Where Do We Go From Here?

So Where Do we go from here?
by Wilbur Witt

I made my position very clear yesterday in my blog: A Simple Ol’ Boy From Austin: Let’s Get Serious About Syria http://simpleoldboy.blogspot.com/2013/08/lets-get-serious-about-syria.html?spref=tw Now, I’m going to crawfish a bit, but not much. I sincerely believe what I wrote, and it’s not that I’m insensitive to the deaths of children caught up in war. To not feel strong emotions at the sight of a little girl struggling for her last breath is the mindset of an animal. That having been said, we in America have our own fences to mend. The site of a little girl being drawn into a drive by shooting in Detroit on her way to school is equally horrifying. You can read all of this in my previous blog.

Everyone in this country has a right to his/her opinion. There are people who strongly oppose my views, and I respect that. The president sits at the top of the food chain, and ultimately he must call the final shot. Here comes the crawfish, folks, get the hot sauce out. If we do go to war against Syria we need to all support President Obama. Not to do so is similar to a spoiled kid taking his basketball home because someone else is winning the game. To thwart, oppose, or divert the effort will not only hinder the effort, but put the lives of our service men and women, who have no choice in the matter, at extreme risk. Also, this cannot be a “limited, or controlled” action. If we go to war then let’s just do it this time. Take their country, kill Assad, destroy the chemical plants, and then just leave! Tell the terrorists, “You want some of this?” and show them a good example of what “this” looks like!

We are the only remaining super power. I like Putin, admire his words, but he is the president of a failed ideology. The Chinese aren’t going to do a thing because they want to keep selling those iPads too bad. Iran? Oh, give me a break! I’m so tired of listening to the ejaculations from Tehran that I want to puke. Been working on nuclear reactors for years, can’t fire up a light bulb. Good bluff preacher boys! And all the other little rag-a-muffin groups that have an axe to grind with us. The Israeli attitude is good here: לך תזדיין

The idea is if the president decides to go in, we all go in. We let these people know we are behind our president, and the only choice they have is long ass whipping, or quick ass whipping, but ass whipping is what it is going to be. We also need to make some solid decisions about what to do about Arabs living within the US. No more pressure cookers! Yeah, I’m serious. There are enough sane Muslims here, that if Arab presence in our country comes under scrutiny you will see a decided turn to the right. Reality people! I know it’s dry . . .have a beer!


Let’s Get Serious About Syria

Let’s Get Serious About Syria
by Wilbur Witt

Call me an insensitive bastard but I don’t give a damn about Syria. I don’t care if the government falls, rises, or bakes a cake. I think the president of that nation is the typical Middle Eastern photo-op type of idiot who probably came to power in some coup d’état that was as far removed from democracy as Hitler from a Bar Mitzvah. I don’t know what Syrian food tastes like, and NONE of my ex-wives are from there. I don’t believe the fate of the world rests on this barren strip of desert, and I don’t give a damn about whatever “history” it had before the Romans stormed over it on their way to beat the shit out of Israel. Is that politically incorrect enough for y’all. Well, butter my ass and call me a biscuit!

Our presidents have made a huge game out of fanning the flames of war, ignoring the constitution, and plunging us into one involvement after another. We had a reason to take on Afghanistan. We had less reason to invade Iraq. We have NO reason to attack Syria! And don’t mistake me for a misty-eyed liberal who is so concerned for the people of Syria that I want to save them from the missiles that will surely come. You think that gas screwed them up? Just wait until that Navy fleet lets go with those 1.2 million dollar firecrackers and then count the collateral damage. When the smoke clears every insane Jihadist in the world will come screaming out of their Mosques throwing pressure cookers at anything that moves. And they don’t have to throw them far, folks. Practically every state has a training facility for these people, and the Homeland Security is too busy looking under Granny Clampett’s bustle at LAX to even notice!

Does that shock you? Did that make you drop you Duncan donut? Well, it’s true! The 19 hijackers did not fly into the US from Canada, they were already here. The Boston bombers did not ride a camel across the Mexican desert, they were already here! The Fort Hood shooter did not parachute down from a private plane . . .HE WAS ALREADY HERE! They are all among us and what is the government doing? Planning another war on a country that most Americans don’t even find on a map! And NOBODY with any sense wants it to happen. The leaders in Congress are screaming, “No, no, HELL no!” All the polls are saying the same thing.

Stability in the Middle East. If that’s not an oxymoron I’m not a white boy from Austin. That region has been unstable since Cain slew Abel. They all claim to believe in one God, but they can’t agree on one version of their religion. They won’t eat a ham sandwich, but they will eat a bug. They claim to be the religion of peace and then want to spread their “law” far and wide where a teenage girl is stoned to death for looking good in shorts! And we’re about to waste American money and lives to defend this shit?

Now, I don’t buy into this impeachment stuff. I believe that the President has to make some hard calls, and has a right to do so without the threat of being fired every five minutes. Wait a minute . . .WE all live with that, but what the hell, anyway, he needs to be able to do his job, ok? But when practically EVERYBODY is screaming, “DON’T DO IT,” isn’t he supposed to, like, represent US? And what will happen if we stand by and just let things roll? Well, someone will win the civil war in Syria. Either the Muslim Brotherhood, who will hate us, heck, they already do, or the reigning government who is learning to hate us quite well right now. Then, the whole thing will just fade away. All the various factions will continue to fight about which hand to wipe their ass with.

We need to fix OUR country. We need to stop trying to fix people who have been broken since the first day their ancestors swung down out of the trees. You can’t safely draw money from an ATM in Watts and we’re supposed to worry about people who would set us on fire at the slightest chance. Have we lost our minds? No, the American people haven’t lost theirs, but I can’t say the same about the current administration. Mr President, I want you to get up, go to your window and open it. Smell that? That’s coffee. Take a big sniff.

Romeo and Julliette

Romeo and Juliette
by Wilbur Witt

“I don’t know! You hear me,” the man spoke into his cell phone, “I’m just here, and that’s all I know. ”

“When will I ever see you again?”

“Look, you keep asking the same questions, and I keep telling you the same thing. I told you I’m here, that’s it, probably for a while, and you calling me ten thousand times, blowing up my phone ain’t gonna change that! That’s why I get mad at you. You got me mad right now. I don’t want to be with you. Maybe you stop calling me all the time and after I work this out I’ll call you, but you gotta let me do it. Had to leave the house to talk to you. Walking in circles cause I don’t want no one to hear me arguing with you.”

“I just love you. Maybe I could come up there.”

“Are you crazy? I ain’t got enough shit in my life without you popping up?I got all this shit, and now you gonna just pop up?”

“You always so mean to me.”

“Mean? I’m mad ’cause you won’t let me breathe. I can’t keep my phone charged, now I’m walking in circles ’cause I don’t want my family to hear me arguing with you! You saying same thing over, and over, and over again, and ain’t shit I can do about it. You just keep on! If I hang up you’ll just call back ten thousand times. I’m so mad right now, and you keep me that way. Maybe you just let me be and we can work this out, ok?”

“I call cause I love you.”

“Well show me that love by giving me some space. Let me work this thing. Shit! Now there’s somebody staring at me! You done that. I’m looking so much like a fool somebody’s scoping me!”

“Who is it?”

“I don’t know. I ain’t from here? See, there you go again, with more dumb ass questions. You’re just pissing me off more.”

“You don’t know them?”

“Hell no! Some creepy-ass cracker . . .”


False Flags and Things That go Bump in the Night

False Flags and Things That Go Bump in the Night
by Wilbur Witt

I never thought in a million years that I’d be an anti-war advocate. I’m from Texas and that’s just about as close to gay as one can get without wearing a pink tu tu, but by golly give me my heals and show me the stage. Any body remember the Gulf of Tonkin? How about Iraq’s WMD’s? So now we have a situation where SOMEBODY used gas and it’s so “obvious.” Well, maybe it is, maybe it isn’t. I know one thing for sure, in ten or twenty years when the truth comes out it won’t be anything like what we’re being fed now.

And, we have the usual scenario. Pictures of dead people, everybody pointing at everybody else, the president looking concerned, the Secretary of State talking about his kids, and Israel all bowed up. Of course the religious nuts are pointing to the Book of Revelation and claim this will fire off WWIII and EVERYBODY’S gonna end up in some garbage dump just outside of Jerusalem fighting some final battle with the Devil because some pothead said so 2,000 years ago. Can I get an amen?

Now, as always, I’m just a simple ol’ boy from Austin, but did I miss something here? Haven’t we “been there, done that?” I am very tired of governments, OUR government, making decisions for us because they think we don’t have sense enough to understand the complexity of world events. I’ve SEEN the pictures of the “freedom fighters” in Syria. They are a bunch of rag-head dumb asses! The president of Syria is a rag-head dumb ass in a suit. Do they kill each other? Why HELL yeah! That’s what they DO! Beats working. You want a $64,000 question? Tell me what they’re fighting for? What’s the central issue? Five’ll get you ten it’s got something to do with tribes, camels, or Allah!

One of my Facebook friends, who’s opinion I respect very much, reminded me that we are still the most formidable military force in the world, and my son, Wilbur William Witt III (Master Chief USN) tells me he’s not bullshitting, so we have a more or less moral obligation to kick ass on command. Problem is Farmer Jones in Iowa, who can’t sell his corn is TIRED of kicking ass just ’cause we CAN! LeRoy in Watts is tired of it, too, and Bubba Ellis in Ding Dong, Texas, and Mary Ellen Rothchild in Long Island and . . .well we’re all just plain tired of it.

America is a great country. Surprises me that I say that because I’m part of a group that wants to make Texas independent of the US, but it’s true. Steel workers sitting on their asses in Pennsylvania, assembly lines shut down in Detroit, oil wells rusting in Texas, and corn scorching in the sun in Kansas is as wrong as crapping in bed. And Obamacare. If we didn’t fund every broke dick wannabe Sheik in the Middle East we could provide FREE healthcare for our people and buy ’em all a new car to get there! We could easily house all the homeless in our nation with just the VA foreclosures sitting idly by right NOW!

Folks, I don’t want to see little girls get gassed, but I’m more concerned with a little girl in Harlem than I am one in Al Uganda Booga Booga! Ok? And most Americans understand that quite well! Rebuild OUR country. Put OUR people back to work. House OUR homeless. Get Our people to the doctor, and then if some idiot attacks US beat the hell out of them, and come back home.

Obama’s not saying IF he’s going to attack, but WHEN. A cruise missile costs 1.2 Million dollars. Ok, let’s save ONE cruise missile and give that money to a clinic in central Los Angeles so that American kids don’t get the flu this winter. And where is Obama going to fire the missiles? He has said this will not be an effort to oust Assad, and blowing up the chemical plants is “too dangerous,” so what the hell is he gonna shoot at? I know a Korean fireworks guy right here in beautiful downtown Killeen, Texas who can sell Obama a fireworks show for a hell of a lot less than 1.2 MILLION dollars!

Sometimes I wish I could take Obama for a walk down a trail by Mill Creek, and point to the ground at a cow patty and ask him, “What’s that?”


Then, pulling a can out of my pocket showing him a can of shoe polish, “Now, what’s this?”


“Ok, go back to Washington, that’s all you need to know.”

And if we should topple Assad what do we get? The MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD! They’re called “Brotherhood” cause they don’t like girls. And they REALLY don’t like us. These bozos wouldn’t know democracy if it ran up and pissed on their leg! All they know is the Qu’ran which is actually amazing because most of them can’t read. But they know how to shoot an AK-47 though, cause they love to shoot little 14 year old girls in the head who WANT to learn to read. And we’re about to spend 1.2 million dollars a trigger pull for THESE assholes? I see the administration say “war” out of one side its mouth, and “sequester” out of the other and I sit back, reflect on my younger days in the sixties, take a sip of my martini, and just say, “Far out!”


Loss Of Self

Loss Of Self
by Wilbur Witt

Like many of you I struggle to stay within constraints when voicing my opinions, as strange as that sounds, because I know that certain stereotypes are applied when we say some things. I read a lot, and I watch a lot of film. I happened upon this video http://youtu.be/ZeUT3cPns9s and watched it, then I watched it again, and another, and then I noticed I was crying. It suddenly dawned on me that we have become so indoctrinated with political correctness that we dare not even think certain thoughts. I had lost myself While other races can rant and rave, say all manner of indecent things about us we dare not even echo the words, “White Pride!” to say such a thing will get you labeled as a racist, yet other people’s can expound their ethnic roles loudly. Well, this has to stop. To be proud of the Greeks, the Romans, the Germans, and all other European people’s is not a sin, and it does not mean you’re a racist. It simply means that you give honor to all those who have gone before you. It means that you have a right to remember them as much as any other race has a right to honor, and remember their ancestors, and you don’t have to apologize for it.

It doesn’t imply hate. It appreciates other cultures, indeed embraces them while embracing self and in doing so you can demonstrate self to others so that they, too, may embrace you. There is something fundamentally wrong with a society that has become so withdrawn that you must deny your very self in order not to offend anyone, because when you do that you ultimately betray, and lose yourself!

I don’t like Rap as much as I do Country, but as a songwriter I appreciate what the artists have gone through to get their product out to the market. I could never wear my pants low, but when people do I understand that they, like me, are projecting self. I don’t believe a cross should burn in anyone’s yard, but I don’t believe a young man should be shot while jogging simply because he’s white. I put up a link today about a young white couple who were brutally murdered by a gang of blacks and someone responded that it was five years ago. Does that make it any less wrong? Does that make them any less dead? Does that make it any more outrageous?

Decent people come in all colors. Martin Luther King was a decent man, a great man, a man who never denied self. Chief Dan George was a scholar who fought for his people until the day that he died, but Thomas Jefferson was, too, and so was Socrates. So was Pope John XXIII. The cowboys who stumbled upon that poor kidnapped girl in Idaho a couple of weeks ago had the same heart wp as the man who kicked in that door in Ohio and saved those three young ladies. Good decent people are everywhere. We need to stop playing the mainstream media game, quit being politically correct and just be who we are! We need to be ourself!

As I write this a young man came out of my house. He’s on his way to make a Rap video. I’m very excited for him. I hope he goes far. I hope he never loses self. I just found mine again.



by Wilbur Witt

When the towers fell it was a huge blow, and a huge wake up call for America. Even though we stood on the brink of the 21st century, we still rested in the comfort that we were insulated by two oceans from the rest of the world. With our military, and wealth we were very aware that we could touch THEM, and in our minds, THEY could never touch US. I think it’s ironic that THEY used our very method to make the world smaller to do precisely THAT!

So, we embarked on Afghanistan. I’ll be honest with you, when the towers fell I didn’t exactly know where Afghanistan was, and Bin Laden had never been mentioned to me. I knew that Israel was always pissed off at the Arabs for this or that, but that was over THERE and we had them oceans, right? When we invaded Afghanistan I was right up there in front wanting to kick their little brown asses all over the desert. That is until Bin Laden jumped on his camel and rode right through our lines and we degenerated down into Vietnam II, Fun In The Sun. We now know that while we spun our wheels in Afghanistan Bin Laden ate dates and watched his greatest hits on TV as he dyed his beard.

Then came Iraq. Surely, the King of the Kiber Assholes had SOMETHING to do with them towers. Never MIND that he was a Sunni not a Shiite (http://religion.answers.wikia.com/wiki/What_are_the_different_types_of_muslims) we didn’t need no stupid FACTS, we had WMD’s to find. Well, we caught a tired old man in a hole and inherited tribal rivalries over 1600 years old that the ROMANS couldn’t fix!

We actually didn’t have to invade Libya. It was so busy imploding we didn’t have time to get there. We cheered on the Muslim Brotherhood and they followed suit by dragging the leader of that country out of a sewer and sticking a bayonet up his ass. Only problem was that in short order they stuck a bayonet up OUR ass! Egypt, same thing. One revolution after another, damn, I thought I was looking at 1920’s Mexico!

So now we come to Syria. Big trouble in Syria. They have this guy running the country, in a nice suit, and our old buddies, the Muslim Brotherhood, wants to stick a bayonet up HIS ass! Does anyone see where I’m going with this? The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Oh, it’s all about human rights. If we were that worried about human rights we’d invade Saudi Arabia. Oh, it’s the oil. (See previous statement.) So just why are we positioning to invade some PoDunk nation without a Walmart? Now, I’m just a simple ol’ boy from Austin, but lets think about this. Who’s interests are being served. Practically every leader in the Middle East is dead or deposed. There is no oil in Syria. There are two nations over there unscathed. Saudi Arabia and Israel. And by unscathed I mean their political structure is still sound. Israel takes a lot of hits, but the Saudis seem to be fat, dumb and happy.

Where am I going with this? Well, to begin with, as a naturalized Texan, I find burning Middle Eastern gas in my car repugnant. When you have oil right under your feet, and you’re importing it from people who hate you, and screw with prices you are an idiot. You wanna help an underdeveloped nation? Help them Mexicans develop their oil! Yeah, they’ve got oil. So do the Canadians. Also, war costs money. No matter how many hot checks the FED prints the pit is not endless. What would happen if all of the sudden, all the troops were pulled OUT of the Middle East and brought home? I hear it now, “Oh, Wilbur, it’s not that simple. If we do THAT they won’t have . . .wont have . . .no more money!” Then I’ll hear that the entire region will fall into chaos. Uh, look at it NOW! And they DAMN sure wouldn’t be worried about coming over here with a pressure cooker full of firecrackers. With no American money for military or the ability to sell oil they’d be worried about that next sandwich. Well, won’t they try to export radical Islam to everywhere? Look, folks,,I hate to be the first one to tell you this, religion is real nice, but most people leave their Bibles and Korans on the bookshelf, ok? Habib Al Mohammed is NOT worried about us on his way to the rug market so long as we’re not shooting drone missiles at his car.

Will the hate of America go away overnight? Well, no. We’ve had the clap for a long time. It’s gonna take a lot of penicillin before the burn goes away, but it will go away. Perhaps one day the Saudis will approach us again and ask, “Maybe you like buy Arab oil?” Why sure, Mohammed, but you gotta beat Texas prices and we are NOT gonna beat them Iranians off your ass so you can get it here.

Now Israel. Y’all thought I forgot, huh. We’ll be happy to help, but you have to give something BACK. Yeah, that’s right. Sell us something, and not trinkets from Jerusalem. Make a car, a computer, hell, a video game, SOMETHING! Start getting along with your neighbors. They’re not going away dudes. Give some of them a place to call their own. We even gave the Indians that! Hey, now there’s an idea. CASINOS! I mean, your whole country looks like Nevada, right? But get along. You think we got the clap? YOU got the clap! I can’t really tell you how to do this, but you better figure it out. And most Jews are just like anybody else. Once the rockets stop flying, and the rugs start selling a whole new mindset will take hold.

Will all of this happen? Nah! Obama will launch a new war in Syria, their leader will get a bayonet up his ass, and the Muslim Brotherhood will burn down our embassies. You know, maybe they’re right. We ARE stupid!

The First Day Of School

First Day Of School
by Wilbur Witt

I remember the first day of school like it was yesterday. Mom would always take us to Levine’s and buy school clothes and new Dan River sheets! We rarely washed sheets because we had one those old timed wringer washers, and sheets weren’t exactly a priority. The smell of new clothes was all over school. Everybody had it, which was a mark of being brought up in PoDunk, Texas. We got new shoes, too, and back in those days the clerk in the store always used one of those foot measuring things that assured a proper fit. Always tennis shoes. REAL ones, not those flashy, fashionable hundred dollar jobs the kids clamor for now, but the canvas ones, always black and white that would fit not matter what size the guy at the store read on that stupid scale because if you got a new pair you would NOT be stupid enough to bitch about a poor fit.

I had several drawbacks in school. First off I was poor, and I mean Texas poor. Dimes looked bigger to me. I didn’t have to worry about dimes, though, because I always got a free lunch for working in the cafeteria. Next, I was a nerd, before nerd was cool. And I was a dumb nerd. I was a nerd because I had absolutely no social skills whatsoever. Which means I didn’t have any girl friends. Oh, there was one, Grace Barnes. She always wore these long dresses, and she was thin, making her look a bit like Olive Oyle. I was to shy to ever tell her I liked her. I was very shy. I hated physical education because the very first time I undressed I had these underwear my mother had bought me with little cowboys on them and the goat ropers beat my ass in the showers.

School, itself was a blur to me. About the only talent I had was writing, but I hated English and Literature classes. Funny thing, only after many years did I remember what the teachers in those classes were trying to teach me, and it all came back crystal clear. One teacher even told me that i was so stupid that I’d never be able to communicate in the English language. Yet every year I would write a book. I’d get one of those three ring, two hundred page notebooks, and write a novel from start to finish with absolutely no planning at all. I’d pass it around and all the kids who were actually impressed. Then, in my senior year I wrote a novel about a bomb being placed in a school. Now this is 1968 people! I devised a plot, a motive, and only made one teeny tiny mistake. My bomb design would work, and the principle read my book! That was the last book I wrote in school. The next time I wrote anything was around 1973 when I wrote the short story, “Vick.”

I was not a scholar by any stretch of the imagination. All my school books may have as well been written in Greek. Everyone always remembers their favorite class, or teacher. I can’t honestly say I had a favorite class unless you count lunch, and as I said, that was free. There was a cheerleader, Jane Toliver, who ate with me every day. In forty sum odd years I can’t tell you why, but she was nice to me. I hope she had a happy life.

I missed school when I graduated. I think that’s the only time in my life I was truly depressed. I never went back. I pass by there now and then, but I never really look. I never got invited to any reunions, but it follows suit. Still, those years shaped me. As time went by I reached back into them and drew out what I needed. The memories are always there. Today, the inspiration for this blog was my grand kids going off for their first day of school, and I caught the scent of new clothes. Hope they aren’t nerds and I checked their underwear.


Black, White, and RIGHT!

Black, White, and RIGHT!
by Wilbur Witt

James Francis Edwards Jr., 15, and Chancey Allen Luna, 16, were charged with murder. A third teenager, Michael Dewayne Jones, 17, was charged with being an accessory to murder after the fact and with firing a weapon. All were charged as adults, according to the Stephens County District Attorney’s Office. This is all in connection with the death of a baseball player killed while jogging in Oklahoma.

Police in Spokane, Wash., say they have arrested one of two teens suspected of fatally beating an 88-year-old veteran of World War II who had survived the Battle of Okinawa. Authorities say the two young African American men, between 16 and 19 years old, approached Delbert Belton in his car at random Wednesday night outside an Eagles Lodge as he was waiting for a friend.

These are just last week. There are probably more but the mainstream media doesn’t rush to the scene of the crime near as quickly when Skittles aren’t involved. The exoneration of George Zimmerman has become a rallying cry for every dirt bag in the country. Scumbags who would most likely commit crimes anyway, but now incorporate a political point into their actions. These individuals do not have a political stance. Animals don’t have politics.

Now, if I were Jesse Jackson, or Al Sharpton, I’d put a sheet on and just play the hell out of the race card, but, unlike those esteemed gentlemen I can properly discern facts and most unlike Mr. Jackson, I can clearly converse in the English language. http://www.kfiam640.com/pages/jessejackson/ I’m not going to do that, but I’m not going to hide under a big white rock either.
This is a black problem. Certainly not all blacks, not even a measurable minority of black people agree with this sort of action. As a matter of fact, the most critical words I’ve heard about Trayvon Martin’s ,actions have come from a black rapper and a black veteran of Iraq, and both have told me that Martin stepped into a man’s shoes and got exactly what he had coming to him.

Now that you’re recoiling in abject horror because I blasphemed the memory if Saint Martin, let’s examine some facts. There is going to be no race war or breakdown of American society. What you’re seeing is what has always been there. Black culture, white culture, Mexican culture, ALL cultures are multiple-faceted. There are good people, and there are bad people. People, and their subsequent actions are largely defined by their sub cultural environment. In Mein Kampf, Adolf Hitler makes a statement about the systematic lowering of racial levels by the continuous poisoning of individuals. Now Adolf had his moments, and he was ranting about Jews but he had a point, and that’s what we’re dealing with here.

Individuals. Remember that word. Poisoning. We hold these truths to be self evident that all men are created equal. And they are, but when you grind these equal creations through a set of lies, laced with hate, and you poison heir minds you get a new reality, a ghetto reality, complete with its own set of standards, music, even language. And this Bizarro world is very real to these inhabitants. The world of high finance, gold prices, mortgages, jobs, and responsibility may as well be in China to these people because they have been fed a line by people like Sharpton, and Jackson that they need to concentrate on social issues defined by these two men and believe me, these two black millionaires understand balance sheets very well. They also understand the tax shelters enjoyed by churches.

There are real black voices out there. Dr John David Manning, Dr Bill Cosby, Colin Powell, but they’re not as much FUN to listen to. Their world is not as black and white as the Sharpton-Jackson world. Their world is American, and more than that, it’s HUMAN! Will a huge race war erupt? No. There are simply not enough black idiots to fuel one. Oh, there will be more deaths. Old men will die on the way to the grocery store, young men will die while jogging, and the perpetrators will chant their mantra, “TrayVON, TrayVON, TrayVON,” as Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton pass the plate in every ghetto in the country and line their Upper West Side pockets.

White people have got to stand up. Without being racist, and without backing away when some illiterate confronts them with that charge, white people have to stand up and just say, “No!” The tail has wagged the dog for too long. The Civil War is over. The civil rights legislation is on the books. I, myself, never owned a slave and I don’t owe them a God Damned thing! Once the whites do that you will see a LOT of good, decent black folk lining up behind because THEY want a decent, safe life, too, but they don’t trust milk toast. They have to know we’ll BE there, and not as racists, but as pissed off Americans. People of all races who know black, white, and RIGHT!

The young men responsible for the crimes I cited at the beginning of this article need to die. They are not freedom fighters, they are not sanctifying the memory of Trayvon Martin, they are the lowest form of animals. The streets will be safer when they’re dead. ALL the streets. And i don’t want to hear any crap about, “They’re just CHILDREN!” Billy the Kid was just a child, too! Cleaning up the social conditions that spawned them will take a bit longer, perhaps a generation. By then perhaps the words of Jackson and Sharpton will be in the bottom of a bird cage, where they belong!


iJackie’ New Soul

Depth of Soul
by Wilbur Witt

In 2010 Jackie put down iJackie, stepped behind the camera and produced a series of videos revealing a depth of soul that even surprised me. Her knowledge of life and song, combined with imagination was surprising. She comprised the videos, sometimes with my help, showing her how to achieve effects known only to her mind. New Soul was showing the continuity of life and family. In each successive scene the people get older and older until the final part where the funeral is displayed, then it goes right back to the beginning to start all over again. This video is very poinant because it was during this time she was actually losing her children to the CPS. She retreated into her spirit and tried to show the feelings she was experiencing during thus traumatic time. The film draws victory from defeat, gain from loss, and hope from despair.

A lot of her work during this time has been unfortunately lost, but as I search I find them here and there. Mostly, she did these alone, but once in a while she’d ask me how to effect a scene. Her work shows the evolution from a 17 year old girl to an accomplished director with a message for the world. Love, family, and mother’s rights. One small voice in the crown.