Not All Kangaroos Are In Austrailia

All Kangaroos Aren’t In Australia
by Wilbur Witt

Like Will Rodgers I don’t make jokes, I just watch the courts and report the facts. Right now, as I type, we have a jury in Belton, Texas trying to come to a ruling on a case involving a man, a gun, and a rather rotund officer of the law. Seems that a man, Mr. Grisham, was taking a ten mike hike in the country with his son. He brought along a rifle, pistol, and his license to carry. Someone saw fit to call the Temple PD and out came officer “I’m from Brookland in town two weeks to soive YOU,” and subsequently arrested Mr. Grisham for “displaying his weapon ‘rudely!”

Ok, fact one: You can carry a long gun in Texas! It’s that simple. You can walk down the street carrying a long gun and it’s not against the law. Now, as I’ve pointed out before there are appropriate places to carry a long gun, and places where it’s a little out of the norm, but it’s all legal, and walking down a country road with your son is one of those legal places!

Now, let’s get one thing straight; Temple, Texas police are stupid, ok? Sorry I’m not politically correct, but they are. I’ve had encounters with them over the years and I’m unimpressed. They are the only entity I know of more corrupt than the CPS …no, I take that back, but they’re pretty bad. This cop strolls up to Mr. Grisham, and takes his gun. Then he gets backup, then they look for a charge, then they arrest Mr. Grisham for whatEVER! The main charge was, “I’m a cop and you’re NOT!”

Hey, I’m not done yet. This ends up in district court. Some college educated lawyer on state welfare call the DA read this case and decided to go forward. We pay these people, folks. We actually give lawyers money who have never read the constitution. Whenever I have to go to court I look at these girly-men and can’t help but think what would happen if they ever woke up one day and had to go to work! They are ignorant, and Texas lawyers are the absolute worse. All they do is huddle in the judge’s chambers, cut a deal, and their client’s throat, and figure out where the cocktails are later that night.

Now for the judge! I think his name is Richardson. Ok, in my opinion he is an illiterate buffoon! Bell County dragged in a district judge from Houston (which is an immediate red flag) to process ute the case and these two girly-men got together to run the show . The judge, in chambers, even referred to Mr. Grisham as a “local yokel!” Talk about bias! Bear in mind at no time did these two idiots ever read the 2nd amendment.

So, they spent of untold thousands of dollars going to trial to prosecute a man who broke no law. Officer Doughnut testified. Cheech and Chong met in chambers, and the jury retired. We wait for the result. If the jury has any sense at all Mr. Grisham will walk, but we still probably are looking at the CPS which is normal for this bunch of looney tune legalists. Just not enough rope and trees, friends, just not enough rope and trees!



When the CPS Attacks

                                                                       When The CPS Attacks

                                                                            by Wilbur Witt
 When the CPS comes calling it’s hard to maintain a level flight while your children are being used as pawns in a very dangerous game, but that’s exactly what you have to do.  A recent case came to my attention where this was the one thing that would save or lose the situation. A little boy had a mark on his neck.  The school called and asked about it and the parents didn’t have any knowledge.  Later that evening, it’s always the evening, the girl from CPS came calling. 
Rule number one!  Do NOT let her in!  Step outside, shut the door behind you and simply ask, “Can I help you?” She will announce herself with her title and very clearly tell you she works for the Child Protective Services.  This is frightening. This sends a gut wrenching quiver though you.  You mind races. You try to remember something, anything that may have come to their attention. She then asks if she can come in.  Just like the anti-drug people say, just say, “No!” Ask if she has any warrant, paperwork, anything giving her the right to step right over the constitution and come into your home. 
She will then most likely tell you that she has the “right” to come in based on this or that.  Always remember, CPS will lie! They lie all the time. They will say things that are so far out in left field that they make almost no sense at all.   At this point you must just pull up your pants and tell her that she has lied to you, please don’t do it again, and no, you have no intention of having her come into your home.  You tell her that you will be happy to meet with her in her office with council the next week.
This particular case in point the case worker actually told the parents that her supervisor intended to pick up the children and basically she was just there to confirm this event.  Well, the parents were bluffed out and let her in.  She then proceeded to  question the children.  When the parents tried to speak that were told that if they continued to interrupt her investigation they would be asked to leave.  In their own home! Rule number two! Again, just say, “No!”  They didn’t know a thing about the sexual orientation of this woman, her criminal record, or anything else about her. Certainly not are you going to have to leave your children in the private care of a potential pedophile!  In fact, you should tell her that not only are you going to remain with your children, if she acts like that again you’re going to ask HER to leave!
Rule number three, she is not there to help, clear things up, or have coffee.  She gets rewarded for getting children to adoption.  If you have five children she just hit the jackpot and all she’s interested in is being the big deal in her office at bonus time, and I’m not saying Christmas bonus because these people do NOT believe in Jesus Christ! Everything you say to her will be twisted in order for her to achieve this end.  Don’t try to explain, don’t try to apologize, and don’t think that this vermin is anything but what she is, a child trafficker bent on the destruction of your family for fun and profit!
There are no “good” CPS workers.  There were no “good” Nazis.  Never lose sight of this. Never cooperate with them.  Your family is at stake. 

The Targeting of America

Targeting America
by Wilbur Witt

I haven’t written a lot on the shutdown because I was watching to see how it rolled out. Now, I’m just a simple ol’ boy from Austin so silly me, I thought shut down meant, well, that meant shut DOWN! Like everyone else I was a little perturbed when the open air Vietnam Wall was fenced off. The WWII memorial was a trip. Then Yellowstone, Big Bend, THE OCEAN! And I began to see a pattern. It seemed like the people most affected by the shut down were the middle class, elderly, responsible citizens. Didn’t look like any of Obama’s food stamp constituency got touched very much at all!

The administration has gone through great pains to make sure that middle America felt the shut down to the NTh degree, but that people who couldn’t tell you what state the Grand Canyon was even in hardly felt it at all. This is a specific targeting of America. Obama is paying middle America back for its sins of affluence, hard work and responsibility. This struck me, and one other thing; If parks and oceans, and holes in the ground fall under this system, is that all they do? JFK said, “We choose to go to the moon,” Obama can’t even keep NASA open!

And I know the liberal Obamists out there will scream it wasn’t Obama’s fault. To them I say one word . . .OBAMAcare! That’s what started this ball rolling. Ignorant, insolvent, Detroit-style health care that almost NOone wanted, but it was Obama’s “signature” effort and if it fails (and it IS failing) then that’s the icing on the cake and this big, liberal experiment in nincompoopery is revealed as the three ring circus is always has been!

This is why the Republic of Texas is so vitally important. The last bastion of common sense. The last place where people realize that keeping a park open is not all that hard. The last civilization that understands that keeping a granite wall accessible to old men who want to roll up in their wheel chairs and simply touch a name! The last group of people who clearly comprehend that in order to vote you simply MUST be able to prove who you are and prove you have a right to make decisions for the country you’re living in!

For the life of me I will never know how Obama has dodged impeachment. What does he have to do before the Senate and the Congress wake up and bring him up on charges? And they’re at fault, too. If they had one iota of civic responsibility in the lot of them they could end this and override any veto that slithered out of the White House. But they won’t do that. They’re too busy giving a standing ovation at the killing of a mother who drove her car too close to the White House.

An Idiot’s Guide To Seducing A 14 Year Old Girl

This Is My Surprised Face
or The Idiot’s Guide To Seducing a 14 Year Old Girl
by Wilbur Witt

Please check out this news article

When I call CPS caseworkers pedophiles, lesbians, homosexuals, murderers I take a lot of hits. I mention gas chamber executions and I look a bit like a Nazi. I understand that. Extraordinary crimes demand extraordinary solutions. Now I know as Americans, we will never lead masses of CPS personnel into a concrete room and gas them. I’m being facetious when I say things like that. What I’m trying to do is get your attention. Well, read that article cited above. Now think about it. This vermin is trained in investigating sexual crimes against minors. This puts him in contact with children who have been sexually assaulted. He understands that these victims are vulnerable and sexually active. He is in a position of power andhe used that power to seduce at least one 14 year old girl.

I’ve mentioned this in many articles, but I want to highlight my views one more time. Consider a man who goes to school, gets the certifications, works cases and chooses to work with molested girls. I know, I know, the liberals out there will yell at me that he has the interest of children at heart, I cry bull! I met a lawyer who was a de lightem, ad lightem, or whatever lightem they call themselves, four years at UT, law school, cross the BAR, and he chooses to get a state job working with molested little girls. PEDOPHILE! You can smell it coming off of them.

This guy in the referenced article is a case in point, and he is not the exception, but rather the rule! And I want you to notice that it is never the CPS that catches these people, always law enforcement, and the CPS distances itself from the situation as quickly as possible. And stupid? Check into a motel to rape a child, and friends and neighbors this is not the first time I’ve seen this. I’ve seen this so much I’m beginning to think they get a discount rate due to their job status. And they choose their victims from a pool of children who are not likely to file a complaint.

Now here’s the frightening part. How many little girls did this jerk molest before he got caught? This was not a one time deal. He was so relaxed he checked into the motel as if it was business as usual. Had sex with the girl TWICE! Now this wasn’t consensual sex in the classic view, yet the girl submitted to what she thought was a person of authority. No doubt a system of threats to keep,her mouth shut. Now, I’m going to keep it clean, but if you have to con and threaten a 14 year old girl into sex, in my opinion you have a very small penis! I will expand thus logic a bit; if you threaten or con ANY woman into sex you are not much of a man!

And men (and women) like this are charged with the safety and protection of YOUR children! And trust me, everyone in their office knows what these people do and don’t report it because they’re doing it too! If you will note there is never an investigation initiated by the CPS. They don’t want to lose that money they get for ransom. And they don’t want to lose those sweet little motel dates either.

I referenced my gas chamber comments earlier in this article, and I’ll admit that’s a bit out there, but don’t you think that even one case such as this would warrant at the very least shutting down THAT office, and bringing in the Texas Rangers or DPS to sort things out and run said office? When I was a little boy in Louisiana and something like this had happened, the men would have shown up at night and at the very least they would have horsewhipped this guy, and at most they would have hanged him! This is going to rub a lot of people,the wrong way, but they would have burned down the CPS office, too. And folks, this is what needs to happen. When that perv, or lesbian checks into that motel they need to understand that there is a cost for their actions. And they need to understand that this cost may very well be their life! They don’t need to be gassed, they need to be hanged right in the street for all,the people to see, and show the children that this is what happens to people who hurt them.

So let’s all watch how this case turns out. The director of the CPS will do the old soft shoe, and will distance the agency from the crime while the coworkers in the office will scramble to hide THEIR sexual contacts. Watch this closely people. You will see this play out. If you are a God fearing red blooded American you should be outraged. If you are a Texan you should listen to and join in the effort to form a new Republic with specific laws to deal with people like the man in the article cited above.

Shut Up About Shut Down

Shut Up About Shut Down
by Wilbur Witt

Do you really think the government shut down last night? Because if you do then you’re slower than a girl I knew back in Killeen High School who was tricked into looking for Snipes in her bra and panties. If the government really shut down then:

Why is the IRS still open this morning?
Why can’t someone roll a joint on their back porch?
Why aren’t members of Congress filing for unemployment?
Why didn’t Obama get a three day notice to vacate?

The list is endless, but see my point? The government did NOT shut down, and if you don’t believe that just try to get on a flight from Austin to San Diego with a bottle of wine! What they did was pull a bunch of sugar cookies and made it sound bad! Oh God! Everybody had to leave the Grand Canyon! How in the HELL do you lock down the freaking GRAND CANYON?

This is an old Democratic trick. If you don’t give me the deed to your ranch gonna tie you to the railroad track! NO MO FOOD STAMPS? What are we gonna do? Well, folks, it’s as simple as this. If you put as much effort into WORKING as you do in sitting on a welfare line we wouldn’t need so many food stamps. I know a fat girl on SSI and food stamps because she can’t work because she’s a prostitute, bi-polar, and a crack head. Think about that. Is that crazy or what? I could solve that weight problem with one stroke and I don’t give a damn about her bi-polar. Miss a few meals and that mind will get RIGHT! I’m retired. For real! After fifty years of scratching out a living the government grudgingly gave me my Social Security. Never mind I PAID for this, this fat girl gets a bigger check than I do and never worked a day in her life, but she has mental problems because she’s a crack head!

If we cut nonsense like thus out, and just spent what we earned the budget would balance, the angels would sing and the sun would shine a little brighter. And quit talking about shut down. Those lazy, pork belly, idiots in Washington aren’t shutting anything down, they just want you to THINK they are. One thing that is nice. With what they did stop we’re spending a hell of a lot less this morning than we were yesterday morning, now aren’t we? Now they’re screaming that if this continues the economy will falter. Hey! I got a hot idea. Shut the IRS down, let people keep all the money they earn and they’ll go out and SPEND it! See how that works out. All the income tax pays is the interest on loans from a private bank our government pays to print money that’s literally not worth the paper it’s printed on!

And just look at the wars. We are spending trillions to project “freedom” onto people that wouldn’t know what democracy was if it ran up and bit them in the leg! Rotate THAT money back home and see how many IEDs the Muslims can make! I’ll bet after a year of no American involvement a ham sandwich would taste mighty good. There are so many ways the money would work. So many ways incentive could return. But boys and girls we’re going to have to clean up. There’s going to have to be a few useless, hungry “have nots” in the streets. That’s why they’re called “have nots!” Jesus said we would always have poor. Now days it’s just too easy NOT to work. If that fat girl came home tonight with nothing to eat, and then nothing for breakfast, or lunch, long about the third day she’d figure it out, or not, and that would be ok, too. It’s called survival of the fittest.

Bottom line; nothing shut down last night except common sense.