, Houston, Crockett, and most of the others had come here to try to found a Republic that would at least TRY to be what America was not. When Texas became a state there was a surge of people that thought it might be a good idea, but there was a sizable contingent who said, “If we’re gonna do THIS crap, why the hell did I have to come HERE? I had THIS in Philadelphia!”

So this lure about Texas is still there, and it’s not just from south of the border, people. Every State, every country has an attraction to the Lone Star State. Chinese beat a path to cross the border between Texas and Mexico, as to most of the Latin American countries, and can you blame them? And I have nothing against people trying to better their lives but there has to be some order, some restraint, otherwise you get a whole flock of people streaming over the border with bad intentions. Drug dealers, people into human trafficking and just plain criminals who see our state as being ripe for the picking. And don’t forget terrorists. Slipping into Texas is prime if you’re working your way to Fort Hood to set a bomb off, or shoot someone, or just poison the water. If you are an Arab and get caught coming across all you have to do is keep your mouth shut and odds are you’ll be sent right back to Mexico to try again, maybe better this time.

So, what do you do about this issue? Well, you have to see it for what it is. It’s a war, with a complete invasion. Not a day goes by on the TexMex border where there isn’t some kind of a fire fight. If you have Taliban slipping over from Pakistan to Afghanistan and the Army catches them and shots are fired, what do you call that? That’s called war, folks. If you have fifteen members of a cartel slipping across at Laredo, get caught by the Texas DPS and have a fire fight, what do you call that, workplace violence? C’mon! So, if you’re going to let anyone into the country you need to make sure it’s someone willing to work honestly and not rob or sell drugs or blow up a mall. If you will note, not many people are trying to sneak into Russia. Oh, almost forgot, almost anyone except Snowden is trying to sneak into Russia and if you will observe he didn’t sneak, he used an airport restroom until they LET him in. England has a problem but not near the scope that we have here. I mean you have to fly in most of the time and customs checks you out. How to you check out a boxcar full of Mexicans screaming up from the valley?

You must make is easy for law abiding people to come in and hell on earth for the others, so as to make it not worth the risk. For instance; if someone is trying to bring drugs in from south of the border and gets caught you make the sentence so still that the Chinese start complaining. We do this to criminals all the time in Texas. If you hold up a store, and shout, “This is a hold up,” and ten people hear you then that’s ten counts of armed robbery, and God forbid you should tell someone to step against a wall, that’s kidnapping. You can rack up eleven life sentences in one take and we’re not kidding friends and neighbors. If you catch one person bringing one kilo of meth across that border first it’s drug smuggling, but what about the invasion part? They actually invaded a nation, right? What about the terrorist part? To undermine the health of a nation is an act of terrorism, right? Just like poisoning the water. Sentence for all of this? ForEVER! You will never see Mexico again and you will certainly never be bringing any more drugs across the border, but the good news is you’ll have lots of friends in prison. Join a good gang!

Next we have to get some real numbers on how many Texas jobs are lost to immigrants, legal or illegal. I don’t want to get racist here but let me spin you some facts. There is a myth that is perpetuated that illegal only do jobs that Americans won’t. Do you really think a Mexican can’t lay bricks, build houses, paint, or run tractors? When you confine them to picking cabbages you are racist because Mexicans are not any stupider than anyone else. And when they do this they really do cost in jobs that legal residents can have. That really happens. I have been a Realtor, working for a builder, and I’m here to tell you that I have seen entire subdivisions build by people who can’t speak English. And it isn’t that they don’t do a good job. Mexican people are some of the hardest working people in the world. The problem is they come at a discount. This serves no one. Not the American workers deprived of employment and certainly not the Mexican worker forced to live in sub human conditions and work for chicken feed.

Let’s get something straight. You are NEVER going to stop people from trying to jump the border. What you have to do is cut down the success rate and give the ones who are honest an even chance. The north side of that fence represents the Promised Land. You just have to make that goal legally attainable. And here we go, I can already hear it. Amnesty. NO! To quote Doc Greene of Raging Elephants Radio that’s like having someone break into your house and after six months you come back from a cruise and they say, “You should let me stay. Just look at all the GOOD I’ve done!” It’s like stealing a car and bringing it back a week later polished and full of gas. I’ve got a brother in law like that. You have to play by the rules and the reason you have to play by the rules is because of the work force. It is impossible to get accurate numbers on how much the illegals cost in jobs. I researched it and got five different numbers and the reason is simple. We don’t know! The best you can do is look at the results. Remember what I said about the subdivisions? That’s real people. Houses and streets and everything in between build by people that don’t pay any taxes, indeed, if the liberals and RINOs have their way, not only will they not pay any taxes they will drain social welfare programs that Americans (Oh, there’s that word again) TEXANS need.

Documenting a worker is easy. If an employer uses illegals he/she should pay the piper. Make it so bad that they won’t think about the money they save. But, if a worker is legal, forget about the minimum wage. If some worker in Austin thinks he can lay bricks for twenty-five dollars an hour, and another man will do it for fifteen, and do it just as well, well, there you go. Maybe a little reality check is needed here. But, flip the coin on the other side. If a legal immigrant comes to Austin, wants to lay bricks for fifteen dollars an hour and someone convinces him to join the union for more money so be it! But he’ll never get that chance as long as his back is wet!

I love to see people succeed. My son in California is in charge of contractors for the Navy. There was a company that came in to repair a ship motor. Big bid, couple of million I think, but then a little Mexican guy submitted his bid for his little company and is was one-third the cost to the Navy. The big bid guy was so entrenched that it took my son screaming and yelling to give the bid to the other company who DID the job, CAME in on budget and at hamburgers at the job site every day! Did he use illegals? Certainly not. Did people from Mexico originally make good on some kind of American dream, absolutely!

And before you start screaming “RACIST” at me let me tell you one thing. I don’t think I can recall one time seeing a Mexican man walking who wasn’t going to work! I can’t recall one of those people working, building those subdivisions who didn’t give 110%. This is not about the color of skin, this is about honest people trying to better them selves in an honest fashion.

And then, there’s the human element. As you know, I’m very much against families being split. When a worker sneaks across the border he is separated from family. His only hope is going home, or slipping his family over, too. What ever solution you come up with you must take in the human factor. But amnesty is not the answer. We need, regulations, and a little bit of hope for an honest shake. That’s your answer.

Another point is how to actually secure the border. Well, it ain’t the Feds, ok? This is a Texas problem, and a New Mexican problem, and an Arizona problem, and a California problem. Obama is too busy giving guns to the drug dealers and striking deals with opposing cartels to worry about the border. (He didn’t worry about the border when HE got in, now DID he?) Employ the Texas National Guard and secure that puppy! Then tell the other states, “We got ours, you worry about yours.” A little girl should be able to walk along the border, picking flowers. Anything else is NOT acceptable. And once there is a Republic again, with respect, tell the Mexican government (now there’s an oxymoron) IF YOU LET YOU THIS CRAP SPILL OVER JUST LOOK AT THAT NATIONAL GUARD THERE ON THE BORDER AND TAKE A WILD GUESS AT WHAT WE WILL DO NEXT! Washington will puke in their waste baskets.

Good relations with Mexico are wanted, but if they can’t clean up their own back yard Texas will be more than happy to help. If Obama can’t stop Mexico from invading Texas how in the HELL is he going to solve the Middle East? We can STOP the invasion, and quick. There will not be a simple solution, but to seal the border is most important. You can’t start repairing something until you know what’s broken and friends and neighbors, the border is broken. Any time a bunch of “coyotes” can slip a train load of illegals into the strongest country in the world that should give you pause.



Why Write a Book About Texas Politics?

Why Write a Book About Austin Politics?

When I began blogging I didn’t take it all that seriously. To me it was a poor man’s outlet where you really couldn’t find a publisher so you just did it yourself and hoped that anyone would read what you had to say. As you may or may not know, also, a writer is a writer is a writer, or in other words, a writer will write even when he (or she) really has nothing to say. I suffer profoundly from that virus. Also, I have the martini, OMG virus, i.e. write something at 3 AM and upon review over breakfast you find yourself wondering what in the world you ever said such things!

Now mix in the fact that I am stuck in Texas near Austin. This used to be very uncool. New York was jumping, L. A. was jumping, nothing was jumping in Austin except crickets! Oh, sure we had Willie Nelson, Stevie Ray, and a host of others FROM Austin, but if you will note they LEFT Austin as soon as they could and would tend to hang out in places like, well, L. A. and New York! The very idea that anyone would STAY in Austin and try to move the world from there was, well, frankly, nuts!

Then a couple of things came along that changed things. One was Barak Obama. In several masterful strokes he reduced the American dream from manifest destiny to a very bad LSD trip. And with his deluded minions following behind him like so many lemmings Austin, or for that matter, Texas in general began to look a whole lot better. Then enter personalities like Alex Jones, or Glen Beck, and I don’t care what you think of them, they don’t have to dig very far to make a man who uses the NSA to spy on fifteen year old girls’ phone calls look like a complete paranoid buffoon!

Very unwillingly, I got drawn into an ongoing battle with the Child Protective Services (CPS) when my daughter in law got at odds with them and I’ll bore you with those details later, but it wasn’t her fight that fueled my anger, it was the fight of so many others. Our mistake was that we did not take the CPS seriously. After meeting them we simply could not imagine a group of people so poorly trained ever completing any task. What we didn’t count on was the poorly trained lawyers, judges, and cops. You can’t speak up to any of these people. And don’t try to reason, that word does NOT enter into their vocabulary. I began to learn that there is a fraternity of fools out there who scratch each other’s backs, rake in the cash, and destroy lives and no one seems to have a handle on it.

I had always labored under the delusion that we here in Texas were somehow superior to other people around the country, and that we were blessed with common sense. The CPS caseworkers were almost all lying ignorant pedophiles so I thought there was a quick win. What I didn’t see was the Judges were a bunch of lying ignorant pedophiles, too, in bed with the CPS, and the cops in an unholy trinity of manipulation and money laundering that would make Al Capone blush! Enter the Republic of Texas movement. As I saw that the train wreck called America pull out of the station I began to realize that when, that’s WHEN, not IF, the USA crumbles, the last hope of at least North America, if not the world was these same people I’d been running from all of my life.

Texans are a unique breed. You don’t have to be born in Texas, but if you get here as soon as you can that will do. We are getting a flow of “Nortes” now who are overwhelmingly liberal, and that’s fine, but what we don’t need is people drifting down here from their failed American cities trying to tell us how it’s done! The Texas idea works! We don’t need income tax, alimony, unions, or basically anything that impedes the normal person from living a good life.

And that’s what this book is about. This book is going to be a manifesto of Texas thought, and it’s not going to be what you expect. I’m conservative, but I’m not stupid. While I may not agree with Gay marriage or legal pot you always have to go back to rule number one, leave people alone if they aren’t hurting anyone! I also don’t see eye to eye with someone wearing a turban but if there isn’t a bomb under that turban it’s none of my business.

So, I’m going to explore this and see where it takes me. My brother always say’s I’m “out there,” and maybe I am, but if I can convince everyone else to be out there with me, then Texas is no longer uncool, but real cool, and the only problem we will have is where to put all the people who are fed up with Amerika! Shall we dance?

The Tail Can’t Wag The Dog
And Washington Can’t Wag Texas!

Time was when you could write, or say just about anything you wanted to without worrying about being sued, or going to jail, or being attacked. The free flow of information was foundational to the republic and if you had a great idea you’d be great for the republic. On the opposite side of the coin, if you were a little nuts then nobody cared. They just ignored you.

Time was when every little Texas town had a homosexual or two in it. They pretty much stayed off to themselves and the lady’s garden society loved them. The same little old ladies would look on with approval when you spanked an unruly child in public. There was a time when you knew your police officer by his first name, and felt as if he were there to protect you. That’s why he carried a gun. You could carry a gun in your truck if you wanted to, and the police officer would not lose his mind if he pulled you over and you got out of your truck, retrieving your driver’s license as you walked back to his car.

Time was when the president spoke you respected what he had to say because he WAS the president. You may not agree with him but when down came to down you were on the same team with the president. Back in the day the teachers were respected, and when I brought home a note from the teacher my parents automatically sided with her because she was the TEACHER! She was not some stranger.

There was a time in this country when the liveliest arguments were over religion because everyone believed in God! And because you believed in God you didn’t believe in divorce, adultery, drugs, or anything that decent people didn’t talk about around the women folk. When you found that someone was divorced it was as if there were a stain on them that could never be removed and at parties and gatherings people talked around these people because everyone knew there was “something” inherently wrong with them.

The constitution was held almost to the same standard as the Bible. The bill of rights could have easily been the Ten Commandments, and putting the Ten Commandments on the courthouse lawn was the most natural thing in the world because everyone knew that God had inspired both of them.

Time was when money was money. You knew that there was a piece of silver or gold to back up all those paper dollars in your pocket because the government said it was there. A dime was silver. So was a quarter. These were the days when you had to meet a girl’s father before taking her out and she’d better be home on time because you would have to face her father again, and God forbid you should harm her in any way because the protection of women was very important to everyone.

There was a time in this country when there was no need for an agency to protect children. The people did that. The family, the churches, and yes, the police were there to protect, serve and defend. What happened? Where did it go so wrong? Well, people, it went wrong when the tail began to wag the dog. It came about when public servants forgot what “We The People” really meant. It went wrong when the outrageous became the mainstream. It went wrong when the will of the people was put somewhere far below the opinion of a single judge with a single agenda. Somewhere, some time, a group of people decided that we weren’t smart enough to speak our mind, count our money, work, raise our kids or even protect our own property. Language was twisted to mean what the rulers said it meant and the police became enforcers, not protectors. Time and time again I have seen judges, police, CPS, DPS, and all the other PS’s just ignore the law even while it was presented to their face! CJ Grisham, Terry Holcomb, Scott Liberty, and tons of others arrested while quoting the law! Arrested while holding a copy of the constitution in their hand! Add to that, in CJ’s case, actual dash cam take showing the arresting officer is clearly out of line. It makes no difference. The judges and lawyers just let the tail wag the dog one more time, rephrase the charge, and another citizen bites the dust.

A republic is of the people, by the people, and for the people. A republic feeds from the ground up. The Texas Constitution clearly states that if the government becomes oppressive the people have a right to change that government. That is not revolution. That is not anarchy. That is simple math. That’s because there are more people than there are senators, congressmen, or judges. A judge is expected to apply the law, not legislate from the bench. A police officer is expected to protect the public, not shoot the public, and agencies that are chartered to protect families should do just that! Protect the foundation of American society, not disassemble it in the quest of some homosexual, utopian dream they had back in college when they were still green! What is most important is your immediate surroundings. Next the state, and finally the nation, but the nation was never meant to dictate the everyday lives of the people. States are different. Lifestyles are different. What we consider to be normal in Texas would seem absolutely crazy in New York, and if you’ve ever been to California you will know that weird feeling that something is wrong with either you, or them!

And that’s not to say that the people out in California are wrong. They are right for THEM! But in this existence there is a fundamental difference in Texas and every place else. We were formed as a republic. There is a mindset there. It’s not like any other state, not even California. We joined the US as a former republic. More than that, we were a republic right up until the moment we became a state. There was never a territory of Texas. Of course there were interests in Texas that lived and hoped for Texas to become part of the union, but almost from the beginning of the union there were some that felt as if we had perhaps made a mistake, and that feeling led to Texas throwing in with the Confederacy that wasn’t in Texas interests at all. When that mess was over we had to take the same horse whipping the rest of the south took but we weren’t southern, we weren’t western, we were TEXAS! Texas never fully cooperated with the Confederacy, indeed, at the moment of the formation of the southern coalition a lot of Texans just wanted to return to republic and let the Americans thrash it out.

That’s what the Texas Nationalist Movement is all about. It is the revival of the fierce nationalism that was possessed by Sam Houston, Lamar, and a host of others. When the Texas Nationalist Movement began it looked a little nutty. There had been a Republic of Texas movement that failed, so naturally, when the Nationalist Movement was born it looked just as kooky, but it is not! I don’t think anyone took the idea seriously, and the reason for that was because we were grouped not only with the old “Republic of Texas” thing but historically with all the other southern states who were still trying to crawl out from beneath Lincoln’s rock that we’d all been pushed under in 1865. But Texas has always been just a little obnoxious. We never HAVE liked the idea of statehood. Statehood was for places like Ohio. States like Ohio, Pennsylvania, Illinois are like someone who has to be in a union just to hold a job. They have to be a part of a larger group because they don’t have anything shaking and just being part of a group helps them move along. Only problem is there’s always one big guy who finds work, makes it work, and ends up supporting all the other guys in the union. The big guy is Texas, people! We didn’t have branch banks. We didn’t have alimony. We didn’t have concealed carry permits, but we didn’t need them. We just DID it, and carried long guns in our trucks.

America laughs at the movement in Texas to just leave. The underlying threat is that the military might of the US will crush us, but may I point out that they haven’t actually won a war since world war II. You win a war when the other guys hope you leave and never come back. When they’re still shooting at you then you have not won that war. Did you catch how many bombs went off in Iraq just last week? When I was in high school I couldn’t even find Iraq on a map! Texas is bigger than Iraq, folks. And all this talk about how great the leader of Russia is? OMG!! One bomb went off and he’s running in circles like a dog with a clothespin on his tail!

But the fact is Texas doesn’t have to fight a war. That’s not the aim of the movement. All we have to do is stop placating the Americans and bowing to every insane request. It’s called “nullification.” There is always this threat that if we pull out the US will just leap on us like a savage rabbit, but consider this. We aren’t taking one thing from them! If you had a pile of gold that was yours, does it make someone powerful because you’re stupid enough to give them your gold just for the asking? Just say, “No!” Obamacare, it’s the law of the land! Abortion, it’s the law of the land. Free citizenship to whomever slips across the border. . . the law of the land? Whose land? Certainly not ours. It is crazy to let a small group of people in a city far far away make Texas choices. For a long time the highway funding was the big leverage the Feds used on states. “If you don’t do it our way we’ll take the funding away!” Ok. Do it! You can’t take what we simply do not GIVE you! Keep your food stamps and we will just build our own roads. And we’ll do it with our own pavement that we pump up right here in Texas. Texas has enough resources to support itself. Sit on your pile of gold! America to Texas is like an unemployed brother in law who never seems to pull anything together, but he’s got hair in his ears and he sure can pray! Take any other state and they can’t say that. Look at say, Nebraska. Nebraska can’t pull away. If they do what do they have? Hope you like bread! Wisconsin, well it’s got cheese, and don’t forget those famous potatoes in Idaho. But see what I mean? All these places are one hit wonders.

The economy of Texas is one of the largest and most rapidly growing in the US. There are fifty companies in the Fortune 500. In 2012 Texas had $264 billion in exports, more than California and New York combined! Suck on THAT pipeline Nortes! But don’t just compare Texas with states. Texas ranks with nations. And when naysayers rant about our poverty level, and how we rank number twenty-five on the income table, they never factor in the low cost of living in Texas. If I only sell 50,000 copies of this book the publishers in New York will not be impressed but friends and neighbors, I can practically live the rest of my LIFE on that amount of income! Do that in Santa Barbara.

When we petitioned to pull out of the union Eric Holder puked out a preprinted response, not knowing anything about our culture, or history, or audacity. I have never liked an Attorney General, but I particularly don’t like Holder. Anyway Texas has a plan B. It goes like this: just do it! Stop dealing with the Americans and run Texas the way we see fit. It’s called nullification. Mind over matter. We don’t mind ‘cause you don’t matter. We don’t need their counterfeit dollars. We don’t need their pavement. They NEED US! Without us they will starve and go broke. It’s that simple. We need to treat the American interests with the same disrespect that DPS Region Seven treats law-abiding citizens during a rally in Austin. If you want to see the difference in Texas and the US just look at Austin, and then look at Detroit. There’s your “American Dream!”

I hear all the time that if we declare for republic the US will cut us off, not help, make war, and on and on and on, but heads up! It that fair? Is that the act of a civilized nation? We have the goods, services, jobs, and all that goes with it to go independent, and if the Americans won’t deal with us FINE! We’ll just sell to the Mexicans, Canadians, Cubans, and anyone else that needs what we dish out. What could be better than to develop Mexican oil interests and give them a chance? And what do we need to survive? Well, you have to eat. Ever eat a Big Mac? Where do you think it comes from? Ever use a Dell Computer? How’s that cotton shirt doing? How would you like to fill up your gas tank for fifteen dollars? How would you like to never fill out a 1040 form ever again?

Texas has always been a republic. Texas has always been a little left of center because of its diversity. From the Mexican families in the valley all the way up to people who are damn near in Kansas! It can never be centralized, but some core beliefs remain constant. Right to life. Right to protect that life. Right to make a living. Right to bring that living home without having someone kick in your door and take all you own. Think of it this way. If tomorrow the president of the US were to wake up and say, “To hell with Texas, just let ‘em go!” Do you know what would happen? Texas would, in short order, become one of the most powerful, and prosperous nations in the world because we represent everything that the USA does NOT! People KNOW Obama is a liar. They KNOW Holder is a liar. And Hillary, OMG, don’t get me started. Rick Perry isn’t much, but he can’t hold a candle against the pros up there in DC. And I don’t really believe he’d sell a gun to the cartel.

The Republic of Texas existed from 1836 until 1845, but even as little as sixteen years after joining the US the majority of the population realized the error and wanted to pull back. The second president of Texas, Lamar, wanted its borders to extend from Louisiana all the way to the Pacific Ocean, so you see, this little idea of Texas was a tad bit larger than what most people think. California was self governing as was, believe it or not, Vermont, but Texas was the only one recognized as a separate republic and state prior to its negotiated entrance into the US.

The Texas Nationalist Movement goes more for political negotiation rather than force when talking about separation from the US, and this is good. We don’t need a devastating war to start a nation. Better we just ease out, making it harder and harder to even call us a part of the Obamanation. Another method that is badly needed is to get rid of people who misrepresent themselves and Texas. You can’t have independence when you send a bunch of RINOs (Republican In Name Only) up to Washington, or Austin for that matter, who only want to be part of what THEY perceive to be THEIR American dream and completely forget about where they came from. At least Hillary ran off to New York and represented the communists.

Texas independence is NOT a joke; we are NOT going away. Little by little we will eat away at the chains that have bond us to the failing US, and they’re rusty chains, folks, and one day you will see that the path to republic will have already been ran, and there will be a new nation in the world, where our only problem will be immigration because everyone will want to be here!


Welcome to Texas (Hide Your Kids)

Welcome To Texas
(Hide Your Kids)
By Wilbur

Well, friends and neighbors we have struck a new low. Some time ago I saw a funny picture on Facebook. It was the usual greeting sign that we see at our borders as you enter Texas, but someone had Photoshopped it and made light of our CHL, prisons, etc, and actually it made me proud. Well, add another line, “By entering the State of Texas you relinquish your children.”

A lady, I’ll call her Bonnie, came to Texas on a trip. During this trip she and her husband camped at a site and subsequently got bitten by chiggers. Darnedest thing I ever saw. Chiggers in Texas. Seems they got an infection and both had to go to the hospital. Enter the CPS. Of course this is an old story. The DOCTOR apparently notified the CPS because he had “concerns.” Now Bonnie and her husband were under antibiotics, drugs and constant care so when the CPS showed up they genuinely thought help was on the way. Problemo! Three little blonde haired kids. (See where this is going folks?) Kids got picked up, and without boring you with all the details, eventually Bonnie lost all of them!

Now, these people were not citizens of the State of Texas. They were passing through. What message does this send to other states. Well, it’s plain as nose on your face. Do not visit Texas if you have children. We will steal them. It doesn’t matter who you are. It doesn’t matter where you’re going. All that matters is that some Doctor has a “concern” and some case worker has a quota to fill. I fight all the time trying to make the Republic of Texas look like a good idea, but this kind of behavior makes us look like the biggest bunch of redneck, inbred, bunch of fools it defies logic. If I’m in California and someone hits me with something like this I just have to look down at my drink and shut my mouth.

I did an article called, “Time Was,” not long ago. Well, I missed something. Time was, when someone tried to steal your kids you just shot ’em! Now Bonnie was living on the road, ok? She was staying in parks as she traveled, ok? She was working her way through Texas, ok? But, why take her kids. You could use that criteria and take every Mormon kid that ever followed their parents to Utah. Heck, my own FAMILY. Silas Witt and his wagon train coming to Texas in 1871, but you see folks, there was a big difference back then. Brigham Young or Silas Witt would take care of business if you mess with family!

Am I the only one outraged by this? Am I the only one who believes in the sanctity of the family? The CP:S puts people in insane situations and then sets traps for them. And forget about the Ad Litem, De Litem, and all the other Litems, they are just CPS pawns in a game of snatch and run. Ask yourself; what makes a person go through all that is required to be a lawyer, and folks my hat is off to anyone who does that, and then goes to work for the state? Their drive is so low they can’t even do divorces. And to actually go before a judge and argue a legitimate point of law? Shut the front door! I have more respect for a pimp than I do for any lawyer who associates with the CPS at any level, indeed, I would suspect such creatures as being pedophiles.

Is all of this going to help Bonnie? No. They HAVE the kids. They HAVE the federal money. Now they are not involved, “At this tiiiiiime!” They move on to the next case, the next kidnapping, the next rape, the next murder. Whenever any CPS worker meets me they always say they are in fear for their lives, and they are right. Any time you steal a child I am your worse nightmare, and when it comes to CPS I have the conscience of a rather mature cucumber. These people aren’t human, they are animals. I see people all the time falling for the “good” caseworker, the “good investigator,” the “good” what EVER!! None of them are good people! If you worked with the Nazis as a clerk, could you in good conscience work there knowing about the death chambers? Then ask yourself, if even a receptionist at any given CPS office overhears atrocities like the one above how does she justify coming to work the next day?

People have lost their salt. Time was if something like this happened the men would show up with baseball bats and storm the CPS office. And those people inside would know the wrath of the people. Time was the ropes would be slung over tree limbs and justice would be done. Time was when if the governor caught wind of this type of behavior he/she would USE this as great political power to insure the success of the party simply because he/she would do the right thing, which is to suspend the entire CPS, hunt the caseworkers down, jail or execute them and put a monument on the Capitol grounds in Austin of a little girl with the inscription, “In Memory of the Unknown Child, Lest we Forget!”

As I have said before I lost my soul a long time ago to hate. When I die I WANT to go to hell, just so I can watch them all burn. . . at that TIIIIIIME! Please pray for Bonnie.