Reply to an ANTIFA Supporter

If you think there won’t be a backlash by some very angry people YOU are delusional. These ANTIFA people are a bunch of Millennials who never tasted blood. I’ve seen them. There are people who want to take revenge for Obama and these kids are going to provide them the opportunity. Look at them! If you can look at these kids and think they will have any chance against a redneck lynch mob YOU have an issue. And BLM? When it all comes down their lives won’t matter all that much. These are serious issues and I hate to be the one to pipe sunlight up your dress. You need to hang out at Starbucks, pick up co-eds and keep your mouth SHUT!

The problem with people like you is you don’t understand the gravity of the times. You’re probably all tore up because that fat girl got run over in Virginia. That was death by Stupid. I learned at five years old to stay out of the street. How you gonna act when you find a bunch of BLM hanging in the trees or buried under a levee? Better yet dragged behind a pickup? You think it’s all fun and games, and it is … for the Klan! Then, when it all comes down, this brave new world you expound, and you’re on the line, you’ll call the cops, and THEY’LL come and beat your ass AFTER they shoot your old lady off the porch on the way in. Who you gonna call? ANTIFA?

And the bad thing is when the Klan gets active they don’t just fix the problem and go away, it takes the FBI ten to twenty years to root them out. You think they’ll all be brought to justice? If you believe that I’ve got a bridge for you, and it’s on SALE! No, they’ll be tried by a jury of their peers who approve of their actions, remove THEIR sheets, and take a seat in the jury box!

And what does ANTIFA or BLM have to offer. Do they have a plan for a new government? Do they have a blueprint for a Utopian society? Nope! They think Obama was the best president we ever had and Hillary was the new improved Obama. If you asked them how many states are in the Union you’d probably get fifty different answers. I’m not trying to say I support Klan tactics, what I’m saying is BLM and ANTIFA will energize something like they’ve never imagined and there’s not one set of balls in the lot to stop what’s coming. And I’m sorry to say but while the American people will condemn them on the surface, they will look the other way when it all comes down because America is TIRED of this crap and the enemy of our enemy is our friend … at least for now!

Lead, Follow, or Get Out of the Way!

The event in Virginia was the natural result of years of frustration at the degradation of a huge segment of the population. BLM and ANTIFA are not activists, and attacking cars is not freedom of speech. I've heard the idea that the driver of the Dodge was ANTIFA. Then why did ANTIFA attack one of their own?

See this for what it is. Mobs in the street disrupting other people's right to assemble with the assistance of jack booted SS working with the police to suppress true freedom of speech. You are going to see more of this as the PEOPLE come out of hiding to reinforce the will of the people implemented back in November. There are more of US than there are of THEM. The flag that flew above the Alamo read 1824. They were fighting to reinstate the constitution of Mexico struck down by Santa Anna. William Barrett Travis fired a cannon shot that started that war. The young man in the Dodge fired a shot.

I get sick and tired of people here and elsewhere jellyfishing about this and condemning white based groups for finally standing up. They're racist? Well what is BLM? What is ANTIFA? Black Lives Matter? Then stop breaking the law and acting like a bunch of Zulus attacking a British outpost in 1878!

This is not going to get better until it gets done. It's going to take force to counter force. You may not like it, but I ask you; do you like your country? Do you like your family? Do you like driving your car without being attacked by homosexual drug addicts? Then lead, follow, or get out of the way. God will sort them out later!

If You Don’t Stop It We WILL’

If you don’t stop it we will! The American family is under attack. The CPS, Planned Parenthood, ANTIFA, Islam, and a host of others have gathered together to to destroy the American family. The very core of what made America great in the first place is being brought down by a devil’s legion of Anti Christs who wish to destroy our borders, rape and kill our daughters and granddaughters, confuse our little boys and end the greatest country that has ever been on the face of the earth, and if you don’t believe that then I’ve got a bridge for you, and it’s on sale!

The CPS, in the person of one Judy Van Fleet recently attacked my family. Why? Because my granddaughter had a spike in her blood sugar, and it took two trips to the hospital to get it right. She actually told us that when we met again not to expect to return home with our children! People! Do you know what that does to a family? We are not a bunch of crackheads. We are an LDS family with three homes in two states who THOUGHT we could vacation in Texas and return to Utah for the school year. We THOUGHT the children could see the Alamo, go to Corpus Christi, eat on the River Walk and ride horses without having to gather up and flee to safety like a bunch of German Jews in 1939! And Van Fleet thought we were going to calmly surrender our babies just like those people in Germany calmly filed into the gas chambers!

I crappith thee NOT! Reviewing the ins and outs of CPS procedure I was again reminded that the CPS doesn’t have to “prove” anything. Only have “reason to believe” before some wannabe judge raffles your ten year old granddaughter off to some pedophile! And you’re amazed that I’m mad? Enough is enough. Government! If you don’t stop it, we will! Our family has sacrificed all to race our children, and have been blessed by Heavenly Father. And yes, I’m aggressive. CPS loves that word. They use it all the time. The fact that a grandfather takes it personally when some lesbian takes possession of his little girl. Well folks, there are some things worth dying for. If you don’t stop it we will.

Planned parenthood! Don’t get me started. Planned Parenthood? Try Final Solution. An organization set up to eliminate what they consider to be human weeds. A term straight from their founder. Kill the unborn and sell their bodies. People! You are allowing this! What’s the difference between that and carrying your child into the gas chamber in your naked arms? At least those mothers loved their children and died with them. And it’s all our fault. What difference is there between a German who ignored the death camp on the edge of town and the person who calmly drives by the abortion clinic on the way to Starbucks? We allow this to happen. What is the difference between the neighbor who looks the other way as a person like Van Fleet pulls a baby from a mother’s arms and the German who shudders the widow as a Jewish grandfather is tossed from an upstairs window in his wheelchair by the SS? Justify it, PLEASE!

And Islam! The religion of peace! When angel’s fly out of my butt! Do want to know why that bride to be got shot? She died because a Muslim cop was offended by her bath robe. From his car, with no threat to his person, that animal shot a lady, center mass because Allah was pissed off. Center mass. He had to aim! He SAW her. And the Muslim mayor, who fired the WHITE police chief on the first day in office warned against “Islamaphobia!” Rattle snake a phobia! This is the same mentality that shoots a grandmother in the top of her head for walking to the store unescorted. Israel should toss every one of them off the top of the Wailing Wall and return the Temple Mount to its rightful owners.

ANTIFA, Black Lives Matter, and the ENTIRE transgender movement. Black Lives Matter started in response to a thug getting shot for bull rushing a cop. His arms were’t up, they were out to grab the officer. And officer he’d already assaulted and was charging in to finish the job. Good shot. As good as the one that killed the bride to be. ANTIFA was the direct product to Barrack Insane Obama. A group that took everything that is good, holy, and American, and set it on its ear. The Main Stream Media is wringing crying towels over the person who was killed yesterday in Virginia. They are not shedding one tear for all the unborn who went out with the abortion clinic’s garbage yesterday. God burned up Sodom. I’m amazed we aren’t toast yet. While I don’t agree with white racism I totally understand where it comes from. Even a good dog has a right to bite.

The very idea that a five year old little boy should be told he can be a girl if he wants to is an abomination before God! When I was five I watched Davy Crockett, king of the wild frontier and I wanted to grow up to be just like him! The little girl who came over in the red coat played with dolls and her tea set. When you try to influence a child to confuse their gender YOU need an operation. It’s called castration!

In the words from an old movie we, the American people need to get up, walk to our window, throw it open and yell, “I’m mad as hell, and I’m not going to take it anymore!” The malignant left is alarmed at President Trump, well that means they are alarmed at YOU dear reader because if they don’t stop it, I can guarantee you WE WILL!

The Black Angel of Death

Sometimes when you think you have found a solution to a situation you discover that you left something undone. So it is with me and the CPS. After the roller coaster ride seven years ago, and the fight after,  I thought that I, and the “department” had reached an understanding. I was wrong.

My granddaughter is a type one diabetic. She's also ten years old, and gets to watch her brothers eat Twinkies as she eats a carrot. Life is not fair for her. For the last two years she's been on insulin set for a seven year old at around fifty pounds. She sees the doctor monthly, if not more, and up until recently everything was fine. Enter a growth spurt. Suddenly, we had twice as much little girl as we had previously. Combine that with the approach of puberty, and the insulin which had sustained her became useless.

Weeks before the end of the school year we began to address this, indeed setting up further testing in Utah. When school ended she came with family to Texas for her summer. Her diabetes attacked with a vengeance. High readings ensued, and the application of her medication proved of no value.. There was a ceiling on her daily insulin so when we reached that number it was salad, walking, and more salad. Finally, she went “over the top” and had to go to the hospital.

During that stay she was put on an insulin drip, and after two days she was back to normal. Her regular doctor was on vacation so the hospital returned her to her regular prescription. This was normal. She came home, and after three days she was back in the hospital again. Now, please note that she was under her doctor’s care the entire time. Enter the CPS.

By this time my little girl’s regular doctor was back, and with his team quickly addressed the problem, changing her medication. Her blood sugar returned to normal. Not good enough for Judy Van Fleet, ace detective and supreme council of the Texas Child Protective Services. With the child in hospital, connected to IVs, Van Fleet arrived around midnight with the police. She couldn't just pull the needles out of Puck’s little arms and throw her in the back of a van, but upon returning home the family was exposed to the full wrath of the CPS. ALL off the children were questioned about such worthy subjects as what kind of drugs are in the house, where to they sleep, where do WE sleep, do we have a dog, a gun, who’s married to whom, and why is there so much food in the house.

We returned to Utah to make Puck’s previously arranged appointment, with the full support of the hospital in Texas, indeed with agreement on a professional parties that this situation would require several doctors to formulate a game plan. Perhaps this plan will help other children fighting the Pink Dragon. Please note I said “professional!” I don't count pedophiles, murderers, or kidnappers as professional. The best interest of the child was the furtherest thing from Van Fleet’s mind as she slobbered over her victory of destroying a family, and quite possibly killing a little girl. Years ago CPS put Puck in a coma while denying her diabetes.

Therapy picked up in Utah right on schedule. Seems in Utah people believe in family, children, and god, something the Texas CPS lost a long time ago. People of Texas, sometimes you have to go to the next level. People have been so traumatized by CPS that we surrender our most precious children calmly, praying they won't be raped, or killed today. Little Alex Hill condemns us all from the grave. It's time to strike.

The only thing the CPS understands is force, fear, and brutality. I'd thought differently, I was wrong. Time to play by the rules they set. Bring the fight to them, and not just in some court with the judge on CPS kickback. It’s time to rid the earth of this vermin, and may God forgive us for not acting sooner. Some of us will fall, but in the end the children will be safe, and this pestilence will be purged, their buildings razed, , and the grown  sown with salt. There is no middle ground, there is no “good” Texas CPS. We all have choices in life. Sometimes they aren't good choices, but we make them, and live with the consequences.  I choose hell. I want to be there to welcome every case worker to the infernal regions. Puck will be with Little Alex Hill in The Celestial Kingdom, and that's good enough for me. My prayer for you, dear reader, is that this time I finish the job so that your children wake up in their beds tomorrow, with their dog at their feet, and mommy and daddy in the next room. Sometimes the solution is the black angel of death.

Adventures in Babysitting

Adventures in babysitting. My granddaughter, Puck had a diabetic issue this week. I touched on this in my article, “The Pink Dragon.” Well, in the sweet by and by I ended up at her bedside at Baylor Scott and White Children’s Hospital down in beautiful Temple, Texas. Now I love my granddaughter, please understand, but have you ever seen the movie “Uncle Buck?” Make a note of that, there’ll be a quiz later.

The second day Puck was there the CPS showed up,. So, my ex calls and I find myself locked in with Puck watching endless episodes of “Adventures In Babysitting” on the Disney Channel. Puck thought it was fantastic. Have you ever noticed the little girl who’s hair looks like Minnie Mouse? Other than that all Disney girls look alike.

Ever try to get a smoke in a children’s hospital? I know, I know, I should quit, but my people traditionally live to their nineties. When my ninety sum odd year old uncle died his older sister told me drinking and smoking finally killed him! So I had to endure the stares of the nurses as I negotiated the maze required to smoke. Did I tell you I like cocktails at night? Uh, I haven’t found the lounge here yet. I’m also eating hospital food. My body is in full withdrawal!

On most nights I fall asleep in my Lazy Boy around two after lubricating my liver. Here they turn the lights down around nine. More “Adventures In Babysitting! Now, that’s not a series, which would be mundane enough, that’s a movie Puck likes . . . A LOT! Little girls are easily bored, especially little girls who live in Austin, Salt Lake, LA, etc. Get locked in with that. And doctors and nurses. It’s like being with a bunch of Temple Mormons. The only good thing is within a generation or two they’ll all be gone because since they’re scared of everything else they’re probably scared of unprotected sex and the birth rate will not sustain their race.

They are all liberal democrats. Children’s hospital, planned parenthood; connect the dots. There was one real cute Baylor co-ed, but she got all upset when Trump threw all the Trannies out of the military so I don’t know about her. She always wore a smock so I couldn’t tell, if you know what I mean. I guess you’d have to grab her. . . well, you know.

One day became two, became three, and Puck and I bonded. She got me so much coffee I could feel my hair growing. Every night I could see a flashing sign downtown reading, “LITE, LITE, LITE!” Beside it was one reminding me that Jesus saves. The food? Forget about it. I could see a Whataburger in the distance too. I was in hell.

Then , the day of freedom came. Lots of forms, doctor talk, doctor talk, doctor talk and we were out! Puck looked like she just made parole, and I’d memorized that babysitting show. Oh, I’d become infatuated by one of the Disney chicks, but all the cops and CPS I saw in the lobby dispelled that. Got home, my dog peed on my leg and bit me. Nice to have my priorities back in line.