The Knockout Game

The Knockout Game
by Wilbur

The Knockout game has received a lot of attention lately and there are many problems with this. One, the lack of teams. Nothing can be a game unless there are two opposing sides, else how do you keep score. There must be a way to decide a winner.

I propose two teams. The knockout team and the defense team, sorta like football. The knockout team goes for the knockout using the victim like a football, baseball, puck or what have you and the defense team tries to counteract the points by maneuvers to neutralize the initial point gain.

Works like this: seven man knockout team with two cheerleaders chooses a goal. Object being to knock the ball out of the park with one swing. Ten points! That’s when the defense team comes into play. We’ll call them the ShootOut Team for want of a better word. Point system comes into play.

One shot, clean kill, one point. A wound is only five points and of course a miss nets zero. Second to forth shot one point each but a bonus two points for five kills, but if any of the original five are wounds you don’t get the bonus. Must be five for five. All seven will net nine points plus one super bonus of two giving eleven and winning the round.

Now this is the kicker. If you reach hits on all seven players but have two wounds giving a score of only six you can get game plus points for cheerleaders who merit two points each. If at any time it takes two or more shots to retire a player then one quarter point will be penalized for each additional shot.

I think this will make the game more sporting. Only problem is you have to have a ready supply if Knockout teams because the nature of the game tends to lead them into early retirement.


Maybe They Won’t Come For Me

Maybe They Won’t Come For Me
by Wilbur

The main problem with the nation today is complacency. The attitude that if you just keep your head down perhaps the machine will pass you by. Those who oppress us count on this. They count on the masses hunkering down in the false safety of their home, not realizing that this bastion of America has disappeared a long time ago.

Your home is not your home. Your children are not your children. Your LIFE is not your life! These have been taken from you and if you have yet to be touched by the CPS, NSA, or IRS it is only because you are “inventory,” not needed at this time. You may even know this but you think, ” Maybe they won’t come for me…THIS time!”

We stand by as children get kidnapped by CPS. We drive by, and look the other way as C J Grisham is arrested for no reason. We allow illegal searches of our property in the false hope that if we only conform perhaps they will leave us alone and take someone else. We have become like Jews in a gas chamber clamoring for the door in the hope of living thirty seconds longer.

I’ve often wondered why I was drawn into the fight against CPS. At first it appeared as a simple fight for my grandchildren, but I now know God had a broader plan for me. Like Job, I had to suffer. I had to feel the pain because then and only then would I understand that there was more at risk than my miserable life. Texas was at stake!

When I realized that my family was gone. When I left my home. When I scraped change to eat, I began to understand, and I felt alone. I felt so alone, and I hung my head and cried. And then God said, “Now you are ready!”

What will it take for us to win this fight ? When you stare at empty chairs. When you get up to an empty house. When a homosexual tells you that you can never see your wife or grandchildren ever again. . . then you’ll know what to do ! And when enough people have tasted the blood in their mouths and hear some woman begging as her child is taken away these people will storm out of their homes into the night with brooms and rakes and clubs and yes, guns and on that night they will do the right thing. And the perpetrators of inequity will cry HAVOC as they beg for their lives, and on that night the Republic of Texas will be reborn.

Ten Things That Will Make You Happy

Ten Things That Will Make You Happy
by Wilbur Witt

10. Don’t let anyone tell you to be unhappy. You can get up in the morning, take a shower, brush your teeth, pour a cup of coffee, and go out to your porch to greet a glorious sunrise and invariably some jackass (or jackass-ette) will show up and rain on your parade. Give them a free cup of coffee (in a styrofoam cup) and send them back out into the world that they created. All they’re doing is polluting your mind with negative thoughts. They can’t solve their own issues so they try to dilute their misery by spreading it around. Usually this involves their love life. They are clinging to some terrible situation and while asking advice that they really don’t want because they have not summoned the strength to leave said situation and they are seeking justification, and when they don’t get it they become Oprah and advise you on how to run (ruin) your life. They should purchase a book on masturbation and practice it frequently so as not to involve anyone else in their topsy-turvy life!

9. Don’t let anyone equate money with your success. All writers experience this. A writer reaches into their heart and draw out explanations for their life. No writer begins to write with the idea that someday they will become rich, indeed, most will not. Most writers will only be read by their friends and family, but that’s ok. That doesn’t make the writing any less important. Commercialism is the bane of inspiration. If you become a “professional” you concede to commercialism and you lose something. That’s why the honey you purchase from a roadside vendor tastes better that that which you get from a supermarket. When someone says, “How much MONEY have you made with your writing?” just smile knowingly and reply, “More than you!”

8. Never take a politician serious. All politicians are liars. That’s why they’re politicians. If they were in the truth business they’d be barbers, or bartenders. They are versed on negotiation, with is actually the art of trying to sell a gallon of gasoline and when you can’t turn a profit you dilute it with moonshine, which by the way is actually being done. Look at their voting record, and it doesn’t make any difference if they’re Democrat, Republican, or an out and out communist, they all belly up to the same hog trough! Best you’re gonna get out of a politician is that they don’t steal too much during their tenure on the public dole.

7. Never blindly accept anything a lawyer tells you. Ever wonder why a lot of politicians are lawyers? (See the above.) The entire BAR Is a sham. The very idea that someone has to be licensed to advise someone on the law is a money scam. How can we license Lawyers and not prostitutes? They make legal matters so complicated that it takes a lawyer to simply understand, or further complicate the issue so as to confuse the process enough to get a fee for doing it. This is why O. J. Simpson was was found guilty of violating his deceased ex-wife’s rights when he “didn’t” kill her! This is where terms like “felony murder” come about. As opposed to what? FRIENDLY murder? How many lawyers does it take to screw a light bulb? Three. One to screw the light bulb and two to file a brief. When a lawyer tells you something know from the start that the advice is a lie. Then decide how the lie will best serve you. If it fits then you’re ahead because the judge is a liar, too.

6. Never remarry an ex. A divorce is the only proceeding where two people agree that they can’t even get along in bed! When you go through all the paperwork, and yes, lawyers that it takes to untie the knot for God’s sake don’t tie it back! A friend of mine remarried the same girl four times. Ended up owned fifteen percent of himself. Oh, you can be friends, just don’t let them lock you in any more. In fact, it seems that if the door is always open, and the path is free to go the relationship may even improve. When the relationship is between two independent people it makes one more attentive. And, if you wake up one morning and they’re gone they’re just freaking GONE! Cook two eggs that morning.

5. Don’t worry about your health. I hear it already. How can you not take care of your health? I didn’t say not to take care of it I said don’t worry about it. If you see your doctor and get a pill to control something just take the pill and go on about your business. Live each day as if it were your last and one day you’ll be right. Had a relative who died at ninety-seven years old and his two older sisters were at the funeral telling everyone drinking and smoking finally killed him. We were never designed to last forever and it’s better to be happy than spend the last ten years of your life studying the color of your stool. The day will come for most of us that the doctor says there’s nothing more they can do. But before that day comes there is a lot you can do, and a lot of people you can do it to.

4. Keep a few good friends. We’re all just passing through. Two thousand years from now some nerd will be picking at your teeth trying to figure out if you were capable of speech so remember that. You need to have a couple of people you can bounce ideas off of. Not burden them (see point number one) but just relate to. And they don’t have to agree with you. That’s not important. I have a friend, Ted, and he and I don’t agree on a single idea but I get more ideas for articles from him than anyone else. Figure that out. Friends are people you enjoy being around, not people who agree with everything you say. Always remember, you need to keep at least two friends because that’s how many handles there are on a garbage can.

3. Dodge relatives who have moved away from you. Wow! Think about that. I’m not talking about someone who is employed in a position that requires the absence from origins, I’m talking about people who conspired to stay away and actually work on becoming remote and different. Eventually these people will hurt your feelings. Count on it. You can love them, just know there’s a REASON the live where they live. This especially applies to anyone who moves to California. If you will note there are fifty states and California is the only state that takes a hit from practically all the others. Practically everything weird had its origins in California. Now I like California, but I like fat girls too, so do the math. Your revenge on these people is that if they ever come home they won’t fit in.

2. Sleep when you’re sleepy. Time is man’s invention. When you have to be at work that’s one thing, but when you don’t, and you feel sleepy just sleep. Sometimes it’ll only be ten minutes but you’ll be amazed. Take a Saturday and drink a glass of wine long about two in the afternoon and don’t fight it! Wonderful! Especially if you have someone to sleep WITH! Better yet, take the bottle of wine and two glasses to the bedroom. You may not get up for the rest of the day. The world will turn perfectly fine without you!

1. Learn a new joke every day. Every day make it a point to seek out something funny. It can be a joke, a video, even a picture and share it. To expand this idea, pick at least one day of the week when you don’t read the news. You’ll be absolutely overwhelmed. Nothing will change. Learn two jokes that day. The more you laugh and smile the harder it is for the world to tear you down.

The Meaning of Life

What Life Really Means
by Wilbur Witt

I see young people starting relationships all the time. It almost always begins the same way, with the physical. They latch onto each other and think they bond, and they think that bond is unbreakable. It isn’t. That bond is like rubber cement. It seems good but it can stretch, and even break. When such relationships deteriorate in the first year or two, sometimes in a month or two, what’s left is not heartbreak, it’s usually rage. Rage brought on by betrayal. The idea that someone you trusted would betray you sets off thoughts of anger and revenge.

The relationship that survives time is the one that moves beyond the physical and becomes something else. And you never realize it until the day comes when that person is taken from you. It’s at that terrible moment you realize that the world no longer has a place for you. You come to understand that half of you is already gone, and try as you may you will never fill the emptiness, never come back to that place in your life. Your life is over.

You are but a shell, and the only person who would, who could understand is no longer there. You are utterly alone. And all this talk about remember the good times is hogwash. That only brings more pain. It would be better if you had dementia and could remember nothing at all.

Life is cruel. We are designed to break down. And try as you will you will not make a single mark on the world save that one mark you made on that one heart and now that heart has stopped. Friends and family will tell you that you will survive. They will try to line you up with someone but they don’t understand. If you find someone else it somehow cheapens what you lost. Like buying a new puppy when the old dog dies. You, and only you know that you will never recover that interpersonal relationship again, indeed, there are some things you should not survive. We weren’t designed to survive those things.

You go on through life and everyone thinks you adapted. They think you reconciled and only you know that you’re just counting time until the end, and one of two things will be waiting on the other side. Either the theists are right, and you will see each other again, or it will be blessed oblivion. No memories, no pain, and all that you dreamed together will be gone forever.

Then, you find yourself in a park one day, feeding the squirrels, because that’s what old people do, and you see a young couple holding hands, and you think, “If they knew. If they only knew.”

Where Does It End?

Where Does It End?
by Wilbur Witt

Got into a heated debate tonight (which I won) that started out as a discussion about Texas being broke and women having to travel to other states to get abortions. First off I took exception to Texas being broke. Please review the following.

Then the person said jobs were hard to find in Texas. Please review:

Then I made a statement that black women were being targeted by Planned Parenthood. My liberal friend went off like a bazooka. Again please check out:

Toward the end of the debate, before my noble adversary decided to take down the thread (that constituted a win folks) I asked her doesn’t the fetus have any rights to which I got a resounding NO!

The Texas restriction centered on the 20 week limit.

Now this is where I have an issue. When does a “fetus” become human? My noble adversary said we should stop worrying about a woman’s uterus. It is her concern. My response was what about the person IN the uterus? To this i got that very clear NO! Where did we begin to legislate humanity? Where did we begin to define the human soul? The Nazis had definitions, coded into law.

The gas chambers at Auswitch couldn’t hold a candle to the abortion machine currently operating in America. And it’s all based on the idea of the fetus not being quite human. Where does it end? Twenty weeks? Then twenty-five, then thirty, and finally the idea that if the head isn’t visible? If you can kill a baby then you should have no problem at all with a terminal cancer patient, an elderly homeless person, a retarded person, an unemployed person, a drug addict, a person whom disagrees with you politically . . .see where this is going?

Killing is killing. Life is life and insanity is insanity. To rip a baby’s head off in its mother’s womb is insanity! And Planned Parenthood gets MAD when they don’t get a proper quota of dead babies. And all this stuff about, “It’s MY uterus!” Wear a condom bitch! If you’re going to spread your legs in lust at least wear protection so a child doesn’t have to DIE for your pleasure. And if you’re too stupid (or lazy) to do that then HAVE the baby and give it to someone who can’t have one but would be more than happy to bring a child up.

The fact that I even have to point this out to anyone is crazy. Babies are babies people! If you think different you are no different than the guy dumping Zyklon B down the shaft at Auswitch! I’m sorry if this post hurts your liberal little feelings!